Opening Day just got one day closer…

And that’s how we kick off the Inside the Dodgers blog for 2011…

We head to Camelback Ranch in just six weeks and after six more weeks at baseball’s best Spring Training site, we are back here at Dodger Stadium for Opening Day against the Giants.

As you have probably heard, ESPN wanted to get the Dodgers/Giants rivalry as their marquee game on Opening Day, so they asked us to move our home opener, April 1, to the night before so that it could be televised nationally. So, we’ll have three of our first four games on national or regional TV — Thursday and Sunday on ESPN and Friday on FOX. And pretty soon, we’ll be able to give you the whole TV schedule for the season with KCAL and Prime Ticket.

The energy and buzz at the stadium has ramped up significantly since we returned from the holiday break. And as promised, I’m going to work harder to make this blog more exciting, more relevant and with more of your input throughout the year. Please know that your comments about the blog’s commenting functionality are being addressed as we speak. I’m very, very hopeful that the good people at will have a solution before Opening Day.

So check back often or keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter pages, where new posts show up whenever I send them live.



    Yes, please have Vin Scully in the booth. At the very least, get the ESPN guys to interview him during the game.

  2. crzblue2

    Nice to read you here Chillicat! I was coming to express the same about Vin Scully. Is the first thing that popped into my mind when the schedule was changed and that ESPN would be doing the game. Is not an Opening Day without Vin Scully. It could be our last and is not fair for Dodger fans and baseball fans.
    I love Opening Day early with all the festivities of the day. Getting up extra early and heading for breakfast close to the stadium with my friends and then heading to the stadium. Last year after an early breakfast we headed for a ride around all the surrounding parks around the stadium.
    I am not liking the 5 p.m. time but as long as we have Vin Scully there, it will be OK.
    Oh happy “Dia de los Reyes” “Day of the three Wise Men or the three Kings”

  3. chillicat

    Please have Vin Scully involved in the call of the game. I know its ESPN covering it, but its just not opening day without him!

  4. nellyjune

    Glad to see you back Josh!! I am with the majority around here. Opening Day at Dodger Stadium has to have Vin’s voice.

  5. northstateblues

    I’d love to have Vin call Opening Day.

    If he didn’t, though, it’d probably be the first Dodgers Opening Day in which he’d get to enjoy a day of baseball without worrying about play-by-play in… how long?

    Remember when he watched the game at Fenway a few years back? It was the first time he enjoyed a baseball game in years.

    It IS his job. But knowing he’s under contract for another year, I could wait 17 hours if the stars aligned for Vin Scully to enjoy an Opening Day of baseball.

    It could be a Thank You for coming back another year and still finding love for the game and the booth after over 60 years (not to mention the current disparaging state of the franchise in the national media).

    Of course, the question would be if Vin Scully would do it. Reading of his love for the game, something tells me there’d be more of a chance of him and Sandy allowing 24k gold statues of themselves to be built at every gate to Dodger Stadium.

    But everyone could use a vacation, if only for a day. After six decades, he’s more than earned it.

  6. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Josh!! Welcome back and Happy New Year. I want to thank you in advance for all your efforts. It is good to hear that MLBlogs is at least aware of our time warp/commenting plight and are going to address the problem. Your efforts to make our blog better should not be hindered by MLBlog’s oversights and shortcomings!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruth

      Rays games have been the same thing for me ltelay. My girlfriend has been going through some health issues and I was lucky enough to go to a Rays game for a few hours. Even though they lost, it was nice to have that escape from reality. When life gets hectic or crazy, we all need that release. I hope the year ends better for you Jordi!

  7. yunghitterz89

    Glad to have you back on here writing Josh! Good to see that your alive and well, and eager to write about all things Dodgers, including your memories as a kid. The kid inside of something should never go away, especially when it comes to baseball, and reading your posts, the kid in me comes out, and smiles from ear to ear. So Thank You Sir.


    As I read the comments from others on here that beat me to the punch at being first to comment, I can only say one thing, THANK YOU VIN..Wether or not he does announce Opening Day, something that has become a sheer joy to myself since I was a kid, he has done right in his choice. The man is a legend, and he’s given his all to the game he so dearly loves.


    I would not miss him one bit though on Opening Day, if I were to see him on that baseball field, walking to the mound, and hearing the crowd scream out his name, fans, kids, teams, etc chanting VIN VIN VIN VIN VIN VIN!!..A see of people going back and forth with their hands extended over their heads and saying GREAT ONE GREAT ONE GREAT GREAT ONE!!..Nothing less would be an insult. Then, to hear him say those words that have drawn me to a tear as I write this right now, I’d cheer him on until my voice gave way.




    No matter what Vin, your the true meaning of this franchise. You gave up what most people wouldn’t, to be with the other joy in your life. First seat behind home plate, alongside his wife, and kids, would be bittersweet. His career, never once blemished, and his valiant wife, standing strong and firm with him through all these amazing years.


    He might be the voice of the Dodgers, but he is a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather, and I wouldn’t give it a second thought.


    He deserves a day off.


    And a pretzel and ice cream that I’d personally buy for him, just because he is who he is.




    The man has been working for this franchise for 61 years now, older than my father, and myself obviously. The man is baseball.


    Check out my blog plz. Comment on my last two posts.
    Hope you like them.


  8. nellyjune

    Yunghitterz – fabulous post!!!! I have been reading Vin’s biography “Pull Up a Chair” by Curt Smith, and like your post so
    eloquently puts it, Vin is just an amazing human being. How fortunate we are to have him not only representing Dodgers baseball but just baseball, period.

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