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Thinking Cure…

Following up on today’s annual golf tournament to benefit the Dodgers Dream Foundation, tomorrow is the start of the ThinkCure Weekend. As you know, it’s all geared towards finding a cure for cancer and we certainly hope you will all find a way to donate in some way, if you have the means.

It starts at 6 a.m. on KABC 790, KLOS and KHJ (Spanish), and then at noon Prime Ticket there will be two straight days of amazing TV programming focused all on ThinkCure. They’ve really put a ton of effort into making this a memorable event to raise a lot of money for a great cause. KCAL will also be showing regular updates over the weekend, so find some time to tune in.

Even better, check out the really cool auction items. A chance to shag fly balls during BP, meet Vin Scully, have an Italian dinner with Tommy, take a batting lesson with Don Mattingly. There’s so much, it’s hard to list it all. In fact, there’s even a chance to follow around yours truly again and all I can say is that last year’s winner paid several thousand dollars and enjoyed it so much, he wound up doubling his donation just for the cause! But more on that later in the weekend…

And last but certainly not least, thank you all for the kind thoughts in the comments of the last post. We are truly blessed and appreciate all of your well wishes.

Oh yeah…and welcome to first place!!



BBQ anyone?

It’s a holiday weekend and I’m guessing most people will be attending some sort of BBQ over the next few days. So have some fun this weekend and watch some Dodger baseball…

Tonight at 6:10 at COL on KCAL

Tomorrow at 5:10 at COL on KCAL

Sunday at 12:10 at COL on PRIME

And then back home for the longest homestand of the year. In fact, it’s probably been several years since we had a 13-game stretch at home, so it’s a chance to play well in front of the home crowd. By the time that stretch of games is over, the team will have played 62 with 100 left to go.

Lots going on at the stadium…Manny Ramirez’s BP jersey for kids, Kemp’s action figure, Loney and Blake’s poster (check out the behind-the scenes video from the hilarious shoot), Broxton’s bobblehead and then the ThinkCure Weekend. It’s going to be busy…

Happy Home Opener

A reminder to everyone coming today…come early and carpool if you can, or take the free shuttle from Union Station. It’ll make the process of getting in and out that much easier.

And for those who can’t make it, be sure to turn on PRIME TICKET because beginning at noon, fans will be able to enjoy 11 consecutive hours of Dodger programming. It starts with an hour-long pregame show, followed by the game, the “Dodgers Live” postgame show and then the debut of “Dodgers Insider: Trip to Taiwan,” a half-hour special about the recent goodwill trip to Asia. Then From 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., several additional shows will air, include Matt Kemp’s “In My Own Words” and James Loney’s “Before the Bigs.”

All Dodgers, all day.


Today’s lineup…

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Martin, C

Kershaw, P

A windy weekend

With the team in Chicago for the four-game set, wanted to make sure those of you looking to watch it on TV aren’t lost. There’s been a slight change with the channel on Time Warner Cable, so if you used to watch it on Channel 413, please note that this week, it’ll be on Channel 463 and then starting June 6, it’ll be on Channel 464. Sorry for an inconvenience. If you didn’t watch in HD, you’re not affected at all.

As for the game out there, here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Wolf, P

And here’s Joe Torre’s pregame chat:

The change in the lineup is really due to the fact that Casey is in the middle. We stacked left/righty from there.

We’ll have to pay attention to Furcal. I’ll probably give him tomorrow off and then he’ll play Saturday and Sunday.

Kuroda felt good and he threw well. His movement just wasn’t what he wanted. We’ll make a decision next after he throws his bullpen tomorrow. He didn’t have an arm issue so I’m not sure he needs another start down there.

Xaxier Paul left the hospital yesterday.

My guess is Brox won’t be available tonight. We’d use Troncoso.

Kuo had a sim game that wasn’t good. He was wild. But he had a bullpen that was better.


An instant classic…

It’s hard to put into the words the incredible vibe that was in the stadium tonight for the final. Japan just defeated Korea for their second WBC title and this place was as electric as any sporting event I’ve ever witnessed. More than 50,000 people screaming for nine innings straight and then, when Korea was down to its last out, they tied it up and sent it to extras, only to lose it in the 10th.

They’re celebrating down on the field right now and the stadium is still going nuts outside the offices. More than 400 media members were on site for the three-game set here and it’s been an incredible experience for everyone involved. Here’s hoping four years from now, it’s the United States that is celebrating…

And now, it’s back to Glendale in the morning for the final 10 days of Spring Training. We’ve got a night game tomorrow and PRIME TICKET is going to pick up the feed from FSN Northwest starting at about 7:30 p.m., so tune in for more Dodger baseball.