How quickly they grow up!

Tonight is the first chance for Dodger fans to see 21-year-old Nathan Eovaldi pitch at home, following his first big league victory this week in Arizona. Fittingly, it comes on the same day that the Dodgers signed their first-round pick, Chris Reed, out of Stanford University.

It’s amazing how quickly these things happen. Nathan signed just three short years ago in 2008 and already he’s here and having an impact. Dee Gordon, selected just seven rounds ahead of Eovaldi, is also making his mark in the big leagues already. And then there’s Clayton Kershaw, who is already an All-Star and Cy Young candidate at age 23.

We meet many of these kids on their first visits to Dodger Stadium shortly after they sign, and it’s really cool to watch them progress through the minors. I can still remember Chad Billingsley showing up here in 2003, wide-eyed and ready to start a pro career and he’s already been in the big leagues now for six seasons.

Of course, some of our youngest players are here now because of injuries or other circumstances, but it’s still incredible to see how quickly they turn into Major League players. That obviously comes with hard work from the player development staff, which is responsible for getting them ready once the scouts go out and identify their talent level as amateurs.

It’s a unique process that you don’t really see in football or basketball because there aren’t really minor leagues the way we have it. But for those who see Chris Reed at tonight’s game, be sure to track his progress through the minors. Hopefully he’ll get here as quickly as some of his recent fellow draftees.


Other circumstances, you mean like having a low life piece of crap for an owner that can’t afford to run the team properly. That’s the other circumstances that you mention? Or is it having an incompetent management staff that can’t evaluate real talent and keeps signing old guys past their primes?

Didn’t want you to feel too loney here all by yourself, dodgerdawg.
I certainly agree with your assessment of the incompetent and stinking ownership and management. Let’s see what kind of attendance impact the BOYCOTT can have this weekend.

** I meant “lonely” of course. Must have had James on my mind when I wrote the above.

I get it bear, I get it. 🙂 See you on the outside. 🙂

Hi Everybody,
Get a load of that Astro lineup featuring names like,J.B. Shuck, Jose Altuve, J.D. Martinez, Jimmy Paredes. must be just out of kindergarden (lol)

It’s amazing how well the pitchers dominate the hitters. What a contest. Sort of looked like the battle of the feeblest.
But we showed them.
10 more wins and we avoid the monsterous 3 digit losses.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

Hello Joe/OBF,
If you are still up, come say hello to the ITD posters at You are featured in this post. There is also a link to the ITD Tour photos from June 2009.

Congrats to Nathan and Chris Reed!!
Having the youngsters coming up soon isn’t because they are such excellent players as much as Ned has done a horrible job with off season moves & Conte just failing in all areas from diagnosing injuries, reading players physicals from potential free agents, and rehab treatments.
I’m sure they are good players with tons of potential but they are being fast tracked due to the state of the big club.
They are playing well thus far tonight and it’s nice to see them putting some pressure on the D by bunting and getting runners over and in.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference” – Elie Wiesel.

I’m at the game enjoy the game from section RE11…let’s go DODERS v

Well, Josh how is it going to feel not only having the lowest quality ownership but also one of the lowest rated blog sites in MLB?

Hey Y’all….
I haven’t been around much, but not much has changed in my love for the blue!
Is Frank still around or has he grown up and moved out?
Have a great day everyone…

Hey D4. How’ve ya been? Good to see you. Most of the gang is over at this new site. I hope to see you there. I think you will enjoy it.

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