Today's lineup

Working on an interesting post for later tonight. In the meantime, here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kemp, LF

Aybar, 2B

Guzman, 3B

Martin, C

Tomko, P


interesting post for later??? Hmm, wonder if it has anything to do with the trade rumors???

like the lineup but would prefer to see one time all 5 rookies or at least kemp, aybar, martin and ethier without guzman who appears over his head right now.

thanks for the inside info! i enjoy the updates . . .

I agree with with cosmow, Kemp in center Ethier in left, Aybar and Martin. These guys would be playing every day in Vegas, they need the same strategy up with the Big team. Rotate Lofton and Cruz in the outfield as necessary.

It took Ethier a while to catch on, and I think it just might with Guzman. I think he’ll still salvage his time here, although I do think he needs a little more work.

Any thoughts on Odalis Perez for Matt Clement? Clement has a good NL track record, but isn’t doing so hot this year, not to mention his contract is very similar to Odalis’. Trade talks with Boston would likely yield quite a major trade, though, since they also want a shortstop who can hit better than Alex Cora.

In a semi-related note, Nomar Garciaparra has a very good shot at being the first Dodger in 43 years to win the batting title, the last being Tommy Davis (1962 & 1963).

Guzman, Perez & ??? who else for Clement?

By the way, Dioner Navarro threw out the first (and thus far only) guy who ran on him last night in his first rehab appearance. Let’s hope that this isn’t one of those things that happens in Vegas and stays in Vegas.

What are these trade rumors? Are you referring to the Soriano/Crawford story?

So what are the rumors? One was for Greg Maddux who has allowed five or more runs in five of his last seven starts.
Matt Clement certainly isn’t setting the world on fire. If prospects are involved one hopes we get someone who is setting the world on fire.

“Guzman, Perez & ??? who else for Clement?”

have you seen Clement’s numbers?

Perez for Clement streight up then?

A trade is imminent, but I still would like to see Chad get his shot, and soon. Is Gagne finished????? Either way we could use soom bullpen help as well. And get Guzman outta here, bring up Izturis so we can showcase and shop him. Joel can hit, but he has yet to figure out big league pitching.

Why single out Perez? He may not have the best attitude and may be better off with some other club, but right now I nominate Tomko as the absolute loser on the ballclub. He’s been doing that consistently for four games straight. I’m beginning to hate him now as much as when he was with the Giants. I have to take that back, because he was really a loser with the Giants too, so there wasn’t that much reason to hate him then. I would love to see us get rid of Tomko even if we got nobody fo him, or is that too much to ask because he’s got some relationship with the general manager.

better pitching by the middle relief guys would have = a Dodger victory.

don’t think that trading our future is smart. I’m sure ned could find 10 teams to take guzman for some over rated pitcher with a big contract, or as part of a bigger dump our guy to a dump their guy, why throw in a very top prospect in that type of a deal. if we have to trade prospects, remember the dodgers have the best, (or second best) minor league system in all of baeball.
look behond our top players for players who would be rated much higher on other teams. delwyn young is a very good player, who probaly not get a chance in L.A. Joel Hanrahan can pitch for most any other team. trade players with a future who are blocked by our better prospects, then open up some other prospects with a promotion to a higher level. I am not in favor of trading prospects to the cubs to see Maddux win 5 games and walk away at the end of the season, I am sure that billingsley could win the same number of games as most any pitcher we could get in a trade.

Kuo has already mastered pitching in Coors field; it’s all about striking out everyone.

“better pitching by the middle relief guys would have = a Dodger victory.”

No my friend, it all starts with the starters and BOMKO is showing that his early season success is an aberration. We may have the lowest era in the N.L. amongst starters, mainly in large part due to the successes of Penny and Lowe and the Dodgers are where they are because of them.

Hey Josh, ask Grady and Ned when they are gonna get rid of Odalis and Bomko, they are dead weight and will not amount to anything positive in the near future. TIME TO BRING UP BILLS!!!!!!!

A team is always a reflection of the GM in its composition, the manager in its performance. Although I feel we don’t have to win big time this year after last year’s disappointments, I am sure as others that a trade is imminent. GM Colletti probably sees his image in the pitching staff and feels a need to change that image because of the struggles of especially Perez, Seo and Tomko. I shudder at trading prospects. Hard to forget Paul Konerko.Frank’s suggestion regarding Joel Hanrahan and especially Delwyn Young makes sense. Young in particular seems to be backed up in the organization’s mind and is probably ahead of Guzman in his development now. We never hear the organization speak of Joel Hanrahan. A nervous time for Dodger fans loving the home grown flavor of the organization right now.

Hanrahan pitched really well again yesterday. 7-2 with under 3.00 ERA. Good to see LaRoche back in line up with a homer. Expect Navarro is now available for a trade. Wouldn’t make sense to keep two young catchers, one on the bench. Martin seems to have the insdie track now as his confidence grows along with his performance.

We need pitching and we need it quickly. Where has the art of pitching gone to? The organization used to be one of the best in pitching year after year, and now that we’re scoring runs at such a pace, we don’t have pitchers that can take us even to the sixth inning. This places a ton of stress on a bullpen. We need good, solid, inning-eating pitchers.

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