Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Repko, CF

Cruz, LF

Kent, 2B

Saenz, 1B

Mueller, 3B

C. Ross, RF

Navarro, C

Lowe, P


I don’t know why Duaner Sanchez wasn’t kept ahead of Brazoban. Confidence in ones own ability is everything at the major league level. Sanchez ate innings and had that kind of confidence… something the bullpen sorely lacks right now.

Please, can we just have an easy year for once… one where pitching and hitting are firing in unison? That’s not much to ask is it? lol…

Thought the youngsters would be more solid. Sanchez is missed. Has had a great start with the Mets. If Seo comes around will have been a good deal. Hopefully the youngsters will settle down and pitch as they are capable.
Expect they are trying to blow hitters away as they did in the minors. Keep the faith. Rick Honeycutt will get them straightened out.

when do we get to see billingsley?

It is pretty easy why we had to give up Sanchez. The Mets wanted him, and we wanted Seo.

No Seo, if we offered Brazoban (and I’m thinking Colletti probably did that first).

Here is to hoping it is tied 1-1 in the top of the 9th, 2 men on… J.D Drew is up, hitting for Lowe who pitches an amazing game… and he socks a 3 run winning HR!

Go blue!

On a more pressing note to the Dodgers: Don’t you guys even THINK about letting Cody Ross escape on waivers!!! The kid has talent and looks confident at the plate.

I am not confident in a pitching staff with an ERA approaching six. I hope Lowe has his act together today.

If the Dodgers’ offense continues at the pace it’s going, they will score 1008 runs on the year and allow 972. For comparison, the ’88 Dodgers had 628 runs while allowing 544. For further proof that this is unlike any other year for the Blue Team, the ’65 Dodgers scored 608 and allowed 521.

But hey, all you have to do to win is score one more run than the other team.

This lineup was great yesterday, but I bet Little has a different lineup today. Hey Grady stick with what works!

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