Kent ties Snider

What are the odds? We invited Duke Snider out tonight to take part in pregame ceremonies and sign copies for fans of his new book, "Few and Chosen." Before the game, he’s down on the field, shaking hands with Grady Little and just about the time he sat down to start signing his books, Jeff Kent hits a three-run homer to give him 1,333 career RBI, tying him for 75th place all-time with…Duke Snider.

We can’t make this stuff up.

Oh yeah, he also passed Ron Santo on the RBI list. Next up is Johnny Mize at 1,337. The official scorer, Don Hartack, said that the only thing stranger would be if we had been playing the Cubs and Santo were here to broadcast the moment.

Meanwhile, Kenny Lofton just stole his 575th career base to move him into sole possesion of 20th place all-time, surpassing Hugh Duffy. Ken Gurnick asked me if Duffy would be here to sign books, but alas, he passed away back in 1954.

In our research earlier today, we found it interesting that several different "all-time stolen base" lists exist. That’s because, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, prior to 1900 a fielder’s choice counted as a stolen base. Seems strange to me, but we’ve decided that we’re going to be announcing the list that exists since 1900. Lofton is now five shy of Ozzie Smith for 19th place on that list.

On any given night, you can see history made at Dodger Stadium. Now if only Brett Tomko goes seven more innings without allowing a hit…


Ok, ok, I’m starting to believe in the poncho, too.

So the error from Mueller was ruled a base hit, but how about Tomko?

i told you all last friday, you have to believe in the poncho!… and yes, i take full credit in the dodgers streak.. so lets keep it alive!



5 streight baby countem 5!!!

what did i say last friday?… thats right, BELIEVE IN THE PONCHO!…

lets go get 6!


Okay… I can’t take it anymore!! This is killing me!! I’m so sick and freakin’ tired of seeing the bullpen try so desperately hard to snatch a loss from the jaws of victory each and every time we need someone to kill a few innings!! Hamulack and Osoria tonight!! What the heck were you trying to do??? Lose the game for us??? If it weren’t for the 9 runs on the board tonight, we’d have another one here to beat our heads against the wall on!! An ERA of over NINE (9.00)!!… for the month of MAY??? Way to go bullpen!!!

Apologies to Baez, Beimel and Broxton… you guys are getting the job done! Kudos to the bullpens’ “Killer Bees”!!

Oh yeah…

LONG LIVE THE PONCHO!! Nomar is just tearing the cover off of the baseball!!

today was great, not just for the dodgers, but for some of their minor leaguers, andy laroches seems to be waking up, james loney is killing the ball, and scott elbert threw another gem… hopefully this can continue, like i have been saying since last friday, BELIEVE IN THE PONCHO! LETS GET 6


Has Odalis made any progress with Rick Honeycutt? If he’s solid enough tomorrow afternoon, would he be considered for a Mother’s day start?

As for the bullpen, Osoria should not be used after the 7th inning. Hamulack has room to improve as well. It’s also too early to really say for sure anything about Broxton or Beimel, but if they’re still pitching like that by the end of May, then Gagne, Baez, Beimel, Broxton, Saito will go well, likely with Seo, who seems to be the most logical long reliever candidate. Odalis is in the bullpen to fix some mechanics, and he’ll be back, and likely rather solid.

I will say it’s nice to see Baez using the K to get the job done.

Beimel & Broxton are pleasent suprises, specialy Beimel great job by both, I kinda still like Osoria but Hamulak is another story I hope he gets it together.


I think I have about had it with Hamulak. He should go back down to the minors for the same reason that Carter and Kuo were sent down. Let’s bring back Holton and give him a chance again on the Big Club. Hamulak may have potential down the road, but he definitely needs to get his pitching back in groove, and the place to do that is not at the major league level where he has a chance to blow games. I think he’s been given enough chances.

I also do not care anything about barry bonds . mw

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