Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Garciaparra, 1B

Mueller, 3B

Alomar, C

Repko, LF

Penny, P



    Let’s hope Furcal starts hitting, otherwise I’d like to see Lofton-Repko batting one-two in the order.

    As for tonight… Alomar better be running with the kid batting behind him. Don’t stop Sandy or Repko will be all over your heels! : )


    Kent hasn’t looked “right” since he was beaned in the head by a Brad Hennessey fast-ball two weeks ago. It’s not normal for him to be called out on strikes like he’s been. Hope he’s okay…


    Jeff Kent has been a wonderful cleanup man for the Dodgers since he’s been with the ballclub, however I’m thinking a change of scenery in the lineup might be in order… at least until Kent finds his swing again. A .186 average and a slugging percentage of .244 are way sub-par numbers for that spot in the lineup.

    I so much want for this team to play well…

    Also just an observance of late: I find it amuzing that on the Dodgers main web-page, the “InsideTheDodgers” blog link disappears on days when the team doesn’t play well. Coincidence perhaps…

  4. Dodger

    Actually, it’s not a coincidence…it’s a mistake. I noticed it the other day and asked them to put it back on the main headlines. Just as I was about to go to sleep tonight, I noticed it again and have asked them to put it back. It should never be off the homepage for any reason, as it becomes nearly impossible to find when it is. Thanks for your patience.


    That’s one of those games that just happens I guess. I’m sure Penny will get it back together. I really like that he owned up and acknowledged his teammates’ defense.

    What should we expect to see out of Ethier? Obviously, he does that “Oakland thing” and gets great OBP, and the Dodgers thus far have won games by walking, and he’s a good BA guy. His AAA stats are encouraging. His stolen base numbers this season (2 SB, 1 CS) seem deceptive in light of his 3 triples.


    hey josh, are there any news on what the dodgers got in return for cody ross?…

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