Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Aybar, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martinez, 2B

Martin, C

Penny, P


If Kent was playing second this would be my favorite lineup. I like having Kemp getting a day off, and I would like to see how he handles a pinch hitter’s role tonite..

I agree with anticipation for a pinch hit situation for Kemp. Why not go with the statistics and play Cruz and Saenz, considering their success with Kim? In any case, this is a strong lineup, however, I’m still not completely sold on Martinez. Go Blue!!!

Joel Guzman looks like he’s going to be a James Loney class rookie – good, but not there quite yet.

I’m still optimistic about Guzman, but I don’t think this was the best time for him, and I think Grady knows it. He probably needs some encouragement, and I think the best way to do that would be for him to get a big hit. I get the feeling though that he’ll be the first one sent down when Izturis and/or Kent are ready to come back.

Guzman is not ready for big league pitching yet…He needs to get back down to AAA… Hopefully someone will stuff Odalis Perez in his suitcase when it happens.

There! Russ Martin got his triple! 🙂

I wish grady had let Ethier hit instead of replacing him with Cruz.

And Ethier doesn’t have bad splits against lefties either. I guess Grady wanted to give Cruz some PT, and Cruz does hit much better on lefties.

I’m hoping that in the 9th they can go around and give Aybar another shot at extending his hit streak.

I like aggressive running, but notice that Rich Donnelly has sent runners home a couple of times recently that were out at the plate by six feet.
Tonight Nomar was on 2nd when Drew smoked a single to right field. The RF was not playing deep and he came up throwing. I could not believe it when Scully said that Donnelly waved Nomar in. What was Donnelly thinking? Hoping for a wild throw? Can the runners disregard the coach and stop on their own without risking a fine or some other sanction?

I can’t remember the other incident but it happened a couple of weeks ago and was almost the same scenario.

I just checked Google and found several articles about Donnelly being very aggressive and having runners thrown out while he was with Milwaukee.

It’s fine to put some pressure on the outfielders but use a little judgement… Nomar was just rounding third when the right fielder came up throwing and he was out by a mile.

Did Brad Penny look mad when Grady took him out in the 9th? I thought that was a tough call, really, because Penny had gotten out of similar jams in previous innings, and the Dodgers had turned 2 double plays already. But it’s also true that Penny had jumped his pitch count to 117, including 9 on that last batter. When you factor in that up next were the 3-4-5 hitters for the Rockies in the biggest launching pad in baseball, then that’s a good call.

I’ve seen that third base call go bad quite a few times this year wayyy more then past years and with better runners this year….0 out 1 out and 2 out never been a base coach before but I know when to hold em…

That third base call wasn’t a great call, but I’ve seen at least a couple games where his aggressive running style actually paid off. And it sometimes catches the opposing teams off guard and sleeping, as they throw precariously towards second base instead of home.

Have you voted for Nomar yet? I voted 25 times today, and he definitely deserves the slot. He should be on everyone’s radar once he reaches minimum plate appearances. (165AB+17BB=182/188Minimum) Couple more games should do it. He’ll beat the current NL leader Scott Rolen (.343) by a comfortable margin even if he strikes out the next 6 times. Chances are he won’t. (165AB w/ only 10Ks) Go Nomar! I hope you retire as a Dodger.

the whole gagne thing is a shame and quite puzzling. a shame, because he is the “anti-o.perez” in that he wants to pitch no matter what and never blames anyone or anything..

puzzling thing is the whole managment approach to his injury. why the rush? why have him come back to the bigs after only TWO one inning outings in las vegas?

why not let him work his way back for two or three WEEKS in the minors, and figure him as a non-factor till the all-star break.

look at kerry wood, back on the dl and sheffield gone till sept. i say let gagne alone and figure whatever you get from him as a bonus – possibly a lift down the stretch drive towards the playoffs..

lets go back to “sammy” saito as the closer and fill in the blanks with the young guns and the minors…

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