Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Cruz, LF

Garciaparra, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Repko, CF

Martinez, 3B

Martin, C

Lowe, P



    is russell martin making his big league debut?… is dioner navarro on the d.l.? how bout some answers josh.. thanks…


    even doesn’t have this transaction yet and normally they beat to transactions. Please confirm and also how is mueller. is he going on the dl also?


    Four reasons why this lineup is awesome:

    1) Cruz is put in the part of the lineup where he excells the most.

    2) Repko gets in the middle of the lineup.

    3) Only in LA do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the callup of a Canadian catcher. Go Russell!

    4) The Dodgers can do just fine with a single leadoff hitter.

  4. Dodger

    Yes, this is Russell’s big league debut and he grounded out in his first at-bat. Bill Mueller has some inflammation in his knee, but he isn’t going on the DL. Odalis Perez will go on the bereavement list, though, and will miss at least his next start on Sunday.


    Martin impressed in his debut, definitely. Hard to say what was more crucial, his RBI double, or that collision play at the plate (nice throw by Repko on that one too). Also a classy gift from Eric Gagne.

    Speaking of which, can Gagne give the bullpen a pep talk, or advice, or a magic spell, or hypnosis, or something? They could use a pick me up.

    Another great clutch moment for Nomar. That’s good that the Dodgers have someone who can deliver.

    But really all the Dodgers, except for JD Drew, delivered. Cruz got on every time, Furcal went 2-4, Repko went 1-3 with a walk (like him in the 6 hole), Kent went 2-4, Martinez knocked in a run, and Ethier had played sufficiently well that Grady gave him the “day off” award.

    All in all an excellent game against what is actually a rather good Brewers team. Time to go for the series win.

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