Great debate

For what it’s worth, I’m thrilled we’ve got such fervent fans out there. Whether you think this was a good trade or not, I’m happy to see so many people voicing their opinions on this blog.

We’ll know more in a few months whether this trade worked out or not and rest assured, Ned Colletti knows that this isn’t the only move that has to be made to improve the club. Right now, it’s a move that he believes really helps us and I personally agree. I’ve put my faith in him and our talented scouting staff that really sees something in Hendrickson and Hall.

Now let’s hope we can knock off a pair of Cy Young Award winners in the next couple games…



    Josh – Thanks for the great blog! I too think its great that we can passionately debate here and share different opinions and viewpoints.

    One things for sure, something had (and still has..i believe) to be done with this team. The Dodgers are solid this year, the organization has done well to mix talented youngsters with experienced and proven veterans and all-stars…but there were/are a few missing pieces. Gotta give Ned credit for being aggressive – at the very least.

    Hopefully the missing pieces can be filled within the organization…maybe one of these guys can step up his game. It would be great for Odalis, Hendrickson or Billingsly to get hot and get some life back in the staff!


    HERE HERE Charlie and I finally agree !! I’m enjoying the debate and the team as well.

    GO Dodgers !!


    I don’t have a side to agrue as of yet. I still say don’t trade the future, navarro was blocked by martin, so he is one that could be traded, and not hurting the future. Hendrickson is a left hander, setting up a replacement for perez? seo was a bust for L.A.
    hopefully it will be a good trade. trades are hard to judge on day one,ned has not been lucky or good on trades so far, so I am hoping this one starts a winning streak.

    for ned, and the dodgers, maybe it will light a fire under perez. the n.l. west is winnable, but we don’t stack up to the very good teams yet, with our farm club, we could be their next year, winning the divison is

    something we can do, then build on this.


    Charlie – what aggressiveness? Navarro was going to be traded sometime; he’s supposedly a starting quality catcher, and Martin’s the starter here. Seo just wasn’t working out here, which is unfortunate (he was amazing in the WBC). We get an innings-eating lefty and a more dependable starting catcher. What was aggressive was Shawn Green (and like $10 million) for Dioner Navarro or the LoDuca & Mota for Penny & Choi trade.

    I’d say aggressive involves trading core players for core players.

    Here’s a reckless idea. This guy’s a former gold glover at shortstop, he’s an AL batting champion, 2 time MVP, and 9-time (soon to be 10-time) all-star. They boo him at home, though in Yankee Stadium. A-Rod. Do they want prospects, cause we’ve got prospects. The Texas Rangers are already paying $10 million a year of his salary. Besides, why not? We’ve got Nomar for the clutch already anyway. They say when it doesn’t count, count on A-Rod. But even that counts, because those are runs that our bullpen can then afford to lose. Aybar, Guzman, and someone else. Or is that just the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?


    It was a thought. I like Izzy at the hot corner actually. That’s also the second time he’s made an error this year, and Furcal made an error on the same night that time too. Is that leadership?

    I like how Hendrickson before was teammates with Shawn Kemp, and will now be teammates with Matt Kemp.


    Let’s see…the Baez trade-bad, Seo trade (from Mets)-bad, Ethier trade-good. I can understand trading Seo and even Navarro, but for Hendrickson and Hall. Surely we could have done a little better then that for Navarro, & then we threw in the player to be named later. We gave up to much. I guess I should be thankful he hasen’t traded away any top prospects, Yet!


    Don’t you guys see whats happening???
    Ned is turning this team into the Los Angeles Giants.

    A couple young guys and a bunch of over the hill veterans.

    Slowly, but surely it is happening.

    I say stop trading the young guys NED. THEY are cheap, they play well, and are only going to get better.

    At this point we have enough veterans and 30 somethings on the team. Please stop.

    A couple more trades like this and we WILL be the Los Angeles Giants….yuck


    This trade isnt bad. It isn’t necessarily the greatest trade I’ve ever seen, but its not bad. The one thing that I hope to see is that the Dodgers don’t send Billingsley back down. Let him get the experience. Bonderman suffered his first year in Detroit, but he’s amazing now. Billingsley could probably go .500 and it wont hurt the Dodgers chances at all. He just needs time to get adjusted. Please don’t send him down. Please don’t send him down.


    Hey “thesaint9998”, I’d like to see what would happen if you guys were in Ned’s shoes for a season. Ned’s a Dodger now, not a Giant so give it a rest !!
    Go Ned !!


    Patriot – Agressiveness in the sense that he’s going out there and making moves trying to make the team better. And by core players you dont consider 2 starting pitchers core players? What are they then? And who cares about core players or not, trades to pick up quality prospects (like Minny did with Lirano in their AJ trade with the Giants) are good aggressive trades as well. And your AROD idea is comical. HEY LETS GO GET A 4th SHORTSTOP!!!! Exactly what we need, just about as much as we need A. Soriano. We are among the NL leaders in the offensive categories but average to horrible in the pitching stats. Not only do we not need guys like ARod and Soriano because we are a pretty good offenisve team, we DO NOT need to mortgage the farm to get players with huge contracts who will be free agents (Soriano, I believe) after the season. I can understand giving up a couple top prospects for a guy like Willis (young, elite pitcher) if he’s availible – and better yet willing to agree to a long term deal.

    You also call Hendrickson an “innings eating” pitcher. I think this is about as pointless a stat out there that baseball experts throw out. Its like a backhanded compliment…”oh the guy’s ok, but he’s an innings eater so lets get him!” Jeff Weaver was considered an innings eater as well, and im pretty happy he’s not eating up innigns for us! If the guy has a 2 ERA and is an innings eater thats great..but if he’s in the 5’s do you really want him eating up your innnings?

    thesaint – I dont necessaraly agree with you…Coletti went out in the offseason and signed a couple old guys (Meuller, Lofton) to 1 year deals to fill some holes for the young guys. We didn’t expect guys like Kemp and Aybar to be ready this year. I think his strategy was good, as long as he doesn’t ship off many more prospects. Navarro im fine with, and if we can get a great young pitcher i’d be fine to part with a couple prospects as well. I dont like the Jackson/Tiffany for Baez/Carter deal one bit, hope something like that doesn’t happen again

    One last comment on Navarro. I agree with most of you in the fact that we SHOULD have traded him. I just think we could have done alot better than this deal…


    great discussion about the trade everyone. As to lets get a 4th shortstop by charliegrimes, we have 4 Izturis, Furcal, Garciaparra and Martinez. they all played together the other day and I thought maybe each inning they should have rotated.


    do whatever it takes to get d-train. maybe
    guzman, aybar and greg miller and houlton. (they might want more though)

    willis is 24, a cy-young candidate every year, a leftie, is signed through 2008 and has a world series ring – and the d-backs are making a major play for him as well!

    he would suddenly change the whole face of the rotation moving lowe and penny down a slot, and energize the team and the fans. who knows what having a real ace on the staff would do…lets try it!


    Re: a D-train acquisition: If you can get him without trading away the store, go for it but I can’t imagine they’d let him go for anything less than our top 3 prospects (you can bet that either Martin,Kemp, or both would be in their asking price) And,if he’s signed through 2008, the Marlins can afford to hold out for the best possible deal. In my opinion, not likely to happen. I have no real problem with the Hendrickson deal. As shaky as our no.4 and 5 starters have been lately along with the questionable health of Tomko, we can use all the help we can get. Granted, Hendrickson isn’t Cy Young caliber but,considering what we gave up, it’s probably market value. Hopefully, he’ll make us forget Seo. My only problem with the deal is: what do we need with another catcher? As it is, Alomar gets no playing time. Maybe we can package Hall in another deal. Or maybe we’re accumulating catchers like shortstops? Re: Billingsley; If Perez and (or) Seo had done the job, he’d still be at Las Vegas. I’m not convinced he’s ready. He can’t throw strikes and, when he does, he gets too much of the plate.(hence all the foul balls) Because of our starting pitcher situation, it may be necessary for him to get his experience here rather than in Vegas.

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