Draft Day Coming Up

First off, the name to know for today:

Tony Abreu, Double-A Jacksonville: Went 2-for-4 with a homer yesterday. He came to Spring Training as a non-roster invitee with us after winning the Florida State League batting title last year with a .330 mark.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Luke Hochevar and our decision not to sign him. While I can understand that our fans are frustrated that we basically didn’t get a first-round pick last year, I can also vividly remember Logan White saying last year at the time of the draft that this was a real possibility. The reason Hochevar fell to us in the draft was because teams were unsure of whether or not he’d be willing to sign and though we were hopeful we could work something out, it just wasn’t meant to be.

As it turned out, Ned Colletti and his staff decided that it just wasn’t worth the $4 million asking price. We all believe that we made a fair offer and at the end of the day, Ned’s belief is that if it’s all about the money before you ever reach the big leagues, it will always be about the money. As you’ve seen, there’s been a real push towards team goals here and unfortunately, it just didn’t work out with Hochevar.

In the meantime, we’re going to take up one of the reader’s suggestions about the upcoming draft. Fans can list their guesses on our first three picks (we choose seventh, 25th and 31st) in the comments section of this post. The person who gets closest to getting it right will get four of our new baseline seats, which were installed this offseason, for an upcoming game. This is one of the coolest ways to see a game and the value of the seats is more than $250, so make sure you do your homework on the draft. Plus, it’ll make draft day that much more exciting.

All entries must be in by the time the draft starts and each person can only have one entry. Good luck!


    • Khalilo

      If your a max effort pihcetr, you should be monitored more closely and I agree with a pitch count. If your a pihcetr who works both sides of the plate and depend more on throwing strikes than throwing hard, then they should be able to go deeper into games and have a higher count.Kershaw right now is a max effort guy who should be watched close, Bills has taken great strides in how he throws and is more concerned with strikes than throwing the ball past anyone, Kuroda has been hurt both years and should be watched closely, and I could care less if Milton’s arm breaks again Wolf I trust to tell me what he can and cant do, and it looks like his arm is back to where it was before Tommy John.

  1. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Thanks Josh, you are absolutely correct about Logan White warning us of the potential signing problems. And Ned’s decision is the best decision for the team. It has to be about baseball first and the money second as a rookie. The net difference between $2.9 mil and $4.0 mil is all about Boras’ commission. And the only thing worse will be if the Yankees mess up baseball even more and give the kid the money !! As I said before let him go to a loser for the rest of his career.

  2. npurcell@email.arizona.edu

    heh, this was my idea!

    anyways, ill post my selections later, the picture isnt clear yet!

    but, you guys probably already this… look at bryan morris! he was in control of the drays so i dont think Logan White sent a lot of Dodger scouts to see him, but they should talk to him in this upcoming week and get a sense on his signability. he is a great talent with one of the best breaking balls in the draft- a true hammer curve!

    this is a little of topic, but is still on the subject of Hochevar and the draft. It is a bummer that we couldnt sign Hochevar so what is done with the 2.98 mil left over from last years draft? Don’t say it will be re-allocated towards the top 3 picks of this year; no, that should ALREADY have been counted for in the budget. But instead, offer up top 2 round bonuses to high ceiling prep players that have dropped due to strong committments. A good example of this is what we did with Andy Laroche. Drafted in the 39th round or so, but we offered him 1 million and bought out his commitment to Rice. So far, that has turned out to be a sound investment. Maybe we can do that with 3 or so prep players this year- offer them a million a piece or so if the Dodgers’ scouting staff feels strongly enough about their potential.

    I am sure this idea isnt anything new to Logan White and I’m sure that he has already thought of this if he was planning on this doing this. He is a great scout and great scouting director and I hope he never leaves the Dodgers šŸ™‚

  3. Ever



    I’m glad the Dodgers didn;t spend the money on Hochevar…we need a team player. The Dodgers have a good mix of young and old players that for the most part get along and have that team first mentality. Hochevar might end up a decent player but like it was stated earlier he will always be chasing the money. The only way the Dodgers will bring home a ring is with unselfish players.

    Go Dodgers!!!

  4. easunde@gmail.com

    I am a bit disappointed they didn’t sign Hochevar, but that was a risk they knew going in.

    My picks:

    7. Clayton Kershaw

    26. Kevin Mulley

    31. Kasey Kiker

  5. dreed209@yahoo.com

    Trade the 3 picks for Hochevar…. I’m kidding. I think we should draft Eva Longoria too, she’d look great in a Dodger uni!!!

  6. info@rchawleyco.com

    clayton kershaw
    jeff samardzija

    chris parmalee

    I say jeff samardzija because if anyone wants to steal a pitcher who throws a fastball in the high 90s (clocked 3 at 99 the other day) from pro football, they have to do it early and pay him a lot.

  7. dodgersoul1024@yahoo.com

    Excellent Blog. Just love talking about the Dodgers and their prospects.

    My picks:

    7 – Kershaw

    26 – Willems

    31 – Kiker

    Its a shame we missed out on Hochevar. He could have given up a top notch pitching prospect after Bills and before Elbert. Oh well, lets hope White gets to use that money on Van Slykes or DFEs.

  8. chudler@adelphia.net

    I’m changing my vote from Bryan Morris at 31 to Colton Willems.

    7. Claton Kershaw

    26. Jordan walden

    31. Colton Willems

  9. jem@berkeley.edu

    Hey – i didn’t see another post above mine identical to my picks – could i get




    instead? Thanks

  10. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    good luck everyone, what fun I think we have named a lot of very good talent.
    I will be on the road for the third straight year, trying to follow the draft on espn, but the last three years the dodgers are very quiet in who they like. kershaw masy slip to us, after that it is a hugh guess. have a great day, and we know we will have a great early draft.

  11. magarcia23@hotmail.com

    7. Kershaw
    26. Beato

    31. LaPorta

    I have a feeling that Hochevar is going #1 to the Royals.

  12. npurcell@email.arizona.edu

    Hopefully I’m right šŸ™‚

    7- LHP Clayton Kershaw

    26- LHP Kasey Kiker

    31- OF Kyler Burke

  13. saleemsaqab@gmail.com

    7.Kyle Drabek, rhp/ss, HS/The Woodlands, Texas.

    26.Bryan Morris, rhp, Motlow State (Tenn.) CC.

    31. Kyler Burke, of/lhp, HS/Chattanooga

    I hope we get drabek, because that kid is going to be something special!

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