Huge weekend in San Fran

Seems as though I’m often apologizing these days for the infrequent posts on Inside the Dodgers so here goes another one. I hope that many of you are also keeping up on Facebook and Twitter, which is where I’ve focused much of the team’s attention when it comes to social media. The die-hards on this blog deserve more regular content from us – there’s no doubt about that, and in that regard, I’ve been downright awful this season.  I’ll keep trying to come up with unique content for this blog, as opposed to what we post elsewhere, and I appreciate everyone’s patience. I still do read the comments (good and bad) and take them to heart.

Of course, this weekend is about as big as they come for the 2011 Dodgers. A sweep would give incredible momentum and move us back within 10 games which at this point, is imperative. Time is running out but it’s never too late to make a run at it and as we’ve all seen, crazy things happen in this game all the time. I’ve got to keep believing that we can pull this off…

Thanks again for everyone’s patience.


  1. mlblogsnellyjune

    It’s imperative to this household that the Dodgers at least take the series. I am tired enough hearing Krud and Krap on a daily basis, but these Dodgers/gnat games are just no fun for me to watch. So, the faster this series comes and goes the better. Thanks for the new thread Josh!

    • trublu4ever

      Especially since the Dodgers’ broadcast will probably be blacked out here….so, we will be stuck with Krud & Krap. Please Dodgers….win these games…..I don’t want to hear them say: “Outta here”!

  2. scottinarcadia

    Dream on Josh. This team isn’t going anywhere this season and sweeping the Giants would only make Ned trade away more young players for old crap. Of course I root for the Dodgers to beat the Gnats, but momentum? Momentum would be for the bankruptcy judge to rule in favor of the MLB loan on Wednesday.

  3. messagebear

    I’m sorry for what you’ll have to go through, NellyJune with your family, but I’m all for the series win going the other way this weekend. Our standings can’t sink fast enough for me this season, just so Ned doesn’t go out and try to do something rash. I hope that the bankruptcy judge sinks Frank’s chances as well this week.
    F ALL THE SCUMBAGS wherever you are in the front office!

  4. ThinkingBlue

    WOW…well I don’t blame you Josh, thanks for the new post. I know it is hard to stay positive at times like this and sometimes saying NOTHING is better. I UNDERSTAND! Also it must be hard for you reading some of the comments we post here specially when they are directed to you. But hey that is the purpose of the blog…so that we the fans can say anything we want, like it or not. I just hope that this whole nightmare is over soon. I just wish FRANK McCourt to be gone far far away and have NO connection with the Dodgers, the stadium, L.A., California or even MLB….FUCK FRANK and this huge black cloud he brought over us. BUT I don hope the Dodgers kick the Giants ass…fuck them too!

  5. northstateblues

    Interesting that the people most vehement about the boycott and the Giants winning the series are people who wouldn’t be going to Dodger games anyway, and haven’t gone since the Lakers played in the Forum and Anaheim looked like Skid Row.

    Easy to talk big when the only thing you’re really affected by is newspaper headlines.

    Just like how, once the Times required commentors to log in via facebook, to have the stones to put their own name to their opinion, the quality of comments, both positive and negative, vastly improved.

    I don’t like Frank McCourt either, but I will not resort to rooting for the Giants just to spite some guy who probably couldn’t spell the last names of the Dodger’s players with retired numbers from memory (if you doubt me, look at his court documents.)

    It’s a difficult situation Dodger fans are in, but I can’t see voluntarily making Frank McCourt so much bigger than a 126 year old franchise that it’d cause me to root for the Giants to beat L.A.

    In that case, why even bother connecting yourself to the team as a Dodger fan? Just put up the white flag and surrender.

    But that isn’t me. The Dodgers will ALWAYS be bigger than Frank McCourt to this fan.

    Take back the Dodgers.

  6. lbirken

    Josh, thanks for thinking of the ITD diehards as you call them but there seems to be fewer and fewer of us and that makes me a bit sad. Not that most of us probably have better things to do with our time (like be on Facebook and Twitter?) but I used to look forward to logging on to ITD every day to see what people were saying even if some of that was negative. The discussions were lively, funny and insightful and there were participants from far and wide. Now the participants have dwindled, perhaps moving toward the other social media sites or most likely just felt the time not worth it. If we are so demoralized I can’t help but wonder how it must be like to work for an organization that has alienated much of its fan base and for an owner who is so selfish and self absorbed he can’t see (or refuses to see) what damage he has done and continues to do. Who could ever imagine Dodger fans wanting their team to lose to the Giants, regardless of the standings? Never happened under any other owner so once again Frank has something else upon which to hang his hat.

    Each to his or her own but I will never root for the Dodgers to lose. If the Dodgers can make things difficult for the Giants or any other team, so be it. There are 162 games on the schedule and I expect the players to give enough effort to try to win every game.

    Nelly, it can’t be easy living with Giants fans these days but their team is getting the job done. Too bad the fans just can’t enjoy the ride and take their wins graciously. And too bad their announcers do not have the class the Dodgers announcers have in not over reacting when the Dodgers win even if it is against the Giants.

    • mlblogsnellyjune

      lbirken – I always look forward to what you have to say. Your two cents is always worth logging in for. Yep, the gnats are getting it done where the Dodgers certainly aren’t. And to be honest, my hubby understands what our fans are going through, but he still wants his team to win. And their announcers are so childish. You would never hear Vin (or any other Dodger announcer) say “Grab some pine meat!” after an opposing team member strikes out or on tv white out fans from the opposing team. My hubby actually prefers to listen to Vin because he learns more fun info about his players than he does from his own announcers because they are too busy talking about the fans. I am with the Dodgers thru the good, the bad, the ugly and the grotesque (being Frank). If I could be at AT&T Park, I would be, but we are just too busy each weekend with Michael’s summer ball and getting him set up for college.

      • lbirken

        Perhaps this comes from a history of underachieving. With the way things are going for the Dodgers we may get to see how that feels.

  7. Emma

    No matter what, I cannot root for the hated Jints so go Dodgers! beat the Jints! If only for pride.
    NSB! Great post! You have a way with words that I admire!
    I know how difficult it is to maintain a blog. I had one post in July. I really want to do more but work and other commitments have slowed me down. Although my blog did come in at #16 in the Fan blog! I have restrictions now on space storage with the new format. Need to ask Mark a couple of things too about this new format.

  8. mlblogsnellyjune

    Plus, somebody has to start a losing streak for the gnats. The Dodgers can start and let a few other teams after us keep it going. We (the Nor-Cal Dodger fans) need to get rid of these bandwagon gnat fans who think they know it all. At least my hubby and son have been gnat fans long before they became a good team.

  9. Big Blue 15

    we need another big bat behind KEMP…yo NED get to work..
    we’ll hold car washes or something to make sure they get paid and make payroll!

  10. Collie

    Happy Birthday Shad!! I hope you had a great day and have an awesome year!!
    Josh — thanks for the new thread. I hope you enjoy your stay here in the Bay. Lot’s of great food in the area so enjoy the grub while you’re here. That is unless Frank is only giving meal money that will cover the dollar menu at Wendy’s.
    As far as rooting for the Giants are concerned — NO FREAKIN WAY!!!
    It won’t hurt as much if they don’t win these games as it would of a few years ago but there is no way I could root for the Giants, unless I was on the payroll!
    I’m planning on being there tomorrow to try and get a few autographs. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably be getting yelled at a bit but that’s okay because I’m a Dodgers fan and no matter what am happy that I don’t have to root for the Giants.

  11. northstateblues

    When Dre got putout with that grounder along 1st in the top of the fourth, I rewound it on my DVR to see how close it was, thinking it bounced foul before it passed 1B. By the time I noticed I had done it the seventh time, I stopped and realized that I was basically doing a Kruk-and-Kuip impression.

    Since that point, the Giants broadcast has shown no fewer than 30 replays within the last 1 1/3 innings.

    Smoke and mirrors.

  12. Josh Baker

    Momentum???? We have no chance of winning when we can’t score more than 3 runs a game. This Dodger team is PATHETIC! I blame FRANK & NED!


  13. Collie

    Josh — can we now start being honest on here? This team has no leadership and needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom. We all new this was the case last October. I’m not talking of the players but of the ownership and front office. I will be very happy when Frank and Ned are gone. As well as some of the coaches. Honestly it seems as if this team really continues to have extremely poor AB’s when they are in scoring position. This isn’t anything new but is even worse now than ever. This is so painful to watch every night. I will always pull for the Blue but I sure am pulling for your boss to get wacked by MLB and will be popping the cork when that happens.

  14. Collie

    Come on now Josh Barker — this is where we make our move!! It’s so obvious this team is gelling right now! Everything is great with this team! The owner is a Saint and the GM is brilliant!! The stadium is a great place to come and there are all these happy people who are there and encouraging one another to cheer for their team no matter what uni they wear. The important thing is that everybody has a fun time!

  15. mlblogsnellyjune

    We can’t compare ourselves to the Pirates (they are in first place) anymore because Frank is doing a good job of making us the worst organization in baseball. Frank is setting the example of what not to do to a ballclub.

  16. Collie

    Nelly — You’re forgetting… it’s not Frank or Neds fault. The team is the same team that they would of built anyway and it’s just the players aren’t executing.
    Everything is wonderful here! They just need to win a couple of games then they’ll only be… oh… 11 games out.
    I guess they are lame. I guess the GM didn’t do a good job building this team. I guess the owner is a greedy little lying snake that’s delusional.
    Sorry just being honest. They’ve scored 3 runs in the last 3 games.

  17. kpookiemon

    As disappointing as the Dodgers have been this season, ITD has been equally disappointing. Save for a few voices of reason, is there NOTHING to say besides Frank is a f**ked up a**hole or let’s flee the blog? Can’t wait for better days. Until then, GO DODGERS…as futile as it all seems right now!

  18. mlblogsnellyjune

    We (the fans) have to love the players no matter how bad it gets. We are all they have. Frank could care less about them, or he would have done what’s right and sold the team. Ned blames the players for being exactly what he went out and got. I have no idea why any of the pitching staff is still here. I am giving Mattingly a break for the most part because he was dealt this team and was pretty much told by Frank “Make the best of it!”, while saying “by the way I plan on bringing the whole Dodgers Organization down to its knees, but don’t let it affect the play on the field” I am bleeding blue more so than ever right now because we (the fans) are all they have left. Their owner has left the team to fend for themselves.

  19. Collie

    Khali — Agreed — but the problem is what else is there to say? This team is so bad in most areas and never improve or seem to grow. Uribe is still up there hacking away like he’s splitting wood as is Rod. I pull for James and really like him as I do most of the players but he bats like he’s Juan Pierre. He shouldn’t be a slap hitter. Every time we have RISP with less than 2 outs no one shortens their swings (Other than Loney) and try to hit the ball out. It will be great when we can have pride in what we love so much. I was talking to my mom tonight and she was saying I should just get another hobby. Hard to do when baseball is in your blood.
    Nelly — Yup — the owner bounced 2 years ago when they announced they were divorcing. He wasn’t man enough to face up to what was happening to the team.

  20. dodgereric

    I’m one of the ones “guilty” of rooting for the Dodgers to lose. At some point this past winter/spring, I posted that I wanted the Dodgers to finish 42-120 or something like that. Whatever it would have been had they won every game against the Giants, Padres and Angels and lost to everyone else. But now I find myself being, what? Happy is not the right word.
    My desire to see the owner driven from the Dodgers is overwhelming, like many of us. And although the most likely instrument of that continues to be the courts at this point, I personally still feel that the constant empty seats attract attention that cannot hurt our side.
    All season long, every Dodger loss has not been an emotional downer for the first time in my life. I still get a thrill when Kemp launches one deep and Kersh fools another one with that Public Enemy #1. But, as I said, “happy” isn’t the right word for what I feel when seeing the ninth come and go and the other team celebrates. Satisfying? No. Not really. Perhaps it’s hoping that this loss could be one more nail in McCourt’s coffin.
    I’m looking forward to the day when this hell ends. I’m looking forward to the day when we’re all just talkin’ baseball. I’m looking forward to the day when I can treat my family to a day in my old home-away-from-home. It can’t come soon enough. But until then, I will not be upset when we lose. To anyone.
    FYI – I finally got DodgerLyrics up and running again. To say that the tech assistance from WordPress is sporadic is an understatement, but they finally got me fixed. I had been saving the songs on a Word document and posted them all tonight. If I missed one of yours, please let me know and I’ll be happy to correct the sleight. To all of you who got their comment(s) “moderated”, I think I’ve fixed them all.
    Sell the team, you jackass.

  21. Collie

    Preach it E!! Exactly how I feel. In the past I would be so bummed about the loss tonight but I’m actually not all that upset because I like you hope it’s another nail. Perfect way to put it. Which then makes me angry that the McCourts have made me feel this way. Then we’re told all is hunky dori… Sometimes reality stinks and hurts but sometimes you have to be real with the situation. I do have my faith, family, and health for the most part so I can’t complain. But it sure would make things more enjoyable to have an owner who is quality on the inside — has character, as well as wants to win.

  22. messagebear

    Only thing we can hope is that Frank is forced to sell the team soon.
    Not that it matters, but what is the general opinion of Donnie’s management of the team that Ned got him? Is he over his head as a manager, or is he as lousy as the team he’s got to manage?

    • trublu4ever

      I think it’s a little of both Bear. As bad a team as we are, I don’t know if Donny has the ability to rally the troops.

      • ThinkingBlue

        Donny can’t but the fans can! The roar of fans, the cheers of the fans always helps! But it is not there!

  23. ThinkingBlue

    Frank will get what he deserves. We all hate him but I love the Dodgers more. Fuck Frank. When I go to Dodger Stadium, I don’t go for Frank, I go for my boys in blue….and Ethier…LOL. I go so that my kids get to experience Dodger Games LIVE and have great memories! My son loves the Dodgers with passion. And no matter what, no matter who runs it, not matter who is playing, win or loose, we root for the Dodgers. I just don’t want my son to think that because the team (or anything one else) is going through a tough time, you abandoned them.
    Maybe the one of the reasons why the team is not doing as great is because the fans aren’t there. (Well Frank is a big reason but it all adds up). I guess to me the damage is done. All there is to know about Frank is out. And I have faith that he will be out of MLB, the stadium and L.A. The fans are speaking out and Frank knows what crowd he is up against now. FRANK is slowly sinking this team down and I don’t want to help him. I don’t want things to get worst for the Dodgers (for Frank yeah, but not for the Dodgers). I don’t want for this team to get more desperate for $$$$ and there goes Ethier….sniff sniff… LET’S GO DODGERS!
    Last nights game was a tough game to watch….but we get another chance tonight….LET’S GO DODGERS!

  24. koufax1963

    Hey I am not posting here as often because their is nothing new to comment on, as said previously by many, all that is stated is “need a new owner, GM, MGR, etc insert player”, its all rhetoric, and I have my own useless opinons. And why would I want to go to “OTD” to hear the same, but I will to go see for myself, because I won’t judge unless I have been there.
    I haven’t liked the trend with the Dodgers since 97, for obvious reasons, but I will not disparage the Franchise. So Josh, get real, “huge weekend” (its M,T,W games) “momentum” please save that word for something meaningful, The dodgers on the field are full of entropy. Last nights game just maginified what is right with the giants and what is wrong with the
    dodgers. The giants are loose. Mattingly stated it, “Giants act as if they are going to win” Tony Jackson article today, emphasized how irrelevant the 2011 dodgers are, but darn it; they are my dodgers no matter how the names and numbers change, and when something of interest like Mc Court going down or colletti being ousted, then I will cheer with the rest of you. Until then, I wonder, how deep is this rabbit hole and why is Jamie being so quiet after the bankruptsy filing? and hope the dodgers can beat the gnats tonight and Wed, and yes I’m prepared if Kid K can’t salvage a W.

  25. GM Ned Colletti

    I guess I have to make a trade, just to make a trade. I’ll try and bring in another old guy, so the fans will still show up. I wonder if I could get Dotel again? Oh well time to trim the stache.

  26. grizzy

    Looks like the little streak just before the break was a sucker hole. I didn’t really think we’d win anything,,just held out hope for respectability. Oh Well. Helluva situation when the best news you can hope for might come out of bankruptcy court. The team has turned to crap for many reasons, but it’s still my crap. Nothing to do but hold out for better times. I’m going over to Colorado this weekend and I’ll be wearing my Blue.
    Sell, Ned. And you probably ought to be looking around for a new situation.

  27. koufax1963

    And Kid K did get it done, WOW! Splash, and that held up! Hey its the only high spot of the series, until court is over , I wait patiently…..for new ownership. I said it.
    and I did like the banter on OTD, campy for catcher!

  28. cpompe1

    Well, I’ve stayed away so long from ITD that I see that many have moved to the other site. I’ll stay here. Why have I stayed away from ITD so long? Well yes, I have been busy. But that would be the ultimate cop-out if I left it just at that. During this entire debacle of Frank McCourt this, Frank McCourt that, I’m just tired of reading the same regurgitated posts all day, every day. I understand the sentiment; I really do. I feel much the same way as others (less the colorful language). And yes, the Dodgers are not playing well this year, but bottom line, this is still a Dodger blog. A blog to talk Dodgers – good, bad, or indifferent. I miss that. But I have read from time to time. Many of you know this, but I can’t stay away from Dodger Stadium and I never will be able to. I’m too much of a Dodger fan to let anyone (any other fan, the team’s management, etc) keep me from going. But if you want to stay away, then fine. I won’t try to convince you to come and support the team if you don’t try to convince me not to.

    So getting off my soap box and say something that is directly team related, well here I go. I am quite sure that it’s not the easiest thing to do, but Ned has to realize that he has to be a seller and go out and get some good young players to replenish our farm system. You ask me who do I think should we keep? Well, I’ll give you a run down on who we should keep and why.

    Clayton Kershaw: Well, duh. Enough said.

    Rubby De La Rosa: Yes, he’s a keeper. I’ve heard it before and I’ve seen him pitch. He is the right-handed version of Clayton Kershaw. He’s scuffling a bit right now, but remember he’s a rookie. Remember when Clayton was a rookie? We all saw his talent pouring out of his veins, but he scuffled a bit too early on. I predict that Rubby will be as good as Clayton is now. Just be patient.

    Matt Kemp: Well, duh. Enough said.

    Andre Ethier: Well, duh. I know there has been talk of dealing Andre and we would be able to get a king’s ransom back for him. But remember, we’re talking about Ned being able to get quality players back for him. I don’t think Ned could do that if, well, I don’t think Ned would be able to do that. Just because Andre’s power numbers are down this year, are we really being so short-sighted as to not remember what he has meant to us the last few years he’s been playing regularly? No, keep Andre.

    Tony Gwynn: Okay, everyone who is raising their eyebrows can relax them before you start getting headaches. (I couldn’t think of a better line than that). Why do I say Tony Gwynn? Well, we all know his defense is out of sight and he’s faster than heck on the base paths. His problem has been hitting to get on base. And we all know that lefties were always tougher on him than righties are. But the last month or so, he is not only hitting better overall, but he is hitting lefties a lot better and not just dunkers into left field. He’s hitting with a little more authority. I say give him the starting LF job and get some vet to back him up. I think if Tony gets more consistent playing time, he’ll only get better. That’s why I want to keep him.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love Jamey Carroll and Aaron Miles has been a pleasant surprise this year, but at this point, deal them to contending teams to help them the rest of the year. If we really want them back for next year, well go after them in the FA market. But they’ll help some team get to the playoffs.

    Oh, and the other topic that some of you were wondering about. No, I would NEVER EVER EVER want the Giants to beat the Dodgers. No way, no how. And Kahli, you were saying that ITD has been just as disappointing as the Dodgers have been this season. Honestly, I say if others want to go onto that other site and post their colorful language posts there, then fine. Maybe we can keep ITD to just talk about the team we love and what we would do if we could be GM for a day. I know, a pipe dream, but a girl can dream, can’t she???

    • 32and53fan

      Hi Carol,
      Nice to see you again. I started the other blog because people here started going back five or six years to find a lightly used thread after several days of no new threads here. Josh has admitted that he is spending most of his time marketing the Dodgers on Facebook and Twitter. That is the purpose of ITD from the Dodgers standpoint.
      Most of the posts here have nothing at all to do with whatever Josh posts. It is just the place that we fans used to chat amongst ourselves. The OTD blogs serves the same purpose but operates much better. Besides having line spaces that work like one intends, one can also post photos inline.
      The OTD blog was made for us. Nobody is selling anything there. It is a true fan site. I have given everyone “author” status which means that anyone can submit a new thread. I don’t know how it will work out, it could be abused by some people. But it is worth a try. So far it is working out fine.
      I am not a big fan of “colorful language” but there was plenty of it on this blog. Most of the posts have been polite on OTD. The current ownership situation has fanned the flames of fans emotions this year.
      As I mentioned on one of my posts, most of us visit many Dodger web sites for information then come to a convenient place to talk about the game and visit with each other. OTD is no different than ITD in that regard. It just works better.
      You are welcome to come join the conversation.

  29. cpompe1

    And if anyone can tell me how to get the paragraphs to appear as separate paragrapbs again, I’d appreciate it. Sorry for the appearance of my last post…

    • 32and53fan

      The paragraphs work correctly on the Outside the Dodgers blog. To get a semblance of line spaces on ITD, most people just put a . between lines.

  30. cpompe1

    And some of you may be saying, “Well Carol, what about Jerry Sands?” I haven’t forgotten Jerry Sands. I like the kid; I really do. I still don’t think that James Loney is long for the starting 1B job, so I say stick Jerry there…

    • Nellyjune

      Hi CP!!! I have been posting on both sites, but I am also one of the ones on Twitter and FB who follows the Dodgers and some of the players, some other teams and their players and our writers (Dylan Hernandez, Bill Saikin, and Tony Jackson) and our other Dodger media (Dodger Thoughts, TrueBlue LA, and MSTI). However, this (and now OTD) are my favorite spots through the good and the bad. It’s like family here and Its hard to give up.
      As for your thoughts on who should be traded, I agree with you 100%. However, last night there was a comment made on FB in response to another comment about Andre’s overall performance being down, and he appears to be burned out. The response was that Andre may feel trapped. That he is passionate not only about his performance, but the team as well, and he is just trying too hard to do everything. And the fact that nothing seems to work has just in some ways burned him out. And we all know, unlike Matt and James, he just can’t let it go. He’s done a great job so far of restraining his frustration on the field, but knowing how frustrated he can become, all this off-field drama can’t be good for somebody who wants everything to be perfect. I have no doubts Andre wants to stay with the Dodgers, but only if it has a somewhat happy ending in the future. And right now, Frank is making that impossible. So I would completely understand if Andre is “thinking” “I’ve had enough”. My hope/wish is that they (not sure who that would be) take Matt, Andre and Kersh into a room and say “You are worth building a team around and here’s the plan…….” Just my thoughts on our favorite player.

  31. kpookiemon

    cp, I won’t desert ITD, either. But I understand the horribly bad vibe all around. This blog has been somewhat neglected by Josh, and when he does post a new thread, what can he really say? Everyone wants him to speak out against the regime. Sure, right. Easy for someone not banking Dodger checks to say. When was the last time anyone in here walked into their boss’ office and ripped him a new one?
    As for the team, Ned should have been fired yesterday, but that’s regurgitated crud, as well. The best any of us can do is hold on and wait for Frank’s dismissal. He has so agitated MLB they’ll find a way to oust him–hopefully sooner than later. And here’s more fuel for that eventuality:
    “…the team appeared to lose goodwill with the U.S. Trustee, a Department of Justice official who oversees bankruptcy cases, over accusations the team did not fully disclose fees in its Highbridge loan proposal.

    ‘I feel lied to,’ said an attorney from the Trustee’s office. ‘For a case to start that way. We have to question if the entire case is going to be tainted.'”
    bear, you have a point. Maybe Tommy can pull them aside…….??!??!?!?!?

    • trublu4ever

      I haven’t abandoned ITD either. I think it’s fun to do both. I will still come here to tell Josh I think Frank is a piece of crap and Ned is undoubtedly the worst GM ever!

  32. northstateblues

    I’m not deserting ITD. been here too long.

    The same note has been played for many years now, but it’s hard to dispute when Frank bends over backwards to prove his detractors right.

    I’m just tired of the song, maybe it’s time for a new album. Picked up Tower of Power’s self titled album yesterday for $5, maybe that’ll work.

    At any rate, this drama is chock full o’ people who can’t say what they’d like. People whose livelihoods depend on the Dodgers as Frank runs the once-good name into the ground. In Imaginary-Cukoo-Land, we can all be the Breakfast Club, tell off our bosses, tell the people how the corporations we work for are ripping you off, and still have a way to make a living. I don’t live in Imaginary-Cuckoo-Land, though, and chances are you don’t either, but they keep being loud, maybe thinking that the louder they get, the righter they are…. but my money’s on that theory being horses hit.

    It’s quieter here, but after the same song being played for years in a place that once had as many different opinions as there are freeways in the L.A. area, silence is golden.

    The person who roots for negativity in a game where hitting the ball 3 out of 10 times is good is never going to be wrong, but what a hollow, sad, perhaps craven way to go about living. I don’t have time to be pessimistic, I’m pessimistic in most every other facet of my life, this is where I’m positive.

    The white flag will never be waved by this fan… as long as the Dodgers are blue.

    Maybe I’m going crazy, but maybe you’re going crazy too.

  33. trublu4ever

    I’ve been “blue” since Brooklyn and, will never be anything else. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t show some disapproval when things aren’t going well. I despise what Frank has done as an owner. I think Ned is a very poor GM and, I really resent the fact that for a family of four to attend a game it can cost an arm and a leg. I never want my team to lose and am very upset when we do….that’s what being a fan is to me. I know we probably will not win the division. however, I still want to win!

    • sparkleplenty1

      tru, you and I think alike on so many levels! It blows me away.
      I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1955. That’s when “dem bums” used to play . . . and fans would
      pray that “we’ll get the pennant next year” or “we’ll win the World Series next year”. Those historic teams were more than competitive. They were connected to their community. These two attributes followed the team to LA. But we know what’s been happening . . . it’s in front of us in black and white. Dodger pride is in the gutter thanks to McCourt. He steals from the team’s charities for cryin’ out loud! “Our” team is no longer competitive; we’re in the basement of a very weak division. But we’re told that the team is very good. Yeah, sure!
      I hate losing too and I feel the frustration. It bothers me more than I can express that I can’t attend a game at the stadium where I grew up because I can’t afford it. Nevertheless, I will always be a fan. At least that’s something that McCourt can’t take away.

  34. dodgereric

    Excuse me, I feel the need to defend.
    When you care more about long-term stability and the return of the well-earned, decades-long dignity than the results of one lone, lousy season, you can find yourself smiling just a little at yet another loss that just might discourage fans – earnest and casual alike – from attending the games. A pitifully small, perhaps futile statement? Perhaps. But I don’t feel “hollow, sad, perhaps craven” at all. When your house has been all but burned to the ground and people are driving by, looking out their windows in pity, every shovel full of garbage I toss into the dumpster makes me feel that I’m just that much closer to be able to start rebuilding.
    Oh, and count me as one lucky bastard who can walk into his boss’ office, tell him off and maintain his job. I not only can, but I’ve done it. More than once, believe me. The difference between guys like me and guys like Josh is that I have a union behind me. As long as I tell the truth (and not make personal threats), bossman can’t do a damned thing about it. Unions have their faults, but there’s good to them too.
    My opinion. We can disagree, and that’s fine. It’s one of the things that make this country great.
    The latest:,0,5798280.story

  35. northstateblues

    I understand passion, but opinions regarding the Dodgers are similar to that of Yankees fans, the bitter people who, if their team doesn’t go 162-0, look for heads to roll, blame this guy or that guy, and, even when they do achieve things such as awards and championships, criticize the means that justified that end.

    I sat and watched one of the most exciting eras of Dodger baseball in my time as a fan go by as people complained that this wasn’t done the right way, or that wasn’t good enough, people not enjoying the unexpected ride for what it was, and I wondered who was putting a gun to their head to make them root for the Dodgers.

    The Dodgers had the best record in the National League in ’09, and all that could be heard was a bunch of chicken littles waiting for the sky to fall.

    Of course, Frank announcing the divorce on the eve of the NLCS made that all a moot point, but chances are, if you’re going to sit around and wait for something to go wrong, you’re NEVER going to be disappointed. It’s safer, comfortable, an old reliable friend who’s never going to let you down because there’s always something in this world that’s not going as well as one would like.

    There were once many different opinions here, but they all whittled down to the same note, the same song, over and over again. But this was not a victory in which the general populace was won over to the “realist” point of view, but one in which everyone with differing opinions just stopped coming, tired of the maudlin. Many fans who tried to see the good amidst the smoke and mirrors of FrankNedBall just got tired of it and sauntered off, hardly to be seen again.

    • northstateblues

      I understand that people are trying to save the Dodgers. But they make McCourt bigger than the Dodgers in the process. And that’s all he ever wanted, since he bought this club on the cheap.

      They kill the host to stop the parasite. They burn Rome so Nero won’t have a chance to. There’s no guarantee that this will ever be the stable orgainization this once was, and prolonging this will hurt the team worse than the shennanigans McCourt is resorting to that will soon flush him from the fraternity of MLB. That’s going to get taken care of regardless of any boycott, anyone can see McCourt is toxic, crafting misspelled legal documents for others to sign as he tries to slither his way out of the legal documents he’s signed in the past. He’s even been less-than-truthfull with the current judge.

      The fans can return to their seats, he’s lost the war, now it’s just a matter of time before he slunks to the bottom of the sea. Judge Gross isn’t going to say “Well, McCourt looks like a slime who has crippled his team within the last decade, but hey, there was a sellout last Thursday, so I grant you indefinite control of the franchise.”

      Look at the way the media is using this chance to pry the Dodgers out of the 300 acre Chavez Ravine site to cram them in some downtown shoebox while offering the L.A. sports world’s choicest bits to the NFL, which will NEVER sell out in L.A. unless it shares a capacity with the Staples Center. Do the fans wish to scuttle that Dodger tradition in a pale imitation of the pretender in the owner’s box?

      Empty seats hurt the people who work at Dodger Stadium. The program guy. The concsession workers. The souvenir workers. People who probably got their jobs at one of those job fairs where they were herded like cattle knowing that only a small percentage would have jobs, and the rest will continue their unemployment.

      It hurts them too.

      It doesn’t hurt McCourt, who’s too obsessed with the mirror to care what the… well… he calls us “peasants”, think of him. If it’s gonna be argued that this would be the reason why an in-stadium anti-McCourt protest wouldn’t work, you have to see that it works the other way as well. I don’t see McCourt giving up anytime soon.

      The Dodgers were synonymous with “never giving up”. But Dodgers fans are giving up all too quickly, hurting the Dodgers, not the fop McCourt.

      • trublu4ever

        I never give up! The only time I will do that is if we are three games out with two to play. I don’t understand why some people get upset if we say we are upset with the state of affairs of our team. Don’t you think the players are as pissed off as we are? I truly believe they understand the lack of attendance has nothing to do with them. They know it is Frankrupt! I’m sorry if the lack of attendance hurts other employees but, the cost of going to the damn games has driven away plenty of fans too! I don’t live close enough to L.A. to actually decide if I can go to games ir not. If I did, I would have probably gone to a few games …… this is the first year, Nellyjune and I have not even planned to attend. So sad because we love our Dodgers but hate McCourt! This year I wanted to follow them every game so I bought Extra Innings….so, even if I’m not there physically, I’m there for moral support.

  36. dodgereric

    Who is giving up?
    North, I understand exactly what you’re saying. And I tend to agree with some of it. I don’t agree with your ’09 scenario. If someone says “the sky is falling” and it falls, they’re not Chicken Little, they’re a prophet. And if they’re speaking up, it’s because they care. They don’t like what they see and they want to see a change. You cannot equate the revelations of the divorce drama to wanting the Yanks or whoever to go 162-0. Some of us (like you) didn’t want him to be the owner in the first place, but it wasn’t until Jamie’s lawyers started revealing all the shenanigans that the outcry to remove him started in earnest from the masses. That hardly equates to demanding perfection, it’s the desire to remove a cancer.
    I agree that the continuous flow of negativity has lowered the back-and-forth of ITD. But I believe that it’s because 1) there’s no reason to support the owner except for blind obedience and 2) repetition is boring.
    I believe you’re correct about the attendance issue and who it’s actually hurting now.
    I have a dream. The owner announces that the team is for sale. Sellouts ensue for the next few weeks in celebration.
    It is a dream I have.

  37. Nellyjune

    Question about attendance and it’s relativity to concessions, merchandise, etc. Every home game we sit and listen to Vin tell us the paid attendance or it’s posted here by Trumom and then Dodgereric statistically computes it into his spread sheet. Now, what we see from the tv and the stadium itself there is a big difference in what is claimed to be paid attendance and how many are actually there. So, are the workers that are hired to work the games themselves hired based on paid and/or projected attendance? Because there is a huge discrepancy between paid and actual attendance. Just wondering if it’s really affecting those employees or not. I’m sure it is, but to what extent if the numbers are so different.

  38. dodgerdawg32

    IRS investigating McCourts. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Too bad they retired Alcatraz, maybe Frank could have taken Capone’s old cell. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  39. dodgerdawg32

    I love the Dodgers, always will, but I wouldn’t set foot in the stadium until that scum Frankrupt is not going to profit from it. You watch, the day after he sells the club, there will be a sell out, no matter where we are in the standings. Frankrupt has done what no other owner has done, and that’s been the ability to make people not care or at least not show that they care, until he’s gone.

  40. dodgerdawg32

    Tune of Grinch- You’re a liar Frankrupt McCourt. This team you should try to abort.
    You’re a liar and a thief and you’re as crooked as your teeth
    you’re a liar Frankrupt McCourt , .
    You’re a liar Frankrupt McCourt this team you should never have bought You should sell without a fuss or get hit by a bus, you’re a liar Frankrupt McCourt. Courtesy of Jamie records.

  41. messagebear

    It’s going to take too long for the bankruptcy court to do anything that will remove Frank from the Dodgers. It’s going to take too long for IRS to prove anything worthwhile. I’m getting impatient.
    There’s only two things that should be done to remove Frank:
    First, SHOOT HIM;
    Second, SHOOT HIM AGAIN.

  42. dodgerdawg32

    Guys, and girls, we have to be patient, McCourt will eventually be gone and the Dodgers will be fun again. I know some of you don’t want to boycott, I get that, but from things that I’ve read and I can’t really give you quotes, but I can say that I have good reading comprehension, the players understand what is going on here with the lack of attendance and they not only understand, but support it as well. They to don’t like playing for this owner that can’t afford to improve the team. Lopes said something to the tune of this wasn’t how he remembered the Dodgers to be. Now with all due respect to Davey, no one is happy with how this club is being run, and it’s only a matter of time until McCourt and Ned are history and the Dodgers will once again be what they should be, that is the premier franchise in the National league. Yes I blame Selig for this whole mess, but I give him credit for trying to correct his mistake and get rid of this cancer McCourt. I know when I was a kid I had a car that I loved, 67 XKE and it needed tires which I couldn’t afford at the time, because I loved it, I sold it, I didn’t want to see it get run into the ground. I only mention this because if Frankrupt cared anything about the team other than what he can take out of it, he would’ve put it up for sale yesterday. That is why I support a boycott until he’s gone, if for no other reason then to send him the message that the fans are still the ones that can make or break you and Dodger fans deserve much much better.

  43. lbirken

    I never give up either and want the Dodgers to win regardless of the standings. However, as discouraged and upset as I am about what the current ownership has done to this franchise, I will still attend games and I will still watch. I won’t get as upset over losses because at least the team is not giving games away; they are just being outplayed. I went into last season saying I was not going to let Frank McCourt take my Dodger experience away from me. I will say I have more people asking me about the Dodgers than ever before but for all the wrong reasons.

    I also must address this issue of the decline of the Dodgers from the once proud franchise we used to know. This decline started a long time ago. The Dodgers were in a World Series in every decade from the 1940’s throught the 1980’s. They won many league and division championships and finished in second place many times as well. They went into just about every preseason with fans thinking the team had a chance to win. After the 1988 World Series win it took 16 years to win a playoff game! Talk about a decline. The O’Malley family bailed and sold to evil Fox and the decline continued. Then Fox sold to the McCourt’s, who I felt at the time might be good for the Dodgers. They did some nice remodeling of the stadium and promised more. Unfortunately they lost their focus and here we are today. I also dream of the day we can all just talk about baseball and root for a competive team that has a chance to win every year. We had it before and hopefully someday we will have it again.

  44. 32and53fan

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has announced the arrest of three suspects in the assault case of Bryan Stow. The arrest of the suspects, two men and one woman, was announced at a televised news conference at 5PM.

  45. Boblee

    This ream is pathetic. I’ve been a loyal fan for over 60 years, but I can’t bear to watch them anymore. With the exception for a couple of players, We can’t hit, we can’t field, we can’t pitch. Its awful hard to stay up late in St. Louis to watch this team take the field knowing they will find someway to lose. We can’t hit with runners in scoring position. And, if the Dodgers ever sign another Giant player, they are nuts. Nothing but losers when they come to us. Last game for the season for me. See ya in the spring, maybe..

  46. cpompe1

    For me, yes, I love going to Dodger games and would never dream of boycotting them. I have always thought (and never said until now) that not going to Dodger Stadium hurts the concessionaires, ticket takers, etc more than it’ll ever hurt Frank. Over the last few years, I have come to know some employees on a more personal basis. This year when attendance has been way down, not only do I see a lot of empty seats, but I also see a lot of closed up food stands. And I mean a lot. And where do you see the food being sold now? I see them walking up and down the aisles. I’ve gotta believe that it costs a lot more to have a couple of employees behind the counter taking food orders versus those same couple of employees walking the aisles and selling food. To me, that is the big difference that I see at the stadium. You see a lot fewer ticket takers (even though they don’t take the tickets – they just scan the bar code). No, I don’t think people staying away will do much to hurt Frank McCourt. I see it hurting everyday employees that don’t get paid very much.

  47. cpompe1

    I just have to believe that nothing I say or do will ever “change” Frank’s mind and make him say, “Boy, I’m not that popular in LA anymore. Perhaps everyone is right and I should get together with Jamie and sell the team and I’ll go home to Boston.” Honestly, does anyone really think that boycotting the team we all know and love will bring Frank to his senses? I don’t think so. I don’t know what will force him to sell, but I’m not going to give Frank the satisfaction of giving him an even bigger pedestal by making him more important than he really is. So to me, what is this boycott doing? Nothing to Frank – a lot to the underpaid employees that make Dodger Stadium tick.

  48. cpompe1

    And now, I would never walk into my boss’ office and rip him a new one. That is why I have always defended Josh on this blog and will ALWAYS defend Josh on this blog. How would I feel if I was in Josh’s shoes? I would read the posts from those who call him a so and so and insinuate that he should have negative feelings toward his boss and air those negative feelings on a blog? I said it before and I’ll say it again – Josh DOES value his job. Do you think he wants to end up like Steve Garvey that gets fired because he speaks his mind in public? I think Josh values his job a little more than that. And sorry Eric, but I used to be unionized and my husband has been unionized for close to 25 years. I understand the tone of what you’re saying, but I still would never rip into my boss. Now if I was still unionized, I would feel a little “free” to speak my mind a little and give my honest opinion about something, but I would never rip into my boss or anyone else for that matter. And if I or anyone else working in the private sector did this, we would be committing, what is known in the Japanese language “hara-kiri” – suicide.

  49. Collie

    Well I for one haven’t given up. I don’t think this team will go anywhere but I still like most of the players.
    My gripe has been with the McCourts, with a little less with Ned, but much with Stan. (As I type this Ned’s wonderful pick relief pitcher just gave up a GS… I still say signing a middle reliever that has thrown that many innings for that many years is a mistake.)
    None with any of you.
    As far as Josh speaking up I know he can’t slam his boss. I just was sick of hearing the same thing like “all is rosy” around Dodgertown. What I did want to hear from him on that note was just a little bit of non fluff. Something along the lines of things not being perfect but to hang tough. Or that he hears us at least. Something, anything other than “we still have more seats for fleece throw night!!!”.
    There has been some debate on whether to go to games or not. I have never been upset for anyone going to games. I for one think it would be a great thing for those that feel okay going to try to start anti McCourt chants. I for one when I had a possibility of going in my heart just didn’t feel right about it. But I’m fine with others going and would and haven’t been unhappy with those that decide to go. If I ever came across that way to anyone I’m sorry.
    I have been posting on OTD and will continue to post here on ITD. I miss the good ole days here a few years back. I looked forward to what people were talking about and posting while watching the games from my home here in Norcal. I don’t get much interaction with Dodger fans around here so I found this method great and looked as it as my Dodger family much the same way Emma looks to her Top Deck friends. So I miss that many have left and look forward to the day when some will be back. I’m guessing many have left because of their disgust of the McCourts. Some due to the disgust of the McCourts on here and how that came out from some of us. Again if I said anything to make someones life negative I’m sorry. I do however feel that I have to speak my mind. Talking to Giants fans about this doesn’t really cut it & I have to vent to someone!!!!
    Those who know me know that I want people to enjoy life, have fun, help others out, be kind to each other, and of course love baseball! I want to help people and be someone that is encouraging to others. These days I’ve not been able to muster the whole encourage thing. I’ll work on it but I can’t promise anything. I do know that I have a bottle of the bubbly ready to pop when McCourt is gone.
    I look forward to the day we can be on here talking about baseball and debating the game.
    Take care & prayers for those in Norway who have been so horribly affected by today’s events. I really look forward to one day having all this madness end.

  50. Collie

    CP — In terms of the boycott — I was hopeful that Frank would see empty seats and wonder why and then hear all the press reports, etc and realize he needed to change his ways. He kept making statements that the fans were behind him because look at everybody in the stands. So that for one would hit him. The second good reason IMO to boycott is so that MLB would see that the fans were sick of what they had done to our love. Many on here have for years been all over Frank & Jamie. I was supportive until I started hearing all that was coming out about them. Disgraceful. The 3rd reason I see is that it would then cause Frank to not make as much money so he would then go bankrupt and decide the smart thing to do would be to sell the team. To me if he retains ownership the team will really be run into the ground within the next few years. Could they end up folding at some point? Doubtful but you never know.
    So for the boycott affecting the everyday employee — yes I can see that for this season. But if it helps bring to light the McCourt disgrace which in turn forces him out then in the long run those jobs will be better off for years to come.

  51. Nellyjune

    Every single media outlet and social network has a majority negative vibe when it comes to Frank and/or the Dodgers. We (ITD) are not the only source that is talking negative about the Dodgers, whether it’s the play on the field, the McCourts or Ned. Our off the field issues showed up at Target Field when I was there. Their fans were wearing paperbags; it was a topic of two segments on the Giants pre-game show the other day; its a daily topic on MLBTV on multiple shows, and it was even brought up during the Cubs/Astros game today. This McCourt issue is an epidemic of negative talk, and it needs to stop. And the only way it’s going to stop is for Frank to no longer own this team. It will be one hell of a celebration the day he is no longer the owner. I can honestly see a sold out crowd the day that happens. That will be our biggest win of the season! The day Frank is no longer the owner of our beloved Dodgers. Because from that day forward, it can only get better, and the Dodgers will be on their way to a happy, healthier (fiscally) organization. And with that, all media and social outlets will go back to being a place to talk baseball, preferrably Dodger baseball.

  52. messagebear

    DElighted to see that Frank got himself saddled with that $5.5 million fee to the hedge fund. Of course, it’ll be interesting to see how they manage to collect it. Puts them and Jamie kind of in the same situation. Jamie ought to be pulling her hair out by this time – value of the franchise going down; Frank running out of money; hopefully the tap on team funds being turned off by the bankruptcy judge.
    Needless to say, I live these days anticipating Frank being totally RUINED. Can’t wait till his hotel decides to turn him out.
    Like I’ve said before: “there’s only two ways to get rid of Frank – first SHOOT HIM; second, SHOOT HIM AGAIN“.

  53. lbirken

    Bear, I am puzzled at the lack of any action on Jamie’s part to force some sort of settlement that protects her interests in the value of the Dodgers. One would think she would have some voice in the situation but it seems she either has no voice or is willing to just wait and see what happens. I guess as long as money flows her way, she can be content to stay on the sidelines.

    I also have some thoughts on attendence. Some years ago the Dodgers did announce the actual attendence. As I recall, some clubs announced actual tickets sold while others announced actual attendence. Then somewhere along the line major league baseball directed all teams to announce tickets sold and soon that information became part of the box score. I still think the visiting club shares a small percentage based on tickets sold so it would not surprise me that is the reason the league would want that figure as the official attendence. Each team probably knows the number of tickets sold early in a game considering most fans pay for their tickets in advance and all they have to add is whatever walk up sales they had that day. Clearly the Dodgers can predict attendence; hence the closed concession stands. And just as clearly each team knows how many people attend a game because they are scanning the tickets. I am sure Vinny is quite aware that the attendence he announces is far from those in actual attendence but he is a good company man and he knows the fans are smart enough to notice as well.

  54. messagebear

    I too am totally puzzled with Jamie’s silence. Before they reached that agreement that was cancelled due to MLB’s disapproval of the Fox deal, I thought Jamie had an early August hearing scheduled with judge Gordon to address her ownership situation. I would think determining her position would now be more critical than ever. Isn’t the bankruptcy court at all concerned just who has an ownership interest as the debtor? Maybe someone more knowledgeable in legal matters can help us here.

  55. northstateblues

    Happy Birthday Don Drysdale.

    His family’s going to be at the game, and his two sons are going to throw out the first pitch.

    I still remember the day he died, and how shaken everyone in the booth was by it. At the time, I only knew him as a broadcaster who happened to pitch for the Dodgers, but I was beyond sad, his voice being, with Vin and Ross, the only voices of the Dodgers I had known.

    I learned a lot more about him 10 years later, reading his autobiography “Once a Bum, Always a Dodger”. What a great person. You can pick up the book for cheap here : , if you’re interested (gotta love, watch for shipping prices, though.).

      • northstateblues

        Cool, I checked it out of the library here. But after seeing all those $0.75 cent copies on, I’m thinking about getting my own.

        Still have yet to read “The Artful Dodger”, though. And… shame of shames, I have yet to finish (or get past the first 25% of) “The Boys of Summer” by Roger Kahn. I know it’s great, but the last time I tried, I was in High School… my attention span’s better now, so maybe I should give it another shot.

        I wore my Sandy Koufax biography down to the point where the cover fell off, and the pages are taped and yellowed, heh.

  56. lbirken

    NSB, I am old enough to have seen Drysdale pitch in person and on the occasional TV broadcasts (pretty much only away Giants games). Not only was he a dominanting presence on the mound, he could hit too. In fact, Walt Alston would call on Don to pinch hit once in a while. I too recall the day he died and how delicately Vinny handled the announcement. Those were exciting days with Drysdale and Koufax. I am sure you have heard this story but it bears repeating: Drysdale had traveled ahead of the team for his next start when he was told Koufax had pitched a no hitter. Don responded by asking, “…but did he win?” Classic for the time because the Dodger team of that era did not score a lot of runs.

    I can still remember how Drysdale stared down the hitter and was not afraid to pitch inside and certainly not afraid to throw some chin music. As good as he was, he gave up a lot of home runs to Henry Aaron, but then again, so did a lot of pitchers.

  57. northstateblues

    I guess if I had to choose the best pitcher I’ve seen in my time as a Dodgers fan, not counting any current pitchers, I’d have to say Hershiser… though Ramon Martinez had some awesome stuff, as I remember.

    But I know that pitching I’ve seen pales in comparison to the days where there were only 16 teams, and half of everybody today would be in the minors. The era I’m sadly saddled with is the, well, the nice way of putting it would be the “LongBall” era, and the Dodgers have seldom had any horses in that race, save for… hmmm… Shawn Green, Adrian Beltre and, now Matt Kemp (who, when you look at the list of CFs who have started for the Dodgers at least 3 seasons, is a top-tier player who would, if continuing current trends, could end up with his 27 hanging on the Pavilion between Sutton and Koufax).

    Although I love the AAA squad being in Alberquerque, I always thought that the Dodgers plan when they left ABQ the first time, to have their AAA franchise in Portland, would’ve been sheer genius. ABQ and Las Vegas are too high-altitude to get a good read on power hitters, resulting in Billy Ashleys and Karim Garcias being heralded as The Next Big Bat, only to see their power fizzle out at the warning track.

    What I wouldn’t give to see a game where the umps don’t get their panties in a bunch if someone tosses within a foot of the batter. “How ’bout a warning, ump?” “Sure kid, don’t wink”. Not that I require bloodbaths, but it would be nice if pitchers could stick up for their team without fear of getting thrown out of the game for a random loose high-and-inside.

  58. lbirken

    NSB, everything changes including sports. Football players used to wear leather helmets, then helmets with no face guards and now look at the headgear. Hocky goalies played with no helmet and the players resisted being forced to wear helmets but they are do now. Not sure when baseball players started wearing batting helmets but look at all the protective gear many batters wear now? Most of these changes are for the better as they provide a safer enviornment for the players. But clearly the talent level is not deep enough to populate all the teams we have now compared to when there were only 16 teams in all of MLB.

    One thing that has not changed is the fact that Dodger Stadium is not a home run hitters type of ball park. But you do have a point that stats put up in ALB and some of the other PCL sites mean little. Remember, that great Dodger infield that played together for so long also played at Spokane for Tommy in AAA ball. And the Dodgers did have a legit power hitter back in the 60’s by the name of Frank Howard. He hit a line drive off the center field wall at Yankee Stadium in the 1963 World Series that thankfully did not hit anyone. Unfortunately, that was his game, nice guy who could hit some bombs but was not that good defensively and struck out a lot as you might expect. Still, I also wonder why the Dodgers have not been able to develope a decent enough power hitter on their own. Perhaps because Dodger Stadium is more suited for pitching, the Dodgers have traditionally focused a lot of attention to that.

  59. northstateblues

    Some argue that the increase in size of helmets and pads in football is the reason people have so many concussions these days. They become a weapon when they put their head down and drill that helmet in. Some say if they got rid of helmets and most pads, they way they do in rugby and Aussie rules football, there’d be less injuries because people would be more cautious.

    When they debuted facemasks, Deacon Jones said “Oh, they come with handles now!”.

    Does the increase in protective gear increase the risk athletes take while armored like the knights of the round table? Perhaps. I’d love to see what would’ve happened if Barry Bonds came to the plate in that exoskeleton he’d wear and try to crowd the plate against Big D or Gibson. I’d imagine there’d be a lengthy delay as the grounds crew had to pick up the pieces.

    Of course, how many games would Drysdale and Gibson be thrown out of over the course of the season if they played today? I’m sure they had good enough stuff to adapt, but it’d be interesting to be a fly in the batter’s box hearing what Cowboy Joe what’s-his-ump gets into it with one of those two over an inside pitch.

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