Meet Joe Block

KABC just put out the announcement that Joe Block will be joining Josh Suchon as co-host of DodgerTalk for 2011. It’s a very exciting addition to the show, as Joe brings more than a decade of experience working in radio and TV, including several years as the Jacksonville Suns play-by-play guy back when Kemp, Billingsley, Kuo, Broxton, Loney, Elbert and others were coming up through that team (he missed Clayton by a season).

That’s when we first got to know him and his talent as an on-air personality. Most recently, he’s been hosting a similar show to DodgerTalk for the New Orleans Hornets while doubling as a minor league baseball play-by-play announcer during the summer. He’s got tremendous baseball knowledge and should be a great fit along with Soosh to keep DodgerTalk interesting while engaging in converations with all of you.

Of course, it’s a tad bittersweet because Ken Levine is no longer going to co-host the show. He’s done a tremendous job the last few seasons with Josh and was very fortunate to be named one of the play-by-play guys for the Mariners this season. We will miss his humor and passion for the Dodgers and I have no doubt he’ll still be around the stadium plenty and a part of the Dodger family, always.

If you’re a twitter follower, check out Joe at @joe_block and welcome him back to the Dodger family either there or in the comments of this blog.

Josh and Joe will be on the air from Camelback very soon, so check back for details on the first DodgerTalk of the spring on KABC 790.


  1. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everyone
    I started to listen to Dodger talk late last season thanks to TBW who sent me over the website address. I’ve never phone in yet but I hope to do so.

  2. dodgereric

    Allow me to start a new contest.

    There’s a new One-Man’s-Opinion piece on the 50 coolest SoCal athletes of all time:,0,4793554.photogallery

    Now we all know that lists like this are just made to be argued about, but I only have one point that sticks a little in my craw. There are 50 (51 actually) athletes on it. Eighteen different sports. That in itself is pretty cool and it shows how diverse the sports scene is in SoCal.

    There are 3 LA Dodgers on it. Koufax, Drysdale and Fernando. Jackie’s on it, so let’s say there’s 4 Dodgers, not 3 LA Dodgers. There’s an Angel (Nolan Ryan) and Walter Johnson too.

    There are no less than 13 football players, 5 Rams. Two Raiders. Seven basketball players. Five Lakers. Three LA Dodgers.

    I don’t have a gripe about any of them, but wasn’t Maury Wills pretty cool? Mike Piazza? Orel Hershiser? I could go on, but that defeats the purpose of my challenge.

    Tracy Austin is on it. Rickie Fowler. Duffy Waldorf.

    Duffy Waldorf? He’s so cool I have no idea who he is. Maybe he invented the salad.

    See what I mean?


    Eric, I agree these sort of lists are a good conversation starter at best on a slow day. I am still not sure what “cool” means but any mention of Maury Wills on a top something or other list does get my attention. I would put him on the list because he clearly changed the game during the time he played. The opposition had to scheme against him and fans came out to see him play. I think that qualifies as cool.

  4. crzblue2

    I posted in there earlier today agreeing that Maury should be there and that they should have more then 50. Still it was cool looking at those pictures as I was a big Pro football fan back when we had a team and before someone introduced me to baseball.
    I am so happy the truck left to Camelback Ranch! Six days till Pitchers and Catchers report!
    Safey glasses check
    rubber shoes check
    garden gloves check
    release form check
    Yep! I am ready to volunteer with my boys in Blue on Valentine’s Day!

  5. nellyjune

    Congrats to Ken Levine on getting the play by play gig with Seattle Mariners. Not that I got to listen to him and Josh too much, but when I did, I always enjoyed it. You will be missed, but I will be sure to listen in on a game or two with the Mariners.

    Eric – Mike Piazza was on mlbtv the other night doing a diamond demo and talking to the guys, and he is still so very cool!!

  6. nellyjune

    James’ arbitration date has been set for February 18th. The difference is $550,000. Oh for goodness sakes FranknNed!!!! You could have purchased one less PVL for that price. Give me a fishing break!!

  7. nellyjune

    Our ranking did improve a tad, but no where near where it should be. Sad indeed Collie, and I agree………………Sell the team.


    Mubarak is gone, for whatever that’s worth – could we be so lucky with Frank and Jamie McCourt!

    SELL THE TEAM and go back where you came from – or else crawl under a rock where you belong.

  9. dodger 32

    Ned Colletti, the man, the mystique, the mustache. Ned has a plan only he doesn’t know what it is? After all he knew the team wouldn’t be any good last year, yet he did nothing until it was too late, then he trades away young talent for one month of Dotel. Oh that Ned, he is a shrewd one. Stay tuned for tomorrows episode of Ned has a thought , but it ides of loneliness…. but wait, hold the presses, he signs another reliever Rincon, what are we to make of this? Another shrewd move by our hero!

  10. Martin

    Dodger fans you guys are in for treat having Joe Block as apart of your broadcast team. Win or lose the smooth manner that he handles the post-game broadcast will be an enjoyable listen. I am from New Orleans and have scoured the internet in search of his whereabouts and why he was no longer with the Hornets. He is SORELY missed in New Orleans but our loss is your gain. Enjoy him while you have him. Best of luck Joe we miss ya in the Big Easy!!!!

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