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Apparently, LA needs some air conditioning…

From all we hear, it’s about 115 degrees back home in Los Angeles, which seems unfathomable for the last few days in September. Here in Denver, it’s a nice 75 degrees but I’d bet if we check back with them in a few months, they’ll be wishing they had the sun and not the snow.

Not a whole lot to report from Denver…and clearly not a ton to report from Arizona, either. It dawned on me that part of why I’ve posted less regularly this season is the growing volume of great Dodger blogs that are out there right now for everyone to read.

When we started this blog five seasons ago, I’m pretty sure there were only a few blogs that were widely read that covered the Dodgers on a daily basis. Now, it becomes harder and harder to come up with unique content on top of all the great work that already gets done at dodgers.com through Ken Gurnick and his colleagues, as well as through all your sites.

So, for 2011 (and what’s left of 2010) we’ll try to come up with a fresh twist on the ITD blog. Not exactly sure what that will be, but we’re certainly up for suggestions. Posting lineups doesn’t make much sense anymore, nor does the “news.” By the time we get to sit and post something, it’s already spread around the Internet so fast that all we’re doing is recapping what you already know.

In the meantime, keep checking back regularly…we’ll keep trying to come up with fun things to post while we figure out the best way to communicate with an ever-growing fan base online.