Today's lineup

For today’s game, we’ll have:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Aybar, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martinez, 2B

Martin, C

Tomko, P

Kent is still having trouble swinging a bat and he told Fred Roggin on the air a few minutes ago that he’s going to have an MRI tomorrow to see if there are any worse problems in there that we can’t tell from an examination by the trainers.

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    I thought Grady would give Cruz a start in LF tonite, and save the rookies from Hudson. Looks like it’s the DL for Kent, let’s get all these injuries out of the way the first half.


    Yeah over all this looks like a solid line up, on Kent maybe there just trying to really rest him & are just planing to give him the start when the Dodgers get home.


    Article says he’s getting an MRI tomorrow !! Could be bigger issue, wait and see !!
    Go Dodgers !!


    It looks the the real Bret Tomko is starting to show up…. As much fun as this run of wins has been I hope management is fully aware- this starting staff has some big holes in it. I think we will need to make some kind of move to win the West.


    I always thought that Tomko was nothing more than just a mediocre pitcher, and the Dodger blue was not going to change that. Unfortunately he is headed for his usual level of performance, and that isn’t going to bring the Dodgers to the playoffs. Billingsley or some other promising rookie would certainly do no worse. A starting pitching staff with Tomko and Seo only belongs on a team that’s slated to finish around .500. That’s not going to be nearly good enough this year.


    Looks like Odalis might get another shot. Hope he’s ready for it physically and especially in his head.


    Tomko had a great streak, no doubt fueled by the emotions of his mom’s condition. This is going to be his third bad start in a row, though, and he might want to chat with Rick Honeycutt to get a game plan for the next one.


    Tomko was pitching really great I don’t understand, what? is his change of pase not affective anymore, or maybe pitch selection? what is it?


    Tomko is an innings eater. Today was an off day, it happens. The stars align, the opposing team collectivly wakes up on the right side of the bed, they all eat their Wheaties, and a solid pitcher gets hit around like a Cinco De Mayo Pinata.

    I for one was excitied when we got Tomko. I know he will give the team a lot of chances to win games before the season ends.

    With the great offense and bullpen he just needs to keep it close.


    There are actual real major league players in the batting box. When Tomko or any other pitcher makes a slight mistake and puts the ball waist high in the middle instead of knee high on the corner, those major league hitters have a much better chance of hitting a home run instead of a weak fly ball.
    “Get it over the plate” works in Little League, not MLB.


    Tomko is going to be fine,the Brave just weren’t ok with being swept. Allowing a jack to Chipper and Andruw is nothing to hang you head about. I don’t care who’s spot he takes, I want to see Chad here very quickly.

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