Colletti keeping busy…Dodger offices buzzing

It’s decision day on a few Dodger players, most notably Russell Martin, and Ned Colletti just told Jim Hill in an interview that this is one of the toughest decisions he’s had to face since he came to the Dodgers. We’ll know by 9 p.m. PT tonight at the latest what that decision is and hopefully that will provide a little more clarity on the catching situation.

Ned just finished a 20-minute interview with Jim Hill and they covered a ton of topics. It will air in part tonight on KCAL/KCBS as well as throughout the week. Among the things they talked about were Don Mattingly and his staff; Matt Kemp (who recently reached out to Ned and had a great phone conversation that is among the reasons Ned says he feels like this will be a big year for Matt); the starting rotation and the farm system.

There’s definitely a buzz in the offices and one among fans we’re speaking with on a daily basis. It feels a little weird to have so much already set in stone before we head to Orlando for the Winter Meetings on Sunday, but I’ll certainly take that over a four-day set of meetings where we come in with a ton of needs.


  1. thinkingblue

    JOSH thanks for the updates. I really want Martin to stay, I think he has a great heart for the game. I’m sure he will come back strong….BUT….BIG BUT…. I want what is BEST FOR THE DODGERS! If Martin playing for the Dodgers is what is best, then he can stay, but if he won’t contribute to wins then he gotta go…AU REVOIR! Good luck with THAT decision! And I will keep praying for the BEST!

  2. blueindaveins

    @yunghitterz89…you are aware that the Dodgers play in the national league? Jermaine Dye as a DH wouldn’t work. Johnny Damon in left would be better and he could mentor the kids a little more. I think Beltre or Werth still need to be looked at and as much as I love Russell Martin, it’s time to cut the cord and get Miguel Olivo in his place. That is the sound business decision of it all. Russell having to squat a couple hundred times a game and not knowing if he can do it yet is too big of a risk to take when AJ Ellis is your backup.

  3. enchantedbeaver

    Damon in left would make me long for the days of Juan Pierre or even worse, Scott Pathednik. No more over-the-hill mentors are needed. If Kemp and the boys haven’t learned by now they never will. Time for them to shat or get off the pot. If Ned’s not going to go out and get a bonafide LFer, then Paul should have his shot at the job to see if he can cut it. If not and we’re in it at the trade deadline, there’ll be plenty of serviceable OFers to be had.

  4. nellyjune

    I think Xavier deserves his shot in left field. Andre and Matt both finally got their most deserved shot. Now,it is time for Xavier to have his.

    As for Russell Martin, if he can play, then he deserves a shot at getting his job back. However, the contract should be reflect the possibility of limited performance. I think enchanted mentioned an incentive-type contract, which I think is a great idea. I would like to give Russell a shot with a new manager and a new coaching staff, if he is physically able to anyway.

  5. yunghitterz89

    What else does Ned have up his sleeve. Remember Ned, last year, Chad, Padilla, Kuroda, etc were hurt at some point. Get a good pitcher that can do spot starts, but please, don’t overpay. Please please please, sign Miguel Olivo and give Russell Martin a contract. One more year to see what he has. But just know that most Dodger fans, are starting to see a bright light after a horrible last 3 yrs. Get at it Ned.


    Good job so far Ned.

  6. yunghitterz89

    @blueindaveins: yes I do know that the Dodgers play in the NL..I also know that their colors are blue and white and that their GM is a Giant, their owner is a Red Sox and their Manager is a Yankee. LOL. You need not patronize me in the basics of the game, for I was speaking about when they play in interleague games. You know, the ones that are played 2x a season between the NL and AL, besides the All-Star Game Of course. You know, what we brought Garrett Anderson, and Manny in to do for us during that time. A DH. Learn the game before you look like an ar-tard.

    Furthermore, what kids are you referring to. These so called kids have been in the league for 5 seasons now, their veterans. They are just as good as any other veteran now. Johnny Damon, SERIOUSLY!!..So who is going to play OF for the other 80+ games of the season since Damon is your most logical choice. He’s not good in the NL, and doesn’t run anymore. Magglio Ordonez would be better. Atleast he still has some pop in his bat, but Dye, Chavez, and Olivo need to become Dodgers. Magglio as well.

  7. selltheteam

    Ned is still talking to Padilla, could be a back-up for the starting rotation. What? Six starters? What a difference a year makes. Last year, Ned filled in the pitching holes with the Ortizzi. And Slacks Haegar.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, if you’re not regular posters incognito, welcome to ITD yunghitterz89 and blueindaveins! 🙂

  9. jhallwally

    Hello Gang!! Welcome Yung and Veins!!! How ya doin’ Beav!!! Hopefully, they will non-tender Martin and especially Sherrill!!! I think they will. Geez, its really a no brainer.

  10. thinkingblue

    NOT MY MARTIN…this is one sad Martinista! Life goes on! Sniff Sniff…I just hope the Ned knows what he is doing!

  11. yunghitterz89

    Thank You jhallwally, nellyjune, and enchantedsunset. I do believe this is my first comment on here, ITD. I have a blog if you’d care to take a look.

    Sad to see Martin go, but like Colleti said, too much money and not enough guarantee that he’ll even be back to catching. This is a more mature Ned finally learning from his mistakes of years past.

    Now please Ned, sign Miguel Olivo as our starter. No more Dunn, Pierzinsky, Varitek, etc. Get the best Catcher left out there Ned. And I read somewhere where Ned asked Martin to consider playing OF. That would be crazy.

    Well, glad to of met some more Dodger fans. Always on the website commenting on articles if you ever want to talk baseball.

    And of course, please read my blog, and if you like what you read, comment on it. If you don’t, please still comment.



  12. trublu4ever

    Welcome to our ITD family, Yunghitterz. It’s always great to have more people who are fanatic fans and want the best for our Dodgers.

  13. yunghitterz89

    Thank You trublu4ever. I do feel humbled by Dodger fans showing me their admiration for this team as well as giving me the opportunity to speak about the team to other fans.

  14. trublu4ever

    Yunghitterz89 ~ Just wait until the entire “gang'” shows up….you will not be disappointed, for sure! We are a totally whacky and fun loving group. Sometimes we have differences of opinion but, we all have one thing in common….our love for Dodger baseball.


    Belated welcome to yunghitterz and blueindeveins. We can always use some fresh voices to keep us on our toes. Sorry to see Martin go this way if in fact he does leave but as has already been said, it is just good business. Russell gave the Dodgers 100% effort every day. But ever since he added the “J” to his jersey, things started to go downhill. No connection, I am sure but it just seems that way. If Martin does come back to Dodger Stadium in another uniform, I hope Dodger fans do right and give him a big cheer.

    By the way, isn’t it great to be talking about the team, players, moves and such rather than the ownership squabble?

  16. enchantedbeaver

    Martin’s agent said he’s open to coming back per Ned’s idea of a “super-sub” utility player at catcher, 2B & 3B. In that roll he coudn’t possibly be any worse than Loretta was, ye of 204 PAs and 8 whole doubles to show for it along with a .232/.276/.309 line. Though that’s easier to live with at $1 mil than the $4-5mil base salary that they bandy about for Martin.

  17. dodger 32

    Does anyone think that Ned improved the team, because I don’t. I know they now have 5 starters but all of them were here last year except for Garland, and he was here the year before. The other thing is this was a team that got shut out more than any team in the game last year , even by bad pitchers, so what makes them any better, Uribe? I doubt that Uribe makes so much difference that we can order our World Series tickets now. I still see 4th place. This is all just smoke and mirrors to get people to spend money and buy tickets to see the same underproductive over hyped team. WE need a productive 1st and 3rd baseman along with a run producing left fielder, then I can get excited about this team, but not before that. Of course I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

  18. yunghitterz89

    @ TRUBLU4EVER: It’s funny how you say “Gang”, and it reminds me of how “other” TEAMS use that as their main defense as to why they are better fans. But of course, I digress. It does feel good to be among my peers, speaking as a fan towards other knowledgeable fans. I love the fact that sometimes fans may quarrel, but its for the bettering of this team and some sanity in our own lives. LOL. 🙂

    @crzblue2: Thank You Emma

    @lbirken: Thank You. Feels good to actually be able to speak with people that have the same desire and passion as I do.

    As to your point that J. Martin’s decline happened coincidently after he renamed himself from Russell Coltraine Martin to Jamie Russell Coltraine Martin, it does serve to the testament that he did it because he loved and still does his mom. I was at that game on mother’s day, where he cranked out a HR and you could see his love and passion and more than anything else, his sincerity in the fact that he knew that baseball was insignificant compared to his mother. He played with a heavy heart, much like many of today’s athletes do, and for that he has always been adored by fans and colleagues alike.

    Sure, his production went down from season to season, and all those reports of possible Steroid juice, but he unequivocally gave it his all on every single play, and like you very well stated, if and when he does change teams, and comes to Chavez Ravine to play v. The Dodgers, I’ll stand and cheer for the man that solidified the Catching position, really since Lo Duca and Piazza left.

    And of course it’s great to be speaking of an active GM, a solid rotation, solid Coaching staff, etc. Letting the “owners” quarrel it out is probably the only thing that we can actually do, because this isn’t a democracy, much like I wish it was. It’s more of a Totalitarian team, where we pay and pay and pay, and they give us whatever they want. I guess its the East Coast mentality.

  19. enchantedbeaver

    I think the thing we can agree on is that the team as it sits today is better than the team that finished the year:
    We have 5 bonafide starters. We finished the year with 4.5, and really 2 considering Kuroda, Padilla and Lilly were all going to be FAs.
    Uribe’s a definite upgrade at second over Theriot.
    Anything is better than Pathednik in left.
    The pen’s no worse, nor is catcher.
    The bench can’t possible be any worse than last year.
    No Joe and his codger cronies.
    And I think Ned’s best move – hiring Lopes.

    Now, will this team finish any better I can’t say, but it could be A LOT worse.


    Dodger32, we will see if these moves make the team better or not but at least there seems to be some sense to what Ned is trying to do. Face it, we all know the Dodgers have little intention of going after big money free agents and they have no intention of giving anyone big contracts. Second, I think it is an improvement that we know today what our starting 5 is going to be and that beyond Bills and Kershaw, who really cares which one of the others is #3,4 or 5? Few teams have much beyond the 3rd guy and you have to hope the offense will pick up some of the slack. Am I excited about Uribi? Not really but isn’t he better than the guy he replaces? By the way, I don’t totally disagree with you that the Dodgers may be trying to fool fans but I think the fans are smarter than that.

  21. yunghitterz89

    As far as I’m concerned, Barajas did an amazing job in his brief time with the Dodgers, but for that much money, its been amazing to see how so many other players haven’t yet to reach out to the Dodgers, and Ned especially. It’s like money throwing heaven at the Ravine.

    Barajas does not = Olivo

    Too much for him, but glad he’s on board none the less.

    Olivo will get about $5 mil or so, and for about 2 yrs..

    Now, we need a better bench, since the OF is a committee and the IF is nearly set. Get good players Ned, like Jermaine Dye, Konerko, Adam LaRoche, Edwin Encarnacion, Matt Diaz, Eric Chavez, etc. Some pop off the bench, not speed guys or over the hill players.

    Bring Konerko back plz..If nothing else, just sign Magglio Ordonez and Paul Konerko and we’re set.

    What does anyone else think about my suggestions??

  22. trublu4ever

    I agree we need good bench players, Yunghitterz. I like Ordonez a lot. I also like the signing of Barajas. For Konerko, would it be cash? He is a free agent, isn’t he? How much do you think it would cost us?

  23. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t want to sell Loney short. This to me is his make or break year. I think like Kemp, Loney may be one of the big benefactors of JoJo leaving. Besides, I don’t trust Ned getting any value for him in a trade.

  24. enchantedbeaver

    This headline on the Dodgers homepage though should frighten everybody:
    “Dodgers nearly done with holiday shopping”

    That to me means no serious upgrades to the offense, so Kemp and Dre and Loney and Furcal are going to have to carry this team.

  25. enchantedbeaver

    No. Who’s on first.

    Actually turns out its $3.25 mil for Barajas, but that doesn’t make it any better. What in Ned’s miniscule mind said that $3.25 was better than offering a guy that made $500K+ arbitration instead? Most he would’ve made had he taken it was what, maybe $1.5? Now I’m not saying Barajas won’t probably put up better numbers than Martin, but jeez, that’s rediculous. And then to say that if the season started today Barajas would get he lion’s share of the starts… does that imply that if Martin re-signs you just paid $3.25 mil for a BACK-UP catcher?

    This is exactly why it does no good for Frank to open up his checkbook – Furter doesn’t know how to spend it. It also smacks of one of Ned’s panic moves because he doesn’t want to go into the winter meetings without a catcher.

    Don’t know what the big deal is about that. Ned routinely goes into the winter meetings without a head.

  26. jhallwally

    Hello Gang!!! Good to see you all. It isn’t perfect, but I believe it is progress. I like our teams makeup going into the coming season better than last year at this time. At least with most of the money spent, Ned can’t do another hairbrained Schmidt or Pierre deal. LOL!!! Give Paul a chance in left and see what he can do. If we’re still in it in July(I think we will be), see what is available. Just have to avoid the panic moves Ned!!! They rarely work out!!!

  27. jhallwally

    Yep Beav, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, and Furcal are going to have to produce for us to contend. Loney, Kemp, and Ethier are veterans now. Its time to step it up!!!! As for Furcal, its just a matter of staying healthy. When he’s healthy, he produces!!!

  28. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Folks
    WOW this has been an exciting offseason so far. We’ve signed up the starting five pitchers already. It’s Garland instead of Padilla, but Padilla isn’t out of the picture yet. Martin may still get back, in in a utility role, even after he was non tended.
    I liked Uribe’s play down the stretch and in the postseason, even though I wasn’t rooting for him, at that time.
    IMO Colletti is doing a good job. All we really need now is a left fielder to compliment Kemp and Ethier.

  29. nedajerk

    I posted that at 3:49 not 5:21. I can’t believe of this time warp when no one is online and I’m not in submission hell.

  30. dodger 32

    Colletti keeping busy, now there’s a scary statement for Dodger fans! There is so much wrong with this team it’s hard to know where to start., but I’ll start with the main problem, which is having a low life for an owner, one that can’t afford to run this team, and then hiring an incompetent GM to oversea things. Any GM that has a player that made $500,000 last year and then doesn’t offer that player arbitration but then goes and re-signs that same player for 3.5 million is an idiot that shouldn’t be in charge of a little league team. Also does anyone remember that this is actually a big market team? I know myself as well as other fans have been conditioned by management to get excited over a Juan Uribe signing, but in reality we should all be expecting an Adam Dunn or Beltre or Lee or Werth etc. That is how a big market team should be run, not like the Pirates. What makes anyone think that the same players that finished 4Th last year will be any better this year? It can’t be because of our new manager Donnie 2 trips? What experience does he have to get excited about? Even his own Yankees didn’t want him as a manager. I’m not saying he can’t be good, only that I’d be a lot more comfortable if he managed somewhere, maybe like A ball? This organization is in serious decline and it’s a shame how far it has fallen. Only a change in ownership and management can bring it back. Hopefully McCourt is thrown in jail for one of his many shady dealings and be forced to sell, then I ‘ll get excited about a team that will maybe finish above 4Th place.

  31. dodger 32

    To all of my fellow Dodger fan, I apologize for being so negative, and long winded, and like I’ve said before, I hope I’m wrong, but it is the truth and it is the way I see it.

  32. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland. I am of the same mind set as Nellyjune. I think right now, we are better than last year and, I also think our division is weak. So, if the Giants can win with a few good pitchers, then, why can’t we, with a much better hitting lineup?!

  33. nellyjune

    Dodger32 – Don’t ever worry about being too negative or being long-winded. All the different perspectives is what makes this forum, ITD, so great!

    I think all these dealings have made us lose focus on our primary issues, and I am pretty sure it is being done with a great deal of intent. One issue is the Dodgers have owners who have not taken care of this franchise in a way Dodger fans have been accustomed to. Our other major issue is the Dodgers also have a GM who has made some horrible decisions in terms of deals, and our Dodgers franchise is still suffering because of those deals, especially in our farm system.

    As far as the 2011 season, a lot will depend on what the other teams in our division do. As I write this, I am hearing that Adrian Gonzalez is going to be playing for the Red Sox. Miguel Tejada is not an upgrade from Juan Uribe for the Giants. Are we going to be competitive with the entire league. On paper, we probably won’t be, but seeing the Giants do what they did in 2010, anything is possible and nothing is impossible.

  34. thinkingblue

    SO do we get an hour special on RUSSELL MARTIN’S DECISION! LOL! (Please don’t) So I’m still on MARTIN WATCH! I come here and there is 55 comments. It is a sign!

  35. nellyjune

    The mlbtv guys are saying that Russell would do better with an east coast team because the east coast teams are all about business and the west coast teams are more like a social event. …..And the Giants are from where?

  36. Dodger4life

    Good Day Everyone….
    Welcome to the new commenters, there have been some good discussions on this thread from all.
    I am somewhat glad that at least we have the front end of the pitching staff intact, it is so much better than hearing that Ned had discussions with Lee, but it just didn’t work out etc…..
    Do we have enough of an aresenal on offense, who knows?
    I personally don’t think our offense, was as bad as they played last season. I don’t think our entire team was as bad as they played last season.
    With a little bit of momentum, confidence, belief and disipline at the plate. I think this offense can get going again. The one thing this ballclub defenitley didn’t have last season, was the ability to grind their way through turmoil, what ever that turmoil was…..( Injuries, inability to hold a lead, lack of a big bat in the line up, ownership and /or managements, unsuccessful attempts to generate a spark etc…)

    There is no stat for momentum, there is also no way of telling when or how it will come and go. I do think that momentum in the game of baseball is paramount to being successful, ( along with having quality pieces in place to generate it. ) The guy in the on deck circle, needs this belief to keep/or generate a rally. The starting pitcher needs this belief to obtain a quality start. The bull pen needs this belief to shut down the opposing offense. Everyone who has ever played a sporting event, has been bested by some lesser talented team, that somehow found a way to win. This may be why it is more difficult to win on the road than to win at home. Even the mighty Yankee’s need this belief to win, every year.
    Does this mean that I think Ned and Frank have done enough to give us our best chance, hardly. does this mean that we are dead in the water before we even begin, hardly.
    What it does mean is that whatever we have on Opening Day, they need a good mind set to win on Opening Day. They also need the ability to improve as they go to keep this mind set and continue winning ball games.
    There is “a lot” of potential on this ballclub…….getting them to utilize this potential and improve upon the skill’s they posses, will go along way in keeping good momentum on our side of the game.
    I believe, that they believe, that this potential won’t go by the wayside….as a fan what more can I do? My question is as a player, what more can you can you do??

  37. jhallwally

    Hello Gang!!! Hope you are all well and happy!!! Lot’s of good comments and I’ve enjoyed reading you all. Right now, I am not totally thrilled with our acquisitions, however, I am not totally disgusted either(as in past off seasons)!!! The bottom line is, we do need a new owner. This is a big market team and we need an owner that is not leveraging the team to live the High Life!!!!

  38. nellyjune

    Great post Dodger4life, and very well said too.

    It’s always good to know what Messagebear is thinking too 🙂

    Jhall – we definitely need a new owner. If we had big market status like we should, the Dodgers would be amongst the teams looking at Crawford. However, at least Ned hasn’t acted like we are so far either, like Dodger4life touched on earlier, making us think he is in the serious talks for him.

  39. thinkingblue

    Nelly in a way I understand about the social events…Dodgers are surrounded by HOLLYWOOD GLAM, look at the Major of L.A. always attending Social Events. But N.Y. has their events too. And if you see, Yankees & Dodgers are the ones usually dating the celebrities.

  40. jhallwally

    LOL Nelly!!! It is ashame that mediocre moves by the Dodgers are heralded as good to great moves. I guess that just makes a statement as to how far we have fallen. Over the last 3 to 4 years Ned and Frank have managed to make a farce of a once proud organisation… I’m tryin to make lemonade from the lemons!!! Unfortunately, the lemons(Frank and Ned), are rotten!!!!

  41. enchantedbeaver

    I got to thinking that BECAUSE Ned’s such a poor GM by letting there be so many holes to be plugged year after year, these are exactly the type signings we’ll ALWAYS see with him as GM regardless of how much money Frank has to spend. If you have $30 mil extra to spend and 6-7 holes that need plugging, one can do the math and see that there’ll NEVER be enough money for signing a top free agent. If he does, there’s still 5-6 holes left to fill.

    Who in their right mind lets there be 3 starting pitchers in one offseason that need replacing?, let alone 3 starters, a LFer, a 2Bman and a catcher? Not to mention having an aged 3Bman, a brittle SS, virtually no bench and a swiss cheese bully?

    Its not just Frank’s greed that keeps the team idling. Its also Ned’s incompetence. This is why the best they’ll ever muster is competitiveness and not dominance.

  42. jhallwally

    Sad but True Beav!! We’re not trying to get back to the glory years. We’ll do well to just be in the NL West race in August!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!©

  43. enchantedbeaver

    Hi-Ya Wally! How’s Ohio? I’ve already had 8-10″ of snow here. Fortunately its all gone now. 🙂

    I don’t get how you let a team year after year have so many gaping holes to plug, then through more incompetence, have nothing left in the minor league cupboard to bring up. Truely, for all of the prospects Ned’s gotten rid of we should have at least some serviceable bodies to where you’re maybe only plugging one or two holes each offseason and not majorly overhauling your roster. Ned routinely turns over 10-12 off the ML roster every single year. No wonder we end up with the Ortizi, Anderson, Sweeney, et al. Doesn’t exactly help team continuity either.

  44. dodger 32

    I sincerely believe that Kemp, Either and Loney are solid players, but what I think the Dodgers really need to improve is to upgrade positions where they should be upgraded, I know this is obvious to most of us, but to Ned?. 1st base is traditionally a power position, so is third and left and right field. If Adrian Gonzalez was available along with a guy like Adam Dunn, then we should have tried to get both or at least one of them. Beltre also, I know he’s not the 50 home run guy that produced for us in his walk year, but he’s still better in every way than Blake, and younger also. I think one of the things that affected this team last year was at the trading deadline the players were looking for offensive help, and what Ned brought in was truly offensive, but not in the way we needed. That caused them all to not intentionally, but subconsciously throw in the towel. It’s just my take on it of course, but it did seem like it to me. That’s why I don’t think this year will be any better unless every one has a career year, or Ned actually gets lucky and does something right.

  45. jhallwally

    Hey Beav!!! Cold here, not any snow to speak of. How’ve you been? The moves this off season haven’t been as bad as in past years, thank god!! However, anyone with two brain cells to rub together(this leaves out Ned and Frank), knows, we will not be a championship contender until we get a new owner and GM!!!! They’re just putting lipstick on the pig to keep putting butts in the seats. It only works for a few years. Then you are the Pirates and Royales!!!!

  46. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Dodge! I’ve always thought the boys gave up last year because they finally grew to loathe the management and coaching and finally just tuned them out. There was nothing about Joe that would inspire and everything about him that would depress, including his veteran love and inane line-ups.

    Sadly Wally, this team as it sits IS better than what they ended with last year. That doesn’t mean though it’ll do much more better than 3-4 place. Crimany, they’re still thinking about Damon. How in hell would that upgrade the offense? What is it with Ned and speedy, no power, crappy armed OFers? And why at this juncture would the young guys still need a mentor? If they don’t have what it takes by now they never will.

  47. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Overall, I?ve liked the moves that Ned has made this off season. I can?t tell you (although everyone here can probably guess) how relieving it is to have our SP rotation set before the Winter Meetings. By far his BEST move was getting Davey Lopes to wear Dodger Blue again! I?m so excited to see how much getting Lopes will improve our base running issues. I?ll be thrilled when he can REALLY work with Matt Kemp and I can?t wait to see his play most of all. Now, Russ Martin could have fallen into that same category but, sadly, he isn?t ours anymore. Well, technically he can be, but I don?t see it happening. Buy you never know.

    But inasmuch as I like Ned?s moves so far, by no means am I saying that he?s done making moves. He still needs a 3B (power hitting, of course) and a better arrangement in LF than platooning Gibbons/Blake/Paul. I?d rather see Gibbons come off the bench and be a spot starter like he did last year. And I think Blake?s everyday playing days are long gone. If they?re not going to get a FA somewhere (and again, I?d still like to see Brad Hawpe in a Dodger uniform) then put Paul in as our LFer and see where he takes us. He just needs to prove he can hit MLB pitching on a consistent basis (and only say just like It?s an easy thing to do).

  48. enchantedbeaver

    Guess when you sign that kind of a deal with the Nationals it proves you’re totally about the money.

    I prefer this little tidbit Nells: “When Werth was playing for the Dodgers in 2005 and plagued by wrist problems, he was referred to Shpunt by Jamie McCourt.”
    I would’ve thought a competent physician would’ve been the way to go, but what do I know?

  49. nellyjune

    $126 million for 7 years, and to think Matt and Andre are just as good if not better than Jayson Werth. Can’t wait to see what Carl Crawford gets.

  50. nellyjune

    from Dodger Thoughts…..

    Through 2009: Matt Kemp career 116 OPS+, Jayson Werth career 115 OPS+. Kemp is 5 1/2 years younger.

    and a funny from Dylan Hernandez…..

    Will Jayson Werth spend some of his newly-acquired wealth to once again receive treatment from Vladimir Shpunt?

  51. nellyjune

    We know a couple of things enchanted. The Dodgers owners and our GM are idiots, and this blog is still not working correctly after almost two years of complaining about it. Submission Error Hell (SEH) once again 🙂

  52. nellyjune

    This from Dick Vitale about the Werth signing……

    Baseball owners have created a mess when a Werth can get 126 mill! How many TIX will he sell?I don’t t blame Jayson as the system is sick!

  53. nellyjune

    It also sounds like the Adrian Gonzales deal has officially gone through finally. Earlier today, it did not go through, but they must have reached an agreement of some sort.

  54. nellyjune

    I agree CP!!!! What will this do to the rest of the players who really are at the same talent level that he is. I mean he is good, and maybe even great, but he certainly isn’t “Oh my God, I got to have him!!” kind of player either. We have a whole bunch of great outfielders in the league, two of which are Dodgers at the present time, but to make a statement that he deserves that much money is kind of ridiculous. Well, like you said, Crawford will have even a bigger payday then, and it just may have put the Angels out of the running for him.

  55. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    I saw that Werth deal. To say the Nationals overpaid is the greatest understatement of the year. Typical Bor-*** deal. If the Nationals are willing to overpay for Werth, then Werth would be dumb not to take it. And what about Carl Crawford? Well, my take is that the Angels will be out of it. You KNOW that Crawford will command an even bigger contract than Werth, and that?ll take the Angels out of the running. I think Crawford will end up with Boston ? can anyone say a 10 year contract from Boston for Crawford? But about Werth, I think he?ll be the Nationals? answer to the Cubs? Alfonso Soriano ? overpaid that will strap the organization from making any more meaningful moves from now until 2016 at the earliest. And Nelly, I?d rather have Matty and Andre anyday.

  56. cpompe1

    Nelly ? How?d you get way up there? I saw that deal for Werth and, well, I?m sorry for any team that gets duped by Bor-***. But Bor-*** has the Nationals in his hip pocket and, well, you?re seeing the Nationals LITERALLY pay for it. I know Bor-*** is Strasburg?s agent; doesn?t Bor-*** also represent Bryce Harper? Not that he needs the money, but Bor-*** sure will getting paid handsomely from the Nationals. I still say that Bor-*** is the worst thing in baseball today?

  57. cpompe1

    Okay, okay, I?ll stop with the ?funny? spelling of Werth?s agent?s name. Josh, don?t spam me; I just can?t stand the guy. You know this usually isn?t me?

  58. cpompe1

    Yeah Nelly, I just read on that Boston and Adrian Gonzales tabled the contract extension issue. I know the Padres just got a boat-load of high talent in their farm system, but if I was a Padres fan, I?d wonder about this move to say the least?

  59. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    It would’ve been nice to get Jayson Werth back but I guess he was a lot further out of reach, than I thought.

  60. nellyjune

    Well, hello to you too oldbrooklyfan!!! How are things out on the east coast? Yep, Jayson seems to be a tad out of the Dodgers reach at the present time.

  61. thinkingblue

    Padre’s fan are probably psst off right now.
    Good morning all! Hopefully we get good deals, trades and acquisitions this week. I’m still rooting for Martin to come back as Dodger Blue…it will be extremely hard not to see him behind the catcher’s mount but hey Martin first caught my eye when he was forced playing 3rd base after Garcia-Parra & replacement got hurt. He can play it all! Put him on left… better, I can afford to seat out there than behind the catcher…LOL

  62. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, nice pix of Colletti on the home page. Looks like the guy being interviewed behind him just told the reporter, “Hey look its Ned. Try not to laugh.”

    LOL Tru – so sad, but so true!!

  63. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!
    Nelly ? Sorry for not coming back to respond to your Dick Vitale quote, but I kept getting redirect errors and couldn?t post. But to finish what I wanted to say on that subject, that quote you got from Dick Vitale about this signing is spot-on. Jayson Werth will NOT sell $126 million worth of tickets for the Nationals. The Nationals paying Werth that much for that long is gross indeed. Like I said before, Jayson Werth will be to the Nationals what Alfonso Soriano is for the Cubs ? overpaid, for too long a contract that will strap the Nationals from doing anything meaningful for a long time to come; and that includes being able to resign Strasburg and Harper when they become FAs, not to mention their arbitration years raises.

    And I know I said if I if I was a Padres fan, I?d wonder about trading Gonzalez, but the more I think about it, the more I say that the Padres got hosed, big time. I mean, how do you trade Adrian Gonzalez and not get anyone MLB ready who can go on their 2011 roster and make an immediate impact? I don?t know why they did it. Now I?ve heard all about if the three main guys in return were in the draft together right now that they?d fall in the top 3 to 6 picks of the draft, but try selling that to a fan who just saw the Padres get within 1 game of getting into the postseason and, perhaps, winning the WS. Now they want to rebuild after getting that close? If I was a Padres fan (and thank God I?m not) I?d be screaming from the rafters for sure.

    And now Ned is interested in Matt Diaz? Hmmm, interesting?

  64. kpookiemon

    Loney continually leads this team in RBIs or close to it. How does trading him solve anything? I won’t believe the rumors.

  65. dodgerzona

    From Molly Knight…..Heard the Dodgers are unlikely to bring back Podsednik to play left, as they’re looking for (even modest amounts of) pop…Also seems that Matt Diaz is there #1 Choice for Left Field

  66. dodgerzona

    From Tony Jackson…….LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The Los Angeles Dodgers are actively involved in discussions on a possible three-player deal with the Milwaukee Brewers that would bring slugging first baseman Prince Fielder to Los Angeles in exchange for Dodgers first baseman James Loney and embattled closer Jonathan Broxton, according to multiple sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity

  67. kpookiemon

    Who in their right mind would give up two front line players for Fielder at all? Thanks…but no thanks……

  68. crzblue2

    Hello ITd,
    regarding Brewers/Dodgers trade rumors, hence the interest in bringing back Padilla for insurance to Kuo and Jansen? Don’t you just love all the hot stove rumors even if some of are just plain rumors.

  69. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Well NellyJune the weather on the east coast is a little chilly but comfortable. I’m keeping an eye on the winter meetings and what ever else is going on.
    Seems like we’ve been pretty active but no sign of a new left fielder in sight as you very know.

  70. nellyjune

    Well, perfect timing as always, and who knows who idea this really is, but I guess Judge Gordon is supposed to give a ruling on the McCourts. Is it really any coincidence this should happen during the winter meetings? It seems reminiscent of the announcement of their divorce and its perfect timing.

  71. nellyjune

    On other Dodger social news, Clayton Kershaw got married this past weekend. Congrats to Clayton and his new wife, Ellen!

  72. nellyjune

    Here’s on for you Enchanted. Supposedly, the Dodgers (Ned) have narrowed their left field options to Matt Diaz, Scott Podsednik, and a “mystery” – lol!!! Wouldn’t you love to know the mystery name? I don’t think Ned and “mystery” is a good combo. However, once again, this is all rumor talk at this point.

  73. kpookiemon

    Ned, get an everyday left fielder, for crying out loud, not some dumpster-fed platoon. You’ve had a pretty decent off-season. Most of us are surprised. Honest. Don’t go wrecking it by mirroring your abysmal pitching strategy of the past few winters, namely, stocking up on blue-light specials that nobody wants or needs anyway in hopes that one will stick.

  74. dodgereric

    I’d just like to stand up and be counted at this point as not impressed much by Ned’s “moves” this off-season so far. While I know full well that he’s hamstrung with the incredible handicap of having a total idiot of an owner in mccheap, I’m not impressed at all. Go back and read some of your own posts. I believe I can condense most of them into: “At least we’re not as bad as last year, I think.”

    Boy, have our expectations been lowered or what? “Excellent moves” by re-signing 2 of our own starters at the back end? “Excellent move” by getting a #5 starter back that he was an idiot for letting go of in the first place last year? “Excellent move” by horribly overpaying for Yawn Uribe? Has anyone even looked at his stats?

    Sure, everyone knows by now that his career BA is .248. “Well, at least he’s not as bad as Theriot.”

    His career OBP is .300. That means half of his 10 seasons he was UNDER .300! UNDER! Boy, were we ever on Juan Pierre for his lousy OBP weren’t we? You bet. Know what it is? Career – .347

    Do you know he hit .280 at home in that phone booth last year? Road average? .215.

    From June on, his overall average in 2010 was .233.

    Clutch stats? Let me just give you one. He was 36-for-167 (.215) in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings.

    For THIS we’re paying $21 million for 3 years? I’m sorry, he has a little pop and can play 2B, SS & 3B, so he does have some value. But c’mon…….. $21 mil? Am I excited? Not at all. Because this is our major transaction for the winter. Yawn. A fill-in player. Then again, our MVP last year was a bench player. Lowered expectations indeed.

    I don’t blame anyone for wanting to be positive. Normally, I’m right with you. But not as long as mccheap is the owner. I have no hope for our Dodgers. None. I’m imagining Kemp and Ethier are licking their lips when Jason Werth can get a deal like he got. And we will NEVER be in a position to make such an offer without an ownership change.

    Honestly, I can’t even get excited about the possibility of several of them having career years and making a run at the Series. Because we’re running out of time to hang onto what we have. Because the appeals courts will drag this damned thing on for years.

    Man, I don’t like feeling like this. I’ve stayed away from here for a while, wondering if it was ITD that was depressing me. It’s not.

    Sell the team and take that flipping Giant with you.

  75. enchantedbeaver

    Dammit Eric, that?s our new motto ? ?Increased success through lowered expectations.??
    © Nedco Productions 2010

  76. dodgereric

    enchanted: “Gee Eric, I’m sorry about your broken leg.”

    Eric: “No, it’s ok. It was worse last year when I got that sharp stick in my eye.”

  77. nellyjune

    Rockies manager, Jim Tracy, collapsed at their hotel and has been taken to a local hospital.

    I remember a few years back it was all about this Young Gun Dynasty that we had such high hopes for. Now, it is like watching a time clock wind down until they are all gone, and there is nothing we, the fans, can do about it but sit back and watch them walk away (and deservedly so).

  78. dodgerzona

    Hello All….Here’s to hoping Judge Gordon rules the right way….Sell the team…..And i agree with enchanted why give up two front line players for 1 yr of Fielder…So far i like what Ned has done but have a feeling he will blow it soon….kahliforni…….Your right get an everyday left fielder not this platoon crap….Sell the team and we need a new GM…..To let you all know i just posted those rumors yesterday i’m not agreeing with them….We need someone who actually cares about this team….Sell the team idiot…Take care all and have a great day


  79. dodgerzona

    Here is my favorite quote from Colletti regarding the Fielder rumor:
    “The more players we sign, the fewer players we’re going to sign,” said Colletti. “I know it sounds like Yogi Berra a little bit, but it’s true.”

    Huh? I think what he meant to say was, “The more mediocre players we sign, the fewer impact players we’re going to sign.” That’s Ned. Go for quantity over quality.

  80. enchantedbeaver

    “The more players we sign, the fewer players we’re going to sign,” said Colletti. ”

    Translation: I’m such a poor GM who let my team get more holes in it than a slice of Swiss cheese that I have to spend what extra budget Frank gave me on a bunch of middling players just to fill out a 25 man roster rather than on one or two impact players that could make a difference.

  81. nellyjune

    LOL enchanted!!

    Dodgerzona – huh? is certainly what I thought when I read yours the first time.

    BTW – great post last night Dodgereric!!

  82. dodger 32

    This team isn’t any better than the one that finished 4Th last year. These are all moves uncle Ned had to make. After all you do need 5 starters to play this game, and Uribe isn’t that much of an upgrade over Ned’s other great acquisition Riot, so where is the improvement? Just once I’d like to see Ned act like a real GM and get what this team actually needs, not just some filler crap. I’m sure Posednik will be back in left, after all that’s Ned’s style, get crappy older light hitting outfielders that can’t throw but can occasionally steal a base, along with trading away promising young players for older past their prime dudes. The Dodgers need a power hitting RBI guy, or guys. I’m not sure where to find them now, but Beltre would be a nice start. Of course it’s like everybody else has said, nothing changes until that low life from Boston no longer owns the team. I hope the stadium is as empty as it was at the end of last year, maybe then he’ll be forced to sell to someone that can actually afford to run it.

  83. dodger 32

    I have an idea, Ned has said he’s OK with platooning left fielders, how about instead of that we get a real power hitting left fielder and platoon GMs? That makes more sense. Way to go Jamie, now force that low life Frank to sell.

  84. scott_in_arcadia


    I like the platooning GM idea though…The non-Ned GM can work the off season and trade deadline months and Ned can work the rest of the time.

  85. enchantedbeaver

    Hi Jamie. I’m almost 50, still reasonably good-looking, OK I’m married, but we can fix that 😉 and care more about the Dodgers than Frank ever did.
    Call me.

  86. dodgereric


    Round 1 goes to Jamie

    Sell the team, you worthless piece of slime!

  87. kpookiemon

    I don’t understand the pessimism or Ned bashing. Sure, he’s earned it in spades, but……. This club will only go as far as Kershaw, Bills, Kemp and Ethier take it, anyway. That’s the reality. The rest of the pieces appear workable. Just look at the Gnat pieces that won a championship. Hardly Hall-of-Fame stuff. Look at the ’88 Dodgers. Same deal. It doesn’t have to be Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford all the time. That’s a fantasy that doesn’t work, anyway. This team has a new voice in Mattingley and a few new players and coaches with an actual pulse. Lopes could be the best acquisition of the whole off-season. Uribe is a fiery player; that’ll help. And I trust Padilla with the ball more than Broxton. So be happy, gang, or as Woody Allen used to say, you’ll grow a tumor. Besides, FRANK LOST!!!! Shout it from the dugout steps to Boston harbor.

  88. Dodger4life

    I’m guessing she doesn’t want to kiss and make up Frank.
    In particular, Boies said, Jamie does not plan to demand approval rights for major team expenditures, including player contracts.
    “We don’t want to put out any ultimatums,” Boies said. “We’d like not to escalate things. We’d like to try and work things out.”
    Remedy this situation Frank,

  89. koufax1963

    I want jaime to ask frank to pay up Now! “sell the team, Frank. I have a buyer I met on Rodeo drive” she tells him.
    I have to say Ned has been busy, his career depends on it this year, but why we can’t land a CY young candidate to bolster our SP is beyond me. A slugging LF and 3B. Padilla is going to be our weaver of this year. Yawn Uribe instead of dewitt/ belliard. Barajas at the plate instead of martin, can Rod rifle the throw to 2nd base to catch runners?
    I expect Dre and Bison to have a better season than last, and the coaching staff should be more involved, less critical and more affirming and our bullpen should be more cohesive, but these are all unknowns. The intangibles that just have to play out. Opening day last year I thought we had a good team,whoops then Ned opened his mouth, dre had a bad batting practice with the little finger, and belisario could’nt cut it with immigration, Oh and Donnie M in his first managing time, two stepped our closer out of the game we lost without throwing a pitch. and none of those last things were Frank’s fault. Perhaps Lopes can save the season. otherwise we have the usual suspects to bring a ring to The Dodgers, and they can do it, if they have that grit and determination to keep their heads in the game.

  90. northstateblues

    Tony Gwynn (Jr.) a Dodger?

    This deserves a second play:

    Good luck to the Dodgers, new and old.

    My silence does not represent any lack of interest in the Dodgers, just the level of disgust with watching the formerly-dirty laundry of the ownership debacle mold and fester.

    My only thoughts on Ned Colletti, neither positive or negative in context: He is uniquely qualified to be the Dodgers’ GM in this era.

    Go Dodgers

  91. trublu4ever

    The Dodgers signed Tony Gwynn, Jr. to a 1 yr. contract.With his 3 homers last season, I’m sure this is the power bat we were looking for 🙂

  92. selltheteam

    Fantastic news about the 50-50 split! Now’s there’s only one thing left for Frank to do:
    Sell the team!!!!!!

  93. dodger 32

    Gwynn Jr? Ned’s got to be kidding? We need power and run production and we get a defensive outfielder that even the Padres didn’t want? Ned seems to forget that Eithier and Kemp were better when complimented by someone that could actually hit. What he should have done, but of course it costs money, is to try and get Beltran, that might make a difference, and actually make this team better.

  94. nellyjune

    LMAO Enchanted!!! Another great song!!! The reports are saying that Ned is still shopping for left field, pitching and catching. So, keep your music writing talents close by just on case 🙂

  95. nellyjune

    This time warping has perfect timing as well. I will just blame all my typing errors on the time warp as well 🙂

  96. enchantedbeaver

    OK. Gwynn’s siging did it for me…
    The Flying Machine, Smile A Little Smile For Me

    We really should accept
    This team is done for good
    We?ll ne?er be rid of him
    Even though we know we should
    We can?t believe our eyes
    So many worthless guys
    He?ll give the world I?m sure
    From him there is no cure
    Sign another pile for free
    What?s the use in tryin??
    See another team get Lee
    Not a head for buyin?
    I know you?re a worthless cad
    I know Neddy?s deals are bad, so?
    Sign another pile for free
    Bring in some homely cow
    Then go and shop again
    Get bargain pitchers now
    To fill a soft bullpen
    With that mustachy?d lip
    Smooth talk another drip
    No flags unfurl for now
    Old nags pulling the plow
    Sign another pile for free
    What?s the use in tryin??
    See another team get Lee
    Not a head for buyin?
    I know you?re a worthless cad
    I know Neddy?s deals are bad, so?
    Sign another pile for free
    Sign another pile for free

    © NedCo Broken Records 2010

  97. thinkingblue

    Wow so much happening, it is hard to keep up.
    But Padres getting rid of all the players is a glimpse of what will happen to the Dodgers. Next thing you know, there goes KEMP ETHIER & LONEY. Freaken divorce, it ruins everything.
    NED and his decisions….why? Why is Broxton still wearing Dodger Blue. Why bring a player that has no power on his bat…why not just keep Martin instead. Letting go of Martin is a BIG MISTAKE by NED.
    Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Kershaw. Isn?t he still a kid???? But I wish them lots of joy, happiness and blessings!
    Hope the Rockies manager is doing well!

  98. nellyjune

    The rumor is that Matt Diaz was offered more money by the Dodgers, but he wanted to play on the east coast and do spring training in Florida. So, I guess it’s not always about the money.

  99. nellyjune

    Jim Tracy has been released from the hospital and was on his way home the last I heard. From what was being reported, they believe it was a combination of his blood pressure medicine and not eating.

  100. enchantedbeaver

    Deep Thought #819:

    If you’re not supposed to put all your eggs in one basket, what if you only have one egg?

  101. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, Ned resigned Oeltjen to a minor league deal with an invite to ST.
    Ned thought # 9514:
    You can never have too many LH OFers that can’t hit.

  102. scott_in_arcadia

    Let me see…the 2010 season featured great starting pitching with a feeble offense…the solution must be to add more starters and cripple the offense even more.

    Ned: “Hey I wonder what’s moving around over there in that dumpster?”

    (from dumpster): “Ned, it’s me, Dioner Navarro.”

    Ned: “Hey Dioner, wanna join the Dodgers now that that other guy that walks too much is gone”?

  103. nellyjune

    enchanted, I got excited there when I read the first three words of your post: “BTW, Ned resigned…”

    By kahliforni on December 8, 2010 1:15 PM



    What is this, old home week for former Dodgers who have had less than steller careers since leaving the team but now seem more valuable because no one else wants them? Or is Ned just trying to recycle old contracts sitting in file cabinets?

  105. jhallwally

    Hello All!!! Hope you are all well and happy!!! LOL Beav!!! Great photo of Ned and great song!!! At least we don’t have to worry about Pathednik and Sherrill. I’m sure Ned will find equally disgusting replacements however. Ugggggh!!!! Please Jamie, force a sale of the team!!!!

  106. selltheteam

    Looks like a power outage at Dodger Stadium for 2011. So far, we’ve signed on players with 126 HR’s. Navarro would bring the total to 127. Woo hoo!

  107. enchantedbeaver

    All seriousness aside, Gwynn’s signing is OK IF he’s strictly a defensive replacement and PR, though that’ll probably leave Paul high and dry if he doesn’t win the LF spot in ST. Navarro – guess that signals that NY or Boston is going to offer Martin far more than he’s worth.

  108. trublu4ever

    He fits into that category for sure, Enchanted 🙂 But, boy, can he run!!! lol
    Hi, Jhall…great to see you 🙂

  109. nellyjune

    Those of you able to get 710 ESPN LA radio. Supposedly they were talking about Steve Garvey heading up an investment group to attempt to purchase the Dodgers. I did not hear this myself, but it is being reported on facebook. Just wondering if any of you have heard this too.

  110. jhallwally

    Always great to see you Trumom!! Actually I’m happy we’re not involved in the Lee and Crawford sweepstakes. They are both really good right now, however, they will both get contracts for way too much money and way too much time. Long term, big money contracts rarely work out well in the long run. Especially for pitchers!!!!

  111. jhallwally

    On the flip side, if we could afford to get both Lee and Crawford, we would immediately become legitimate WS contenders!!!

  112. enchantedbeaver

    Hey there boys & girls! What part of this sentence frightens you the most:
    With veteran Rod Barajas on board as the primary backstop, the Dodgers have agreed to a deal with Dioner Navarro to compete with A.J. Ellis for the backup catching duties.

    Is it:
    (A) Barajas is the PRIMARY backstop.
    (B) The Dodgers have agreed to a deal with Dioner Navarro.
    (C) We have to have a competition for BACKUP catcher.
    (D) All of the above

  113. enchantedbeaver

    Rumor has it we’re closing in on Juan Castro for a minor league contract…

    Ned thought #9515 – You can never have too many 39 year olds at AAA.

  114. nellyjune

    Hey Jhall!!! How’s it going in Ohio these days?

    I was asking about the Garvey thing because the regular media sources haven’t said anything, but it may be because they are all in Florida covering the meetings and not following the Los Angeles happenings at the moment.


    Nelly and Jhall, as much as I loved Garvey as a player, I am not so sure I want him involved with ownership or finances. He has some character issues and some questionable business dealings in his past. I would hope for someone with less baggage.

  116. nellyjune

    lbirken – I am not even sure if it’s true. There is someone over on facebook saying that it was talked about on the radio, and I was just wondering if it is a valid story. Nobody else has mentioned it, including the media that seems to know everything down to the second it happens. It was mentioned it would be an investment group so I would think if it is true, it would be nice to know who the group is too.

  117. nellyjune

    Enchanted – D (all of the above) It sounds a lot like a JP/Ethier competition to me. The old vet against a young kid (who maybe if was given a real chance, just might be good), but it will be some other team that discovers him since we will probably trade him along the way for some other PVL. Let’s face it if JP/Jones hadn’t gotten hurt, Andre would be playing for another team right now because he would have faced the same fate as Ellis and it looks like probably Xavier Paul are going to face.

  118. enchantedbeaver

    Makes me wonder what Paul did to make Ned tell him to go back to the minors and learn to be a major leaguer. I thought in limited playing time he did OK.
    Don’t see how you can keep Hu on the bench either Tru. All he can do is field, so he’s really useless on an already light-hitting bench.
    Both are out of options, so if Ned’s going to trade them, it’ll have to be before the season starts, realistically before ST starts or he’ll get nothing for them – kinda like McDonald and Lambo.

  119. nellyjune

    You are most welcome Jhall!!! It is always good seeing you around these parts, in the good and bad times 🙂

  120. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everyone
    Just checking in.
    Tony Gwynn Jr is almost like Juan Pierre all over again.
    The only place I want to see him is as a pinch runner and in the outfield for defensive purposes only, late in the game with a sizable lead.

  121. kpookiemon

    Ned is saying Gwynn is a 4th or 5th outfielder and that he STILL would like to sign Martin as his regular left fielder. But it seems a) J. Martin wants a lot of bank and b) still wants to be an everyday catcher. Ned says at some point, all the “chairs will be filled” and that the book will close on J. Martin as a Dodger. Navarro…Barajas…Ellis…just get a catcher who can throw out runners, thank you. Navarro was an All-Star two years ago and this blog was banging on Ned for trading him. So be careful what you wish for…

  122. trublu4ever

    A week or so ago, I was feeling pretty good about the way our team was headed. Garland seemed like a good addition and, Uribe, not bad. But, Ned said he was still not through, and, like a fool, I believed him. I think he showed up for the winter meetings and forgot to bring the checkbook. Come on, Ned, Navarro and Gwynn! I’m sure we could have matched the offer for Diaz (or at least somebody of his ability). It reminds me of the hopes we had for getting Sabathia, which was nothing more than a smoke screen.
    These submission errors are really ticking me off!

  123. enchantedbeaver

    Tru – they actually did offer Diaz more money, but he wanted to play on the east coast and go to ST in Florida.

  124. trublu4ever

    I feel sorry for Xavier Paul. Don’t you wonder how he would have done with a full season under his belt? But, no, Joe didn’t want him, he wanted GA. And, Paul will probably be thrown to the wolves.

  125. nellyjune

    SEH 😦

    Crawford signed with the Red Sox. 7 years, $142 million, and he is the highest paid outfielder in history. Unbelieveable!!!

  126. crzblue2

    Hi’Ya CZ!!! Thanks for the link. Nice blog!!!!
    By jhallwally on December 8, 2010 7:35 PM

    Hi’Ya JHall!! Yes, Rays Renegade has a very nice blog. Is no wonder he came out #2 in the MLB Fan blog for November. Cliff is in my list of favorite MLB Blog I regularly visit.

  127. enchantedbeaver

    Hey, on a bright note:
    Dodgers named Topps Organization of the Year

    The other two contenders were ACORN and Lehman Bros.

  128. Dodger4life

    Hey Frank, people love me bro……………
    Drunk~ Sober……..mostly drunk…..
    But I am the real deal either way……….I just ant the people involved in my night, expierence to enjoy themselve’s………………………………………………………………

    and after years of being honest with them……..<3

  129. Dodger4life

    Wrong song, sorry…………This song is for all the lovers in Blue!!!!
    Serenade her Frank!! It aint ever too late!!! She loved you once didn’t she, I am just guessing….just guessing, if you wanted it bad enough, you could………..make her feel young again!!!
    Come on Frank!!!
    Forget the Lawyers…….Look her in the eye’s…… you did back when…….shake a leg, and some……and get your game on!!!

  130. Dodger4life

    I believe in ya Frank…….Heck, I believe in me still!!!!
    Talk about a Rally, a momentum changer!!
    Everyone loves a happy ending……..and as my dad once explianed to me…….he said ” Son I can change the one I am with, but unless I change the man, I am…….My problems will repeat themselves. ”
    I’m telling ya Frank……..make her feel young again…..Judge Gordon settled the disagrement…….forget the lawyers…..Fall in love again!!!

  131. enchantedbeaver

    Here’s a happy stat courtesy of Eric Stephen at TBLA:
    Combined 2010 stats of the 5 offensive players Ned has signed so far – Barajas, Gwynn, Navarro, Uribe and Gibbons…
    .233/.299/.395 in 1,475 plate appearances.

    Looking at that, I have to agree with D4 – I miss Juan.

  132. thinkingblue

    Once Martin signs with the Red Soxs, the Boston Red Soxs will be the 2011 Team to beat. I think Freaken Frank has something to do with it…LOL He ruins the Dodgers but somehow the Red Soxs are getting better. And NED is his freaken assistant! This is NOT looking good!

  133. northstateblues

    “There are some great treasures out there that people would love to buy, the Dodgers among them,” McCourt spokesman Steve Sugerman said. “But, like the Mona Lisa and the Pacific Ocean, the Dodgers aren’t for sale.”

    Very true statement.

    Under McCourt ownership, though, the Dodgers’ dignity as a franchise is for sale to the highest bidder.

    It wouldn’t be too farcical to see a press release such as this in the near future:

    EFFECTIVE 3-15-2015

    Coming soon to a ravine near you… the John Hancock Stadium at Elysian Fields!

    Enjoy seating in the True Dodger Fan Field Level (for only half an average fans’ paycheck per ticket. And remember kids: If you’re parents don’t get a seat here, you’re not important enough to receive a FREE SCENTED TOWEL.).

    For those of you that can’t afford that, there’s:
    *the Keeping-with-the-Jonses Loge Section (from which proceeeds will go towards paying Andruw Jones’s deferred salary for the forseeable future),
    *the Reserved Level (“Reserved for the unwashed, mealy-mouthed masses”, says Fearless Leader, but don’t tell him we told you)
    *the Snoop Dogg High Times Top Deck
    * and the George Lopez Pavillion
    ({[NOTE: In case anyone has a problem with the two celebrities used here, I am a Hispanic, and grew up loving Snoop’s music. Just exploring potential revenue streams utilizing past personalities associated with the Dodgers. -NSB]}).

    And enjoy a game with the finest ex-Yankees, ex-Giants and ex-Red Sox pennies could buy (and the log-jammed journeyman farmhands we’ll never trust) dressed up as your Los Angeles Dodgers!

    Remember, the first 5,000 cars on Tuesday night only pay HALF PRICE for parking! (That’s savings of $25!!).

    So remember, come out to John Hancock Stadium at Elysian Fields: The Best Buy in Chavez Ravine South of the Police Academy!®


    Steve Garvey might have had a questionable past, but since O’Malley sold the team, name one morally-upstanding person in charge of the franchise…

    … thought so :).

    The McCourts tried to put on a good face when they came to town, but the truth came out eventually.

    It would be kind of interesting should Garvey somehow acquire the team. Only Charlie Ebbets himself could’ve claimed a similar road to ownership (starting as a vendor and ending up the owner with his name on the field).

    But one thing would be for certain: if Garv bought the team, there’d be no illusions of the owner going POTUS.

    That’s it for me for now.

    Go Dodgers

  134. nellyjune

    Well, I guess Steve Garvey and an investment group are looking into purchasing the Dodgers.

    ….but McCourt’s spokesperson said…..

    “There are some great treasures out there that people would love to buy, the Dodgers among them,” McCourt spokesman Steve Sugerman said. “But, like the Mona Lisa and the Pacific Ocean, the Dodgers aren’t for sale.”

    Mark Cuban is brought up in this article as well.

  135. dodger 32

    Of course the Dodgers aren’t for sale. Why would they be? Frank and Ned aren’t through ruining them yet, they’ve only just begun. After all there is last place to conquer, but I think with Ned’s brilliant acquisitions they won’t have to wait long to see that happen. Every year he makes them worse, this year being no exception, only this year, he’s going all out and hired Donnie 2 trips to help.

  136. dodgereric

    Well, this one is waaaay too long to make it, but I sent it to The Times anyway:

    Wow, listening to sportstalk radio and reading The Times over the last few days, you?d believe the Dodgers are vastly improved over last year?s miserable performance. ?Ooh, they?ve spent nearly $80 million in free agents!? ?Ooh, their payroll is almost $110 million now!?

    But what exactly have they done?

    GM Ned Colletti has signed 7 free agents so far but 3 of them were with the team last year, so that?s no improvement. How about the other four?

    FA#1 Yawn (sorry) Juan Uribe hits .248 with a .300 OBP with some pop replaces Ryan Theriot, a .284/.348 hitter with no pop. That might be an upgrade, but Yawn hit all of .210 away from that hitter-friendly park up north. We?ll see about him.

    A tandem of Rod Barajas (career .239) and FA#2 Dioner Navarro (career .249) replaces Russell Martin (who hit .248 last year in the worst season of his career). Yep. Big improvement.

    Everyone knows the Dodgers needed to add a bopper in left, so we got FA#3 Tony Gwynn, Jr who has 5 HRs in over 1000 big league at bats.

    FA#4 Jon Garland is the only real upgrade over last year so far, and he?s the #5 starter.

    At least Colletti is honest enough to say one thing: ?We got nothing that’s eye-opening.?

    I guess $80 million just doesn?t buy what it used to.

  137. thinkingblue

    I don’t think that Ethier, Kemp & Loney can do it alone. Pitchers have a lot to do with it. But to tell you the truth, I honestly feel that while the McCourts are owners of the Dodgers, I don’t see a win for the Dodgers. He is all business. It is not about winning, it is about him keeping his big salary regardless of who he has to cut or not sign. It won’t be long before he gets rids of Andre, Kemp & Loney. He knew we needed a pitcher last year, but he can careless. Specially now that he knows that he might have to sale it he care even less.

  138. nellyjune

    I am not as upset with who we are signing really. I think Kahli put it best. It is really going to be up to Matt, Andre and James (if he is still with the team when it is all said and done) to bring it this season, and if they really do, their bats could actually carry this team in terms of offense. It would be great to get an everyday left fielder, but with the Crawford signing possilbly making every outfielder’s price tag just a tad out of Ned’s price range, we might just want to cross out fingers and hope for the best that he doesn’t make it worse at this point.

    As for the McCourts, it is apparent that at least it is not just the fans and media that are finally at their wits end with this ownership. I am not saying Steve Garvey and Company is the answer, but it might just take the Steve Garvey’s of the world who have been involved with this organization for a long, long time to actually get somebody to listen to what the fans want……………..a road back to the true Dodger way of doing things.

  139. dodger 32

    When asked about the rumor of Loney and Broxton for Fielder, Ned shot it down saying he still believes in the core group. Well I’d like to ask him, what has the core group done to foster such belief? Winning the West is not such a great accomplishment, they haven’t won anything else, have they? I’m not saying that Fielder is the answer, but if something is not working , or if somebody is not producing like expected then I would think you’d try something else, not keep repeating the same thing over and over again. Remember the only time these guys looked at all dangerous was when they had Manny in the lineup to protect them. Basically all of these players are good, but not yet great, and we don’t know if that greatness will ever be achieved by any of them, my point being if you can make a deal that at least on paper makes the team better you do it. It’s not the fans fault that our low life owner is broke, we should be in on the bidding for every good player that might improve the team, just like the Red Sox did. Anything less is just unacceptable, and I hope the fans show their displeasure by staying away in droves.

  140. nellyjune

    Martin update – The Dodgers offered him $4.2 million to return to Los Angeles, but he refused to sign for less than $5.025 million he earned last season.


    Nelly, you might be on to an idea of having perspective buyers start putting pressure on the McCourts in an attempt to change their mindset but I suspect both Frank and Jamie are just too stubborn. Clearly their advisors have brought up the possibility but just as clearly, about the only thing on which they agree is they want to keep the Dodgers in the family for their sons. One problem is there are enough people like me who will still buy tickets and come to games no matter what because we just cannot stay away.

    I also have to comment on the recent free agent signings as well. I have never had any illusions that the Dodgers would keep the so called “kids” once they started to reach aribitration and free agency. Perhaps if one of them really stood out there would be effort to do so but certainly not all of them. Who could blame any decent player from salivating at Jayson Werth’s deal, deserved or not? Current ownership certainly either cannot or just does not want to get involved in a big time, long term deal.

  142. trublu4ever

    Don’t you think it is odd that Josh hasn’t given us a new thread in quite a while? Could it possibly be that he has nothing exciting to report to us? 🙂

  143. northstateblues

    You know baseball’s in trouble when $30 million buys you “nothing eye-opening”.

    Must be a great boost of self-esteem to the players you just signed, Ned.

    Then again, if Ned’s gonna screw up the head of the person he has referred to as “possibly one of the greatest centerfielders in Dodger history”, what does he care about the people he could afford under McCourt’s tight-fisted economics?

    Steve Garvey might’ve done some questionable things, but you know what? I don’t give a damn what the ownership does with their cut as long as they’re doing what it takes to put a World Series Contender on the field.

    Plus, you know what? Steve Garvey has shat out more knowledge of Dodger Tradition than Frank McCourt (or Jamie, Drew, or what’s-his-face) could learn in 10 lifetimes.

    There might be people I’d rather have owning the team (or the Mona Lisa, for that matter), but Steve Garvey was born bleeding Dodger Blue, and if Dr. Jerry Buss can lead an L.A. team to multiple championships with his Monet lifestyle (meaning I’d rather not look too close, instead wanting to enjoy the big picture as a whole), why not the Garv?

    If nothing else, not paying back bills and the rest of the black marks that caused him not to be able to pursue a political career make him UNIQUELY qualified to be a Dodgers owner in the 21st century.

    I used to equate Frank McCourt with Kevin Bacon’s role in the parade at the end of Animal House (you know, “All is well!” :: trample trample :: ). NEVER more true than the day the verdict was read.

  144. colliethec

    No eye openers? No difference makers? Well we just signed Juan Castro so I don’t know what you guys are all talking about!!! I think he just might be the missing link!!!
    Yes my tounge is firmly planted in my cheek…
    It’s obvious we are going to be a small ball team. This being the case —– NED —— why not sign Rafael Soriano? Seeing A’s we’ve not spent $$$ on a LF then let’s get a shut down bully.
    It would be an awesome bully that if we had the lead after 6 would be tough to beat.
    Kuo/Jensen (7th) – Brox (8th) – Soriano (9th). That would give us 4 shut down arms late in the game when they are needed and also provide flexibility with all of them being able to close should an injury occur or an arm need a rest.
    Seeing as we weren’t able to get Uggla, Diaz, Wigginton,

  145. jhallwally

    Hello All!! Hope everyone is well and happy!! I am enjoying reading all your posts and insights. Even though the Dodgers are obviously miles away from the model franchise and team we remember and want again, we are going into 2011 better than we did in 2010. Nothing “eye popping”, but its a start. I will be steadfastly rooting for my beloved Dodgers!!! Win or lose, I’m True Blue!!!

  146. jhallwally

    Considering the turmoil with the McCourt divorce, I am actually surprised we did as well as we have. I expected much less. Now, if we can get a right handed batting left fielder with some power and some bullpen help, we can contend in the NL West.

  147. trublu4ever

    Howdy, Collie and Jhall ~ very good stuff…and, yes, Jhall, we are all die hard Dodger fans 🙂 Who else could put up with all thus crap and still be there opening day through the bitter end?!

  148. jhallwally

    Hell, how would you feel if you were a Philly fan with that pitching staff and offense and not even make it to the World Series. Geez!!! They were loaded!!!!

  149. trublu4ever

    Yep, the Phillie fans must be ticked off to say the least! I’m just glad we don’t play an the American League East 🙂 Nobody in our divison has done much so far. Who knows, we might just make it 🙂

  150. jhallwally

    We’ve got a good shot if we stay healthy and Andre, Kemp, Kersh, Billz, and Loney step it up. Heck, they’re not kids anymore except Kersh. They are the core we have been waiting and hoping on. Its time to get it done.

  151. jhallwally

    A big part of our success in 08 and 09 was the bullpen. Meltdowns by Brox, Sherrill, and Bellisario really hurt us in 2010!!! Hint to Ned, make the bullpen a priority now!!!

  152. trublu4ever

    I think Andre is going to have the kind of year he was having last season before his injury…he’s going to bust loose and, then, we will lose him. I just wish they would have beefed up left field. I think the pitching will be okay and, just maybe, we will score enough runs to win. I also like the coaching staff with the addition of Wallach and Lopes. Honeycutt, however, is a different story for me. Not impressed with him at all.

  153. jhallwally

    I agree on all your points Trumom!!! I think the starting pitching will be OK. Our bullpen will need to be better than last year. Yep, Andre is going to do well in free agency when you look at the Crawford and Werth deals. Good for him!!! I hope we can keep him.

  154. nellyjune

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!! Great posts last night and this morning! Yep, we are diehard Dodgers fans who put up with a great deal of crap from our owners and GM, but if we stick to supporting the players, all we can do is hope the rest works out for the best.

    Jhall – The gnats would be a worst nightmare for me. I can almost handle Andre being in pinstripes (or any other team) if it means him not wearing Halloween colors. My theory is if the Dodgers can’t hang on to him, he will be playing for the Red Sox, the other east coast team with seemingly no budget limits.

  155. jhallwally

    Unfortunately, Andre has Yankees written all over him!!! He will look good in pinstripes. Uggggggggggh!!! LOL!!! Sorry Nelly!!!! Could be worse, he may be an Angel!!! Vomit!!!!

  156. nellyjune

    The thing is Bill and Michael both admit Andre is good, and they know he always does well playing at AT&T Park and against their pitching so of course they would love to see him on their side.

  157. nellyjune

    Well enchanted, we also signed Tony Gwynn Jr. today who had a career high 17 stolen bases last year with the Padres. So with those numbers, I guess he will be lead off next season 🙂 I am not against this signing, but that 17 stolen bases is what they chose to highlight when the info came through.

  158. enchantedbeaver

    Woo-hoo!!, its official. Ned’s signed Juan Castro to a minor league contract with an invite to ST.
    Proving once again that Ned only signs players he’s familiar with. I’m supposing that means then that the bullpen help will be Mota, but one can always hope for Falkenborg or dare I say it? Seanez?

  159. northstateblues

    Glad to see Colletti helping the Mayor help out needy families in L.A.

    Always happy to see charity work for the community, and the Dodgers do a lot of that year-round, but have noticed a lot of activity lately.

    One good thing about McCourt ownership is that they know how to invest in the community.

    If only he knew how to tend to the crops in his baseball organization….


    Not only do we get Juan Castro but the minor league staff has added Jody Reed and Matt Herges. Now I have no idea if these two men are any good or not at what they do and hopefully they are. However, and sorry Jody, but you have a lot of explaining to do to convince me you are smart enough to find the ballpark! How great it must be to see that you are remembered most for turning down a huge payday to stay with the Dodgers never to be seen again doing anything noteworthy while wearing a major league uniform. O.K., I know, I am not the mean one and I apologize, but for crying out loud, I just can’t help myself on this one.

  161. 32and53fan

    So far, it looks like the starting pitching is slightly stronger than last year. Uribe does not thrill me but he might provide a little excitement every once in a while with the long ball. Overall, I doubt his production (runs scored) will be better than Theriot.
    I would have no problem trading Loney and Broxton and a prospect for Prince Fielder assuming that we get an extension to his contract. I am tired of seeing a mediocre group of signings. We need a star in his prime.
    I am happy to see Davey Lopes and to a lesser extent, Dave Hansen back with the team. It will be interesting to see how Lopes handles the situation the first time Kemp pulls one of his bonehead plays. Like Bowa, Lopes does not suffer fools gladly but maybe Kemp will accept his coaching more than he did with Bob Schaefer and Larry Bowa.
    I am looking forward to see if the Mattingly management team will infuse a little more excitement into the team. He might be able to connect more with the players to instill the excellence that is the hallmark of the Yankees and used to be a Dodger trademark. 2011 should be an interesting year.

  162. nellyjune

    In catching up on my LA Times reading, I ran across this T.J. Simers article. This article could have easily been written by some of our ITD writers. It sounds just like us at times.

  163. nellyjune

    enchanted – you will love this!!! According to “Mike Scioscias Tragic Illness”, Juan Castro has the 4th worst OPS+ of all time among players with the as many PA as he (2834). The writer even used the words “Good Lord” (right out of Eric’s known phrases) – LOL!!!!

  164. 32and53fan

    There were some interesting comments in the NY Post article about Russell Martin
    “My buddy lives in LA and said Torre wanted Martin gone, he’s a sour guy and underacheiver…” and “I don’t want this clown…He’s a bad clubhouse guy, he’s numbers are less each year and it will be a slap in the face to Posada to have to show this guy the ropes…”
    I have never heard anything bad about Martin’s attitude. I wonder where that LA buddy got his information.

  165. enchantedbeaver

    I saw that Nells. There really doesn’t see to be any rhyme nor reason [nor much thought] to anything Ned does. If Castro takes any time away at all from Hu in ST or innings away from DeJesus or Gordon at AAA its a complete and utter assinine move.

  166. thinkingblue

    I’ve never heard anything negative about Martin either. He is no longer a Dodger and soon to be an East Coast player so I’m sure we will hear a lot of negativity towards him here is the west coast. I always thought Torre protected Martin….???? Who know’s!

  167. nellyjune

    Ned – will you please stop!!!! NO MORE EX-GIANTS!!!!!

    The Dodgers have signed IF/OF Eugenio Velez, J.D. Closser and Juan Castro to minor league deals with invites to big league camp.

    enchanted – at least you will have a boat load of song material 🙂

  168. northstateblues

    LOS ANGELES (APP) – Ned Colletti solidified the Dodgers’ mascot position with the purchase of the contract of former mascot “Crazy Crab” from the San Francisco Giants.

    When asked about the transaction, Colletti said “Mainly because Lou Seal is too young and unproven for us to roll the dice on. Plus, I get tired of all these angry Dodgers fans, so I enjoy surrounding myself with Giants to make myself feel at home.”


    It looks to me as if the Dodgers are trying to fill out a Triple AAA team because they don’t have enough qualified players already in the system. That does not speak very well of the future. And I am not really much concerned about taking away opportunities from Hu as he has had many opportunities and still has not proven he can hit major league level pitching.

  170. nellyjune

    In a related story, Dodger fan jams icepick into retina.
    By scott_in_arcadia on December 13, 2010 4:43 PM

    LMAO!!!!! THAT is funny Scott!!! ……..sad, but LMAO funny too!

  171. crzblue2

    Greetings ITDers.
    Wow! 274 comments and no new thread. I keep coming to see if Josh has a new post. Maybe he is on vacation or has nothing to report.
    I stopped at Chavez Ravine Sunday after I went to the Cathedral for the celebration of our Lady of Guadalupe but is now close on Sundays. We chatted with the parking lot guards then we headed to breakfast at Barragans. Afterwards we went to San Antonio Winery in LA to purchase some sparkling wine for the holidays. I did not know they serve breakfast. My first time there even though is so close to Dodger Stadium.

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