When the Dodgers led the Steelers to a SB title…

What’s your prediction for today? And where are you watching…anyone reading this from Dallas and planning on being at the game? I’m going with 31-21 Pittsburgh…and for a refresher on the last time the Dodgers led the Steelers to a Superbowl title, check this out. One thing you can learn from this post is proof that in three years, I still haven’t figured out how to properly post photos on this blog (follow the link all the way back to here for a “photo” of Beimel, Wade and Polamalu).

Meanwhile, Inside the Dodgers jumped from No. 11 to No. 4 on the MLBlogosphere’s Latest Leaders, so hopefully the new content we’re adding is of interest to Dodger fans around the world. And congrats to Dodgerfilms for being the top fan blog among Dodger folks. His video compilation of all the homers he’s caught in BP and in-game caught our attention last week when it got retweeted like crazy.




  1. nellyjune

    Now that football is over, it’s time to gear up for Dodger Baseball and NASCAR (#11 in 11). This is one of my favorite times of the year in the sports world 🙂

  2. dodgerfilms

    Well, at least it was an exciting game! And now it’s time for everyone to think about Dodger baseball, instead of just us diehards.

    Thank you very much for the link. I appreciate it.

  3. crzblue2

    Congratulations to Dodgerfilms! Great to see another Dodger blog here in the MLB blogs and congratulations to you Josh and everyone posting here at the ITD for jumping from 11 to 4.
    Also you did not mentioned it before but for the 2010 MLB blog Pro list, ITD t least beat Inside Giants blog.
    2010 Latest Leaders
    1. MetsBlog.com
    2. MLB.com Hot Stove blog
    3. MetsMinorLeagueBlog.com
    4. BronxBanterBlog.com
    5. Baseball Nerd
    6. Better Off Red
    7. MLB.com Fantasy 411
    8. Alyson’s Footnotes
    9. CastroTurf
    10. The Baseball Collector
    11. Inside the Dodgers
    12. Inside the Giants Clubhouse
    Seven Days till the Dodger Caravan!
    10 days till pitchers and catchers report, right?

  4. trublu4ever

    LOL, Enchanted. I saw that earlier on mlb.tv, but didn’t want to get everybody excited about the news!!!! Of course, first I said to myself, “Who?”!

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