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Campy, CSUN and the DDF

It was a great afternoon on the field at Dodger Stadium, as the Dodgers, the Dodgers Dream Foundation, the Campanella Family and Cal State Northridge announced a partnership to keep Roy Campanella’s legacy alive for years to come. You can read the details here but equally as cool were some of the great items we brought out from the archives, including his original wheelchair, his shin guards from Brooklyn and the contract he signed to play for the LA Dodgers just weeks before his accident.

Jamey Carroll, meanwhile, was voted the Campanella Award winner by his teammates and you can tell he was truly humbled by it. And well deserved. Turns out, he was an exercise science major at Evansville and did a lot of physical therapy studies along the way, so it couldn’t have fit together more perfectly. Photos of the event are here

And of course, Bill Plaschke wrote a column about the Campanella legacy in today’s Times. Plenty more coverage that you’ll find tomorrow, I’m sure.

It’s a bright spot in a tough week for the team but with tonight’s win, the team avoids a sweep and heads to Arizona in an hour or so.

Will post from there tomorrow.