Tonight's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Cruz, LF

Mueller, 3B

Loney, 1B

Navarro, C

Penny, P

Originally Kenny Lofton wasn’t going to start because of the wet grounds, but it seems like the field is in great shape, so he’s in the starting lineup.

Unfortunately, he’s been activated because Yhency Brazoban has to undergo Tommy John surgery. He apparently felt something in his right elbow in his last appearance while facing Jeromy Burnitz and today they found a partial tear. He’ll have the surgery next Tuesday and we’ll all be hoping for a speedy recovery, though Stan Johnston, our trainer, has pointed out that with any pitcher, the recovery on Tommy John is at least a year.


Unbelievable that Cody Ross can go 3 for 5 with 7 rbi and not even be in the starting lineup. He is the hottest hitter on the team, but I guess Little feels compelled to start Lofton because of experience? has Repko in the lineup in CF. Still appears though that Ross and Saenz are on the bench.

Whats distrubing is that Ross wasn’t even the second choice! Maybe after the loss last night somebody will be smart enough to LET ROSS PLAY -don’t let him grow old and cold on the bench.

I was suprised as well the guy is swinging a hot bat, put him in there!

I agree even if you plan on dealing him let him play as long as he is hot it will get you a better player in return although Ross is not my choice of players to deal. I sure hope they hold onto him.

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