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For all you baseball/theatre buffs…

The families of former Dodger catcher John Roseboro and Giants pitcher Juan Marichal are expected to be in attendance on December 5 for the performance of “Juan and John,” a one-man stage production at New York Public Theater by actor Roger Smith, who witnessed the incident on television when he was six years old. A horrified Smith burned his Marichal baseball card after the pitcher struck Roseboro over the head with a bat during the famous incident at Candlestick Park during the pennant race on August 22, 1965. The play traces the events after the game, including the eventually friendship between the two men and Marichal ultimately delivering the eulogy at Roseboro’s funeral in 2002. The play runs through December 20 and Smith hopes to bring the production to the Los Angeles area in 2010. Here is a recent interview with Smith and Playbill Magazine.


— Mark Langill