Inside the Dodgers catches a home run

Many of you who read this on Inside the Dodgers (as opposed to Facebook) will recognize the man who caught Uribe’s home run last night. It’s FanSince53, Ron Cervenka and there’s even a slow motion replay of his grab.

Ron is a Dodger Stadium regular who was featured in Bluetopia and if you didn’t get a chance to see that flic a few years back, you should grab a copy at Dodger Stadium’s merchandise stores. It really shows how much this team means to its fans.

Nice grab, Ron!



Once again, thanks for the new thread, Josh.
Let’s go out and win another game tonight……GO, DODGERS, GO!!

I’m expecting a large crowd tonight. After all, it’s beach towel giveaway.

Thank you Bud. I know McDisgusting has not left yet, but his appointment is about due. I just hope he takes NED with him. I trust the new owner will get a new GM, with financial support perhaps the field mangement can do something. Really would like a local (sorry Cuban supporters) owner, one that knows tradition and has High expectations, but I won’t start dreaming right now, although I have, lower ticket prices, lower food prices, lower parking fees, better food, remove the GD luxury field boxes, bring back more foul territory, yes make it a pitchers park, speed up the game

The guy that caught Uribe’s HR, if he’s a real fan and truly loves the team, he wouldn’t have been there in the first place putting more money in Bosses pockets. Hey Boss I feel the end is near for both of us. I guess I can always go back to the Giants and do something there, maybe sweep up or help with the equiptment, but where will you go?

Preferably to hell.

Dang I hate leaving the last post on that other thread. I wonder why I didn’t see this one and btw hurry back Wallace.

Wow everyone who were drafted back in 1993 which is 1 person Davis until 2008(since the 2009 and 2010 draft pick haven’t been called up yet) and of course you can draft the same players if they don’t sign with your team and that 2007 is left out. Utley is the only 1997 one on that list that was drafted by another team and made it to the major. We already have 3 guys from the 2008 draft and none from the 2007. The 2003 draft had 12 players that including losing Paul for garbage, Wade to TB never gave him a 2nd chances and May to KC in the Podsenick trade and now May got traded couple of weeks ago and now playing in the dback organization system now.

That 2006 have Kershaw and some guy that we drafted Alex White that was drafted by us in the 14 rounds of that draft but the Indians choose him in the 1st round in 2009 and already made his major league debut this season so that’s why his name is there.

The L.A. Times (Steve Gurnick’s blog) has now converted over so that you have to have a facebook account to post. I would like and hope that any “Timers” that read ITD and that are left out of Gurnick’s blog because of Facebook would join in and comment here. I, and I’m sure others would welcome the opportunity to get to know you.
Hope to read you soon.

Sorry, that’s Steve Dilbeck.
Obviously having a senior moment.

Just wait until you have senior days 😉

Hey now, “GM Ned Colletti”, don’t hate on someone for attending the game. I understand the boycott, and it’s working. And that money went into DODGER pockets, which are pockets that Frank McCourt won’t have access to much longer.

It’s easy to preach about the boycott when you live over 50 miles from L.A. (I can attest to that) but, to tell the absolute truth, putting 250 comments a day to the OFFICIAL Dodger blog is hardly a boycott. It’s probably the fledging hope that Frank McCourt clings to when he spends more “money he doesn’t have” on yet more lawyers.

If you want a boycott, and don’t live close enough to Dodger Stadium, if you REALLY feel this way, feel so vehemently against anybody enjoying a baseball game in spite of the dimwit who owns the team, THEN BOYCOTT THIS BLOG!!! (and maybe come out from hiding behind a false name if you’re calling out a fellow ITDer, at least give him that much respect.)

Because the message the Dodgers front office has been getting from this blog, aside from the same 7-20 people finding new ways to air old complaints (myself included), is that despite dropping physical attendance, there are so many Dodger fans in the country, they have to mine 5 year old blog posts to find a place to fit their comments without crashing their computers.

I agree with your point that here at ITD, much as we might like to promote boycott, we shouldn’t tell other fans what they should or should not do. I took note, however, as to who made the statement that the fan who caught the ball shouldn’t have been there. The comment came from a made-up character calling himself “GM Ned Colletti”, so I didn’t take the nature of the comment in the same vein I would coming from a real ITD blogger.
Just my take on the comment.

Navarro-less and Thames-less Lineup
Gordon ss
Uribe 2b
Ethier rf
Kemp cf
Loney 1b
Miles 2b
Ellis c
Gwynn lf
Billingsley 1

When Miles is your #6 hitter, it pretty well speaks volumes about your team.

LOL….we’ve been speaking volumes about our team all season and, we were right!

Thanks, STT. Less is good for me 😉

The way Billz and Kershaw have been hitting lately, they should be batting higher in the lineup. Certainly Billz has a better chance of hitting one out than…let’s see….Miles, Gwynn, Ellis, Carroll, Gordon……

I truely hope that when McCourt is gone, Ned goes with him. Ned has proven over and over again how incompetent he is and even with McCourt gone, I still won’t have alot of confidence in our team getting better with ned calling the shots

Also I disagree with those who do not want Cuban as owner. The only things I want from an owner is somebody who wants to win and has the money to do so. Cuban I know has both

NSB, I think it is safe to say that plenty of folks who used to contribute to this blog on a regular and semi regular basis no longer do so. Perhaps it is because they grew tired of the same old discussions, perhaps it is for other reasons. Maybe some have moved to Facebook and Twitter. But no matter where one looks, the message is pretty much the same: total disdain for the McCourts backed up by hope that some day things will get better for Dodger fans.

I think Mark Cuban would be a great owner but I have a feeling the other owners would not want him in their little club because he might run circles around them and he has such deep pockets. Still, it might be nice to dream.

Thought this was interesting:
Dodgers Dilemma
Broadcasting rights played a big role in baseball’s recent takeover of the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to Scott Boras.
Owners Frank and Jamie McCourt, who struggled to fund the team’s payroll last month amid a bitter divorce, contend the team has a $3 billion, 20-year deal in waiting from Fox Sports Net.
The deal would be a lifesaver for the McCourts but bad for baseball, Boras said.
“Major League Baseball feels the rights of the Dodgers—and I agree with them—may be worth as much as $4.5 billion to $5 billion,” he said.
The McCourts are giving up “a huge premium” and Fox knows that, Boras said.
Industry watchers are keeping an eye on the Dodgers deal as a slew of big market teams will see their broadcasting pacts expire in the next four years.
They include the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Philadelphia Phillies, the Chicago Cubs and White Sox and potentially the New York Mets.
“They don’t want the L.A. mark for those rights to be artificially depressed by one individual owner,” Boras said. “The owners are trying to protect the interest of all 30 teams. If I were them, I’d be doing the same thing.”
Baseball owners likely will bring in a new Dodgers owner who doesn’t need the cash infusion and will negotiate a better broadcast deal, according to Boras.
—Chris Casacchia

Considering I’ve read other reports that put the Fox-McCourt deal at $1.7B, not the $3B Frank claims, It could be anywhere from about half to a third of what the team should derive out of a TV deal. In otherwords, it would’ve had a crippling effect on the club for 17 years. 17 more years of the Thames’ and Navarro’s of the world.
But Frank would’ve paid off his wife and lawyers for now. Not that Frank was in it just for Frank.

And we are supposed to believe Bud really cares more about the fans than about potential revenue for the league and other owners?

$$$$$ talks.

Hello Everyone. I wonder which Billz we’ll get tonight? I hope he can get his shit together.

Love your new gravatar 🙂

However, knowing Frankie, $5 would be the fee!

Thanks Trumom, it was your idea. LOL!!! Frank and Ned have turned Dodger Stadium into a pay toilet.

If Frank new he could get $5 per visit to the toilet he’d be selling beer for $2.

Hi’Ya Beav. Are you reminiscing about Waikiki Beach?

Nah, its tranquil though. I actually took that pix.

Nice shot!!!

Prettiest beach I ever saw.

Where is it?

Vavau (think I spelled that right) Beach, Upolu, Samoa.
Probably doesn’t even look like that anymore. They were thinking about putting a resort there, but I know the whole island got hit by a tsunami a few years ago. I’ve always liked that pix though.

( ( 😉 ) )


I hear there is a cure for that 🙂

I’m changing mine back to compliment yours 😉

I despise Frank McCourt, but I’m not going to demonize Dodger fans for attending Dodger games.

And I believe that anyone who would chastise Dodger fans for attending Dodger games should
A.) Have the intestinal fortitude to make their statements without hiding behind a mask like a cowardly craven.
B.) Be prepared to boycott the Inside the Dodgers blog, Dodger Television and Radio Broadcasts and MLB gameday tied to Dodger games as vehemently as they demonize Dodger fans for going to Dodger games.

As for “GMNedColletti”, he posts here more than I do, so he’s as “real” as any of us. And I usually enjoy the antics well enough. But to use that mask to attack an ITD blogger for attending a Dodger game was chickenshit. You know it, I know it, and “he” knows it.

But enough of that, It’s Time for Dodger Baseball.

Oh boy! I get nighttime graphics now on Gameday!!
Apropos since the front office is always in the dark.

But the seats are full. LOL!! They need to update it further with lots of empty seats.

Was thinking the same thing!! LOL
That would be hillarious.

Twins 8 Giants 0 first inning :-)-

Wow, who’s pitching for the G’nats? A week ago it looked like the G’nats might make a move and run away with the division.

I think it’s Bumgardner. Loving it! Dbacks are winning, too!

Welcome back, AJ.

Yeah welcome back Ellis.

I see Wallace is back. Dang Gordon your speed can’t be the pitcher lol.


As usual, we get the minimum out of the maximum. How can an entire club continue to be this pathetic game in and game out? You would think by random chance they’d score a few now and then.

I score every now and then 😉

I’ve heard those rumors. 🙂

This teams not worth a shit at scoring runners from 3rd with less than 2 outs.

LOL Trumom. Where’s the oddest place you’ve scored? Hmmmm. Beav and I came clean.

Outside…in my parents; backyard 😉

Atta girl!!

I can honestly say a swimming pool is no fun!

Sweet!! Were they home? LOL!!

Yep….they were watching one of their TV programs.


I’m so proud. 😉

GO TWINS!!! Sorry, it’s a Twins kicking the gnats ass thing – LMAO!!!!

Come on Twins I wanted more than 8 runs.

Never fail hitting with the bases loaded is back lol. Great played Uribe and I can’t believe I’m saying that.

Way to make Schnauzer work guys.

Wow Vinny is bashing the Giants

Rockies, Padres & Dbacks all won.

Surpise, surprise….here blows Billz!

I knew that quick inning Scherzer had was going to be trobule for Bills.


I heard Baumgarner had 10 straight QS.

OK Billz, way to minimize the damage.

Whew! I thought for sure he’d give them a few runs.


Did I said I love infield single if it not against us?

Wow! Whatever works. .

Are this one?

South Carolina dad quits job to see son pitch at College World Series

Nice throw Gordon

Well, good job by Billz thru 5. He’s at 90 pitches and going to the 6th. That’s about where the wheels usually come off his wagon.


Woo hoo!
WTG Andre!!!


Yep there goes that Ethier green light special 2 runs bombs.


Come on Billz….don’t come unglued!

Crap! I guess that was too much to ask!

Good gosh Bills.

I can’t believe he couldn’t put him away on a 1-2 pitch 2-2 and 3-2.

Scratch that 1-2 pitch because it was 2-1.

Crap, McDooDoo warming up. C’mon Billz!!!

I know! Getting my Pepto ready 😉

Yep! Adios Biilz. Hello McDon’t. Bases loaded.
Another Maalox moment. . .

I hate MacDougal coming in with IR

Billz is having his usual once or twice a game brain fart.


I think there’s a cure for that too 🙂

An ice bag on the cohones! Painfull memories of a bad case of the mumps!!

Thank God I had the mumps before puberty.

Wow a dp


WTG on improving those IR%

Wow! A PH RBI!

Wow….6 runs! In one game, no less!

Shpunt residue.

Crap….GrrrRear sucks!

Neddy residue!

No Guerrier lead of walk sigh.

C’mon Grrear! Get your shit in one bag!

Bring back Weaver.

Stop the houndini act.

Dodging bullets!

Thank God for double plays!

No wonder Scherzer record is good and do he really get 7+ runs of support?

( | )~~ Thank God for Glade!!! Now it smells like we shit a pine tree.


Flashbacks of Euell Gibbons; “Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible!”

LOL!! I remember that guy. Wonder what ever happened to him?

Isn’t he the one with wild hickory nuts? [ or so I’d heard – didn’t have first hand knowledge you understand.]

He died a long time ago.

He died of ulcers!

Probably washing it all down with copious amounts of moonshine.

Stress will do that to you. Proving that he should’ve been playing with his nuts instead of cracking them.

Look like the Marlins got there 2nd wins this month.

That pitch remind me of Randy Johnson throwing it to Kruk in the AS game.

I love how Vinny declare the Giants lose lol.

Come on Twins make them lose for real.

Wow Kemp

Anyone remember Robin Williams impression of the old white haired host of Wild Kingdom (Marlin Perkins)?
“On tonights episode, my partner Jim and I will attempt to circumsize a Water Buffalo.”

Always loved the segues for Wild Kindom. Water buffalo, like man, never knows when it’ll be circumsized by a crocodile, that’s why Mutual of Omaha is there to protect you and your family.

LOL!! Yea, he would be off where it’s safe commenting on Jim doing the dangerous stuff.
Look out Jim, those teeth are sharp. You folks can always feel safe and secure with Mutual Of Omaha.

Remember back then they never had the disclaimers; “Never try this stuff at home.”

Hell, we played with stuff all the time that wasn’t safe – water wiggles, slip-n-slides…

Aerosol Hairspray Flamethrowers. Used to love to torch spiders with them.

Those bases loaded numbers are getting bad again.

Welcome back Kuo!

Welcome back Kuo

Way to go Kuo!!!

What’s attendance looking like tonight?

So-so…I’ve been waiting all this time for Charlie to give it….I’d like to give it to him!

I think it’s safe to say that northstate is not Ned.

lol so Ned was right.

Nice work from the bullpen tonight!

Dang we finish with 9 hits again.

Wow, 3 game win streak. Who are these guys. Tigers were pretty hot coming in here.

Woo-Hoo another win!
Catch you all again tomorrow.

See ya Beav, have a great night.

Just in time, tru!
I have to say, “I’m sorry” to vl. I didn’t see his attendance figure last night. He posted it the same time as tru, but as soon as I saw her’s, it was copy-and-paste into my Excel sheet and I was off and running.
Let’s soak in the heady waters of those projected figures, because I think they’ll probably return a little now that we’re past the Yankees series of last year and the Angels are coming in soon. If the owner hangs on and the Dodgers remain near the cellar as we enter the 2nd half of the season, they could really sink.
Game 39 attendance (2010): 56,000
Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom : 37,769
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 33
22nd straight game of negative attendance
Games less than 30,000 this season – 6
Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – 2010: none
Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704
Lowest attended game of the year: Game 8 – 27,439
Largest single game drop: Game 18 (55,662 – 28,419 = 27,243)
2010 attendance (39 games) – 1,748,743 (44,840 average)
2011 attendance (39 games) – 1,393,439 (35,729 average) #10 in MLB
Drop of 355,304 total
Average drop of 9110
Extrapolated for 81 games – 737,939
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,894,066
2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (40) attendance in 2010 – 47,801

I work my ass off for you, Dodgereric! 😉

I’m really happy for Hong Chi Kuo. It’s great to see him back and firing at 94 MPH.
Meanwhile, just nine days until McCourt can’t make the payroll. SELL THE TEAM!

WAY TO GO DODGERS!!!! 3-Game win streak!!!

Obviously Frank is looking to be the spoiler if he has to lose the franchise to MLB. Separating the several asset entities such as the stadium and the parking lot will enable him to nitpick everything through litigation and prolong the process. My fear is that unless Jamie is awarded half ownership and decides to obstruct Frank we’re in for several years of an unsettled team with all the best talent long gone.

Frank can try, but if I’m understanding the agreement all owners make with MLB when they buy a franchise, the “franchise” also includes the stadium, parking lot and surrounding lands that were part of the purchase and if sold (or taken over) that’s all included.
The other way around it of course would be to share a stadium with Arte’s boys until a new downtown stadium coule be built. Then Frank’s left holding a stadium and parking lot for nothing, no money to develop the land, no one to loan him any money, and in a extremely poor market for real estate. That would leave little Jaime with just about nothing also.
Screw ’em both.

I hate when these troll bump those old thread but look what I found lol.

Gold Glove winner Marcus Thames in LF
By scurtis1999 on June 13, 2008 5:15 pm

Today’s Lineup
Miles 2b
Uribe 3b
Ethier rf
Kemp cf
Loney 1b
Thames lf
Navarro c
Carroll ss
Lilly p

Here another one.

Don’t you ladies think this guy is the best-looking dude currently wearing a Dodger uniform?,87838

By porklinks on June 13, 2008 5:04 pm

Holy crap Bowa was 5’10 140 lbs.

That’s was too funny….expecting Ethier and I get Bowa…that’s what I get for NOT reading the whole link title….

I’m sorry blue some troll was commenting on a 3 yrs old thread and I was just playing around and bring up old news lol.

Shad – Porklinks was formerly known as oldfogey back in the old ITD days. He was fun to read and loved his stats too. I remember scurtis as well. I believe he lived in Chicago because I remember him going to Dodgers/Cubs games in Chicago.

So are we for SALE yet?

John Wooden was the basketball coach when my mom was in high school in South Bend.
By enchantedbeaver on June 13, 2008 4:17 pm,

I bet beaver don’t remember this post lol.

Actually, I do. LOL

Dang 5 min after that post wow.

Oh I found another one from swood. Where was I back in 2008?

Exactly with Gold Glove winner Babe Thames in left field
By scurtis1999 on June 13, 2008 7:10 pm

That Trent Oeltjen – he’s a good-lookin’ lad, ain’t he? I wonder what the Old Bag would give me for him?

Thank you NSB :-)!! You said it so well about us fans that attend games. I know Ron so I was happy when Josh told me that he had seen Ron on TV catch the homerun. It will never happen to me, I only get hit by baseballs :-). Everytime I see Ron, he asks me about OBF who along with TrueblueWill got to me meet at Fenway. His son who comes out in Bluetopia, is so grown up now.
The friends that I have made at Dodger Stadium makes going to the games extra special.
Nice avatar! It has been my avatar at since 2005.
I have been at every home game but today I will be missing my first game :-(. I knew I could not ge away today with my boss out on vacation. MLB At Bat will be my companion while I work.
A friend and I will be in Minnesota next week watching our bums. Another ballpark to check off in my quest to visit all bajor league ballparks. We will be there for all three games against the Dodgers with Tuesday being my bday.

Hey Emma! Hope you are well! My wife and I saw you on the big screen last night with your piles of All Star ballots! I hope you got them all filled out! 🙂

Ok, my post took too long. I was talking about the Betty Boop avatar and now I see Tru has changed her avatar back to Mickey Mouse. My friend Greg was wearing a Dodgers Mickey Mouse t-shirt from the last year’s All-Star game. I wish I had that t-shirt but I don’t remember seeing them. I only saw the pins and the ears last year. Actually he and his wife got me the pin and the ears from Disneyland. They have yearly passes.

I, too, welcome all who attend. I don’t get to go myself anymore, I can’t stand the booing. I got enough of that at home from the Old Bag.

With Matt Kemp joining the 20-homer, 20-steal club last night in game number 75 of the season, he joined some select company. I did some research last night, and was able to find just eight other seasons in which a player had 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases in a team’s first 81 games. I’m not saying this is the definitive list — there might be others — but here are the players I found to hit the 20-20 mark through 81 games.

20 Home Runs & 20 Stolen Bases Through 81 Team Games
Player Year Through 81 Season
Ken Williams 1922 20 HR / 26 SB 39 / 37*
Bobby Bonds 1973 21 / 24 39 / 43
Eric Davis 1987 24 / 33 37 / 50
Jose Canseco 1988 23 / 22 42 / 40
Barry Bonds 1996 23 / 20 42 / 40
Alex Rodriguez 1998 27 / 22 42 / 46
Jose Canseco 1998 23 / 21 46 / 29
Alfonso Soriano 2003 21 / 23 38 / 35
Matt Kemp** 2011 20 / 20 ???
*154-game season
**Through 75 games

In case you were wondering, the closest Willie Mays came to joining the first half 20-20 club was in 1960, when he had 18 home runs and 19 steals.

When does Eric Stephen find the time to write this on TBLA.

Today’s Game
Ted Lilly has started five day games this season, and the Dodgers have lost all five. In 10 starts at night, Lilly is 5-3 (the Dodgers are 7-3) with a 3.32 ERA, 11 walks, and 43 strikeouts. In five daytime starts, Lilly is 0-3 with a 6.63 ERA with six walks and 17 strikeouts in 27 innings, though he did allow just one run in six innings in his last day start, with the roof closed in Houston on May 25.

Shades of Burt Hooten.

Hello Everyone. Thanks to STT for the lineup and DodgerEric for the latest attendance status. In case anyone is interested, the game is free today on MLBTV. I guess we’re looking at a protracted legal fight with Frank. I’m sure no one is surprised by that. I am confident(praying my ass off) that Bud has his ducks in a row and has forseen a legal fight and is well prepared for it. I have to believe that he and MLB would not be pressing forward if they believed that Frank had a chance of prevailing. I guess we will see.

Thanks, Wally. That’s a well-written piece. I just hope that Frank reads it. (Does Frank know how to read?)

Hi’Ya STT. It is painfully obvious that Frank doesn’t give a damn about anything or anybody but himself. He is a self absorbed narcissist. He will cut off his nose despite his face and in the process could leave the Dodger franchise in ruins for decades to come.

Wow, that place looks empty.

Did you expect many at this time? l

Gosh Bomblilly never disapoint us with those homerun.


lol forget the spelling I always seem to have trouble with that word.

So glad we have Lilly for another 2 1/2 years. Yup, Ned sure can pick ’em.

Hi’Ya Beav. For sure. Sigh!!!!

Well, at least he can throw it over the plate. So what if he’s given up three dingers? He’s got six strikeouts!

Thames, you got signed because you’re a “prolific home run hitter”! Let’s see it now!

… and that’s why Jamey Carroll has 8 RBIs in 70 games.

Carroll isn’t worth a damn in RBI situations.

Most pathetic “hitter” I’ve ever seen. What’s his OBI now – 1%? Jeez, I’d take an army of JPs over Carroll with men on base.

I like how he doesn’t worth a damn in those situation but he still hitting over .300+

Wasting away again in JuanUribeville!! Another Ned 3 year blunder.

And people still cut Ned some slack because he doesn’t have the money to work with? He spent over $50M on Uribe and Lilly.
Wise moves Ned.

OK, back to work…

If Jamey and Aaron are going to be in the game, they need to be at 1 and 2. They are not RBI men, but do get on base fairly often.

WTG Andre!! C’mon Kemp!!

You think the Yankees would take Lilly off our hand?

Lilly+Guerrier for Wade and come on do it Yankees if Ned offered this lol.

To bad this isn’t like hockey and basketball where you can also can throw in draft picks.

Hey Wally is there a way to look at the players career obi%? Why doesn’t that filters go to all?

Not that I’m aware of.

Carroll was good last year 10%.

10% is not that good. However, Carroll is not an RBI guy.

Yep but that good for his standard.

I don’t understand how the post “Ok, I’ll stop now I’m getting bored now” from nedajerk is last when the time in post is 11:03 am. There are other posts older that are posted before. Oh well, I’ll file it under #thigsthatcantbeexplained


Can Dodger fans sue McCourt for emotional abuse? This guy is like cobwebs you can’t get off your fingers…

Class-action Lawsuit perhaps 🙂

That Tigers pitcher last name is funny.

Should be Nathan Detroit?

kpook, suing Frank McCourt is like wrestling with a pig in the mud: you get dirty but the pig likes it.

I wonder what Guerrier IR% look like?

It would be great if someone like Tommy Lasorda or Vin Scully would sue McCourt for “Destruction of a Storied Franchise”, but I wouldn’t want to wish such a thing on Tommy or Vin.

Dang Donny should’ve had double switch when he brought in Guerrier but Blake probably still can’t play 3rd since Miles made the last out and the pitcher spot is up 5th.

No problem Gordon should’ve been in now or they might save him to PR.

STT, I can only imagine what Vinny or Lasorda might say in private. Vinny would be eloquent and choose his words carefully. Tommy wouldn’t.

I’d love to hear Tommy’s “discourse” on such an issue.

Tommy, what do you think about Frank McCourt’s performance?

lol you sure both of them won’t cuss about it?

Wow, awesome stat from vin 7 3 hit games last year for Kemp, 8 this year so far.

Urgh dang another homerun.

Dang which Navarro would’ve gotten that hit with the bases loaded when we were still down 6-5 back in the 5th.

Should had used Blake there for Miles and keep Gordon at SS and move Carroll to 2nd Urice to 2nd.


lol that 3rd

Should had used Blake there for Miles.

Than double switch for Guerra.

Come on Navarro and should’ve had just stay with Gordon.

Blake SUCKS.
He’s always half SUCKed, but now he pretty much SUCKS all the time.
Trade him before the deadline, so he can go and SUCK someplace else.
I don’t want the SUCKer here.

Should see if Gordon couldn’t gotten a bunt single or at least get 1 run in,

couldn’t=could’ve lol English class wasn’t my best subject dang all these typo. I really wish there was a delete and edit feature.

Oh well, they at least took the series 2 of 3. Todays attendance was 30,332. Looked like about half that many actually there. I’m sure looking forward to Neds big 3 of Lilly, Uribe, and Grrrear for the next 2 1/2 years.

Thanks for the attendance, Jhall. Nellyjune and I went shopping, lunch & a movie. I’ll be back to doing my job the next game, if all goes well.

No problem Trumom. The game was interesting as the offense kept it close. Lilly stunk and of course McDooDoo allowed an inherited runner to score allowing 2 singles with 2 outs and 1 on. Grrrear gave up a HR.

Which team need a 3rd baseman?

Dang Wally I was about to post that and I was on that site.

I just don’t see Uribe getting unload maybe next season that suck.

Blake/Uribe/Guerrier for Chisenhall+Santana and a 2 to 3 pitching prospect I know it a pipe dream.

dang forgot to take out the a there at first I had a pitching prospect

Hell, I’d trade those three along with Furcal, Navarro, Lilly, Thames, and McDooDoo for a couple of mid level prospects and a case of bottled water.

I’d throw in Broxton as well. Just to make sure we get the water.

lol how about a Broxton for Wade + dang it Yankees give us a catcher prospect?

I would do the same. Blake for Santana, Guerrier for Wade + pitcher prospect and Uribe for anything you can get for him. Give half of Blake/Guerrier and Uribe money to Kershaw, Kemp and Ethier.

How does Casey Daigle get so lucky and ended up with Jennie Finch? Daigle didn’t really have much of a career but his wife is hot and they have a newborn children together.

Vinnie had a trivia question a few days ago but I missed the answer: Name the three 3000-hit players who have also played with their son in the big leagues. They gave Gwynn, and I guessed Rose. Who’s the third…and is Rose even right?
Please go away McCourts.

Rose is correct. The third would be Eddie Collins.

Nice to take 2 of 3 in interleague play considering the Dodgers record against the AL. I am not a big fan of interleague play, maybe because the Dodgers have not done well but more because of the way it messes up the schedule.

I think it is wishful thinking that the Dodgers could get anything of value for Blake, Uribe or just about anyone else not named Kemp, Ethier or Kershaw. Casey Blake has done a decent job for the Dodgers but he seems to be damaged goods right now and I have to wonder if he is suffering the same problem Jeff Kent did the last year or two he was with the Dodgers: unable to catch up to the fastball. Uribe is just a mess at the plate; he looks awful. Why would anyone want him?

Furcal is going to be interesting. He’s getting ready for a rehab assignment and I can’t see the Dodgers sending Gordon down…especially with Furcal in the last 3 months of a three-year contract. I think the Dodgers will hang onto Uribe…he can’t be THIS bad and there’s really no heir apparent at third base or second base. Lilly? There’s ALWAYS a market for left-handers. Broxton…when he’s activated? Very possible. I think a new line of younger arms may spell his demise as a Dodger. His head was and always will be a problem.
Blake had a stats line going into June 1 game as .319/.427/.522/.949 since than his numbers started to decline big time.

I guess I found my answer to Guerrier IR% but it should be IS% so I made a mistake there. He was at 41% this game but the last 3 years he was at 22%, 24% and 22%.

before this game

The Tigers charged six runs to Lilly’s ledger, the final tally coming on an RBI single by Victor Martinez off Mike MacDougal, who has inherited 33 runners this season, tied with Cesar Ramos of Tampa Bay for the MLB lead (13 of those 33 have scored, including nine of the last 17).
And Dondildo just keeps bringing in McDoo with runners on.

I would’t bring him in at all! McDooDoo is a no-no 😉

It will be interesting to see how quickly Furcal is ready to come back and what the Dodgers will do. I hope Gordon makes this difficult but as we have seen many times before, Dee has options and Furcal does not. I agree that Broxton’s time with the Dodgers may be fleeting unless he makes a huge comeback and dominates hitters as he once did. I would be surprised if that happened but anything is possible.

Good to see Loney showing some life.
fansince 53 used to post here often, but he opted out when the criticism towards Pierre became too redundant. He’s a real fan and if he wants to go to the games, power to him.

Excellent article. I read every word of it with joy.

Glad you enjoyed it Trumom. Here’s an excerpt from another article.
As far as the chances of Frank winning in court by suing Commissioner Selig, consider this portion from MLB’s Constitution (bolding, author):

The Major League Clubs recognize that it is in the best interests of Baseball that all actions taken by the Commissioner under the authority of this Constitution, including, without limitation, Article II and this Article VI, be accepted and complied with by the Clubs, and that the Clubs not otherwise engage in any form of litigation between or among themselves or with any Major League Baseball entity, but resolve their differences pursuant to the provisions of this Constitution. In furtherance thereof, the Clubs (on their own behalf and including, without limitation, on behalf of their owners, officers, directors and employees) severally agree to be finally and unappealably bound by actions of the Commissioner and all other actions, decisions or interpretations taken or reached pursuant to the provisions of this Constitution and severally waive such right of recourse to the courts as would otherwise have existed in their favor.
To add to the passage in the ML Constitution there’s this: Tom Hicks had a TV extension with FOX rejected by the league when the Rangers were falling into bankruptcy. The position of the league was the same: using money to improve the ballpark, or pour into player payroll is acceptable. Allowing money to come in via an extension to deal with personal issues of debt, is not. Frank McCourt, you aren’t the first to be told no.

Cool…….Frank is a goner!

Ding Dong the Wicked Frank is on his way out the door!!!!

McCrook he is, indeed!
I’m waiting for your attendance update, Dodgereric. My night won’t be complete without it 😉

Sorry Dodgereric!!! We were reading the same article, and I posted my comment not knowing you already commented :). This stuff is what really pisses me off because charity money wasn’t even off limits to their spending.

LA Attorney General orders the Dodgers to repay $122,000 of charity funds that were used to benefit Jamie McCourt.

Game 40 attendance (2010): 47,801
Today’s attendance courtesy of jhall: 30,332
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 34
23rd straight game of negative attendance
Games less than 30,000 this season – 6
Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – 2010: none
Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704
Lowest attended game of the year: Game 8 – 27,439
Largest single game drop: Game 18 (55,662 – 28,419 = 27,243)
2010 attendance (40 games) – 1,796,544 (44,914 average)
2011 attendance (40 games) – 1,423,771 (35,594 average) #10 in MLB
Drop of 372,773 total
Average drop of 9319
Extrapolated for 81 games – 754,865
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,883,136
2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (41) attendance in 2010 – 41,575

I would like to see Orel become the new GM.

I’m still waiting for the Internal Revenue Service to swoop down on Frank McCourt, pick him up by the balls and dump him in the federal prison.

Another nail in the coffin?

“A bankruptcy judge could overrule Selig and order approval of the Fox contract — one McCourt says could be worth $3 billion — to ensure the Dodgers’ creditors are paid in full. Fox would respond that it is not bound to the agreement since a contract has not been executed and it would not support the Dodgers’ owner should he ask a bankruptcy judge to implement the deal…”

Another step to a hopeful future 🙂

I can’t wait for him to be out of our lives forever!

Doctors upgrade condition of beaten Giants fan;_ylt=Aiq3TtyDWrll5zXyHOmKbUYRvLYF?slug=ap-giantsfanattacked
A little bit of good news on Brian Stow, but he’s still in really bad shape. 😦

Good morning/afternoon everyone. Thanks for the attendance update Dad. I see the extrapolated drop over 81 games is now over 3/4 of a million. I’d sure like to see that number reach 1 cool million. Glad to hear that Stow is making some progress and I pray he will recover to a point that he can have some semblance of his former life. Looks like the forecast is very windy for McCourts house of cards. I will be very happy when he and Ned are gone and perhaps all we have to crab about is a bad call now and again. Do the right thing for yourself and the Dodgers and their fans Frank. Voluntarily sell the team for the best deal and move on with plenty of dough and at least a bit of dignity left.

Shad – Porklinks was formerly known as oldfogey back in the old ITD days. He was fun to read and loved his stats too. I remember scurtis as well. I believe he lived in Chicago because I remember him going to Dodgers/Cubs games in Chicago.

By Nellyjune on June 22, 2011 5:34 pm

I didn’t know Porklink were Oldfogey and I also do remember someone from Chicago didn’t know that was Scurtis.


This here’s a story about Frank and Jamie
Two old lovers with the ethics of Satan
Litigated their way to a fortune in pavement
Counted their cash, dreaming of the City of Angels
They headed down to, ooh, old LA
Bought the Dodgers and watched it decay
Frank robbed the team for a personal payday
Jamie took the chauffeur and run
Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run

Run far, far, far away……….and NEVER come back.

Hey all, hope you’re having a good off day. I was just watching Fox Sports’ slideshow of their awards after the first half, which I know mean nothing, but whoever wrote the reason for giving Jose Reyes the NL MVP, instead of Kemp or Fielder, is a moron. They said (when explaining why Reyes): However, the fact that Fielder and Kemp are both defensive liabilities hurts their cases. HUH?????? Calling Matt a defensive liability is like calling Jamey Carroll an RBI machine! Reyes has the most errors of the three, and the lowest fielding percentage of the three! I could not believe it! Yeah, he is hitting great, but so are the other two. But don’t use defense as a reason to pick Reyes, unless you actually look at the stats on your own website and see what the truth is!

Scroll all the way down and look Kemp at the categoires he’s leading in and in the top 10. The numbers is off the chart and wow I didn’t even now Kemp lead the league in out made last year.

Urgh sob I don’t want Richard. Dang Lombardi must be Ned in disguise. Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds and a second-round pick. The Kings announced the trade.

lol at those contract in hockey. Flyers Sign Ilya Bryzgalov to 9-year, $51 Million Contract

Why is it that if you or I shall we say, commandeered, funds from a charity we would find ourselves in jail, whereas all the McCourts have to do is pay back the money and its as if nothing ever happened? The attorney general made them pay it back? Why weren’t they arrested? Oh well, at least I can see now why Jamie envisioned herself in the White House.
Makes me wonder though how much of the charities executive’s overblown salaries found their way back into McCourt’s pockets via kickback or money laundering. Easy to understand also why Frank wrote “donations” to these charities into players’ contracts until the Union stepped in.
The further you peel back the layers, the slimier these two become.

Looks like Frankie lost another friend 😥



The hurdles to Frank McCourt keeping control of the Los Angeles Dodgers keep mounting, even as more evidence of financial problems emerge.

Citing two unnamed sources familiar with the matter, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that Fox Sports would not support McCourt if he tried to file for bankruptcy and ask a judge to push through a TV deal that was rejected by Major League Baseball.


“Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need of some stranger’s hand
In a desperate land…

The blue bus is calling us…”


You know the rest

Are we for sale yet? Funny how it will not let me post the same thing again….
Are we for sale yet? Are we for sale yet? Are we for sale yet?
There is a FB page dedicated to Mark Cuban saving the dodgers….LOL

Yep I’ve seen that to hahahaha that was cute.

Shad, I think you’ll like Richards. He was Philly’s captain. Schenn is a great prospect, but if he’s lucky he’ll be as good as Richards is now. Have a look at the Flyer’s message board. They’re all pissed off. I take that as a good sign.

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