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Quick turnaround

Interesting game last night…certainly not enough offense but obviously there was a little fracas in the eighth as frustration boiled over from Matt. He certainly sounded remorseful after the fact, as that’s never the way you want things to turn out, but in this case, it obviously happened and we’ll have to await word from the league office on the ramifications.

There are plenty of people who are of the school of thought that a fight of this nature can often create team unity and get the team fired up. I know that in 2002, Jeff Kent credited his dugout dust-up with Barry Bonds as the turning point in the season that saw them eventually reach the World Series.

Who knows if it’s a real effect or a perceived one or how it will affect the team today and down the road, but it’s certainly made for good fodder on DodgerTalk, message boards and this blog. In any event, here’s today’s lineup for the afternoon matinee. 

Pierre LF

Kemp CF

Ethier RF

Martin C

Loney 1B

DeWitt 3B

Maza 2B


Kershaw LHP