Choose your own adventure

As a kid, I always enjoyed the Choose Your Own Adventure books but never really knew why. Looking back on it, perhaps had something to do with the fact that in most books you read, someone else decided the outcome for you and in these rare cases, you got to be a part of the story. In fact, you even got to see how all your options turned out if you wanted to go back and do it again.

It was a concept that was well ahead of its time and it’s probably also the reason why I was such an avid fan of Clue, the movie.

Well, maybe it’s the same reason why I’m so excited about the opportunity for fans to vote this week on which uniform the team will wear for six games this year. You’re not supposed to get to choose what uniform your favorite team gets to wear, but you can.


Check out if you haven’t already and weigh in on the subject. And then come out for those games – all of which are midweek day games and feature half-price food and drinks at Dodger Stadium.


  1. Dodger4life

    Personally, I am not all that crazy about wearing road jerseys at home, let alone with Brooklyn etched across the front. We protray that it is the name on the front of the jersey not the one on the back. Brooklyn is part of our history and should be considered home as well.

  2. Dodger4life

    I would like to see Frank on an island, perhaps with, shall I say ” Jamie “. Left there until they can jointly decide on what is in baseballs best interest. In the meantime ( Judge Gordon can appoint a true trusty! ) Shouldn’t take too long for them to have a whole new perspective on things, that is if someone actually returns to the island to ask them.

  3. crzblue2

    I voted for the 1911 when it first got posted. I hope the players wear the pants up so the stirrups show up!
    A friend sent me this:
    MLBTV is asking fans to vote fo the most beautiful stadium. call 877-321-6526

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    I have to say that I’d rather see all 3 uniforms worn in those 6 games. I don’t understand why the other two won’t be worn.
    They can play two games with each uniform. Why the vote?
    Naturally I voted for the 1940 version because I’m more familiar with the script.
    1911 could be worn in a centennial celebration.

  5. enchantedbeaver

    I take it that its much cheaper to use a gimmick like changing the uniforms to get a few extra butts in the seats than it is to put a good product on the field. [enter obligatory line here about putting lipstick on a pig.]

  6. enchantedbeaver

    Let’s put it this way birk – it ain’t gonna hurt Frank one bit. Attendance doesn’t figure to be very high for a mid-week day game no matter what the uniform or giveaway. My guess is the food’s vastly overpriced anyway, so even at half off they’re still making a profit. And if this gimmick lures a thousand or so extra fans, that’s more money in Frank’s pocket for essentially nothing.
    Half price makes for good PR, but its just more smoke and mirrors.

    Anyone read Jon Wiseman’s interview of Ned? All I got out of it was Ned knew the team was going to be crap last year. Doesn’t explain why though that even though he knew it was going to founder, and it WAS foundering at the trade deadline, he still sent off more prospects for garbage to save nothing.
    No matter if its Frank or Ned, its all smoke and mirrors.

  7. dodger 32

    I’d like to see Frank in a prison uniform, that’s the only uniform I’m interested in. I hate to say it but as long as that low life owns the team and refuses to improve it to what the Dodgers used to be and should be, my interest in the Dodgers is fading fast. Between him and his shill of a GM this organization is going nowhere.

  8. nellyjune

    We have turned into the So-Cal A’s. I understand the promotions thing. Most of the organizations do this. If we didn’t have one of the worst owner/GM combination in sports history, I wouldn’t be as critical of these things. However, as I see it, as long as Frank owns this team, we will never know if the money we spend is to benefit the team or pay for the divorce. I hate feeling this way. I love this team (the players), but Frank just needs to go………. pure and simple.

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