Kershaw and Cupcakes

A couple years ago, during the postseason, we had a local bakery called Dots (started by a former Dodger employee) and Mrs. Beasley’s, provide themed cupcakes for the media in the press box and that was when I really realized what an insane craze this had become.

Well, the madness continues tonight as The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars airs a Dodger-themed show they taped a couple months ago, partially at the Stadium. Lee Lacy is a guest judge and the winner got to provide cupcakes to the Dugout Club and man, do these bakers take this stuff seriously.

I’m assuming most of you will be watching Kershaw take on the Rockies tonight as the team goes for four in a row and eight of the last nine home games, so if you’re either at the game or watching it on TV, you should DVR the show. Even if you’re not a food-show fan, this one kind of sucks you in…and makes you hungry.

And for those who are coming down, be sure to come early and snag your Fernandomania bobblehead. He’s the first Dodger to be honored with three bobbleheads since we started giving them away in ’01. Here’s a list of all those that have been distributed over the years.


    • JhallWally

      Hi’Ya Dad and Trumom. Thanks for the attendance updates.
      Well, since we have a bankrupt owner and a brainless GM, I have a bad feeling that this trade deadline will be more of a salary dump than actually trying to build something for the future. If we don’t eat some of Kurodas remaining salary(includes incentive to waive no trade clause and deferred payment), we will not get much in the way of prospects. Thats how we lost Carlos Santana if you recall. We didn’t want to pay the rest of Blakes contract, so we threw in Santana. Cleveland sure got the better of that deal.
      Now, on the other hand, if we can dump Uribe, Lilly, and Grrrrear, it won’t matter if we get anything in return. It will be addition by subtraction with those guys. We will just be better off in the long run with them gone.

  1. Collie

    Go Blue!!
    I wonder if Arizona would be interested in Ferk seeing as they lost Drew for the season.
    Sure seems to be a slow trade market this year. Hopefully Ned will be able to make a decent trade for more than the cupcakes Eric suggested…
    Eric… SHHHHHHH. Don’t give him any ideas. You know Uribe would love that move!

  2. Frank McCourt

    Ned darlin’, it’s time to pay the Giants back for all the help they’ve given us lately. Send Kuroda packing to them immediately. But I want them to pay the balance of his contract. I haven’t got $226, let alone $2.26 million. Give them that Robinson kid if they’ll pick up the tab. I’m tired of hearing his name. He’ll probably only be another Kemp nightmare eventually.

  3. Emma

    Thanks Josh! Just called home so that the cupcake show is taped. I already had scheduled the Kershaw game to be taped as I do all of Kershaw’s games.
    I am meeting some fans from twitter tonight.
    Go Kerhsaw! Go Dodgers! It is more fun when we win.

  4. lbirken

    Josh, thanks for the new thread. At least you are talking about real cupcakes rather than the kind we usually discuss around here.

  5. Mm

    How did they get that logo on the cupcakes..I tried doing it by hand for my sons b-day last year…they didn’t turn out so hot!

  6. kpookiemon

    Love the Gnats getting Beltran. They gave up a potential future ace pitcher for a two-month rental. And even if he re-signs with Gnats, he’s an aging slugger who’s on the downhill side of his career. And it’s not like the Boys in Blue are poised to make a run anytime soon. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Ned worked with Sabean on this one…just the kind of deal Ned loves: the future swapped for a PVL.

  7. messagebear

    Ned would, of course, do Sabean one better by putting up another good prospect so that the Mets would pay Beltran’s salary for the rest of the season – or is that Frank I’m thinking of.

  8. Nellyjune

    Kenley Jansen was hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat today. He is staying overnight for observation. Take care Kenley!!! We need you back!!

  9. ThinkingBlue

    Thanks for the post Josh…. Did not watch the cupcake show. I wish I had read this earlier since I love to watch anything Decor shows (cakes, homes, cupcakes…etc). I did get my Valenzuela bobblehead. The kids had a blast at the game on Tuesday night. Too bad we couldn’t sweep…I’m just wondering if there is someone that owns all those bobblehead….great collection if they do. I have about 10 of them but that’s it!LET’S GO DODGERS!

    • lbirken

      I know I don’t have all the bobbleheads but I have most of them. Some weeks ago Josh posted a list of all the bobbleheads the Dodgers have given out and I need to compare that list to my collection.

  10. dodgerdawg32

    The Dodgers are in Frankruptcy and the team is barely competitive, the trading deadline is approaching and you’re writing about cup frigging cakes? This is exactly one of the things wrong with this franchise since that douche bag Franckrupt bought the team, everything is fluff, smoke and mirrors, that is except for him raising prices and pocketing most of the money.

  11. ThinkingBlue

    TED LILLY just like BROXTON makes me want to turn off the TV when he comes up to pitch….NEW PITCHER PLEASE!

  12. messagebear

    Dodgers are apparently talking with the Cards about Furcal, which sounds OK to me, other than if Ned is inclined to bring Theriot back. That would be Ned’s style.

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