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New Dodgers Magazine hits the stands…

For those who haven’t seen it yet (or who don’t have a subscription), the new Dodgers Magazine is out today and it features a very cool shot of Matt Kemp on the cover…if you remember the days of Bo Jackson, it’s somewhat reminiscent of that, only Matt’s shirt is on! Check it out…

Also, for those unaware at this point, Rafael Furcal is going to go on the 15-day disabled list to make sure he doesn’t aggravate his injury any further. Nick Green was recalled but is not in the lineup tonight.

And for those of you reading this and commenting on Inside the Dodgers, please know that I did not intend to ignore the comments. I try to read as many of them as I can, but I honestly hadn’t seen your concerns and I can assure you that we take the issue of fan safety more importantly than almost anything else we do. That’s not just lip service, that’s reality and I’ve been in enough meetings discussing it to assure you of this fact. And because of that, I ask those of you with concerns to email them directly to That way, they will be logged into our system and can be addressed by our Fan Services department. 

One thing I do know is that on any given night, about 99 percent of the stadium behaves well and represents the Dodgers in the manner we’ve all come to expect. But, we need to make sure that the other one percent does not ruin the experience for others and your comments do not fall on deaf ears.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Johnson, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Carroll, SS

Kershaw, P




A rough road trip

Not much more you can say that that. We didn’t pitch, hit, defend or do much of anything else all that great – it was just a rough road trip altogether. But you know what? In 2005 we started out 12-2 and everyone was talking about making World Series plans, only to see us finish 71-91. So, while none of us are okay with the way the team is playing right now, the only thing we can do is work hard to turn it around and hope that some home cooking serves the team well.

And for what it’s worth, I hope all of our fans realize that Ned Colletti was not trying to call out Matt Kemp solely in his comments yesterday on KABC. He was specifically asked about Matt’s defense and answered the questions he was asked, but his concerns were voiced about everyone involved in baseball operations, from himself on down to the players. And he reiterated those concerns today to reporters in NY.

Anyway, the homestand starts tomorrow and I’m sure you USC and UCLA fans already know that you can come support your schools at the stadium. Plus the ever-popular fleece blanket night and plenty of other fun in store over the next 10 days. Don’t let the road trip get you down…I know I’m always the optimist but it’s hardly a time for panicking. 

Talk about Curing Autism (and the rain)

It’s coming down lightly here in Arizona, so who knows what will become of the trip to Mesa today. Assuming we make the trip and play the game, the lineup will be:

Paul, LF

Carroll, SS

DeWitt, 2B

Johnson, CF

Giles, DH

Green, 3B

Ellis, C

Mitchell, 1B

Repko, RF

Kershaw, P

Meanwhile, last night Matt Kemp hosted his second annual poker event called Ante Up for Autism and it was a big success. It seems like every player in Arizona, from every team, was there, and a lot of money was raised for TACA (Talk About Curing Autism).

At my poker table were a couple huge Dodger fans, including one who is an ITD reader and we took great delight in knocking Bruce Bochy out of the tournament. In the end, I’m proud to say that I finished third at the final table, behind Chad Billingsley and a guy that had a huge stack of chips when they ended the tourney at 11 p.m. Chad’s final hand pushed him into the #2 spot which earned him a nice little trophy.

And for those Amazing Race fans out there, we even had to knock out the two professional poker players, Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho, as well as Flight Time and Big Easy, who were all there to support the great cause.

All in all, a very successful night for charity and Matt should be extremely proud of what he accomplished in support of his brother, Carlton, and every autistic child out there.

The outfield arrives and talks…

Manny Ramirez, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier all reported early today, and Manny chatted with the media a few minutes ago.

He said that he hit quite a bit this offseason to try and figure out the mechanical issues that had him a bit off during the end of last season. He also said that he expects this to be his last year at the Dodgers so he’s going to enjoy it as much as possible. His funniest line, I thought, was when he told reporters that from the waste down, he feels 15 years old but from the neck up, he feels 43.

Anyway, that’s the buzz around camp at the moment. Andre and Matt haven’t really spoken yet to the media in a group, but I know Ken Gurnick chatted with Andre when the clubhouse opened, so I’m sure stories will be on the front of the site soon.

Rule Five Draft and Holiday spirit

The meetings come to a close today and the news out of Indy is that the Nationals took Jamie Hoffmann in the Rule Five draft. Ned told the media today that he’d be comfortable with a healthy Jason Repko as the fourth or fifth outfielder and I know there are a lot of Repko fans in LA, myself included. He’s a great kid with a lot of talent and hopefully he’ll be healthy in 2010.

Back in Los Angeles today, Matt Kemp and Ramon Troncoso are attending our holiday party for local underserved youth, which is a tradition that goes back about a quarter century. I’m bummed to be missing it, as it’s always a very cool thing to see these kids’ faces light up when they might not otherwise get to experience the holidays in this fashion.

My next post will be back when I get to Los Angeles but I wouldn’t worry too much that no moves got made at the meetings. I know how much everyone loves to see their team make moves at this time of year, but in general, it was pretty quiet for many teams. But, a lot of groundwork gets laid here and acted upon in the coming weeks. The important thing to remember, as far as I’m concerned, is that we’re not re-creating a whole team. We’re trying to add a pitcher or two and perhaps a second baseman and we’ll be right back to where we were last season – competing for the division title and hopefully, taking the next step to advance past the NLCS and into the World Series. And as you recall, the second baseman and pitcher that we’re trying to replace were signed in February/March last year, so there’s still plenty of time before the Opening Day roster will be complete.


Even Bill Clinton is voting for Matt Kemp!

Ran into the former president at yesterday’s Safe at Home Golf Tournament, hosted by Joe Torre, and he told me that he’s going to vote for Matt Kemp for the Final Vote at

OK, that’s a lie. I didn’t talk to Bill Clinton. But he was there (five feet from me) at the tournament and I’m sure that had I talked to him, he would’ve had Matt’s back. Do you??? He was in third place as of yesterday (Matt, not Bill) and it’s all of you who are going to get him there, if he goes!

Meanwhile, Joe tournament was really, really cool. Gorgeous day, great golf course, and President Clinton made it a point to talk about what an incredible job that Joe has done at raising awareness for domestic abuse with his Safe at Home Foundation. While we had a great day of golf, it is important to remember why we were all there.

Almost all of our coaches were there, too, as were Tommy John, Fred McGriff, Darryl Strawberry and countless other former players. Donald Trump was there and won the long drive contest. Of course, it’s his golf course so who knows if it was legit but Joe was playing with him and said he’s a heck of a golfer. I’m gonna believe him so I don’t get fired.

Our Dodger foursome was paired with former big league player and manager Lee Mazzilli and the guy couldn’t have been more fun to play with. We had a blast and at one point, he had about a nine-foot putt that all four of us had missed it before it was his turn. He said that if he made it, the Dodgers were going to win the World Series and if he missed it, the Yankees would. Sure enough, nothing but the bottom of the cup.

Now, it’s off to Citi Field for the media madness that will ensue for Manny and Joe Torre.