Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Garciaparra, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Cruz, LF

Robles, 3B

Martin, C

Lowe, P


If Grady is not going to play the rookies (Aybar & Ethier) then the GM needs to send them back to Las Vegas so they can get some at bats

i can understand startng saenz over aybar on occasion because he has a heck of a bat but starting robles over aybar makes no sense at all. i can see him as a late inning defensive substitution but not as starting over aybar. what a joke.

if bill mueller is going to be for a month, how bout bringing andy laroche up. yeah i know, hes struggled in AA this year, but he is really heating up. he has raised his average 30 points in about 2 weeks. hes also homered his last 2 games. so it might be the right time. I think that andre ethier should be getting more playing time, sitting on the bench is not helping him at all…. well anyways, how bout bringing greg miller up, hes tearing it up this year. his stuff is siick, hes back to hitting 97 on the gun, and his era is o.79 … the thing that i want to happen is, making him a starter again, i would like to see if he can be the pitcher we all thought he would be 3 years ago…


Since some of you folks obviously didn’t read the comment Josh posted right before the lineups let me help you out…


Don’t know what happened to the above post.. Let me try that again… Josh posted this right before the lineups.. *****And, as evidence that he doesn’t only go on hunches, he’ll be starting Oscar Robles today at third base because he’s 6-for-12 off Byung-Hyung Kim.*****

Hey, I have an idea: Why don’t we just bench all the veteran players, or heck!… just option them away or designate them for assignment!… and then we can just call up all the kids and let them wet their diapers for us all at once in public.


Yes Virginia, that was sarcasm…

Oh, and Mr. Pancho, if you haven’t noticed, the Dodgers are 8 and 2 over their last ten games. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!!

WOW! that sarcasm must have worn you out!… would you rather have a hard throwing lefty with a nasty slider or that bum hamulack with a era higher than you?.. i personally dont like willy aybar, but the man was hitting the lights out in AAA, so how bout giving him a shot over mr. utility. and since i started the believing in the poncho, they r 8-2. so i think i’ll l keep on saying it.






I love to see the kids up with the big team too. However, there is a balance between using a line up that can win and using the rookies so they gain confidence. I know one could argue they don’t gain confidence sitting on the bench but they do when used in situations where they can contribute and succeed. I doubt that Greg Miller is at a stage where he can return to starting given his arm problems and is being moitored very closely. If he ever does it will be a big plus for the organization. Laroche is also probably a year or two away. AA and major league pitching is significantly different. I like Robles. He plays with a big heart so there are times he should play. He is quite good defensively. Seems like Aybar might eventually be the odd man out, and I’m not sure why. Also Delwyn Young at Las Vegas who is hitting well seems as if he might be squeezed out after converting from 2B to OF and with Blake Dewitt converted from 3B to 2B. I doubt kssparkuhl is a fake Dodger fan. Anyone who checks the site and responds so often is pretty solid. Who would respond to the site everyday if he /she was not a Dodger fan?

Rest assured Ray-Babe that I’ve been bleeding Dodger Blue for probably A LOT longer than you’ve been. This isn’t an ego contest here. Your constant posts to bring up younger players is getting old, and sounds a little like whining… but I do understand and feel your passion for this. Understand the Dodgers have enough rookies on the club for now. Ethier will get his rips. He’s one of only four outfielders on the club right now. Aybar was hitting lights out Vegas, and you’ll have to admit, the way he finished last year was rather impressive, so he belongs for now. Andy LaRoche, which you started your rant with, still needs maturing, very much like your posts. (I couldn’t resist! Sorry) He will be good… someday, but not right now. Greg Miller might be a great September callup or maybe sooner… and yes, even you’d be better than Hamulack out of the pen, so we’ll see where Mr. Miller ends up.

The point is Ray, that we can’t be bringing up every kid that starts to play well. We still have the Izturis fiasco to deal with, and then what to do when Repko and Navarro return to the active roster. And that’s not even to mention the “what if” the team will have, if and when Jayson Werth even comes close to the player we were impressed with two years ago.

By the way, you can call me Kevin, and my comments were SO meant to be tongue-in-cheek, so lighten up will ya? Oh… and do keep believing in the poncho! Yes, you still get credit for it… : )

By the way…

Is anyone else here impressed with the tools that Danny Ardoin brings to the Rockies behind the plate? He looks like a very good catcher… his stick is off a bit, but the team is winning with him in the lineup. He kind of reminds me of another young catcher we all know about… : )

Don’t get to see Danny Ardoin play. Live in Nova Scotia in Canada. Right now watching the Red Sox – Oriole game. See a lot of Blue Jay games and Atlanta games. Watching Martin’s progress very closely, not just because he’s a real Dodger, but also came from same school in Montreal as Eric Gagne. Can’t wait for them to be battery mates.

Kent and Lofton hurt?

Okay… I’m thinking that Grady is hitting the crack pipe again. The top of the fifth inning came and Ethier hit for Lofton. No big deal. But then the bottom of the fifth came around and now Ethier is in Left, Cruz Jr. moved to center, Robles to second base, Kent out, and Aybar comes in to play third. Is Grady conceding this game already? Taking Lofton AND Kent out in the same inning? What gives?

Okay… Lofton a stiff hamstring, and Kent a stiff lower back. Both listed as day-to-day… and it’s now 5 to 1 Rockies. Ugh…

Oh! Oh! Aybar to 3B, Robles to 2B, Kent out of game. Ethier in LF, Cruz in CF, Lofton out of game. Lowe not pitching well but too early at Coors to fold the tent. Hope Kent and Lofton aren’t injured.

How did you get the info so quickly? Are you watching live? I am simply following on MLB website so no details other than pitching, hitting stats.

I’m watching on DirecTV’s MLB Extra Innings. I live in Boise and it’s the only way I can watch the games consistently. Do you get DirecTV or equivalent in Nova Scotia?

Now Martinez has batted for Drew. Looks like Grady has conceded the win to Colorado. Boo…

This is embarrassing. Back to last place with a whimper. The idea that these games dont matter is insane!!! This division will come down to a game or two in the end, folding like this is not acceptable.

Hate to say I don’t know but I don’t. Can of course get a dish and unlimited channels. I expect we have DirecTV but have not researched it. Too early to concede in Coors but expect he is looking after Drew very carefully.

Dodgers and Rockies on Sportsnet here tomorrow. With that good news, I’ll call it a night. 11:31 P.M. here.

Grady took them out so he can start them tomorrow, since it is a day game. He thought that tomorrows game with Penny would be a more important one to have with their starters in there. Expect to see Lofton and Kent in the lineup tomorrow. Hopefully Aybar and Ethier get some starting time as well. They can afford that with Alomar’s surprising offense in tomorrow’s lineup.

How badly hurt are Kent and Lofton? I guess this means that we’ll see the kids come up.

By the way, that’s the first official mention I’ve seen that Furcal might move to the outfield. I’d rather see Izturis at short, but I want to see Furcal at the top of the lineup bunting for a single. Wikipedia also reports that Furcal once bunted past Robin Ventura for a double, although there’s no word about whether he beat Ventura up too.

Neither injury appears to be serious at this time, but Grady said after the game that he didn’t expect either to start tomorrow. He expects both to be fine by Friday’s homestand opener.

Also, for those who are wondering where the Furcal outfield rumors are coming from, it stems from an article in today’s Daily News. Tony Jackson thought it might be interesting to see what the team thought about the idea and he asked Ned Colletti, who said, “We haven’t even discussed it.”

However, once it runs in the newspaper, even with the team saying it’s not going to happen, it becomes part of the rumor mill. However, Grady Little said earlier today that asking him to switch positions in the middle of the season is not really an option.

I don’t believe in you’re “PONCHO” anymore.

One thing I wonder is when did the team first discuss demoting Odalis to the bullpen?

“One thing I wonder is when did the team first discuss demoting Odalis to the bullpen?”

It was when he was stopped by customs on the way back into the country: they found his re-supply of that evil Jekyll & Hyde concotion of his.

Spelling is hard late at night…


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