Mark Langill – Graduation Day

Congratulations to the Solano Elementary School’s Class of 2006, which held its graduation ceremony this morning at the Dodger Stadium Club. There were speeches by both students and faculty members, followed by the presentation of diplomas. After the ceremony, parents and students enjoyed punch and cake and watched a slide-show video of the students’ activities throughout the year.

This is a tradition which began in 1980. Because Solano is part of the Dodgers’ Adopt-A-School program, and located only a few blocks from Dodger Stadium, many members of the Dodger front office visit the school throughout the year, detailing their respective job responsibilities and answering questions about life at the ballpark. Solano_grad


Can any of them pitch?

or can they be the next Kim Ng?

wow hmmm which one is which? Ng on the left?

Hey Josh, when can I expect to get my notification for my correct draft picks ??
Go Dodgers !!!

kid on the left is a tad overdressed for an elementery school gradaduation. right?

he’s not over dressed. The kids in my 6th grade class all wore suits with ties (ok, they were clip-ons)for our graduation….ahh, to have those days again.

anyone else join the blue crew when they were young? I just found my packet from when I signed up as a youngster….

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