A little clarification – Josh Rawitch

Given the way a few of the reports came out in the media today, I wanted to make sure that I clarified what took place last night after our loss to the Pirates. When the media went to talk to Brett Tomko after the loss, he explained that he and Sandy Alomar got away from their game plan and that he should have made sure that he executed his plan correctly. When asked who called the pitches, he answered that it was Sandy Alomar Jr., but that it was his responsibility to shake him off and throw the pitches he felt were the right ones to throw to those hitters. Some people took that to believe that Brett was pointing fingers at Sandy and in turn, got some comments from Sandy, who said that he believed it was pitch location, not selection that was the problem.

Nonetheless, Brett was shocked that anyone could have interpreted his intention to take responsibility for the loss for finger-pointing. He and Sandy were laughing about it this morning, so I’m certain there’s no concern between them in the clubhouse and I know that Brett even discussed it with reporters, too. But I felt like this was one instance that fans might like to hear Brett’s side directly from him.

In other news, Cody Ross just hit a grand slam, his second career homer and both have been grand slams. If the Dodgers can hold this four-run lead, we’ll head home with a 4-3 road trip, which is certainly a good thing.


According to Dodgers.com, Eric Gagne is going to bowl left-handed. How good is he left-handed? I’m assuming no bumpers here.

What a great situation to have. Repko and Cody Ross both producing well. What to do when Lofton returns? I’m betting Ross gets traded in a deal for experienced relief pitching. Not that I want him traded but probably strike when the iron is hot. Isturis will be back before too long. Can’t keep everyone with Eithier, Young and Guzman on the way.

There are probably 29 clubs out there drooling over the waiver wire looking for Cody Ross’ name to appear.

Cody Ross appears to be “one of those players” who comes along and sets the world on its ear. Kid has presence, is a hustler on the field, can hit and throw, and has a million dollar smile to go with all of that talent! Yeah… that sounds like the kind of player the Dodgers usually send on waivers!!

The only reason Cody Ross hasn’t been billed as a top prospect is because of his height being 5′-9″! Ethier and Guzman haven’t been proven yet in a Major League setting. No sense in rushing them in and then throwing the baby out with the bath-water now.

Do the Dodgers REALLY need 12 pitchers on their staff?? Frank Osoria could be sent down and give Ross some more time with the big club. Better that than lose a talented kid for nothing.

From what I’ve been reading Cody Ross will be delt. I hope somebody claims him. Hey who nows maybe the Dodgers will put Braz on the DL because of the tender shoulder & keep Ross. But I heard they want Houlton back up.

Josh, will there be media guides on sale during this homestand?

The Dodgers need to make the tough decision and keep Cody Ross and think about letting one of those vetern temps go !!!

Listening to the game today with Rick and Jerry was great !! They have true Dodger Blue in them !! Charlie just doesn’t do it for me. He goes negitive quick and looks for trouble. Having listen to the best in Vin Scully for 50 years I just can’t stomach hearing him go negitive. I feel Jerry and Rick have both learned from the best and represent what true Dodger Blue really is !!

Listening to Rick Monday is like watching the game on t.v. with a piece of cardboard infront of it. “Furcal at the plate…2-1…(story, story, story, story)…Furcal on 1st and Cruz at the plate.

What!?! How did he get there? Did he get a basehit? Did he walk? Did a giant bird pick him up and carry him to first!?!

We should have media guides for sale at the Top of the Park Gift Store starting this homestand. Pop by and pick one up if you’d like.

K-Big your right, Rick still needs to get better. I would hope that Jerry could help balance that out. But I’ll take his short comings any day over listening to an ESPN reject that doesn’t have respect for the game or Dodger tradition

How could the Dodgers think of letting young talented Ross go at this time. That would rank right there with trading young talented LoDuca, Colleti should take notice, because that was the beginning of the end for Podesta. Lofton hasn’t played more than 110 games in 5 years you have to keep the young talent and trade Lofton or use him off of the bench.

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