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Trump Is Getting Lots of Advertising These Days…

I guess that’s what happens when you own most of the world!

First it was the Miss California in the Miss USA pageant…today it was Manny’s meeting with the team at the Trump Sonesta Resort here in Miami…and Thursday it will be our Dodgers Dream Foundation Golf Tournament at Trump National in Palos Verdes (a few spots still remain if you’re a golfer by calling 323.224.1413). Everywhere I turn, Trump is there!

All trumping aside, Manny obviously spoke to the team today and while there’s tons of coverage around the country on that piece of today’s news (ESPNews is taking Joe Torre’s pregame media chat live in about 45 minutes), we of course have a game tonight here in Miami so that’s where players’ minds seem to be focused at the moment.

Same lineup as the last couple nights…with Stults on the mound this time. And with Eric Milton moving into the rotation, we’ll have four lefties starting consecutively for the Dodgers for the first time since 1986 (thanks Dave Smith at retrosheet for that fast fact).

That’s about it for now here at sunny Land Shark Stadium in South Florida. Joe Torre will be the guest on the pregame show on KABC 790 with Rick Monday and he’ll also touch base with Steve Lyons and Eric Collins on the KCAL broadcast right at the start of the game.