Today's game

A very busy day around here. We had the draft and just got back from the Boys & Girls Club with Brad Penny and Matt Kemp. Matt didn’t promise any sick kids that he’d homer for them, but he did hit one off a young kid in the Playstation video game. We’ll see if he can duplicate it again tonight on the field…

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kemp, LF

Aybar, 3B

Martinez, 2B

Martin, C

Lowe, P


for some reason I thought Saenz would start over Aybar, but then again Aybar hit a “BOMB” yesterday. Kemp in there should be interesting (they guy has major pop) I hope he get’s a hold of a Pedro Martinez pitch.

I really don’t know why you would want Saenz in against one of the best righties in baseball. Aybar left handed is better than Saenz against a righty any day.

pellam.1 just thought I throw it out there, It’s gonna be interesting watch Kemp today no doubt.

From now on either Ethier or Kemp should be starting. Having both in the lineup wouldn’t be such a bad idea either. I do like Kemp over Ethier vs. Pedro.

kbig, I kinda like Ethier over Kemp, I think he’d do better against Pedro, but who knows.

Why is Ethier not in the lineup vs. a RHP? Grady makes me wonder sometimes.

I don’t know what Grittle is thinking, but you have to consider whether Ethier against Pedro is really has a greater hope of producing than Kemp. I’m not sure, but I’d like to see both of them in there.

I think Grady does an awesome job at managing the offense, but he is atrocious with the pitchers(Beimel over saito on sunday) and sandy alomar, Alomar should never play, i know that he is our only backup catcher at the moment, but our pitchers performance is horrible when he is in there. I wish we had kept Bako to mentor our youthful backstops. DOWN WITH SANDY…….

Sandy Alomar has the 5th worst CERA IN all of baseball which happens to be 6.04 AND WITH Dioner Navarro his CERA is 3.88 and Russell Martin has a CERA of 3.18……………… Sandy is 1-12 in catching runners and i think our record with sandy is like 1-11 when he starts.

Grady, as I have said before, can make a lineup. Ethier is 1-12 in June, and Pedro is not the guy to raise your average on. Kemp is hitting 4-15 with 3 home runs. Not only that, but Kemp is hitting Right-handers better; they account for all 3 of his home runs. And it has to be one, because he is definitely going to leave his left-handed veterans in there, especially when they’re JD Drew and Kenny Lofton.

For Ramon Martinez (the one that’s not Pedro’s brother), Grady wanted the vet over the rookie Guzman, and Saenz’s throw caused Russ Martin to be set up for that collision, thus Aybar.

I don’t think the Dodgers have been great hosts to the Mets so far. It’s time to welcome them to the jungle.

The solution with Alomar will be to put him on the DL because of his back and leg issues when Navarro is back, and he can still stick around and mentor (and fill in Sudoku puzzles).

“I don’t think the Dodgers have been great hosts to the Mets so far. It’s time to welcome them to the jungle.” PATRIOTACTS425 that was a good one.

Luke Hochevar drafted by the Royals!! lol… that should serve both him and Boras well. I’m smiling…

“Why is Ethier not in the lineup vs. a RHP? Grady makes me wonder sometimes.”

Because he’s one of the rarities that hits left-handers better than right. Go figure.

Well, that’s what happens when you’re not on Nomar’s team anymore.

Kemp has a single and SB in the first inning.. I guess maybe Grady does know what he’s doing starting him instead of Ethier tonight ehhh folks?

Could Derek Lowe stop throwing the ball down the middle? Someone tell him it’s bad for your pitch count when you’re incredibly hittable.

I didnt know where to post but i hope one of the dodger people reads this. It concerning the dodgers telecast on KCAL. For some reason on my TV it seems like Vin Scullys voice is turned down and the “buzz” of the stadium crowd is turned waaay up. For most of the telecast its tough to hear Vin’s voice and when the crowd goes crazy his voice dissapears. I dont think its just my TV, but maybe you guys could look into that. Thanks.

It’s nice to actually benefit from a Jose Valentin error.

Ok, bottom of the 8th inning, 3 run lead.

My call: Bunt signs all around.

Yes, Kemp did hit a homer, to put the Dodgers ahead in that great 6th! that’s funny to see that comment. everyone looks brilliant when you win…

Awesome. I get the feeling that tomorrow, Odalis is going to prove that he belongs in the rotation, and that Tom Glavine will not hold up as well as he has thus far this season.

Wow, just got back from the game and I have to say that’s why Grady is managing and I’m sittin’ in the stands…good call starting Kemp instead of Ethier. Kemp is a stud! Looks like Andre may be movin’ down on the depth chart. It’ll be interesting to see what will happen when our wounded come back.

Well its a bumpy road but I liketo see us come back swinging and to pick up after one another when the chips fall. i think i see Grady’s logic starting to take on shape.Although I didn’t see the third B Blow up coming we now have a semi set of Killer B’s Baez Biemel and Broxton.Can’t kill the B’s all the time and was glad to see saito **** on the fire. I can’t help myself but if Kenny lofton made that catch …. well there would have been one out; And one less hit that shouldn’t have been a hit.Very Glad it stopped there and got to hear Guns n Roses for real! Go Blue!!!


Six runs in the 6th, on 6-6 of ’06.

Cool… That’ll never happen again. : ) Did any other team match that one?

So, if Gagne had re-injured his arm last night, with the 1-2 pitch to Wright, where would one go to find out what happened and how bad it is? Hypothetically.

Grady said Gagne wouldn’t be used back to back for a while, and this is why. He’s just got to adjust, and going to the trainer straight after the game was good because it demonstrates that he’s going to take care of things as they happen. He probably discussed how he felt pitch by pitch.

I would speculate that it will be some time in July before he goes back to back, especially with how the Dodger offense has been powering through opposing teams, and with how Grady has been cautious with players he has known to be prone to injury, such as JD Drew. But he did what he had to in order to get things done, and his pitch location was on tonight much more so than his last appearance.

Incidentally, the next game is followed by an off-day, which means we should see JD get his customary bonus day of rest. And after bombing Pedro, I think we’ll see our first 5-rookie day against Glavine. My guesses:

Furcal – SS

Cruz – RF(good against lefties)

Nomar – 1B

Kemp – CF

Guzman – 3B

Aybar – 2B

Ethier – LF

Martin – C

Odalis – SP

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