Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Izzy, 3B

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Saenz, DH

Kemp, CF

Cruz, LF

Martin, C

Lowe, P

More on the Hendrickson trade below…as for my "spin," I should have said that he has been one of the top lefties in the AL this season. There’s no debating that, statisically. Plus, he’s gotten 3.1 runs per game from his offense and I’m told from my counterpart over there that he could easily by 7-4 this year. An ERA under 4.00 in the AL is pretty impressive and it seems the turf in TB did not help his numbers. When he’s on grass, he’s pretty darn good.



    He should do well in Dodger stadium, lefties usually do. Also, we need JD to get going, his production has come to a halt and without him hitting homers and knockin in ribbies, our lineup struggles to produce. Not sure where his power has gone, but for the Dodger’s sake let’s hope he discover’s it, and soon. Also the grumblings that interleague means little are only being said because we’ve been whipped so far. When the pennant race is coming down to a game or two, each game we’ve loss are equally important.


    A National League source said the Dodgers approached the Marlins within the past week with a package of highly-regarded prospects and big-league ready players. According to the source, Florida said Willis wasn’t available.

    Quote is from the Florida Marlin’s official website

    PLEASE SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!! Yes Dontrell would be good but this makes it sound like we would give most of our future for him. Please don’t do something like this Ned.


    *There’s no debating that, statisically.*

    Yes there is if you look beyond ERA and BA against. His K/9 is average, his B/9 is below average, his k/bb ratio is below average, his BABIP is abnormally low which will regress to the norm because that is something he is just not going to control.

    Hes 32 yrs old and has been terrible the past 3 years and is finally having a decent season even though his peripherals have not shown significant improvements. That seems like a flukey lucky season to me.

    Honestly, does the Dodgers Front Office do any type of statistical anlaysis? Besides going “oh look at that era, oh look at he had 41 saves last year, he must be good.”


    “” need we remind you that his stats are with Tampa, a cellar team at best. Don’t be like DePodesta and make your mind up based solely on stats. Fact is he’s haveing a good year on an AL team, in a league that uses the DH and in a division that plays most of their games against the Yankees, Red Sox etc… I like the trade and the fact that he’s coming to a first place team has got to be a motivator !!
    Go Dodgers !!


    Like the trade… One bum down, several to go. With Hendrickson and Lowe in the rotation we will actually have two pitchers in the rotation that can go longer than 5 innings per start. Hopefully more help is en route. Here’s to not getting embarrassed tonight by Liriano.


    Lets give the guy a chance you guys…. he can’t be much worse than Seo/Perez. Remember he’s been playing for the D-Rays when you look at those stats. Lets just hope he doesn’t eat the same thing on the plane as Carter and Baez when he flys to L.A.


    *Fact is he’s haveing a good year on an AL team, in a league that uses the DH and in a division that plays most of their games against the Yankees, Red Sox etc…*

    The same argument was used in the Danys Baez acquisition and look at how badly he has pitched. Wanna know why? Take a look at his peripherals last year, they didn’t support his flukey sub 3 era. Same thing applies to Hendrickson.


    Gary, are you serious? The only statistic that would reflect the quality of his team is his W-L record. THATS IT! Your ERA, WHIP, K/BB ratio etc. etc. has absolutely nothing to do with your team and everything to do with your pitching ability. Hendrickson strikes almost no one out (5k’s / 9inn.) and walks too many. He’s fortunate the balls put in play are being hit at people. Im with npurcell, this guy is having a decent year and all of a sudden he’s supposed to be our savior…hardly. We already had 5 #5 starters on our team, he should fit right into our mediocre (and thats being generous) pitching staff.

    We need upgrades. A guy like Maddox who has pitched well over his carrer. Smoltz would have been a good pickup. Someone with playoff experience would be nice. Insted we got an ex-NBA player with a career ERA of 5+ and is supposed to be “one of the best lefties in the AL this year” Give me a break. If you’re going to trade away top prospects (Navarro) get something in return.


    Charlie, He’s not a power pitcher, he doesn’t blow people away !! He puts the ball in play and depends on the defense to support him, as does Lowe !!! You have to at least hold some of that ERA on the TB defense and the DH. And calling Navaro a top prospect is a streach. He couldn’t throw anyone out and he wasn’t even hitting .250, plus he’s damaged goods just like Werth. This is a great trade for what we gave up and if Martin goes down we have him covered as well. Bottom line, who do you want on the mound SEO, Perez or Hendrickson ?? My vote is Hendrickson !!!
    GO Dodgers !!!


    Navarro top prospect? not what I saw! We’re losing nothing in this deal good job Colletti. Traded navrro who is never going to get another shot with us I think were in agreement that Martin is our catcher of the future. We got a guy who averages 6 IP a start in the AL and he’s a lefty I’m happy! Good Job again Colletti!!!


    “Don’t be like DePodesta and make your mind up based solely on stats.” – Plaschke is that you?

    I like Hendrickson over Seo (who Ned gave up Duaner Sanchez for…don’t forget), but not enough to give up Navarro.

    Trades where we give up good prospects for mediocre middle aged vets is exactly what I was afraid of when Ned was hired…..thats the San Francisco Giant way (trading Liriano and Nathan for A.J. Pierzynski, etc.).

    Here’s how I would grade Ned’s moves so far:


    – Nomar

    – Ethier for Bradley


    – Lofton


    – Sanchez for Seo

    – Jackson/Tiffany for Baez/Carter

    – Alomar Jr.

    – Mueller

    – Tomko

    Jury is still out:

    – Furcal (likely to get better)

    – Sele (likely to get worse)

    – Ramon Martinez (likely to get worse)


    Good: gettin rid of Choi, Valentin, Phillips. Not trading away our prospect Great. Get off the moves Colletti made he had nothing to work with, he kept our farm system in tact and put out a real good team ou there!!Go Dodgers!


    Easy to manage from home. I shutter to think of prospects being traded as there is nothing like home brew to liven things up. I don’t think GM Colletti will mortgage the farm. He can’t get where he is aimed in one year. It would be useless to try. He does have a few farm hands of quality that probably will not get to play on the Dodgers as full time players – Young, Aybar at AAA and probably some at lower levels. James Loney might be in the same boat if Nomar is signed for 2-3 years. Loney is hitting extremely well and just needs to hone his power stroke and might need a place to play. I hope he plays in LA. Think the trade was reasonable. Better of pitching wise and Navarro had no place to play. Hall gives a good back up in case Martin is injured and also to give Martin more rest. The fan excitement about the farm hands goes back to GM Dan Evans who I think was on the right track in LA. Confident GM Colletti is also on that track. Work hard to be competitive in the division now and play for the near future. It all involves some risks and some rewards. Have to keep them balanced.


    Hey, lets support this guy OK !! Good , Bad or indifferent he’s a Dodger now !! And Trapp your a cup half empty kind of a guy aren’t you ?? You use today’s stats and judge yesterday’s trades.
    Sanchez for Seo – I’ll give you that one, but remember he was looking for a starter and Sanchez was never going to be that !! Jackson / Tiffany for Baez / Carter, you’d do that one in your sleep !! A kid that failed several times for a 40 game closer at the time !! It’s only now that it doesn’t look like a good trade. Furcal, too much money but that’s what was on the market at the time and at a time when our Gold Glove SS was having Tommy John surgery. Except for the amount of money it was a good signing because he gave up no one to do it !! Sele, fills a slot that needed to be filled and he was cheap !! Ramon Martinez, all around good player and just happy to play !!! Mueller, an AL batting Champ, Come on that’s another great deal then, gone bad today. I’d do it again in a heart beat !! Alomar, came to spring training with no contract and won a spot. Where’s the down side there ??

    No one can tell the future, not you or Ned !!

    Let’s win one today !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    Who the heck is Hendrickson?

    This is some mediocre #4 or 5 pitcher. We already got hosed by the DRays in the Baez trade… I hope this isn’t a second time. They are taking all our youth!

    We needed a #1 or #2 quality pitcher. Willis, Maddux, Smoltz, Zito, etc.

    I do hope this Hendrickson guy can pitch well for us. But it is just not enough. Maybe an extra win or 2 at BEST


    Thats the ballgame…. Looking forward to getting sweeped with Odalis on mound tomorrow.


    Hoping Odalis pitches well. We need him to rebound. Tough job facing Santana. Gotta throw strikes. Walks and HBP are killers – again tonight. Can tell what a team is made of if they continue to battle tonight even five runs down to Liriano.


    Finally, the 2nd inning is over! Already looking fowrad to tomorrow…

    In trade news, I think Navarro’s pretty much at his prime, whereas I still feel like Martin’s got a bit more to go, which is a fairly scary thought considering how good he’s been for us so far.


    This was essentially a dump move, and delivered a dependable backup catcher, who is in a contract year and will not like being a backup catcher, and an innings eating pitcher. This is not improvement by adding and ace, but rather by upgrading trouble spots. I give the GM credit for not giving up much off the farm this time (Navarro hasn’t lived up to expectations), and after this offseason, I would bet he’s going to try something before the trade deadline.

    Colletti also clearly wants to give Odalis competition. Let’s see if he pitches any better tomorrow as a result.


    Once again, we fail to show up against a decent team. But hey, it’s okay, it’s only interleague right? What someone said earlier was right on, we have 2 #2 pitchers, and a handful of 5’s. I guess the experts were right, this division is terrible and we still can’t pull away. Who ever finish’s above .500 will win the west. Just a thought… what was our record this time last year?


    does anyone else here HATE when it is Charlie Steiner doing the broadcasts. Did we really need a whole inning on russell martin shaving his mustache but virtually nothing about either of the players that we got in the trade? What a joke. bring Ross Porter back!!!!!!


    7 runs later Lowe still in…hmmm. When we play good teams it seem’s like we aren’t in the same class. When we lose, boy we really lose big. When do we play the Pirates again, we need another w.


    A couple of you guys are nothing but cheerleaders. Im as big of a Dodger fan as anyone but I call it like I see it. Ned Coletti doesn’t deserve any credit whatsoever, he inharated a farm system that had numerious prospects ready to break out. Evans and Depodesta didn’t mortgage the farm, but I’d be scared Coletti might. Trapp brings up a great point, Ned was part of the front office in SF when they traded Liriano and Nathan for AJ Pryznski… He already traded two of our best young pitchers in Jackson and Tiffany, (And there is no way I make that trade. 2 young starting pitchers for 2 releif pitchers – more like 1 as Lance Carter was absolutely horrible!) and now a good catching prospect in Navarro who in my opinion he undervalued. Look, Im not big on Dionner and I think he was definitely worth giving up because he didn’t have a future with the club – just not in this deal. And especially right now, when he’s probably valued the least due to his bad start this season, injury, and struggle so far in the minors. We could have gotten far better for him. And you guys are awefully quick to write off Jackson (gary) and Niovarro..these gusy are 22 years old and you’re claiming they are failures. Thats pretty harsh.

    This is a garbage trade. Sure RIGHT NOW, today, we are better off with Hendrickson who is pitching better than Seo, at the moment, and we dont need Dioner. But all in all this move has plenty left to be desired. Im embarassed for all you cheerleaders saying “good job Ned.” Its one thing to support the organization but true fans will always want whats best for the team. I dont think this move was best for the team. I think, in the big picture, we were better off yesterday.


    Sorry the post above is by me, not kmarshall..

    Dodgers getting shelled again by the good teams. We can not compete with the class of MLB. Mets, Twins…Maybe we can play the Pirates 162 times a year?


    Maybe, we can try to keep it close tommorrow.8-2 9-1, r the Twins really this good? I know they r hot, but sheez we make them look like world beaters. Looks like that Pirate series was an abberation, this is the same team I saw in Oak. Man, where would we be without Nomar(10 games outta 1st is where)?


    hey the pirates left town. will someone please tell the dodgers!

    maybe its the artificial turf, the white ceiling or just being on the road, but the twins are just toying with the dodgers.

    really, a wake up call (again) of just how much this team really, truly and madly is just a .500 team.

    pitching. pitching and pitching is going to decide the west, and that’s what will keep the padres in it.

    look at the marlins catching fire with their young arms and a triple A lineup. we need a real # 1 – or just hang around and hope for the best and really come back with a plan for 2007.


    “” I saw Jackson in person in Florida, Las Vegas and LA for the last three years. He didn’t have it, and still doesn’t. Am I a cheerleader, Yes, I believe in my team. DO I hate Ned becasue he worked for SF, NO, but I guess you do, your choice. This is like a game of chess except you can’t factor the future like you can in chess. You have to make decisions and see what happens. Ned made a move for some good but expendable veterns. These guys are in first place because of all the moves he made and that wasn’t Evan’s or DePodesta doing it. So if you think only having a good farm team is what it takes to be a winner then you should hang out in AAA. At the end of the Day / Year I think this team is better off for what Ned has put on the big league field and saved in the farm system.
    RAH RAH Go Dodgers !!


    i know that the dodgers have a lot of talent right now but they need to get a starting outfield and stick with it. correct me if im wrong please.


    gary, i posted that comment under kmarshall.

    Edwin Jackson is 22 years old. My God you are awefully quick to give up on these guys. You can’t honestly say you’d rather have Baez and Carter than 2 top prospect pitchers who were just as higly coveted as Broxton and Billingsly!?! Oh, and I do remember a certain someone beating Randy Johnson in his major league debut on his 21st birthday…And I dont hate Coletti because he’s a SF guy, although that doesn’t help. He’s trading away our young players, and probably isn’t done. DiPodesta made some bad trades but he didn’t touch the farm system, and we need to thank him for that. How can you credit Coletti for this team? He had nothing to do with any of the Rookies (once again, thank you Logan White et. all)…I think his negatives – Furcal, Tomko, Seo, Baez, Carter far surpass his positives (Nomar, Saito…um…ya, thats it). He has 3 shortstops in his starting infield for crying out loud! (Although I do love Nomar – he’s an incredible athlete and a bat like his needs to be in the lineup). In my opinion we gave up too soon on DiPodesta. We’re going to be sorry in a couple years when he’s back in the game building a winning team.

    Oh and another thing, you say Hendrickson isn’t a power pitcher thats why he doesn’t strike people out…Haha, last time I checked Greg Maddox topped out in the high 80’s yet still is one of the career strikeout leaders…good pitchers strike people out.

    Its so evident when we get spanked around by these quality teams how mediocre we are, and our answer is playing aged vets (Lofton) and piling up back end of the rotation pitchers…bad strategy. To Coletti’s credit he didnt sign any of the aging vets (Meuller, Loftin, even Nomar in a sense) long term. We need a real pitcher. D Lowe is a 3 or 4 starter. Billingsly, if he would throw strikes, could be there as well. Odalis (you all might laugh at this) but I honsetly think if he gets his head straight he could be a solid #3 kind of guy as well. We need an ACE. Penny is close…yet Ned keeps singning #5’s to “add depth” Thats a joke! At this point thats like trading for a 4th outfielder to add depth to the outfiled!

    Marselease07 – If I were GM I’d look to trade Cruz and Ledee and start Kemp in CF and Ethier in LF and play Lofton every 3rd day or so and get his speed in the lineup. With the youth and injury prone JD Drew we need to rotate 4 outfielders. The young guys not only give us a solid chance to win now but are definitely our future. We hopefully get Repko coming off the DL in the near future and Guzman/Aybar can be a 5th outfielder…I wouldn’t write off Jayson Werth just yet either…he could be a very solid 4th outfielder and has more power than Ethier or Repko.

    Prediction: Odalis cools off the Twins bats tomorrow and gets the W! I feel it…

    Go blue.

    And P.S:

    Tampa Bay GM: 2

    Coletti: 0


    “[Hendrickson] can’t be much worse than Seo/Perez.”

    Well, he has been every other year of his G-d foresaken career. But, yeah, this year he’s one of the TOP LEFTIES IN THE AL! Because, at 32, he’s had a breakout year. With his 86 MPH fastball.

    He’s the second coming of Sandy bleeding Koufax. Way to go guys. When, in a month, he’s sporting an ERA of 7, will you be trumpeting the brave foresight that led to the LaRoche and Elbert for David Wells trade? Surely you could make a play for Russ Ortiz, if you’d just pony up Aybar and Delwyn Young. OH! I’ve totally got it: Orenduff, Hu, and Houlton for Aaron Small! That’s the ticket. That’s where it’s at. Because it’s not like Orenduff is going to help the team this year; ergo he has no value. QED.


    Hey “cosmow” couldn’t agree more with your take on Steiner. He is horrible! Being a season ticket holder I have been to just about every game and I listen to the radio at the stadium. It’s hard to tell if your not their listening, but you wouldn’t believe how many times he butchers plays. I miss Ross Porter too….Have you guys ever listened online to the guy that does the LV 51’s (AAA). Wish I knew his name, but he’s isn’t bad. Can we call him up and send Steiner down? Or maybe we can deal him to the D-Rays for their play-by-play guy… Tired of talking about this trade guys. This isn’t going to make or break us. Ned has a lot more work to do.


    Come on Guys, Lets put some faith in our team and the front office. When the GM make a move, he does what he thinks is best for the team, but it’s always a chance. Even Roger Clemens hasn’t won his first game yet.
    To the post that said they do not like Charlie Steiner. You are absolutely right ! I cannot stand the guy ! When he is doing TV, I turn off the sound and listen to Rick Monday on the radio. Hey McCourt, if Vin Scully ever retires, PLEASE DON’T replace him with Steiner. Monday or Porter would be a much better idea.


    My wife only tolerates Baseball because i watch it so much But she calls the steiner broadcast the ***** twins.I’ve always loved Vin’s Call and Porter would put to sleep at times But I never scream at the TV like when Steiner is calling the game he is an Idiot.I agree Bring up Monday and Move Eddie Martinez into the radio slot He Has insight and a good voice and bleeds blue.
    I like the trade in the concept moves Seo out and Gives Navarro a chance somewhere else then here,Martin is our Future and Sandy can Hit I like him for pinch and possible DH Martin needs the rest once in awhile and this New Guy is very good at keeping runners in check as is Martin.Navarro came from a trade he wasn’t homegrown so anyone that is crying the farm blues is on crack. The Truth of the matter is That to Have a Good Team you Need to have a core of vets and a few Kids but to Hold the rest of the Kids back and keep them down does them nor us anygood if we can get what we need for the spare Players that we don’t or won’t need for a few years.La Roche is a no Trade Player he needs to come up next year and play with Kent.If Izzy Stays healthy and likes 3rd and can keep his batting avg up Aybar becomes expendable.Repko comes back 100% Then our 10+ outfield is complete with either and kemp with Repko taking Center.Need 1 more good starter and my picks from non contenders are still C Caduano Mil Left J Johnson Fla R and C Zambrano Fla. Zambrano is the only one with and Money on his contract Johnson is rookie of the year canidate. I’d Like to Stay away from the High ticket High profile old pitchers and get an Honest prospect with numbers to boot.Gotta look at the possibility and not at what they did last year or last decade.Looking to a Slaughter in LAA/Anaheim Go Blue.


    Just out of curiousity, what was the radar reading when Fernando threw out the first pitch?


    Just out of curiosity, what was the radar reading on fisher928’s run-on paragraph? 😉


    We are all forgetting the trade Ned made for Ethier. Which was his only good one so far.


    Charlie, Perez a #3 starter, cmon, the guy is horrible, has a bad attitude, and only cares about himself

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