Donnie nailed it…

Many of you have read in recent news reports that Don Mattingly has given a lot of thought over the winter about his first address to the team…well, in my clearly biased opinion, he nailed it this morning. There’s a lot of buzz around camp today about just how smoothly things are running and there’s definitely a tone that Donnie has set that has everyone feeling optimistic about 2011.

mattingly speech.jpg


  1. lasordaslair

    All reports indicate a completely different vibe at Dodger camp in 2011. I sure hope that translates into a brand of baseball that resembles how the Dodgers approached the game for decades; pitching, defense, fundamentals, bunting, hit and run, moving guys over, and more pitching. Donnie Baseball played the game the way it was supposed to be played, I hope for all of Dodger Nation that his managerial style motivates this current crop of Dodgers to show up to play EVERY day with that same passion.

  2. enchantedbeaver

    Can’t be any worse than Torre can he? Just saying that Dre and Kemp will bat 3-4 all year and naming an opening day starter already has been an improvement. Too bad Ned’s the one getting him “personnel.”

    From the last thread – Hey Eric & Wally! It was either enchantedbeaver or themagicalpussy, but I didn’t want to be misconscrewed!

  3. nellyjune

    From the previous thread…. OMG!!!! Boys, boys, boys – LMAO!!!!!

    I do like how things seem to be shaping up. Can’t wait for the games to begin.

  4. lasordaslair

    There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the state of the Dodgers, despite every effort made by Frank and Jamie to destroy it.

    Spring is here, games start on Saturday and we have a new manager who was one of the most gritty players in the history of Major League Baseball.

    He’s the exact opposite of Joe Torre and that is exactly what this group of Dodgers needs.

    Go Blue!

  5. crzblue2

    LOL. I like!
    Agree, there is plenty to be optimistic about! Spring is in the air! I head to Glendale Saturday morning! Vin Scully is still broadcasting for our Dodgers! I am looking forward to seeing Don Mattingly as the manager and Davey Lopez back with the Dodgers!

  6. colliethec

    Sorry Josh — I had to do it.
    Donnie is the boss so I will support the guy. There were a couple of others that I would of chosen over him but now that he is the man I’m supportive of him.
    I also think of him playing the game the correct way. I think we might be a little better than we are thinking we will be but still don’t have enough to get a ring. I think with a new coaching staff and a clean slate they will be better. Sometimes adversity helps one grow and mature. Let’s hope this will be the case with the Blue!
    Thus far I’m happy having an opening day starter named as well as having Matt & Dre batting back to back and he being committed to them.
    I’m not happy about talk of Blake hitting in the #2 slot or that Matt will bat in front of Dre. I think Dre should be in the 3 spot & then Matt.
    What do you all think?

  7. enchantedbeaver

    Collie, as I was telling Nells today, the solution is simple – give Paul the job in LF. He’s a better defender than JaMarcus Thibbons, and just as good a hitter, but with less power. He solves the #2 hitter also. Throw in that he’s cheaper AND also still has an upside, and its a no brainer.

    I don’t know how you can look at Gibbons, Thames, Gwynn and Paul and think that Paul is your 4th best option. It defies logic and common sense, which is obviously something our GM seriously lacks. I swear he’s still on the Gints payroll.

  8. jhallwally

    Hey Collie. I think it is a sad state of affairs when we are considering Blake to bat 2nd in the order. Geez!! Unfortunately, Ethier is the best candidate for the 2 hole. Hopefully they play Uribe at 3rd and rest Blake alot. Then we can let Jamey Carroll bat 2nd.

  9. jhallwally

    Yep Beav, Ned is a baffoon. Paul should be given a decent shot at LF. It is a no brainer. Let’s hope Paul lights it up in Spring Training. Otherwise, we won’t see much of him.

  10. colliethec

    Totally agreed Beav. I think Paul is a good option and fills 2 voids. I would also give Gwynn a shot during ST. I think he is probably better than his numbers last year but I want Paul to get the 1st shot.
    I just don’t get Blake #2, Dre #3, and Matt #4.

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Seeing as how Paul’s out of options, my guess is if he burns up ST, Ned will trade him near the end for Dotel.

    Well, Paul and Zach Lee. Afterall, it is Ned.

  12. enchantedbeaver

    I also was telling Nells that if Frank was totally against spending money, we’d see the Pauls and the Sands and the Mitchells because they’re the cheapest options available.

    Not saying that Frank runs this club like a big market franchise by any means, but most all of this veteran BS is Ned. Take the 4-5-6 veterans Ned signs for $1-$2 mil apiece and that adds up quickly compared to $400-$500K apiece prospects. Don’t think Frank would be in for a bigger score with lower payroll and farm products we’d probably get behind? Ned was born of Sabean and gathers all the crappy vets he can because that was what he learned. In the 5+ years Ned’s been running the show he hasn’t learned one damn thing on his own. Hence, he keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

  13. kpookiemon

    Nice article on Ethier and leadership in the LA Times this morning. What caught my eye was his assessment of Manny and the leadership he provided:

    “I think that if you learn from anyone, you learn from Manny, the way he was,” Ethier said. “He was so complimentary of other players, anything they did from fielding a ground ball to hitting a ball in the cage. He was so quick to compliment and make it about you than make it about him. That’s the biggest thing about creating team unity, making guys comfortable around each other.”

    Bowa, Schaefer, Torre and Ned could learn a thing or ten from Manny. Three of those four guys being gone is reason enough for optimism. I think when the story of 2010 is written we’ll find the players just flat out quit on that “terrorist” regime. Torre alluded to as much with his “a different voice” solution for 2011.

  14. nellyjune

    Great comments everyone!!!!!

    I was looking at the photo gallery and loved seeing the name Yeager in with the group of catchers.

  15. nellyjune

    Great comments everyone!!!!!

    I was looking at the photo gallery and loved seeing the name Yeager in with the group of catchers.

  16. colliethec

    Totally agree about that Nelly.
    I went to a Sacramento Rivercats 51’s game a few years ago when Russ, Dre, Brox, and Bills were all there. I was sitting in the 1st row next to the dugout along the 1st baseline. These seats are really close to the base. There were a couple of guys sitting behind me and next to me and I think one of the guys was related to Davey Johnson. He looked just like him & during the whole game (It was a doubleheader) Yeager was coaching 1st and kept coming over talking to them. 2 guys got picked off 1st and if memory serves me correct the second one was Dre. Yeager went ballistic and was giving it to the ump for a minute or so. After he turned from the ump looked at us and with a devilish smile and said, “you gotta give the fans what they want.”. He was really fun to interact with and seemed like a great guy.

  17. nellyjune

    Steve Yeager was my first personal encounter with a player, former or otherwise. My hubby and I were on a flight with him. We were on our way to Jamaica for our honeymoon. I was star struck and didn’t say much, just like I do now – lol!!!


    Just another silly question – given Padilla’s problem of last year, why didn’t somebody do an MRI on his elbow BEFORE he was gloriously signed by Ned as the answer to our pitching problems? I’ve always thought that Conte should have been discharged years ago for malpractice, and all of us know that Ned is clearly over his head, so I suppose that is the answer. I also don’t really care how much money Frank and Ned throw away, because nothing good will happen with the Dodgers until they’re both gone.

    Maybe it’s time to bring Jamie back on the management side. After all, we made it to the playoffs and won some games while she was in her position with the Dodgers – No?

  19. dodgereric

    Hey Bear, I didn’t read your post until after I posted that link. You make a great point! We’ve got a sub-.500 record since Jamie was canned!

    Sell Jamie the team, you horrid P.O.S.!

  20. dodger 32

    Ned you’ve done it again. can you say Jason Schmidt. Anyone that doesn’t learn from his mistakes is condemned to repeat them, or is just a fool!

  21. jhallwally

    Well Gang, with Ned & Conte, what did you expect!!! They’re morons!!! We’ve got some bad times coming if Frank is not forced to sell!!

  22. dodgereric

    Heyya, jhall! Kinda makes you wonder if Conte’s physicals consist of anything more difficult than rubbing their stomach and patting their head at the same time.

    WAIT! I just found a sound bite of Conte’s physical examination of Padilla:

    Conte: “You ok?

    Padilla: “Yep.”

    Conte: “Neddy, he’s gold!”

  23. enchantedbeaver

    I can’t take it anymore. Ned’s incompetentcy knows no bounds. Read Ned’s quote in the L.A. Times. According to Ned things had “calmed down” with Padilla’s nerve. Not healed. Not cured. Just “calmed down.” What the hell did he expect would happen throwing at any velocity? Common sense would’ve dictated you work the guy out 2-3 times at speed to see how he does before offering a contract. Not Ned. That’s $2 mil guaranteed that’s totally wasted – AGAIN. How is it Frank doesn’t fire this guy?

    Conte doesn’t know shat from shinola IMO and is more worthless than Ned.

    And that’s saying something.

  24. jhallwally

    It is truely hard to believe that Conte and Colletti are still employed. I’m sure no other team in baseball will ever employ them as it is common knowledge that they are both incompetent. I just had to gag when I read the above article and how they cover for each other while Frank continues to choke his own chicken!!!! Good God, how blatent does the obvious farce have to get before the fans finally revolt and disarm Frank and his ship of sycophants. There is no other place in baseball where Conte and Colletti would still be employed!!! UN-FREAKING-ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!


    I have to admit that even for someone like me, the eternal optomist when it comes to the Dodgers, the future of this organization looks bleak as long as current ownership is in charge. Last season I said I did not want the ownership issue to be a distraction to me as a fan and even argued with some of you to not focus so much energy on it. I am sure had the team done well and made the playoffs last season the ownership situation might not have been as big a deal. But the team did not do well making it difficult not to think there is some connection. The real issue now is the lack of excitement over the coming season that I feel even though I do believe the change of field management and coaches should have a positive effect. I also do expect a lot of empty seats at Dodger Stadium unless the team gets off to a good start and even then we might still see a decline in attendence because a lot of fans are disgusted. But our fearless Frank says no one is concerned about the divorce. I guess he never reads any blogs or web site commenst or letters to the editor.

  26. dodgerdelirious

    I love how the reactions to Padilla’s situation were vastly diffirent between Mattingly and Coletti. Mattingly didn’t mask his disapointment where Coletti tried to sugar coat it and cover his rear end ! It reminded me of when former Dodger GM Malone traded away Charles Johnson and gave broken down ,vetran, Todd Hundley,everyday catching duties. Maloan tried to sugar coat that one to the fans and media, too! Yes, indeed,Stan Conte and Ned Coletti are doing an excellent job for their team,THE GIANTS !

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