An instant classic…

It’s hard to put into the words the incredible vibe that was in the stadium tonight for the final. Japan just defeated Korea for their second WBC title and this place was as electric as any sporting event I’ve ever witnessed. More than 50,000 people screaming for nine innings straight and then, when Korea was down to its last out, they tied it up and sent it to extras, only to lose it in the 10th.

They’re celebrating down on the field right now and the stadium is still going nuts outside the offices. More than 400 media members were on site for the three-game set here and it’s been an incredible experience for everyone involved. Here’s hoping four years from now, it’s the United States that is celebrating…

And now, it’s back to Glendale in the morning for the final 10 days of Spring Training. We’ve got a night game tomorrow and PRIME TICKET is going to pick up the feed from FSN Northwest starting at about 7:30 p.m., so tune in for more Dodger baseball.

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That was one of the best games I’ve ever watched. Congrats to both teams, and sorry if you had to watch that game on ESPN. I heard the commentating was terrible, which isn’t anything new I guess.

I was lucky enough to be there at the game. It was an experience. I have never been to a sporting event where the fans have showed this much enthusiasm. I know that the Stadium was surprised at the attendance since the other days there were only 43,000. I think that since USA was not in the finals, it was expected that the attendance would be down. The expectation was that there would be about 45,000. I know there was almost a full house. Yaaay to Japan. The game was the best. What talented players both teams have.

Yes that’s attendance was at 54,846 tonight.

It was great being at Dodger Stadium for the finals! Great game performance by both teams. The atomosphere was incredible. I am glad that it was not as cold as the night before. The Koreans outnumbered the Japanese but both set of fans showed an enormous amount of enthusiasm.
My brother and I stayed until the end. There was this young Japanese girl sitting two rows infront of me that went to the game by herself and she also stayed until the end taking lots of pictures. She had an Ichiro WBC shirt and she reminded me of a young teenager at a concert. I thought she was going to pee in her pants everytime Ichiro did something 🙂 I loved seeing her enthusiams and the enthusiams of so many fans at the stadium. Later…Oh I jusy looked at the time …ok, tomorrow I will post pics of her and other pics about the WBC final game.
Good night everybody
Mark Langill~ This is my blog that I was telling you about:

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. GO DODGERS!!!!!

I also enjoyed watching the game last night. There was more enthusiasm at that game than I’ve seen in a lot of World Series games. the fans were completely enthralled the entire time, and so was I! If we are really going to compete in the WBC, we have to send our best players. They have to start working earlier in the season to be ready to play at the same level as the other teams. I think a commitment has to be made, kind of like the Olympic basketball team did this past year. Otherwise, we will never win this competition.

Good Morning ITD,
How is it been? I did not get to watch the whole game last night. But I did see the 9th inning…oh yeah…when Korea’s hopes were looking promising. Well Congratulations Japan (again), well play and very interesting games. All those that were lucky to be in Dodger Stadium during this game got their money worth.

Good Morning ITD.
Boy, I went to bed about 3ish and I woke up at 5:30. I know is going to hit me later on today. I posted some pics if any of you want to check them. I could still hear the drums in my head and the chant from the Japanese and the Korean fans.

Now I can concentrate on the team that will make the roster! Let’s go Dodgers! Opening Day is around the corner! Woohoo! It was great hearing Nancy Bea play during the 3 game series.


EMMA the pictures on your blog are great. The view from your seats is just phenomenal. The huge American flag is just beautiful. I was left breathless by the pictures…imagine being there. Wow! Thanks for sharing!
TRU I am with you. They need to really start sending the best players from our country. It seems that they don’t take it seriously and they just take whoever. America created this sport…come on send the best of the best. We can kick butt at this sport. The funny part is that maybe our best from the MLB are probably from other countries.
Ms. RussyEthier…Aka Dodgersrules1655
Ethieraholic & Martinista and DODGER BLUE all the way!

Oh, I also wanted to mention that they no longer have California Pizza Kitchen at Dodger Stadium. Now is this Brooklyn Pizza which I have not try it out yet.

I do like CPK, but I will try Brooklyn Pizza….so what else is new at the stadium…I mean “D” stadium?

Note to Rick Monday and all the other Dodger announcers who are CONSTANTLY telling us how great a player Juan Pierre is and what a CRYING SHAME it is that he is without a position on the team:

The Chicago White Sox are dying, repeat – DYING, for a leadoff-hitting center fielder. BUT:

“The Dodgers’ Juan Pierre is available, but even if the Sox thought he could help — which they don’t — Los Angeles would have to eat a good portion of his salary.”,CST-SPT-sox24.article

Dodgereric ~ Ozzie does love JP………so, I’d tell our management, chomp, chomp, eat his salary and let him go……….PLEASE!!!!

Hey there Eric and Tru! Waiting for a night ST game is cause for a slow day. Therefore, it’s time for a song.
Apologies to Pablo Cruise
Whatcha Gonna Do
What you gonna do when Juan says goodbye
What you gonna do when Juan is gone
What you gonna do when Juan says goodbye
What you gonna do when Juan is gone
So you’re having trouble with your lyrics
Well you better check your muse before he goes
‘Cause you may not be seein’
Things just the way you should
And you don’t recognize what everybody knows
What you gonna do when Juan says goodbye
What you gonna do when Juan is gone
What you gonna do when Juan says goodbye
What you gonna do when Juan is gone
And when he’s gone we’ll turn to Huggy Bear,
Eyechart, Minty Fresh and Monkey Whiskers
But Frank n Furter they’re calling you a fool
‘Cause you don’t know a good man
When Juan is their favorite bencher
What you gonna do when Juan says goodbye
What you gonna do when Juan is gone
What you gonna do when Juan says goodbye
What you gonna do when Juan is gone
And who’ll we have who can always pop it up
Or hit a weak grounder to second base?
Who’ll be here to get a fifty foot assist?
None can throw the way he can
Just his mom can love that face
What you gonna do when Juan says goodbye
What you gonna do when Juan is gone
What you gonna do when Juan says goodbye
What you gonna do when Juan is gone

Well tru, my point is that if he’s so great, why is he so hard to get off the roster? It’s hard to believe that we’re not offering to eat a decent portion of his salary when we’re eating ALL of Jones’.

I just want Monday et al to knock it off. I’m at the point of having to turn off the sound during Pierre’s at bats this spring.

Crash ~ Bravo!
Dodgereric ~ I know what you mean about the announcers. Perhaps, Nellyjune is right thinking they are building him up so other teams would be interested. Why else would they? I think Joe is our main problem. He likes the guy.

Eric – Thanks for the mention in your song the other day.
The thing about Juanpy is that we have him for three more years. That’s three more years of getting in the way of people like Xavier Paul. Paul may or may not be ready this year, but should definitely be ready next year. Get rid of Juanpy now, and let Repko be the 4th OF until Paul is ready to take his place.

Tru, honestly, I think it’s wishful thinking that they’re building him up. I think they just like him.

Crash, great song! and you’re welcome!

Dodgereric ~ You are probably right but, what I can’t understand is why they like him!

I tend to do alot of “wishful thinking” when it comes to yougnomewho. I guess I need to stop, and get used to the fact that I am going to be seeing him sit in the corner of the dugout for three more years. BTW – my gnome tru got me is still sitting on my piano just in case 🙂 I know…..more wishful thinking………it’s my optimistic nature I suppose 🙂


What grade would you give the Dodgers?

Well, at least we’re only upset about him taking up room on the roster. Last year it was a starting job.

And, as far as liking him, you and I aren’t around the team. They are. Perhaps he’s a really nice guy and I’d feel the same way if I knew him personally. My feeling, however, are exclusive to putting the 25 guys on that roster that will get us to another World Series championship. And he isn’t qualified to use one of those spots.


Why is all these famous baseball players dying? RIP Kell

…..but he has also clearly stated he does not want to be in the role of the 4th outfielder so I can’t imagine him being mister happy-go-lucky in the clubhouse or anywhere else, but like you said, we aren’t there, and yes, the positive, is he is NOT a starter…………. yet.

….it sounds like he had a wonderful 86 years.

Spit111…they all die someday, atleast, like Nelly says “He had a wonderful 86 years”.
Well talking about Pierre, if it wasn’t for Him, Enchanted, Crash, Eric and many more wouldn’t have all those great songs. In a funny way, Pierre is Enchanted’s inspiration…LOL!

At least he didn’t died young like my uncle did on thanksgiving.

He was a former Red Sox player and the Red Sox had gone 86 years between winning a WS wins and Kell age was 86.

That’s very strange indeed.

I am sure enchanted loves that!!!!! …however, kind of true, but I don’t think he would have any problems writing songs about Huggy Bear, Minty Fresh and the many others if JP were to find a new home…….see, wishful thinking again LMAO!!!

Maybe, if we all wish for the same thing, it will happen. There is strength in numbers.

the concession stands must have lost money tonight as the Koreans and Japanese spent the night with the noisy sticks no time for beer or hotdogs’

…don’t you think we have been wishing for that same thing all along? LMAO!!!!…….it obviously isn’t working 🙂

I keep trying to make it work………..I can’t give up hope!

We need to use the Force!!!

We need to use the Piano!

We need to use the Piano!

Sorry for the double entry.

The piano entry needed to be said twice – LOL!!!!! …..and maybe the force as well 🙂

I LOVED the WBC! Very excited about it, and watched from the first round to the final game. Omedetou Nihon!!! The US got beat by the best…


As an American baseball fan, I WAS ASHAMED at the way we handled the Semifinal against Japan. Letting Oswalt stay in while giving up 6 runs was an EMBARRASSMENT. In the US, it’s ST, but in the WBC, it’s the championship. We didn’t lose for lack of the team’s effort, but because Davey Johnson had to please all the MLB managers and get pitchers playing time.

And of course THE REAL CLUELESS JOE (Morgan) kept going on and on about how the US didn’t need this tournament, turning his nose up at it, like it was the U.S. Soccer team at a World Cup Qualifyer they had no business being in anyway.

“They’re not playing for this,” said the Stoop of all Stoops, “They’re playing for the World Championship in October”. Note to The Big Head Machine: THIS IS THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. America needs to realize that even though we call it the “World Championship” and the “World Series”, one country does not a world make.

I understand to continue Olympic consideration to include Baseball in the 2016 Olympics (fingers crossed), Baseball needed to show the IOC that Baseball is a WORLD sport, and with the US sitting out of the finals again, they did that. But now in 2013, we need to show up and mean business. IT’S TIME TO TAKE BASEBALL BACK, heheheheh.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that, even with our best players, that Japan game would’ve been tough. But it would’ve been nice if the MLB treated this like a World Championship event, instead of a sideshow.

The US fans at Saturday night’s game were betrayed a bit, rooting for a championship game that was being handled by their country like an exhibition.

USA IN 2013!!!!

Hi all!

Eric ~ I feel your pain! What is up with the announcers? I DID turn the radio off the other day in my car after Lyons and one of the DT guys were raving about JP.

Why are we feeling sorry for this guy? He wants to play? I say, So freaking what!

Well said NSB. I totally agree!
I know pitchers need to get their work in but couldn’t he of been pulled & then gone to the bullpen and throw more pitches to get that work in? Doesn’t make sense. I know game situations differ but I also know that that often is the case with pitchers in ST. They finish off their starts in the bullpen.
Johnson made some IMO, bonehead moves during that game.

Oh yea Scott & Eric, I also want to play. But I don’t think anyone is sorry for me not getting PT!!!

Maybe Rick, Steve and the Broadcasters are talking up JP for a trade…

It’d be harder to move him if even the Hometown announcers were giving him crap, wouldn’t it?

NSB, It’s the only explanation that makes sense, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. It’s not like the Dodgers don’t have any other 4th OF guys lying around. Geesh!

Now you guys see why Davey Johnson isn’t a manager in the big leagues any more. Just a pathetic job. He wasn’t that great even when he was in the majors.
We are all hoping for the same thing for JP…..a starting job on another team.

Although I watched the US/Japan semi and the Japan/Korea final, I didn’t really watch (or, to be honest, care) too much of any of the other games. But watching the final two games, I got interested. I enjoyed watching the way Japan and Korea went about playing the game.

I started thinking that it would be cool to have the World Series champ play in a tournament like that, it occured to me that no matter what team it was, it would be full of players from all over the world, not just the US. So we’re kind of talking apples and oranges here regarding the World Series champ vs the WBC champ.

There’s no easy solution to everyone fielding their best team, unless it’s playing it in the southern hemisphere so that it could be played in good weather during our off-season.

As far as risking injury in “meaningless” games, it seems to me that we’ve been through the mill in basketball in the Olympics. We’ve gone from using college players to using the best pros to using less-than-the-best pros to using the best again. The players who competed in the last Olympics really seemed to enjoy themselves and had a lot of pride in representing the USA.

And, from the “Oh, boy!” Department:

“Pitching against a lineup of High Single-A Milwaukee Brewers Tuesday, Jason Schmidt pitched three innings, allowing two runs on six hits with three strikeouts, a walk and wild pitch. Schmidt hit a high of 88 mph but afterward said his arm felt better than it had since his two shoulder operations.

Shawn Estes, on a crash course to become a situational left-hander, relieved Schmidt and allowed two unearned runs on one hit in one inning.”

Key: “High Single-A” hitters.

LOL!!!!!!! does that mean he’s not ready? LOL!!!!

It means we should be signing better pitchers than Schidt and Feces.

Well, well, well………………that got you talking!!! (jk) LOL!!!!

After watching Korea and Japan I thought JP would fit in nicely with all their slap hitters.

Hey!!! That’s it lbirken!! Send him to Asia!!!!

… we were thinking of another team, not another continent.

What, you can’t have both?

lbirken ~ I like your idea!
Crash ~ Oh, no. The poor lad has BorASS as an agent!

The Japanese did “slap” the ball around but it did win the game which goes to show, you don’t necessarily need the long ball but the situational ball. What they also had was the discipline. No matter what, they came out the champs again. Congratulations Japan!

Trublu and crash, do you find it interesting Strasburg is still in school but he already figures to sign with “the agent”?

Eric, My dream “World Champion” scenario would be to do what the UEFA does in Soccer: Have the best teams of different Soccer leagues play in a tournament to determine the best (although UEFA only covers European teams). Imagine the Los Angeles Dodgers versus the Yomiuri Giants. The New York Yankees versus the Yaquis de Obregon. The Detroit Tigers vs. the Tigres de Licey OR the LG Tigers (of the Korean league) OR the Hanshin Tigers (of the Japanese league).

Players coming from different countries wouldn’t matter, because they would be playing on their Baseball Clubs. And it would probably be rare that a Carribean player would have a conflict between their MLB club and Winter League club, as both of their teams would have to have made their repsective Big League Championship Series just to be considered.

I doubt it would happen anytime soon, but it would be a bit clearer of a picture as to who really has the best baseball teams.

And I’d really like our chances. Even though if we had an early out, we’d see how much these multimillion dollar contract players are REALLY worth.

lbirken – I think “the agent” needs some competition.

The WBC finals was great but I hope our Major Leagues don’t get the idea of putting advertising on the uniforms.

ibirken ~ I found it very interesting that he has an agent.

Lbirken, I hear that. Don’t wanna see the Golden Arches, Flying Windows or Pepsi globe anywhere on the uniforms.

The late 70’s-early 80’s Padres looked like they were wearing Del Taco uniforms, but they get a pass because… they looked like they were wearing late 70’s-early 80’s Del Taco uniforms. That’s bad enough, heheh.

I agree, but the kid is still in school and supposedly should not be discussing agents quite yet. If he does sign with “the agent” let’s hope Strasburg makes the right decisions and does not hold out for the last dollar like some other clients of “the agent” have done. Remember one of the agent’s clients from a few years ago that kept holding out and left all that money on the table trying to get more? He was a pitcher and as I recall he was drafted twice, elected to play independent ball or something of the sort hoping for a better deal that never came.

Northstate, you can thank Steve Garvey for getting those awful uniforms changed when he signed with the Padres.

Tru, I think the NCAA would find it interesting as well. I am sure he does not have an agent and the writer should know better than to write such things.

You are right about that, lbirken.

Eric — can you imagine how well they would of hit off Schmidt & Estes if the weren’t “High”?!!!
Wifey had an idea about the WBC that I thought was interesting but would never happen. The Winner of the Allstar game goes. So if the AL wins, they go or if the NL wins they go.
I think it’s a great idea but with todays high priced players I don’t think they would want to have to go. I doubt that they look at it as an honor. I think once they got there and started playing there they would.
I love the passion that was shown by most of the fans. I do wish us US fans were more like that in general. Going with flags and cheering and having drums and whistles (No beachballs however!!!).
I went to a few Brazil soccer games back in ’84 at Stanford during the LA Olympics. It was great. It was a big party and everybody was having fun. For the most part the fans weren’t heckling each other and being drunk idiots, they were just having fun rooting for their teams. It was a great experience!

Red pen “they weren’t” not “the weren’t”…

Schmidt’s equally impressive games against “High A” last year:

0 0 4 4 0 0 0 0 10.1 8 5 4 0 4 9 0 2 44 0 0 3.48 1.16

That’s 4 starts, 10 innings.

The only thing you can count on Schmidt doing this year is collecting 15 million dollars.

LOL, Enchanted!

Here’s tonight’s line up thanks to Kenny G’s Around the Horn….

Tonight’s Dodgers Lineup
15 Rafael Furcal (S) SS

30 Orlando Hudson (S) 2B

99 Manny Ramirez DH

16 Andre Ethier (L) RF

23 Casey Blake 3B

7 James Loney (L) 1B

9 Juan Pierre (L) CF

12 Brad Ausmus C

17 Jason Repko LF

22 Clayton Kershaw LHP

I know Matt deserves a day off , but isn’t it just giving JP false hope.

Just a comment about the NCAA/mlb. We had a few players in the area last year that went through this. Highschool students can talk to agents, but once they sign any paper work related to an agent, they can no longer be part of the NCAA. At least that is how it was explained to me last year as one of the players from a local highschool actually talked to Boras at one time.

Nelly, I don’t think JP starting is meant to give him hope. I think it’s to prevent his mother from calling Joe . . .

….LMAO!!!…………you are probably right 🙂

Just make sure he only starts ST games.

If we were in charge of the situation, he’d be gone and the possibility of his starting at all would be moot. But, darn it, we’re not 😦

Damn, Diggie, I thought we were! Afterall, we have Enchanted/GM and Dodgereric/Manager!

Heck yeah, we have the best GM/Manager duo. And the rest of the staff is outstanding as well. Ok, you have me convinced.

I believe I am enchanted’s personal secretary, not to mention team mom and ITD historian, and my guess is he would have listened to Eric and gotten us “real” pitching.

It’s been so long, Nellyjune, I forgot who had what job. I do remember all of yours, especially TeamMom!

You are right about Enchanted & Eric getting us the pitching we needed.

Here ya go!!!! realize some we have not seen in quite sometime, and are sadly missed 😦

GM – enchanted
Manager – Dodgereric
Trainer – jhall
Bench Coach – sara ( and Erica Durance)
Head Bat Girl – cpompe/CP
Head of Security – Scott (assts – Jessica, Angelina and Halle)
Aesthetics Coordinator – kpookimon/Kahli
ITD Merchandizer – trublu
ITD Activities Director – dodgersrule
Royal Usher – Dodger4life
Groundskeeper – Diggie/Sparkleplenty
Team Artist – northstateblues
Chief Garbage Removal Engineer (unruly Fans) – dcollins
Team Psychologist – Obi (appointed)
ITD On-Site Event Reporter – Emma/crzblue
Team Mom/CEO ETHIERAHOLICS/ITD Historian – dnelly/June Darlin’
Team nurse – xoxrussell
message therapist – bluecrewgirl
Community/Media Relations – Jeanette
Director, Hospitality and Ambassador Program – Amy
Scorekeeper and Assistant Trainer – Biddyboo
Team Photographer – Acardona
Director of Concession Licensing at the Stadium – Max Power (appointed)

seesky and crash need jobs for sure and possibly a few others who I can’t think of right now.

Hi Ya Doin’ ITD

Hey joepierre!!!! How are you doing tonight?

That was an ouch for Kersh!!!

..sorry- for those of you not watching. Kersh had a line drive hit him on the hip…..Casey Blake got the out anyway. I didn’t mean to make anybody nervous thinking he was pitching poorly.



Nice 2B for Dre 🙂

juan being juan 🙂

Way to go Brad!!!!


Thanks for the list Nellyjune. I knew you had it somewhere (lol) and it’s nice we can see it again before the start of the season.

Kershaw is looking really good out there!!!

you are welcome…..I believe we had talked about back then having Joepierre be the owner. I was looking for that, but now it’s game time so I stopped.

O. Dawg

Hey everyone. This is odd, first of all the game on tv was delayed because the Ducks game went into overtime, which I understand because the Ducks are fighting for a playoff spot and it’s just a Spring Training game, but now we are getting the Fox Northwest feed with Mariner’s announcers instead of of Fox West with Dodger announcers. Oh well, at least is on tv. Glad to see Manny got a hr and Andre a double. Andre seems to gave relaxed after his talk with Torre the other day.

Good evening, ITD…….. since I’m already the keeper of the ITD flask, I could be the Team Alchemist. Dispensation of steroids strictly prohibited, of course….nsblues, I like your idea of a Champions League for baseball but why do we have to choose between the two? Soccer has both the World Cup and the Champions League, why not baseball? I can hear the whining of MLB owners, Player’s Association, and players now that the season is too long already, risk of injury; yada, yada, yada!!!!! I doubt you’ll hear that from the Koreans, Japanese, or the Caribbean countries. You’re right, ns, we will find out what matters more to the American players, game, country, or their huge paychecks…. more so than the last time,I was really impressed with the WBC this time out. There was more intensity in the game last night than in WS games. As I said in the last thread, baseball wanted its’ World Cup and now they have it. Time will tell if the USA can step up , match the rest of the world’s intensity, and become competitive in this event….Kershaw is looking great, Manram is being Manram, and Andre continues his fine hitting. GO BLUE!!!! Wow, sorry for the long post.

seesky ~ Don’t be sorry about the long post… was well worth reading.

Why is MLB.TV so dark, this year, so far?

I noticed that, too, joepierre. Could it be the standards for lighting are less in these ST ballparks than in MLB stadiums? Just a thought.

Well, seesky, it wasn’t around 1,081 words so you are just fine. Even if it was, you are worth the read.

Why 1,081 words? It’s the length of dodgereric’s post the other night about our pitching rotations for the past 50 years. Why I counted? Dodger4life thought it would be fun to find out how much time he spent typing and how much time he did research. My thinking was he knew most of it in his head (at least the rotations) and spent most of the time making sure his thoughts were accurate and typing. So, dodger4life started counting and gave up. So, I couldn’t let it go, so I did it………..the first grade math method of using tally marks works wonders for such things.

Maybe. Seek

Kershaw is really on tonight!!!! You can see how much he’s improved since last year. Having that change has really helped him.

He does look good so far, seesky. I think he will bring about many toasts of the victory flask this season.

Funny how these announcers didn’t notice Hu running for Furcal.

That was another good outing by Kershaw

Who is this pitching? …we have BP issues……we really do

Seesky, I can go for both a “World Cup” and “Champions League” format. It’s like MLB thinks they have nothing to prove, that we’re better. Well, let’s prove it, with our best teams against the best the world has to offer.

Victory Flask, Escape-ist Flask… win or lose, the Flask abides. Yay Flask!

Sturtze= This year’s Proctor.

The game on Fox Sports is behind the actual game due to the delay because of the Ducks game, so I am having to follow the box score and everyone’s comments to keep up with what is going on live. I will be curious to know who is pitching now too.


Thanks Seesky!!

These Mariner announcers really make you know that this is a ST game, don’t they?

Exactly, ns. If we’re better, let’s prove it. No longer can we play the WS and just say we’re the best. The more baseball we have, the better it’ll be for the game, competition as well as economically-wise. And…………………………………..THE FLASK RULES!!!!

I’ll drink to that!

I’m with you Joepierre. They are really boring.

Keep Repko, get rid of yougnomewho!

I was saddened today to hear of the passing of George Kell at the age of 86. A 10-time AL All-Star and AL batting champ in 1949, I grew up listening to Kell’s and Ernie Harwell’s play-by-play on Detroit Tiger radio and TV broadcasts.

Monkey Whiskers is up 🙂

Lol, trublue. I think we are stuck with him for now due to his salary. Looks like it’s mostly reserves in the game now.

not bad…a double 6-2

………And he’s also a great guy in the clubhouse!!!!!!!

Sorry, trublu, I always put an extra 3 in your screen name. I always forget you leave the e off the end.

Who got the double Nelly?

Mientkewitz or, if you prefer, Monkey Whiskers, bluecrew.

Doug …….Minty Fresh/Monkey Whiskers……..but we have to realize who is pitching at this point too.

I hope Repko is not being Repko.

….I would think X.Paul would be a great guy in the clubhouse too 🙂

Thanks. Like the nickname, lol.

Yeah, but how many songs would X-Paul inspire??? LOL!!!!

Bluecrewgirl ~ I know we will be stuck with JP. I just keep wishing for the best. LOL And don’t worry about the “e”s on my name……they disappeared some time ago!

Boy, the BP really sucks!

Call for Josh Lindblom!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully, when Brox returns and Wade gets completely healthy things will improve with the BP. I really wish they had signed Beimel, not just because he’s a good pitcher and they could use him, but I’ll miss his humor too. He’s hilarious.

I’ll second that, Seesky! WE WANT LINDBLOM!!!!!!

We sure do need Kuo and Wade back up to snuff. I hope this game isn’t symptomatic of this season: starters and offense get lead, bullpen dissipates lead, ITD drinks feverishly from flask.

bluecrewgirl – I would have hoped they would have found a way to get Beimel.

seesky – Lindblom for sure 🙂

I agree, seesky. I hope we’ll be celebrating more than drowning our sorrows with the flask.

LOL!!!!! seesky ~ I hope not

Welcome back from the WBC, Johnnie B!!!!!!!!!

yea!!!! Here’s Johnny…………

uh oh!!!


…….get your flask out!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!

…..and drink copiously and feverishly!!!!!!!!!!

….ohhh nooo!!!!

I know it must be bad, but what happened? That live boxscore isn’t doing much to fill in the gap of the delay in the tv broadcast. It updates so slowly.

A round for ITD!!!!!!!!!!

Brox fell apart – 8-6 Seattle

Broxton is probably rusty from not pitching enough this spring.
I figured that would happen.

Brox gets lit up for 4 runs. Mariners, 8-6.

seesky – it’s kind of funny with the announcers. It was all about it just being spring training until they went ahead. Now, it’s like a real game all of a sudden.

I wondered if he was getting enough innings in the WBC. I only saw him pitch once.

I am not too worried about it joepierre. We can give him a few days to catch up from being gone 🙂

Oh, man. Not good.

Exactly, nelly. It’s only a ST game if you’re losing.

Better getting torched now than when they count….Another double for Mientkewitz.

So, I guess it’s our turn to say……’s just ST, it’s just ST, it’s just ST .

Gotta put a positive spin on it, lol.

Well, Kersh looked great tonight……….so, at least there’s another SP looking like he’s ready to go.

well, at least they’re showing Merrie Melodies on TCM right now… game still makes me wanna grab a beer right now. Perhaps one of “those little black beers” John Wayne spoke of in The Quiet Man, got a few of those in the fridge.

At least, Kershaw pitched well and Manram hit a bomb….Good night, all. Have a good Wednesday.

I’ve been watching TV so I haven’t been seeing the score until just checking in now.
Let me guess… Broxton walked the 1st batter…

Great… so my girlfriend’s a dog.

Good night seesky!!!! Make sure the flask is refilled for the next game.

Good evening nsblues, dcollins and enchanted.

enchanted – what are you talking about?


Was trying to think up an apt line for our bullpen.

dcollins – he got lit up, and yes, he walked the first batter – LOL!!!!!

I thought Bill Murray, but wasn’t sure if that’s what you were thinking – LOL!!!!

Goodnight, seesky. You might have to bring some back up flasks in the future. Hi northstate, dcollins and enchanted. I gotta get up early, so goodnight all. Better luck next game. Nelly, I still haven’t gotten my magazine. Hopefully, it will be in the mail tomorrow.

Night everyone.

Afterall, tomorrow is another day.


I’ve been having trouble signing in tonight, so sorry for the test.
Brox often seems to walk the 1st batter. Then not hold him on & they steal 2nd. He won’t even look over there. That is when the fun begins.
That is my pet peeve with him. Throw strikes trust you stuff! Stop trying to paint the black with every pitch!!

Good night bluecrewgirl!!

Good night to you too enchanted – See you in the mornin’ time 🙂

dcollins – I didn’t even expect him to come into the game so I was a little shocked to see him. Walking that first batter was kind of rough though. I thought a couple of those pitches that were called balls looked pretty good,but I am just a fan. You are right though, the batter got on, stole 2nd, and then it went downhill from there.

So the walked runner even stole 2nd!!! I guess I was 2 for 2.
I’m not right often but I was tonight. He does this all the time and it’s really frustrating to watch. I hope that this game isn’t an example of what we see a lot this year.
I think our bully is in bad shape and I’m worried by the time late August rolls around they will be really toast.
I hope I’m wrong!!!!!

Nelly did he even throw over to 1st once?
If he didn’t they really need to work with him on that.

It doesn’t look good. Joe asked for pitching, the fans asked for pitching, and what did we get? We didn’t get “good” pitching. Even with out SP, if one of them goes down, then what? We are really screwed because they can’t even figure out a 5th yet, much less any back ups for the SP role.

I don’t think so, but I was doing school work too (bubbling in scan tron sheets for first graders who can’t do them themselves) so I am not totally sure on that.

The only thing to add to that too. In a normal game situation, Manny and the rest of the hitting core would not have been pulled out so early either. So, the score would have been different perhaps.

Good morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
Great game for the Dodgers last night. I watched it on FSN Northwest. I hope Kershaw is feeling very little pain today. Nice outing Clayton. Manny that shot was awesome, Ausmus yours was as well. Keep up the good work.
Stults takes the mound against the Brewers today
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the game everyone 🙂

Morning D4!!

Beginning of ST I wasn’t overly concerned with the starting or BP, but as things have progressed (or not in this case), I’ve a feeling we’re going to see a lot of ugly games this season. There wasn’t a lot of quality pitching out there as FAs to begin with, but there were certainly better starting and BP options than what Ned ended up with.

The only thing GM about Ned is that he Generally Manages to %@$! things up. Once again, he and the manager are on totally different pages. The most curious signing of course was Hudson AFTER we’d already resigned Blake. The Hudson signing should’ve been a QUALIFIED pitcher, either starter or reliever. Past Wolf, Ned’s signings were/are strictly crap and remain so. Our great hope now appears to be a guy who only has 34 innings of pro experience. I’m still hoping our guys surprise us and come out strong, but it’s highly suspect as we’re into the last 2 weeks of ST.

Good to see ya enchanted. I agree we still have issues with the pitching. I am just hoping we can overcome these things and get off to a good start. I want to see the Boys having fun and enjoying the game early. I have plenty of faith that we will be okay. Go Get Em Dodgers!!!! O Dog and Furcal should prove to be a great combination up the middle and the infield will cut down on the errors ( knocking on wood. ) This should be an asset, through out the season and into the post season.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!

Kersh pitched a great game last night…..some very good hits by guys who needed them. Pitching from the BP still seems to be the issue. Let’s hope it all gets worked out in the end…….well, before April 6th 🙂

I am another one who thinks the BP is a big issue. I haven’t seen anyone capable of giving the ball to and telling him to hold it until we reach Brox. I know Brox had a rough outing last night but, I think he will work it out by the time the season starts. I also think it’s a shame that Repko or XPaul won’t get a chance this season due to Yougnomewho…….and he is being outplayed everyday!

..oh!! ……….but he’s a clubhouse guy 🙂 I understand maybe with Minty Fresh being a clubhouse guy (still not a reason to get the job), but I don’t think I can ever be convinced yougnomewho is a clubhouse guy.

Sweeney was a clubhouse guy too and he was an instant out. Pile (Jhall’s title for him) is never seen giving a high-five. He just sits in his corner and pouts. Not only that but all of our regular players are capable of stealing a base.

How do you get to be a clubhouse guy when you announce the beginning of ST that you’re not going to sit back and “take it” this year?

….I have no idea – LMAO!!!!!

It’s more like he’s going to give it to us this year…..give us many songs, give us many 0 – 4s, give the Piano Man a season long job, give us a hitter’s single that is an automatic double.

Who here doesn’t think that JP will get WAAAAAY more playing time than he deserves just because Joe will treat him like a little baby?

I do! Unfortunately, you are probably right!

me, me, me, me, me!!!!! Oh,……I’m sorry…..that’s how some first graders would do it!!!!

What I see happening, especially if the BP doesn’t shape up, is that we’ll have a 3-4 run lead in the 7th, Joe will lift Manny for Worthless just to get him some playing time, the BP blows the lead, now we’ve got JP batting 3rd and coming up in a critical situation. Game over.

Not a very pleasant scenario, is it?

• Schmidt pleased after Minors outing

I’m glad someone was.

I wasn’t!

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed: RHP J.D. Durbin
Released: RHP Yhency Brazoban
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Jesus Castillo, RHP Travis Schlichting, LHP Victor Garate, LHP Brent Leach, C Lucas May, 2B Tony Abreu, OF Jaime Hoffmann
Outrighted to Triple-A and removed from 40-man: RHP Justin Orenduff

How many times will we have to endure the other teams intentionally hitting towards left field just to take advantage of Noodles’ arm?

You know what will happen with Schmidt too – he’ll go down and “rehab” in Chattanooga (because he can’t pitch in the dry desert air/altitude), comeback in June/July as Ned’s “solution” to the 5th spot because now its become a total embarrassment and because Ned still hasn’t gotten anyone. He’ll get lit up a few times, they’ll claim it’s arm trouble again, he’ll get sent back out for rehab, we’ll hear what wonderful progress he’s making, he’ll comeback in late Sept., get lit up again in a crucial game, and mercifully that’ll be the last we hear from Mr. Schmidt.

The other scenario of course is that Schmidt will pitch just good enough that numnuts signs him again for 2010.

Nellyjune ` Who is J.D. Durbin?
Crash ~ Hopefully Manny and all of the other outfielders stay healthy……then, there will be no reason to put Noodles in there at all! YOU HEAR US, JOE………..NO JUAN PIERRE!!!!!!!!

J.D. Durbin??!! Our season is saved:

2007 (because he didn’t pitch in the majors in 2008)
ARI NL 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.7 7 7 7 0 1 1 0 0 10 0 0 94.50 4.70 5 12.000
PHI NL 6 5 18 10 1 1 4 1 64.7 71 42 37 6 36 39 2 2 295 4 0 5.15 4.61 90 1.655

I particularly like the 94.50 ERA and WHIP of 12.00. Okay, I guess he didn’t like pitching the dry desert air either. 5.15 ERA and a WHIP of 1.655 – guess he didn’t like pitching in humidity as well. Maybe he likes the cold.

I don’t believe it, Enchanted………wat the heck is going on?!
Shouldn’t we give Pedro a chance? He salary may be a little high but, at least he know how to pitch.

…..I knew enchanted or Eric would go find the stats.. They wouldn’t copy for some reason, and I had to go do some teaching – LOL!!!!

enchanted – not too good, is it?

Guess that all depends on who/what we’re comparing them to Nells. Compared to Estes and Milton, he’s a godsend. On the otherhand, Durbin makes me hope Schmidt can pitch.

Ned’s going on Tru, that’s what. Always on the lookout for another magical PVL, and having no shame in signing them.

Then, Enchanted, as Dodgereric would say, “Fire Ned”!

If they would only listen to dodgereric, we would be much better off right now. Even Joe asked for pitching and didn’t get it.

Juan Pierre’s Locker Room Deli….Sponsored by the Clubhouse guy…:-)

So true, Nellyjune!

LMAO, dodger4life!


The deli special…..sour pickles!


Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Boy, am I feeling down right now. I DEFINITELY need some ITD love right now! I just got turned down from another good prospect. Not enough experience in their industry. Last night I watched the game. Great game; right up until the bullpen gave it away. Aw, phooey.

Okay, enough for the pity party. Can someone answer this question for me? Where is Russell Martin these days? Am I so clueless that he’s (oh, God forbid) hurt and that’s why he’s not playing? I mean, when we were on the road, Martin not being there was curious, but no cause for alarm. In ST, I know most teams to take their entire squad on the road. But last night’s game was at Camelback Ranch!!! Why isn’t he making an appearance?

Sorry CP, that sucks.

I think there just trying to save some wear and tear on Marty in ST so he’ll last longer during the season.

Hey Enchanted. I sure hope that is all on Russ. I just thought we would’ve read a blurb in one of their articles that would’ve mentioned why Russ isn’t playing. I just hope Joe doesn’t keep him out SO much that he gets rusty. I’m hoping he’s starting today. Do we know this yet?

Hi CP. Sending you a BIG HUG and lots of love and encouragement . . .

Oh, and Enchanted. Thx for commiserating with my pain. But I’m REALLY at a place where I’m thinking of things and not knowing if I really want to do this or what? All along I’ve been thinking about going back to school for something ENTIRELY different, like Medical Assisting or something like that. But I always told myself, no, I’m too old for that. I know, I know, I’m not REALLY, but my 48th birthday is in June of this year. I’m not getting any younger, and even if I did go to school, not only would I be that much older, but I’d still be competing with young pups who would get the jobs that I’m looking for anyways. But then my husband says, “Don’t let your age dictate whether you go back to school.” I just don’t know. Before I came onto here, I was looking at the website for a local vocational school (Santa Barbara Business College) for Medical Assisting. I STILL don’t know if I want to do that.

Thx diggie! I can certainly feel it!

Oh, and I’m sorry for that LONG post about myself. It won’t happen again.

Well, I’ve got stuff to do. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

CP, we’re all friends/family here. If you can’t use this site as a shoulder from time to time, then we’re all in trouble.
I’m going through the same stuff as you, only I turned 60 the end of January. So let’s hang in there. We’ll eventually figure out what we want to be when we grow up.

Here ya go…….from Kenny G’s Around the Horn…

Wednesday’s Dodgers Lineup

Rafael Furcal SS

Orlando Hudson 2B

Manny Ramirez LF

Andre Ethier RF

Russell Martin C

Casey Blake 3B

Doug Mientkiewicz 1B

Juan Pierre CF

Eric Stults P

CP – sorry about the job 😦

Hey, Matt’s sitting again!? What’s up with that?

No worries CP. Just don’t overthink your situation. Go with what feels right and trust your first impressions. BTW, I turned 48 end of January myself 😐

CP sorry about the job situation.
Wifey is 47 and she is wondering if she should go back to school. She has been thinking this for the last 5 years.
I’m 42 and wondering if I should go back to school. I have been thinking this the last 5 years.
Will we still be thinking about going to school in another 5 years but thinking we’re to old? Probably but that is more to do with expenses.
My point is don’t keep thinking you’re to old to do it & if it will help you out & you want to & can afford it & have the support of your family than maybe you should go! The age thing shouldn’t matter at all.
Back to baseball…
I’ve got a great idea!!! They can release, cut, trade, or do whatever to Juan, & I’ll be that great clubhouse guy. I’m not asking that they sign me to play but to be a great clubhouse guy. All the guys on my softball teams have always said that about me. I’ve got references! That would open 2 spots on the team by removing Monkey Whiskers & Pile. We could fill these spots with DY, Repko, or Paul.
In all seriousness though I’m actually okay with Monkey Whiskers, but only over Pile. I don’t want him only to loose DY.
I’ve gotta go, but I hope everybody has a great day!!
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

CP – you are never too old for anything if you really want to do it.

dcollins can you make a sandwich???

cp I am sure you would make a wonderful asset to the medical field. Good Luck 🙂

And, batting 8th……..Noodlearm, playing CF…….give me a break. He can’t even throw the ball fro CF to RF! I want my Matty!!!!

Hopefully, they’re showcasing Juan. Seriously, he really is an ugly fit. The 4th outfielder should be a glove guy to spell Manny in the late innings of a lead. Pierre is the antithesis of a glove guy.

HEADLINE: “Bullpen could be concern for Dodgers”

REACTION: duhhhh….

SNIPET: “But even if the Dodgers’ young starting rotation can hand leads to the bullpen, is there enough relief to preserve victories?

After all, there are 204 innings, 204 appearances and 20 saves for which to make up. That was the workload last year for closer Takashi Saito, swingman Chan Ho Park, lefty Joe Beimel and middle man Scott Proctor, and they’re all gone.

Twenty-five games into Spring Training and it’s not clear if — or how — the Dodgers will make up for their losses.

“I think it’s in there somewhere,” Torre said before Tuesday night’s game, offering an optimistic spin to what he knows hasn’t looked very pretty so far.”

REACTION: Saito is probably done anyway, Park would look good in this bullpen, Beimel better and ‘adios’ to Proctor. And Torre has been drinking Kool-Aid too long.

MORE SNIPETS: “He was really good,” said Torre, talking about Kuo. “I’m perfectly satisfied with Wade.” Torre reiterated his support for Jeff Weaver, despite his 7.88 ERA. And Torre said a long reliever or two could come from the group of fifth-starter candidates (James McDonald, Eric Milton, Claudio Vargas and Eric Stults) that doesn’t win the rotation job.”

REACTION: Torre must have been watching tapes of Kuo and Wade from ’08, because I haven’t seen either one show their stuff this season. His support for Weaver is admirable, just like the guy you pat on the back who is covering your escape and you know he’s gonna die. And all we’ve seen so far is how absolutely miserable the candidates have been for that 5th starter. Great. One of them gets the job by default and two of the other three make the staff.

One more thing. This article – as depressing as it is – was written by a company honk.

Repeat after me:

It’s only spring training.

The team we break camp with is not necessarily the team we take into September.

The check is in the mail.

I’ll respect you in the morning.

I’m with the government and I’m here to help you.

If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit…..or in this case, please release me, let me go!


Eric – Here’s another one: “The economy will recover later this year”.

I can’t shake the image of Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House: “All is well!”
Just before he gets his *** run over by the panicking crowd…..

Run, Juan, run…….all the way to some other team!


LMTO, Dodgereric!!!

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
I forgot to say something before. Those that were at the WBC Finals between Japan & Korea mentioned about the energy that was in Dodger Stadium! Well, when we went to Japan last year, my husband, mom & myself went to see a game at the Toyko Dome! Boy, I tell you about energy! That was something else! The noise in a domed stadium, was deafening. I went to the WBC game on Saturday. Of course, there weren’t near as many fans on Saturday (they didn’t announce the attendance, but I guestimated it at around 44,000 or so) but between the drums, whistles, and noisemakers, Dodger Stadium got louder than I’ve ever heard it. I saw how packed DS was and knowing what I heard on Saturday and last year in Tokyo, I can only imagine what last night was like!

“The game was played in front of a raucous crowd of 54,846 …… ”

I saw the game on TV, cp. Like you, I’m a looooooong time Dodger fan. I think your estimate was accurate.

“54,846?” I guess that’s a lot of paid no-shows.

Andre and his opposite field hitting – just awesome!!!!!!

Nice job Russell!!!

You’re NEVER too old for school. I’ve shared classes with 60 year olds. The only boundary before you is the one in your mind (and perhaps the one in the wallet… but you can get Financial Aid/loans to help out).

Go for it! Sometimes, even going to a 2-year JC for a certificate program can help you get a job in that particular field. They even have Community Education programs where you can take the classes in a weekend or two (super-intensive, but well worth it).

Myself, one day I shall become… a Notary Public. The reason is kinda silly, growing up watching Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, I would watch the gag when someone would ask “Is there a Notary Public here?” and 20 people jumped up and frantically waved papers and stamps in the air mobbing the guy/girl/rabbit/duck/pig/etc… I always thought: I want to be one of those people! If anyone can do it, why can’t I?

Okay, on to Chico to make up a lab assignment I couldn’t finish before Spring Break. Topographic maps, should be fun! And I’m not even being sarcastic, I love maps!


Oooooo, nice outing Stults! Way to earn that job, Vargas!

Can we put Stults and Huggy and Estes and Milton out of our misery now?

Nice job on the pitching staff Ned.

Dre’s the man!!!

Nice one Huggy Bear! You have just earned a spot in our bullpen.

The BP really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprised no one has done this one… appropriately, Fastball – The Way:

When Milton [or Weaver, or Estes, or Huggy or Eric] comes in
They all start a-hacking.
He left before the third inning of play.
An quick exit after a-nother thwacking.
So what was Ned thinking
With guys that were stinking this way?
They stank up the mound,
They’re not too enthralling.
We should find them some other place to play.
But when their arms broke down
Ned came a-calling.
Its all appalling our season is falling away.
Anyone could see
The pitchers Ned got are just far too old
Went discount on us, tryin’ to strike gold.
They’ll never get faster
They’ll only get old and gray.
All that we can do in
Disbeliefs stop and stare.
Should be in a home,
But Ned really don’t care.
They wanted a payday
Ned wanted to have his way, his way
The bloggers all said
as they started bitching.
That the team should not be run this way.
Ned should be gone
With his Gnat way of doing.
Take all your stinkers and rusty old clinkers away.
Anyone could see
The pitchers Ned got are just far too bad
Ain’t got no talent, they’re really quite sad.
They’ll never get better
They’ll only get old and gray.
All that we can do in
Disbeliefs stop and stare.
Should be in a home,
But Ned really don’t care.
They wanted a payday
Ned wanted to have his way, his way
Anyone could see
The pitchers Ned got are just far too old
Went discount on us, tryin’ to strike gold.
They’ll never get faster
They’ll only get old and gray.
All that we can do in
Disbeliefs stop and stare.
Should be in a home,
But Ned really don’t care.
They wanted a payday
Ned wanted to have his way, his waaaayyyy…

©NedCo Broken Records 2009

“Take all your stinkers and rusty old clinkers away.”

I love it! Enchanted, another excellent offering! I’m pleased to announce that, fittingly, this is ITD’s 500th song! Congratulations, “It Had To Be You!”

Since there’s a counting device on my administrative side, I thought that crash’s song yesterday was it, but then I remembered that I had posted my new dog Lucy’s photo a couple of months ago and that made crash’s song #499.

Again, way to go enchanted! And congratulations to all the ITD Songwriters! Let’s go for 1000!

NUMBER 500!!!! Wow!!! Enchanted…….Congrats!!!! It should be you……….you started it. It’s only fitting. Thanks dodgereric for keeping track of it all……………………a great job yourself!!!!!!!

I know I am way late, and it appears our pitching sucks still, but I have to give a shout out to Andre and his 3 run double.


OK, let’s waste no time. Here is #501:

I think it’s a first for us; a parody of a parody. After I posted “I Love This Blog” – and especially since I’m also a NASCAR fan – I’m aware that there is a humorous parody of Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar”. A gentleman named Cledus T. Judd wrote “I Love NASCAR”, using Keith’s tune. For the interested yet uninitiated, here it is:

So here is my parody-of-a-parody:

I Love This Club

We got owners, favorite players,
Boy, that Juan Pierre’s a naysayer.
An’ we got rookies, PVLs,
Like, uh, let’s see: Schmidt, Vargas, Ausmas, Mota, Estes,
Castro, Weaver, Milton, Sturtze, Threets, and uh Mientkiewicz.
But I still have all of my old ticket stubs.
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, I love this club.

We got action, we got drama,
You can’t slam Pierre without hearin’ from his mama.
And you can put AJ’s face on a milk carton,
He’s gonna find it tough to beat out Russ Martin.
‘Cause ‘ol 55 is just difficult to sub.
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, I love this club.

I love this club, it’s my kind of team.
Just watchin’ Matt Kemp plow up a wall,
Puts the fudge on my ice cream.
No fancy grub. It’s beer and a sub.
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, I love this club.

I like Buckner, Wills and Drysdale,
Boy, wasn’t that guy a freakin’ Clydesdale?
And Mike Piazza, and Kenny Landreaux,
I’m all excited to someday see Andrew Lambo.
And Andruw Jones is still just a great big fat ol’ tub.
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, I love this club.

Hey, that was a close game there boys.
‘Bout let ‘em back into one there.”
I want to get ready for the next game,
I want you to get two big fat dogs
I need a beer in either hand and get me a couple of churros.
An’ you don’t care, hand me a pair of underwear, I have messed all in my drawers.

I like football. (I like football.)
I like my wrestlin’.
I like a good game of air hockey
I like some ping pong now an’ then.

How about you, Vinny?

I love this club, it’s hard to replace.
Just to see ol’ Sandy back on the hill,
Would put a smile on every face.
No one filled this shack quite like Koufax.
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, I love this club.

Woo, woo, woo: Gentlemen, welcome to Dodger Stadium:
I love this club.

500 is the number that gets into the Hall of Fame! And, the ITD songwriters deserve all the glory! Congratulations to all of you!

Wow!! ……a parody of a parody. That’s a first, and very fitting for 501. I think with some of these new pvls we will have alot of “new and improved” songs using songs we have already used. The material is not lacking with this group.

Way to go Eric!!! Outstanding!!!

Now a quick question for Ned:
With the outstanding everyday team you assembled, shouldn’t you have assembled a pitching staff worthy of that them?

Honestly, unless the starters revert back to the old days of averaging 7-8 innings and completing at least 1/3 of what they start, this team’s going to have to score 7-8 runs a night just to have a chance.

It’s funny because last year, we couldn’t score six runs in a series. Now we are scoring 6 runs or more a game and can’t win. Run support isn’t going to be the issue this year so why wouldn’t you get a pitching staff to support that?

What? We’re doing just fine………..

Stults 2 1/3 IP, 3 hits, 4 runs (all earned)
Vargas 1 IP, 4 hits, 4 runs (all earned)
Mazone 2/3 IP, 1 hit, 1 run (earned)

Lindblom, you’re up. Make it impossible for them to send you down!

your funny dodgereric 🙂

Hello Marlins and White Sox! Take a quick look at our speedy CF with 2 hits, an RBI and a stolen base today! Trade available for best offer! Get him while he’s hot!

…….and he just made all three outs that inning 🙂

Matt was out because of contact lens issues again – LOL!!! Matt needs to figure this thing out. We don’t need JP playing because he is having contact lens issues.

Dre on base for third time!!!!!

….another double for Mr. Andre Ethier 🙂

Even without contacts, Matt can hit better than Pile!

…if the Brewers announcers like JP so much…they can have him. Feel free boys!!! We won’t mind one bit!!!! We can get you Ned’s number.

LMTO, Nellyjune! They have been raving about him all day. We are raving too, but not for the same reason.

I am now officially concerned about the depth and quality of our staff this year.

ewk ~ join the group! lol

I keep waiting for the cream to rise to the top, but we have are floaters.

Make that ALL we have..

I forgot though, we have DisDurbin now, so we can relax.

Very disturbing throwing – it was not pitching. Didn’t matter who was out on the mound – everyone allowed at least one run. It’d be great if these so-called pitchers would be able to step it up for the season, but I have my doubts. All I know is that we’re scoring scads of runs and we’re getting beat. Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s ST, it’s ST. Repeat the mantra . . . .

I know we lost, but it sure was good seeing/hearing Andre get his swing back. That is a definite positive away from the pitching fiasco we are in right now.

diggie ~ I’m really concerned about the pitching, too! Like somebody said earlier, our starters better be able to go deep into the game or we will be in serious trouble.

Think we could use Chan-Ho back?
C Park 1 0 2.87 4 3 0 0 0 0 15.2 14 5 5 1 0 1 18

I didn’t think letting him go would be of much concern, but after watching Weaver et al., I’d even take Tomko back.
B Tomko NYY 0 1 1.46 6 1 0 0 0 0 12.1 9 2 2 1 0 1 11

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