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Inside Dodgertown…hilarious

I’m not sure how many of you guys have been watching the four-minute webisodes each day called Inside Dodgertown but our multimedia department has done an awesome job so far and yesterday’s was my favorite. Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff you don’t get to see elsewhere, including Russell Martin and Delwyn Young giving a hilarious weather report. You can see that and all the archived ones here.

The first full workout at Camelback Ranch is about an hour and a half away. Joe Torre will address the team at 9:30 and then everyone hits the fields. The fans who have been showing up here have been rewarded nicely, as there’s tons of access to autographs and opportunities to talk to the players. The first game is 11 days away…

Also, one of the coolest things about this Camelback Ranch is the minor league complex, which officially opens today for “mini-camp,” where about 40 top prospects come in for early workouts. For those who have seen that facility in Vero Beach, it was the place where guys like Maury Wills spent eight-plus years trying to reach the Majors. It was quaint and served us very well over the years, but it was probably not quite up to modern day standards. Now, the minor leaguers are in an unbelievable facility that will only help their development into the future Dodgers you’ll watch at Dodger Stadium.

Back to work now for the rest of us…long day ahead.

Who's coming with me?

Sitting at LAX, ready to head to Camelback Ranch – Glendale. Hard to believe it’s here, but I can’t wait to see the place. It’s changed dramatically since I was there in November.

Be sure to keep checking back regularly for updates as well as watching the Inside Dodgertown webisodes that are on dodgers.com (if you’ve disabled autoplay on your home page, you have to make sure to click on it to watch them). The video group from the Dodgers has been doing some great work on a daily basis and there will be new video from Arizona daily.

Meanwhile, if I hadn’t booked my flight a month ago, I would have hopped on the Lasorda bus, which departed from Dodger Stadium this morning at 10 a.m. They’ve got to be closing in on Arizona by now even with their stop for six-dollar burgers at Carl’s Jr. and a gas fill-up at 76 (got to plug our sponsors, right?). I can only imagine the stories being told on that bus but keep an eye out for updates on KABC from Josh Suchon all day long; a story on dodgers.com from Rhett Bollinger, who is riding along; reports on KCAL with Gary Miller; and a column by the Daily News’ Ramona Shelburne. I’m sure Tommy will post a blog about the trip, too.

Tomorrow there will be tons of coverage from Arizona, as Joe Torre will meet with the media around 2 p.m. and Inside Dodgertown is hoping to catch with him first thing in the morning before the entire baseball operations staff sits down together for the first time this spring.