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One night only…

I’m guessing that many of you back in LA will be heading to Joe Torre’s Safe at Home Fundraiser tonight, where he and Sandy Koufax will talk about all sorts of interesting things at the Nokia Theatre. For those at the Scully/Wooden event a few years ago, you know this is a unique opportunity and hopefully you can make it out there.

We’ll be here at Camelback, so I’m taping it on PRIME TICKET so I can see it when I get home. It’s only airing one time…live!

Back here in Arizona, it’s still pretty cool but workings are plugging along. We had the annual photo day, which is always a very busy day in which numerous photo companies (as well as Jon SooHoo) come out and take head shots or action shots of the players. However, in recent years it has expanded so that now they do a lot of other things on that day, including the “head scans” that allow the players to look so real on video games. Our TV partners, KCAL, also shot some cool photos and on top of all that, our DodgerVision crew is in town to film the players for the stuff you’ll see all season long at Dodger Stadium.

These sorts of things take hours of time that the public rarely gets to see until the finished product, but it’s a cool thing to experience “behind-the-scenes.”

And of course, a tradition the PR department started in Vero Beach continues here at Camelback. Prior to photo day (which starts at 7 a.m.), we hit up Cracker Barrel so seven of us enjoyed some biscuits, gravy, hashbrown casserole and other such goodies at 6 a.m.


Even Bill Clinton is voting for Matt Kemp!

Ran into the former president at yesterday’s Safe at Home Golf Tournament, hosted by Joe Torre, and he told me that he’s going to vote for Matt Kemp for the Final Vote at

OK, that’s a lie. I didn’t talk to Bill Clinton. But he was there (five feet from me) at the tournament and I’m sure that had I talked to him, he would’ve had Matt’s back. Do you??? He was in third place as of yesterday (Matt, not Bill) and it’s all of you who are going to get him there, if he goes!

Meanwhile, Joe tournament was really, really cool. Gorgeous day, great golf course, and President Clinton made it a point to talk about what an incredible job that Joe has done at raising awareness for domestic abuse with his Safe at Home Foundation. While we had a great day of golf, it is important to remember why we were all there.

Almost all of our coaches were there, too, as were Tommy John, Fred McGriff, Darryl Strawberry and countless other former players. Donald Trump was there and won the long drive contest. Of course, it’s his golf course so who knows if it was legit but Joe was playing with him and said he’s a heck of a golfer. I’m gonna believe him so I don’t get fired.

Our Dodger foursome was paired with former big league player and manager Lee Mazzilli and the guy couldn’t have been more fun to play with. We had a blast and at one point, he had about a nine-foot putt that all four of us had missed it before it was his turn. He said that if he made it, the Dodgers were going to win the World Series and if he missed it, the Yankees would. Sure enough, nothing but the bottom of the cup.

Now, it’s off to Citi Field for the media madness that will ensue for Manny and Joe Torre.