Father's Day Game

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. If you’re in LA, you’ve still got time to head over to Dodger Stadium until 1 p.m. and play catch in the outfield.

Happy birthday to Sandy Alomar Jr., who gets a start today to celebrate.

How many of you stayed up through all 17 innings yesterday? Tough way to lose, but those kind of games are always exciting. The bullpen threw more than eight scoreless innings, which is a good sign. In the end, the team that capitalized on their opportunities came out on top, plain and simple.

Thanks for the advice on the laptop…unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow in LA to get back on track.

Today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Aybar, 3B

Nomar, 1B

Drew, DH

Kemp, CF

Ethier, LF

Cruz, RF

Alomar, C

Martinez, 2B

Sele, P


  1. dreed209@yahoo.com

    I was at the game last night, my girlfriend took a foul ball off the face…ouch. As far as the game, our offense stinks right now, alot of guys aren’t seeing the ball well. By the way 1 out of 5 fans I saw were wearing Dodger blue, and I heard numurous chants of let’s go Dodgers. We may need a SP, but for my money we also need a legit power threat as well. Go Dodgers, and yes I stayed all 17 innings something alot of A’s fans can’t say(they cleared out in the 9th b4 Streets coughed up the lead). Two guys were more than willing to give autographs,Matt Kemp and Ethier, they r appreciated.

  2. abandonscience@gmail.com

    First, I watched the entire game from the 3rd inning on, but through MLB.com’s Gamecast. I live in Arizona and have MLB Extra Innings, but this game wasn’t available. So, 5 hours of staring at drawings on a computer screen all for a back to back walk-off walk! I was furious. That was my Saturday night! We had plenty of opportunities but couldn’t capitalize. I think we should have tried stealing more in the later innings. There were plenty of times when a stolen base was possible with either Lofton or Furcal on and less than 2 outs, but we ended the inning scoreless.

    If Jae Seo doesn’t perform well on his next outting Grady LIttle really ought to consider putting a position player on the mound before Seo.

  3. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I heard that Seo has about five different pitches and that makes it difficult to call a game for him. Obviously he doesn’t have the necessary control for any of them. Our pitching coach ought to sort things out for him and have him concentrate on only two or three that he can command and get over the plate. It’s time to stop being “cute” and get effective – otherwise, it’s time to get him off the team.

  4. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    1) I guess Seo is now lower than Odalis on the totem pole now.

    2) The Dodgers had discussed a position switch with Kent at some point, but is there any thought at playing him at third, a position he’s played before, when Izturis returns?

    3) Another trade possibility: Houston. Clemens’ return means that they’ll have an extra starter in the rotation, and Craig Biggio can’t keep playing second base forever. He’s 40, Bagwell’s done, and my guess is he’s tired of being hit by pitches. So do we put up Aybar for Taylor Buckholz, Fernando Nieve, or Wandy Rodriguez? Or none of the above?

  5. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    Messagebear, the reason Seo developed so many pitches is that he was inneffective with just fastball-changeup, if you can imagine that. He should definitely focus on a few of them, but he needs a pitch he can regularly throw for strikes, and he needs a good “out” pitch.

    Similarly, Danys Baez has struggled all year to throw strike 3.

  6. jglass@iamb.org

    When Izturis returns on Monday I sure hope Coletti and Grady make roster decisions based on need and talent, AND NOT MONEY. I’d rather see the Dodgers eat salary, like Perez or Cruz, than send down Ethier or Aybar. To compete the rest of the way this team needs to trade for some pitching. Izturis can bring a good starter.

  7. cosmow123@yahoo.com

    i agree completely. Sele, Tomko, Perez and Seo are all disasters and 3 are new acquisitions to the team. Colletti hopefully can find a better acquicsition or 2 prior to the trade deadline because so far the team is living off its youngsters and 2 established pitchers

  8. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    Who is this guy on the mound and what has he done with Odalis Perez? And can he do the same thing with Jae Seo?

    Is Odalis finally clicking with his “personal catcher?” I mean, 4 scoreless innings from Odalis Perez with 4 strikeouts. His last apperance with Sandy Alomar was also scoreless. We might have an answer here.

  9. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    Maybe give Sele a break in the rotation and try Odalis with Alomar behind the plate. It’ll be against the Pirates, so that seems safe enough, even with their master strategist Jim Tracy.

  10. dreed209@yahoo.com

    Patriot, I think u r on to something with Kent. Putting him at 3rd base is the answer to the Izturis question, Cesar has said he would happily play 2nd.

  11. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    Yes, and not only that, but if you look at Furcal’s limited experience at second, he’s a really good defensive second baseman; he has only made 1 error in 255 innings at 2nd base, where he averages 1 every 50 for his career at short (more like 1 every 35 innings this year). Maybe it’s like being a switch hitter and he’s just better from one side. But he’s already tied Cesar Izturis’ career high in errors in a season. That combo would give the Dodgers very good range up the middle, which would mean fewer ground balls to Kenny Lofton.

    I will again say that Odalis did a good job of keeping the Dodgers within a save situation.

    And speaking of overpaid players, Adrian Beltre makes his return to Dodger Stadium on Tuesday. Now we can cheer when he strikes out.

  12. kssparkuhl@cableone.net

    As they say, “sweep happens”.

    Amen to your comments “messagebear”.

    Let’s regroup and get the Mariners on Tuesday.

  13. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    Said CBS Sportsline’s Fantasy Analysis of Matt Kemp, after Sandy Alomar compared him to Manny Ramirez:

    “Uh, pick up the next Manny Ramirez in any league you can afford to take a chance on a 21-year-old phenom. We have finally gotten our stud call-up hitter of 2006. Kemp homered in his first two at-bats for his first multihomer game for the Dodgers on Sunday at Colorado. He has six home runs in June and has a hit in each of his starts and 11 of his 13 games in the majors. Start him in any league right now. Even if he cools off, he’s a solid gamble in deeper mixed leagues.”

  14. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Still sat trade to jello perez for cosby…. but the kids met there match as well as the veterans the A’s have it going ringht now hope to raise some bats and put on a defencive show Tues. As far as odalis with alomar lets see Hmmm Numbers say they both ****.Throw in the weak offence and we lose 1 more… BEILIVE IN THE RELEASE

  15. garysmith@glsmith.com

    The team looked tired !! Tough loss. Good thing Monday is an off day and these guys can get some much needed rest, especially Martin, he looked wiped out in that marathon game !! People need to let the Jeff Kent base running thing alone, it’s one play in a 17 inning game !! The one thing that did come across in the game was the “A’s” being up like a college team and the Dodgers looking way too serious and flat, I hope we’re not losing that kid like energy and love of the game approach !!

    Hey, Josh, am I ever going to see those tickets for my draft picks ??

    Go Dodgers !!

  16. jesuispret@aol.com

    speaking of serious and flat, i really feel out of it since the dodgers were not on direct tv this entire weeked. all i know is they went to oakland and are leaving with their tails between their legs – but still in first place!

    still not sure why grady didn’t pull seo in the 17th when he got two men on and no outs…how badly could have kuo been?!?

    also, i fear aybar is leaving as izzy is coming. this should be an interesting ride for grady as he navigates uncharted waters. a former gold glover and fan fave who really doesn’t want any parts of 3b – a need position for the team!

    and who are the number 3-5 starting pitchers? seems like getting to the sixth inning with a starting pitcher anymore is cause for celebration.

    true, if the bats were alive and swinging and we won a few 7-5 games or at least won that marathon on sat – it would help the pitchers.

    no one is hitting in the clutch and the pitchers are pitching not to lose -not a favorable mixture.

    however, the team is in first place and coming home…

    and penny is on the hill!

  17. dreed209@yahoo.com

    I was in the park for the marathon game, and in the last frame the ump was squeezing Seo big time.However with Swisher and Chavez due up that inning I wasn’t sure why Kuo didn’t get a shot, it’s a shame we couldn’t get Lowe a W, he was unhittable. Also Drew looked tired, his bat speed has really dropped off, and Kent is still favoring that wrist(he grimaces with every hard swing). Our defense is very suspect other than Nomar and Russ, I welcome the time when Repko is getting action out there again. Also it will be nice to see Beltre again, even though he left on bad terms, he was one of my fav’s. 3 guys we won’t see again this year: Werth(he was never here), Gagne, Mueller

  18. jesuispret@aol.com

    yes, werth and mueller most likely not coming back this year. gagne…who knows this year, and even next? what could you possibly offer him…and what would he have the guts to ask for?

    beltre coming back home. should be interesting. not sure what happened to him. was he just having a career year in 2004? is he not adjusting to seattle and the AL. i would have still taken him over jd drew in a heart beat. he is younger, more durable and plays hurt and was a superb fielder – and a homegrown talent.

    maybe depodesta knew something we didn’t, but i would still take beltre over drew given their contracts were a (relative) wash. plus it always amazes me when a team lets a key starter go, they spends millions trying to replace them – see the cast of thousands who have played third in the last season in a half!

    also have enjoyed watching cody ross on the dish having a ball with the marlins. he is hitting and fielding great and even batting in the four hole. still i wold take any of the dodger OF prospects over him – esp matt kemp.

  19. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    Kemp is just really cool like that.

    I have more optimism with Gagne, and I think he’ll be back late July. It’s a good combination though: he’s got the drive to want to get back on the field, and the Dodger medical staff has the hard lesson to tell them to hold Gagne back until he can stay. At the latest, expect him back before Gary Sheffield.

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