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I’ll have a lineup for you shortly, plus information that was requested about the equipment that travels with us on the road, but for now, be sure to take a look at Jon Weisman’s article on about the Dodger farm system and how it’s helped us get to one game over .500.

In fact, in case you need ammo for your East Coast friends who continue to say the NL West is the NL Worst, consider the following from Jon’s article: NL West teams are a combined 103-91 and have a 56-44 record against the rest of the NL, compared with 39-51 for the East and 57-57 for the Central.

For those that don’t know Jon (which I’m guessing are none of you, given that he’s the one that took Dodger blogging to its current level), be sure to check out Dodger Thoughts.

Also, for those who haven’t heard, the LA Times has started a new blog about the Dodgers, which is handled by Brian and Andy Kamenetzky, of ESPN the Magazine fame. Those two also did a Laker blog all season and are very witty writers. Though they won’t travel with the team, they are at almost every home game and should be a good source for interesting tidbits throughout the year.

And finally, a brief thought on last night’s game. Obviously the big storyline came from Takashi Saito throwing two innings and earning the save in place of Danys Baez. While Grady told me last night that Danys will close the game tonight if needed, it certainly goes to show that there is a place for hunches in baseball. Far too often, we only notice a manager’s gut instinct when it turns out the wrong way, but Grady’s decision last night played a huge part in us winning and getting over the .500 hump for the first time in more than a month.

And, as evidence that he doesn’t only go on hunches, he’ll be starting Oscar Robles today at third base because he’s 6-for-12 off Byung-Hyung Kim.

There’s a place for numbers and hunches in baseball, and I personally think that the ones who can combine the two theories the best will be the ones that prevail.


I have secured ticketrs for the Nationals series in DC Memorial weekend. I am hoping to find out what hotel the Dodgers stay at while in DC. Can someone email the answer?? Rocky Mountain high again tonite!!!

is 12 at-bats a meaningful sample?

MAN TALK ABOUT JOCKING SOMEBODY!, Yeah I visit both blogs you mentioned & there alright, Before you know it there gonna think there too “COOL FOR THE ROOM!”

ps in case it flew thrue some people, I was being sarcastic.

88 — lol!!!!!!!!!!


If 12 at bats is the magic sample size, then we need just one more from Aybar …

I have but one more thing to say

“Welcome to the jungle

We take it day by day

If you want it you’re gonna bleed (Dodger Blue?)

But it’s the price you pay”

Gagne needs to come back so he can get us back up to the first verse, about fun and games.

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