Announcements, Announcements…

A busy day back here at Dodger Stadium, in Glendale and in Tucson.

This afternoon, we welcomed a new Spanish-language broadcast partner to the Dodger family. KTNQ 1020 AM, part of the Univision radio group, will carry our games in 2011-12. They also carried the Dodgers from 1979-86 and will be a huge benefit to Spanish-speaking Dodger fans.

We also announced the return of the Dodger Stadium Express Bus Service from Union Station. We have been getting a lot of questions about whether or not that will continue and last year, it transported over 120,000 fans to and from the ballpark. It’s free to fans with a game ticket, so be sure to take advantage of this great service and save money on parking and gas.

Earlier this morning, we announced officially that we’ll be playing the Diamondbacks on March 25 in a game to benefit the families of the Tucson shooting tragedy, including Christina Taylor Green. For those in the area, you can get tickets here.

And finally, starting tonight at Camelback Ranch, fans will be able to purchase a pin with Christina’s initials, CTG, to benefit the memorial fund created in her name. Back when this tragedy took place, many of you asked how you can help and this is certainly one small way.



  1. crzblue2

    This is great that they have that pin commemorating Christina Taylor Green.
    I had heard from Dylan about the switch from La Ranchera back to KTNQ so I had already switched the radio station. They used to play music there now it seems to be a talk radio station. As long as we have el trio de Jaime, Pepe y Fernando, I am OK. Hopefully the Dodgers benefit from additional advertising from Univision.
    Glad to hear that the Dodgers Express bus is back. There are alot of us that benefit from that. I know two group trips being planned this year that were suggesting using the Dodger Express bus to get to the stadium.
    thanks Josh!


    Very admirable purpose, just like another one of Frank’s charities. I wonder who Frank is putting in charge of this charitable collection and at what cost that will be deferred from the franchise expenses. Sorry, if it sounds like I don’t trust Frank, but then I DON’T.

  3. kasedoug

    Prayers for the Green family and I’ll look to pick up the pin when I get back to CBR.
    Good to hear the Express is back. I took it to Opening Day last year. The one suggestion I would make is to have a dedicated bus lane that leaves the Stadium if it’s possible. After the game, sat on the bus in the parking lot for 45 minutes along with all the Opening Day traffic waiting to exit. It would probably influence more people to take the Express if they saw the buses going straight out and not stuck with everyone else.

  4. abcrazy4dodgers

    Welcome (beinvenido) back to KTNQ!
    Any other old fogies remember when KTNQ was “Ten-Q” back in the late 70’s? Not sure for how long, but I remember when they were playing “Frampton comes Alive” in virtual perpetuity.

  5. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    That’s one beautiful Cristina Taylor Green pin.
    I will keep it among my downloads. so many times when I’m looking for a picture to post I won’t miss it when I pass by.
    Say JOSH, seeing those years, 1979-86 it looks like it’s a good idea to bring back KTNQ 1020 AM because the Dodgers were a better team when they left. Maybe they’ll bring back some good luck they may’ve taken with them, at that time.

  6. enchantedbeaver

    Vaguely remember Ten-Q abcrazy. Wasn’t there also Pirate radio? KIIS (Rick Dees) was big. And there was also “A little bit of heaven 94.7 KMET.”

  7. Dodger4life

    Josh…I just want to say, that I lost my son at birth…and as hard as that was, and still is…It pales in comparison to losing Christina Green. I do with all my heart, believe that lost children such a this… Are in Gods eyes, the Duke Sniders of ours.
    My moniker D4 is something I cherish, not for fame, but for being a small part of a Wonderful Family…Thier are no rankings among us…If you don’t believe me ask the guy at the top.
    And then him about Christina…


    Bound to be a really exciting season.
    Should have many EMPTY SEATS.

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