Lineup change

With the weather back to rainy, Lofton is out. Cruz bats second, Loney fifth and Repko back in center batting seventh.


To Date the’Bums'(referred to and spelled back in Brooklyn),
Are 5th in mlb in avg, 1st in hits and 2nd in rbi’s.they’re

are also #1 in runs scored.

In the other stat,yes pitching

One out of ten pitchs w/3+inns

that has an era under FIVE!

If we can’t go to the pen with

confidence the seven+ runs we score a game means squat!Please trade lofton, Ceasar,

and whom ever else we can afford to. So this hitting machine of 2006 will

actually have a shot @ the playoffs. We don’t need three gold glove shortstops.

P.S. Grady know Little has to

actually manage the games!

RE: Tues April 11th.

He was the only one on watching the game who could’nt

see/tell/assume that SEO after

getting the first out in the fifth inning was obviously, completely FINISHED/SPENT/DONE!!!!!!!!!!

Wake the —- up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m totally bummed out. I’m watching the game on MLB.TV and I have to listen to the Giants announcers. All they want to talk about are the dodgers that used to be Giants. so far Meuller, Coletti, Dusty Baker….oh well..Go Penny and the DODGERS!!!

“Brad Penny left the game with an injured arm,” says MLB gameday.

If I might suggest something:

1) Call Chad Billingsley.

2) Call Florida’s bluff. They claimed they weren’t trying to trade off Willis, but why believe a team that trimmed their payroll down to $15 million?

3) Pray that this is just a bad dream and that we’ll soon wake up and the pitching staff will not all be on the DL.

can we do the “oakland thing” here and actually maybe take some pitches and walks?

About “that Oakland thing:”

At the risk of sounding like DePo, let me run some numbers

Average number of Dodger Walks

In a loss: 2.8333

In a win: 5.0000

Probability that it’s just a coincidence that the Dogers win games when they walk more: 7.66%

You have to consider that the Dodgers don’t hit a lot of extra base hits, because they don’t have a lot of power players. Jeff Kent hit his first homer, but unfortunately nobody else was on. The Dodgers have proven themselves to be very good at driving runners in, but the runners have to be there. When a player is walked, it’s still another runner to be advanced. The key to the Dodgers’ game is not power, but pure hitting. Walking is just a way to exploit that.

Grady Little also needs to learn when players are hot. Just as he failed to bring in game-ending magician Scott Williamson out of the bullpen and brought out knuckleballer Tim Wakefield instead (a rolling stone carries no moss and a ball that does not spin carries no momentum), he had Olmedo Saenz pinch hit, with Cody Ross coming off a career game. You can’t trust the past in that one moment.

On the upside, the bullpen did reasonable damage control, even if it did require four pitchers.

RE: Saenz pinch-hitting in the ninth. Ross was already in the game at that point, batting in the pitcher’s spot. He was due up 6th in inning, two batters after Saenz. Otherwise, you have good points about walks and the sort.

I really hope this “Inside The Dodgers” Blog does not become just a site to gripe. I like the information it provides from the Dodgers, first hand, and the opinions and questions from fans who write in. Some posts are insightful. I understand that Josh can’t answer questions that demand more than a truly factual answer. The first post I believe is not written in the spirit in which the site is provided.

While its still too soon to get worried, it does look like the division is shaping up to be a two-team race between the Dodgers and Giants. You have to like the Dodgers hitting and general team play and you have to be concerned about the pitching – both
starting and relief. I esp don’t understand why the pitchers either don’t know how or don’t want to be bothered holding the freakin’ runners on first!?!

C’mom, give your catchers a chance!

Josh I wanted to see if you have any insight as to what Little’s plan is for the rotation in the outfield. It seems he hopes to give all of the players a chance, but what do you think his long term plan is. I really believe it would be best in the long term to let Repko and Ross play as much as possible. Just getting spot chances won’t give them a chance to really show what they have or don’t have. I would sure hate to lose one of them and they go on to have great careers somewhere else, because Little was worried about keeping temp veterans Lofton and Cruz happy.

you said >>>>He was the only one on watching the game who could’nt
see/tell/assume that SEO after

getting the first out in the fifth inning was obviously, completely FINISHED/SPENT/DONE!!!!!!!!!!

Wake the —- up!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<

this is the same “BRAIN TRUST” that wants Izzy to play centerfield, I’m sure they have there reason’s for Izzy playing CF but come on!! the guy is a GOLD GLOVE stud at Short!! HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THE ERRORS FURCAL IS MAKING!!! GEEZ!!!!!!

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