Eric Gagne – Roy Smith

I was able to watch Eric Gagne throw batting practice yesterday and it sure did give me a good feeling. It also made me think of two things that Eric brings to the table that sets him apart.

GagneThe first is Eric’s ability to change speeds as a closer, which is somewhat unique considering how hard he throws. Eric has an outstanding straight change up – which he displayed during his batting practice session – and an above average, old-fashioned, overhand curve ball. Now I know that closers such as Trevor Hoffman with San Diego and Keith Foulke with Boston have great change ups, but they don’t throw as hard as Eric. When Eric throws his curveball, often hitters take the pitch because they just get frozen. It is very hard to hit when having to track three such distinct pitches and speeds.

The other is the presence that Eric brings to the ball club. He has the ability, through his personality, to mingle with all of the various groups — young, old, position players and pitchers. There is a confidence that he provides the club that everything will be alright. The other team also knows that if they are down after seven or eight innings, their chances of coming back are slim. I experienced that feeling first-hand as a player when I was a member of  the 1987 Twins with Jeff Reardon, and I see the same intangibles in Eric.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Eric will again be healthy for the entire season because we need him not only on the mound but in the clubhouse. So far so good.


Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, lighting incense to the baseball gods. ;D

I’m very glad to hear that Eric Gagne seems to be healthy. All of us Dodger fans are keeping our fingers crossed. Go LA Dodgers.

its unfortunate for this young man, that since neither he, nor anyone in the dodgers org, understands WHY he hurt his arm in the first place, and what he needs to change to prevent another injury, that over time, with that same pitching motion, he will hurt it again…

Nice Gravatar Trumom!!!

I’m here to please!

Thanks, jhall. Much better. 😉

Yep!! I missed the first 5 minutes of the game trying to get GameDay connected and we’re already out in the top half of the 1st. Geez!!! I see Andre got a hit.

Yes, he did. Now that you’re connected, we can win!

Heh, heh, I’m not holding my breath.

Actually, at this point I don’t really care if we win or lose. I’m not expecting anything from this team. Right now, it would be better for the team, decreased attendance, and young kids going forward if we get buried in the cellar.

I know. Just tying my best to be optomistic. By the way, the Rockies have a fund raiser where for two dollars, you can get a ball (autographed) from a grab bag…..wouldn’t grab a ball be good for us, too?

I do like to see Ethier and Kemp do well and I hope they make it to the All-Star Game. I think Kemp is a shoe in. Ethier is gonna have to get hot to make it. I think Kershaw will get picked if he pitches well the rest of the month.

That’s a hell of a promotion. The ball is worth more than 2 bucks. The only autographs I would care to have of our current players are:
Kershaw, Kemp, Ethier, Billz, and Carroll.

I wasn’t even surpised. He’s only given up 12 dingers.

I’m glad for Dre and Matt too. Should be able to get them big bucks for the team they play for next.

Kemp and Ethier are cash in big time. Especially Kemp.

I’m starting to find myself rooting for the other team – I want the friggin stadium empty next home game.

Looks like they hear you!

Nice avatar TruMom!
Next one better be completely topless – its the only thing I have left to look forward to!

But, I’m shy 😕

You’ll get over it!! LOL!!

That’s what they all say at first!!

( ( 🙂 ) )

Show your Gravatits!!!!

They are well on their way. Its sad, but, in the long run, we will be better off.

( . | 🙂 | . )

(_|_) 🙂 (_|_)

Trumom, I take it that is you sitting between Kemp and Ethier.

Butt, of course!

Thank God. I was a little worried what it meant!! LOL

Me too!!!

Lilly’s at least a six pack on a good day. On an off day he’s unwatchable.

Holy crap! Lilly stole a base!!!

Yep, pitching around Matt!! I don’t blame them.

Great…bases loaded for Loweeney.

Surprise, surprise…a poop up!

Exactly!!! What a waste.

First pitch no less from a guy that was struggling.

The Legend continues…

You know, I’ve thought about this and I’ve thought about this, and I’ve come to the conclusion – we just need to play better…

LOL!! Is it just me, or do we need to play better!!!

Maybe this is the best we can be.

Unfortunately Tru, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Ned’s just too stupid to see it.

It is. That’s the bad part. That and Nedouchebag and Dondildo actually think we are capable of playing better. Fact is, these turds are playing right about what their career numbers say they would.

Well, we’ve still got Gibbons.

Honestly, I doubt this team is even competes in AAA, and if they did, I guarantee they wouldn’t be in the top 5 in record.

How bad is Gibbons is I still take him over Thames? Hoffmann deserve another shot here. To bad Gordon wasn’t on 3rd on the bunt.

Well Shad, you’ve got to be pretty bad to clear waivers when a team can pick you up for nothing.

Paul deserved a real shot IMO, but Ned chose to keep Gibbons, who he then DFA’d a month later. We end up with nothing all the way around. All too typical of this regime.


I knew we wasn’t going to score there.

Damn Kemp

Still don’t know why any team pitches to Kemp.

Donnie may have to move him to batting 3rd and let Dre hit behind him.

That’s really not a bad idea.

Wasting away again in Loweeneyville!!!!

Bout time for Lilly to go in the crapper now.

And, as you speak, so he is!

Looking super sweet Trumom!! Nice!!

lol 2 QS for Lilly and Bills and Kershaw gotten had one in there last 2 games. Kershaw probably should’ve had one and left when the score was 7-3 and even Donny was scare to bring in his bullpen and wanted Kershaw to get one more inning out of him.

What do you guy think of the talks about re-alignment…..15 teams in each league…no divisions ? Wasn’t that the way it used to be? National League and Americn League?

They need to go back to the West and East divison. I miss the Reds and Astros in the same division is the Dodgers. You can still have 7 in the AL and 8 in the NL and not have the AL West with 4 and NL West with 5.

It would be interesting. Top 5 teams in each league make the playoffs is what I think they are proposing.

It sad the Orioles and Blue Jays have no chance in that divison with the Yankees, Red Sox and the Rays.

Holy Cow, WTG Blake!!!

Nice clutch hit — but why is he making the 1st out at 3rd with the top of the order coming up? I thought Blake was a “smart” ballplayer…

lol hate bunting with Barajas and he has 7 homeruns but it did give us 2 runs.

That throw did come to the plate of course you have to advance on that but it probably was just a terrible move on Blake part but should Wallach be hold accountable for that?

Good to see someone other than Andre and Matt do something positive. It’s not only good, it’s also rare.

It sure is, Sparkleplenty.

Yep!! I don’t see how you can keep Carroll and Miles out of the lineup. Move Blake to 1st and trade Uribum.

And trade Loweeney and Furcal!!

Tru likes 😉

I’m liking your Gravatar alot Trumom!! Are you considering Beavs’ earlier request? LOL!!!

It’s hard to find one naked …… suggestive is all I can do….afterall, I am a lady 😕

That you are!!!

I didn’t like the Miles signing but he’s been impressive. I just hate that he doesn’t talk walks and have a Pierre ugly obp.

Well suggestive hell, I made a suggestion!! LMAO!!

I’ll work on it!

I meant take not talk.

Woo-Hoo, boobs!!!

Thames was like 0/19 and got his 1st hit since that 2 runs PH HR’s back on Apr 22. in a 12-2 games.

Crap…here goes our lead!

Yep, it’s about time for the wheels to come off!!

For someone who has a reputation of not having good fielding skills, Gordon is impressing.

GrrrrRear is coming in next…..get your Pepto ready.

So at 2-0 why didn’t Rod go out & give Elbert a pep talk? Not sure I like how he works with the pitchers. With a 6 run lead in the 8th you CAN’T walk people! You know his history so go & have a freaking chat with him! Also per game day 2 of this balls were right down the middle strikes.

Woo-hoo…finally an out!

Oops…thar she blows!

They need to move Gwynn to center and Kemp to left for now. He’s going to blow that hammy!!!

I was thinking the same thing when Kemp misplayed Cargo’s hit. I was wondering why Donnie still had him in with a 7-1 lead in the 8th?

Betcha Kemp doesn’t play tomorrow!!!

I guess Guerrier and Kemp just need to be better.

Is it just me, or does GrrrrRear suck? Sure wish they could unload his sorry ass in July.

Just think Wally – we’ve got Guerrier for three years. Why Juan Uribe and Lilly too! Guerrier and Uribe and Lilly, oh shit!

Can’t we let them go for breech of contract….afterall, we did sign them to hit and pitch.

Ugggggggh!!!!! They need to unload all three of them if they can.

I guess the whole f*cking team needs to be better!

Nice job Dee!!!

Atta boy D!!!

Yo diggity — those squats are working wonder Tru!!!!

No pain, no gain 😉

Okay — now that just isn’t fair!!!!!!

Woo-Hoo, serious boobage!!!

that should be “wonders”!!!!

Don’t worry Collie, we all go weak in the knees with that staring us in the face.
Or something like that.

Elbert can’t wait to get out of Colorado.

This is why I hate Barajas bunting but it did give us 2 runs.

Wow, even Loney can score. I wonder if Wallach had to tell him where to go . . . .

Some days, I’d like to tell him where to go!

Sweet — nice to get one back!
I just saw this on CNN — I don’t know if anyone else has posted or read it yet…

Thanks Collie, good stuff!!

Seems typical of CNN – totally miss the real reason why people are staying away in droves.

They did spend a bit of time on Mcourt and how people feel he is in it just for the $$$…
“Robert Watkin, who has been attending Dodger games for 31 years, says he feels disenchanted.

“Since the McCourts took over he’s made it his priority to take care of personal business besides making this organization the successful organization it’s always been,” he said.

Watkin said the feeling of a family atmosphere has dissipated, and he blames McCourt.

“People have lost trust. You used to come here, and it wouldn’t matter if the team was winning. It was fun. It just doesn’t feel that way anymore, and I think in essence people are boycotting until something turns around,” he said.”
” Andre Hannie is a season ticket holder who says he also feels betrayed by the lavish personal spending of McCourt. But he remains a die-hard fan.

“I am bitter over what he’s done over the years, but it’s not going to stop me from supporting the team. There could be 12 people here and I would still come out every night,” Hannie said.”
“We need an owner here who’s committed to the team, the fans and most importantly winning. It’s been (almost) 25 years since we’ve won a World Series,” said the Dodger fan.”

Wasn’t the feel I took away from the piece though – they played up the beating, then threw in a fan reference to McCourt.
Could be too that I can’t stand CNN reporting on anything. 🙂

I’m a Fox girl myself…fair and balanced 😉

You sure are TruMom!!!

lol damn watch Ned resign Miles to a 2 years contract.

Ohh Vinny but there season bullpen ERA is better than our lol.

Damn mistake Herrea got to get that dp.

I don’t think Miles want to leave Coors.

Who are these guys?!!!

I’d wait until the end of the game to say that…no, wait, we might say that anyway….either who are these guys or who the hell ar these guys.

Jamey should play everyday and sit Uribe’s ass!

I totally agree!!

I think we do good when Blake and Uribe is sitting.

You can get a defensive indifference when a team is leading? I guess Carroll doesn’t want to leave either.

Oh that’s a fielder’s indifference.

My indifference is only surpassed by my apathy. Not that anyone cares.

Give Gordon his SB’s.

Well, at least a grand slam won’t beat us.

Well at this point it’ll tie us…

Wow nice line drive catch Guerra.

Whew…nice play Javy!

This is something from the article I would agree with…
“In a recently filed lawsuit, Stow’s family alleges that security officers and managers at Dodger Stadium have been apprised of a history of aggressive, violent behavior. The suit asserts the presence of criminal gang activity in some crowds at the stadium and inadequate safety — both factors in the attack, according to the lawsuit.”
Of course it didn’t seem to me as if it was addressed when it should of been. I know I offered some ideas that weren’t out of order or that hard to of been put in place. I even remember asking if they are going to wait for someone to get seriously injured or killed to do something. Well…

I remember you trying to get someone to listen. Sound ideas I thought. Hope Stow’s family leaves Frank with nothing.

Totally agreed…

Damn hate infield single from our opponent.

Go figure it cost us a run so far.

Shit…get this game over! One freaking out to go and we are having trouble closing it out again.

In fact let’s get out butt out of Coors I hate this stadium.

Nothing wrong with the stadium – our team’s just not very [very] good.

I guess you never play fantasy baseball and I won Kershaw and Bills.


I hear you E. I’m just still really pissed that this happened. It has really upset me because I feel like I should of voiced my feelings more about my experiences and maybe something would of been done. I keep asking myself if I could of done more that could of kept this guy from being beaten like he was. I know my comments were told they were being addressed and that we are listened to. So I took it for the word that was given. Now I don’t believe 1 thing this organization says. It’s all PR and BS! It has really affected me as a baseball & Dodger fan. I can deal with losing. But the classless way this team has been and is being run is killing me. I would like to ask McCourt what he thinks of the Weiner fella…

Nothing you or anyone could have done Collie. Frank is a self absorbed, arrogant, greedy asshole. He basically ignored the fans and the franchise to fund his own vanity.

Maybe so Wally but it still has caused me to question what else I could of done and feel bad that I didn’t do more. Not that if I did more it would make a difference but wondering if I had would of this tragedy been avoided? I imagine it like seeing someone who is driving poorly late at night and probably drunk. Not calling anyone and then hearing the next day they crashed their car into someone else and seriously injured them.
Being a huge Dodger fan here in Giant country made it tough for me. Not that any Giants fans gave me grief about the incident. They were all very cool with it and realize that it’s not the way most Dodger fans are. But I’ve always said the worst day as a Dodger fan is better than the nest day as a Giants fan… well that is getting close to not being correct. I just know that I root for the team — not the owners.

Hey Collie do you have any family that are Giants fans?

I can certainly understand how you are feeling. You were trying to call attention to it a couple of years ago. And yes, it is getting close. I used to catch a little crap for being a Dodger fan but now, people just shake their heads and roll their eyes. We are no longer respected as a franchise, just pitied. That is what makes me mad and sad.

Woo-Hoo, nice win. Nice catch Gwynn. Keep Carroll and Miles in the lineup.

Thank-you Tony!!!!!!!! You get the save for this game!

2-2 and you can’t get him out with the last 2 pitches. I love Gwynn defense to bad we should’ve had been up 2-1 in this series maybe 3-0.

Wow!! That’s the 2nd time TG has made the same type of catch and saved the game! That was awesome!!

Nice to win one. I have to give credit on the game when it’s deserved. Lilly did a great job and pretty much everyone chipped in on this one. Bat wise — the Bully had it’s usual meltdown. Take care everybody — sorry to moan & run but I’ve got some chores to attend to.

Goodnight Collie.

Nite C!

Nothing more you could’ve done Collie – it all fell on deaf ears. You can’t change somebody [or an organization] like that. Its like needing a stoplight at a certain intersection. Nothing’s going to happen until someone gets killed. Cheaper to bury your head in the sand and pretend nothing bads happening than to be proactive and fix it before its totally broken.

Good Night, Collie. Always happy when you are here.

I notice Wally said put Kemp in LF and wonder if Kemp would had caught that ball that Gwynn did?

No, he would have played it as a single most likely in his current condition. Gwynn went all in on that one and if he doesn’t pull it off, its a bad judgement call. Its a single with most outfielders out there.

I was thinking the same thing when Kemp misplayed Cargo’s hit. I was wondering why Donnie still had him in with a 7-1 lead in the 8th?

By Colliethec on June 11, 2011 8:07 pm

I guess Donny had no chance there after using Thames and Blake already and the possible worst things to happen is to bring in Uribe to play 3rd move Miles to 2nd and Carroll in LF.

Oh n/m how can I forget Oeltjen?

•Speaking of roster moves, Hector Gimenez was activated from the 60-day disabled list after tonight’s game and outrighted him to Double A Chattanooga, which means he cleared waivers, which is no surprise.
•Marcus Thames got an RBI single as a pinch-hitter in the seventh inning, his first hit since being activated from the DL. The hit also snapped an 0-for-19 skid, dating back to April
•Lilly got his stolen base in the third inning, which was rare not just because he’s a pitcher (it was the third stolen base of his career), but because Lilly was 0-for-41 dating back to last season before his single tonight.
•Jason Hammel’s ERA against the Dodgers in three starts this season is 7.98. Against everyone else, in 10 starts, it’s 2.70.
•Hong-Chih Kuo pitched a scoreless eighth inning tonight, striking out all three batters, in the second game of his current rehab assignment with Rancho Cucamonga.
•The Dodgers signed more draft picks tonight, including fifth rounder Scott McGough, a pitcher (for roughly $150,000, per Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times) and seventh rounder Scott Woodward, a third baseman

Remember when I posted our 9th inning pitching stats? Remember how horrible it was? Let’s update it. This time, let’s compare it to the rest of the NL.
League average .244/.319/.359/.678
ATL .181/.281/.258/.539
SD .197/.267/.278/.545
CIN .202/.306/.314/.620
MIL .205/.311/.256/.566
WAS .213/.294/.267/.561
SF .225/.337/.266/.603
AZ .229/.298/.394/.692
PIT .247/.290/.374/.664
FLA .249/.316/.361/.677
NYM .254/.330/.359/.689
STL .261/.325/.436/.761
PHI .262/.335/.361/.696
COL .265/.296/.439/.736
CHI .271/.358/.380/.737
HOU .293/.348/.451/.799
LA .333/.403/.500/.903
Wow. Ugly with a capital UG. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to the AL with the DH. Ah, let’s look anyway, just to make ourselves feel good about the team Ned’s put together. You know, the one that the owner likes so much.
ATL .181/.281/.258/.539
SD .197/.267/.278/.545
SEA .202/.270/.251/.521
CIN .202/.306/.314/.620
MIL .205/.311/.256/.566
LAA .209/.281/.327/.608
TB .211/.276/.283/.560
OAK .213/.274/.270/.544
WAS .213/.294/.267/.561
BAL .214/.280/.385/.665
CWS .221/.310/.368/.679
SF .225/.337/.266/.603
BOS .226/.259/.321/.580
AZ .229/.298/.394/.692
MIN .229/.301/.401/.702
CLE .237/.317/.328/.645
DET .239/.349/.330/.679
TEX .240/.330/.380/.710
KC .242/.327/.384/.711
PIT .247/.290/.374/.664
FLA .249/.316/.361/.677
NYM .254/.330/.359/.689
STL .261/.325/.436/.761
PHI .262/.335/.361/.696
COL .265/.296/.439/.736
NYY .270/.326/.375/.701
CUBS .271/.358/.380/.737
TOR .290/.355/.493/.848
HOU .293/.348/.451/.799
LAD .333/.403/.500/.903
Oops. Wow again. Not just worst. Astoundingly worse. The only team over .300 in batting average against. The only team over .400 in On Base Percentage. The only team to reach .500 in Slugging Percentage. The only team over .900 in On Base Plus Slugging Percentage.
Putting this horror aside for a moment, it isn’t really surprising that the NL has 4 of the top 5 teams in this catagory. No DH, lower stats, right? But the NL also has 9 of the worst 11.

Oh, and these number do not reflect the meltdown Saturday night.

I’m glad they change that call and gave Gordon his 2 SB’s of the season.

Good Morning. Poor Rubby gets to experience the joys of pitching at Coors today.
Dodgereric ~ your stats are staggering!

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