Draft results

Our first three picks were Clayton Kershaw, Bryan Morris and Preston Mattingly, the son of Don Mattingly. Incredibly, several people got the first two right, but no one had Mattingly in the mix. We’ll sort out the winners shortly.

In the meantime, a quick word from Logan White on our new Dodger draftees:

Overall, we got two power arms with the first two picks and we wanted a high ceiling overall athlete with the third pick.

Kershaw: He’s a big, strong power pitcher with a power arm. He reminds me a bit of Dave Righetti. He’s got an excellent delivery and great makeup.

Morris: He’s a great competitor with a plus fastball and a late power curveball. He reminds me of John Smoltz.

Mattingly: Obviously he comes from a great bloodlines but he is his own person. He’s a fantastic athlete with a chance to be a great all-around Major League player.


  1. dodgersfan71@sbcglobal.net

    Preston Mattingly, WOW, no one saw that coming. I am from Evansville,IN where Mattingly hails & my cousin who played with Preston @ Central HS said he is all that & a bag of chips. People down there say he is better then his father (Don) was at that age. If he is half as good as a player as his father was, then we got our money’s worth. I for one am Pumped about the pick!

  2. garysmith@glsmith.com

    That’s great news to hear about Mattingly !! Maybe he’ll be a chip off the old man !! From what MLB is reporting the Dodgers had one of the best drafts, especially the first two picks.
    I got the first two right, wonder if anyone got all three correct ??

    Go Dodgers

  3. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Of the first 7 Dodger selections, only one is in his 20’s – Garrett White 22. Interesting that 2 1B selected in first 7. Think the strategy is to take the best player available and not worry about positions if prime targets are acheived early.

  4. interpol2424@yahoo.com

    The left hander has explosive stuff & hides the ball well, great curve & the right hander all you had to tell me was the work ethic he has & I was sold, great great moves

    Go Dodgers!

  5. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Wonder if Thomas Giles is a brother to Brian and Marcus? Also wonder if there are any late round Piazza’s out there?
    If so, Logan and his team will find them.

  6. riz12264@gmail.com

    [quote]Also wonder if there are any late round Piazza’s out there?
    If so, Logan and his team will find them.[/quote]

    Logan White just stole a late round talent out of NC named Alex White in the 14th round(late, but not as late as piazza)

  7. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    I noticed that the comments about White indicate a 95 mph fastball and plus curve. riz do you have more info on him?

  8. riz12264@gmail.com

    In HS white was 9-0 with a 0.60 era, 106 K’s with ONLY 4 BB’s and surrendering 25 hits in 58 2/3 IP. In order to sign him I think it would take LaRoche money, but why not!!

  9. riz12264@gmail.com

    Also I have some scouting reports on him, but I dont know if I could post them on here.

  10. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Thanks. The K/BB ratio is amazing. Certainly sounds like he might be a steal. Wonder why they waited so late to take him?

  11. riz12264@gmail.com

    He was around late because of signability concerns(so was Lars Anderson, Jordan walden and many other studs), with the money saved from luke hochevar we could dish it at the likes of White and Kyle Orr to buy them out from their college commitments which happen to be UNC AND Kentucky respectively. To sign Orr it will take around second round money and to sign White it will take near seven figures.

  12. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Thanks. Will be interesting to see the comparisons of team drafts by the pundits and to see if Logan still has another steal further down the list.

  13. riz12264@gmail.com

    i want to see if logan can pull rabbits out of his hat for the rest of this draft tomorrow, he ia well knowan for takindg players in the low rounds who slip and making them blue chippers.

  14. tagla27@msn.com

    Gotta love Logan White’s response when questioned about the Mattingly pick… This is a blurb from an article on MLB.com *****But Logan White had a pretty good answer when asked why Preston Mattingly wasn’t included in Baseball America’s Top 200 potential draftees.

    “Russell Martin and Matt Kemp weren’t in anybody’s top 200 when we took them,” said White, who drafted Martin and Kemp in his first two drafts as Dodgers scouting director and has seen them make Major League impacts this year.*****

  15. ajgarcia@pldtdsl.net

    Hi, am new to the board, nice to see everyone all pumped for the draft!

    Re Alex White, I read on Yahoo that one of the signability issues with White is that he is also a big-time basketball player and may be tough to convince to leave his UNC commitment to play baseball. Hence, the drop down the draft. But he is 1st/2nd round quality.

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