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A savvy post

For those who haven’t had a chance to read the original Dodger blogger over at Baseball Savvy, check out his great post  from last night on a topic more important than Cactus League action.

Many of us in the front office often say that the best part of this job is the ability to really have an affect on other people – both through the day-to-day interactions at the ballpark and the special circumstances like Christopher Ramirez earlier this spring.

Well, as Baseball Savvy points out, it’s not just those in the front office with a chance to make an impact…and congrats to the site on its 10th anniversary of “covering” the Dodgers.


We talk a lot in the Dodger organization about community and giving back, but it’s really cool to see that our players buy into the concept. MLB just announced that the Dodgers are the winners of the 2010 Bobby Murcer award, which goes to the team whose players donate the most money to the Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.). That organization makes the rounds each spring to ask players to donate for the members of the baseball family who are in need and they have come through every time we’ve turned to them for help.

Players from across baseball donated nearly $2 million to the cause and we’re very proud to see our team step up for those in need.