Happy Birthday, Vin!

If you’re a fan of the Dodgers, you pretty much grew up listening to Vin Scully and for many of you with summer birthdays, you’ve probably spent a birthday or two listening to him.

Well, today’s his birthday so please stop and take a moment to be thankful for all that he’s given us over the years. I hope he’s spending it with his family and enjoying a nice lazy day around the house.

And in other news, Vin will be calling games next year for a rotation now set with five solid starters, as Jon Garland spent his Thanksgiving signing with his hometown team.

Obviously lots of other rumors percolating out there and while I can’t comment on rumors or possible deals, I hope Dodger fans are starting to get excited about the team that Ned and his staff are putting together. We’re not yet at the winter meetings and they’ve already filled many of the “holes” in the team heading into 2011.


  1. enchantedbeaver

    Why do I get an image of the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike when referring to Ned filling holes?

    Our line-up can be referred to as Swiss.

    As in cheese.

  2. crzblue2

    Happy 83rd Birthday Vin Scully! WE LOVE YOU!!!
    Also, Happy birthday to Ross Porter who shares a birthday with Vin! I miss your trivias Ross!
    I have not renewed my season tickets (2) but yes, I am starting to get excited about the new season. Let’s see what Ned can do about the offense.
    Hello ITD!

  3. nellyjune

    Happy Birthday Vinny!!!! In even watching all the highlights of past games on mlbtv, Vinny’s voice just makes the highlights even better.

    I am glad we got Jon Garland, and I am reading about a 3-year deal with Uribe is on the table. I am not so sure about the length of contract if that is the case.

  4. cpompe1

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINNY!!! I literally grew up listening to Vinny! We went to games and yes, I?m a summer-birthday baby and listened to Vinny every chance I could get! My parents were one of the many that brought transistor radios to listen to Vinny call the game that we were watching in person. Nothing soothes me and nothing says Dodger Baseball than hearing Vinny?s melodic voice saying, ?It?s time for Dodger baseball!!!

  5. kaybo1

    A very Happy Birthday Vin Scully. I will never, ever forget your voice and all the broadcastsw you have done for the Los Angeles Dodgers. You are terrific at your job. So glad you will be announcing for season 2011. We have already bought our season tickets WoooHoooo, have the best birthday ever. Much love and best wishes from
    Bob and Karen from Bakersfield, CA

  6. thinkingblue

    JOSH hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and by the way…Thanks for all that you have done for us!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VIN. He is the best voice in Baseball and the best thing that the Dodger still have!
    ENCHANTED. That’s a better image than imaging Ned with the Magic 8 ball flipping it over and over.

  7. nellyjune

    Well, according to Dylan Hernandez, they are close to an agreement with Juan Uribe, and it could be announced as early as tomorrow morning. So, depending on the source, each has its own version of what is happening right now.

  8. ladodgers55@yahoo.com

    Happy Birthday Vinnie!!!!!!!!
    The phrase “It’s time for Dodger’s baseball”, is tattooed in my heart. Words can not describe what you mean to Dodger fans. You are the definition of a “living legend”.

  9. nellyjune

    Well, I didn’t get much reaction from my family. They didn’t seem to care one way or another. A few of my colleagues were a little stunned, but they were not overwhelmingly upset about the signing either.

  10. enchantedbeaver

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say its not a bad signing in general, but I doubt its worth the money.
    Its not bad because:
    Year 1
    (A) they can now non-tender Theriot, and ANYTHING is better than Theriot. Uribe is definitely an upgrade both offensively and defensively.
    (B) Uribe is undoubtedly going to play a lot for Furcal when he inevitably goes on the DL again. Dee Gordon I doubt will ever be much of a defensive shortstop and is at least a couple years away, and when Furcal goes down and Uribe slides over, Carroll and DeJesus should be able to cover second adequately.
    Year 2
    (A) You’ve at least got short or third covered when Blake and Furcal don’t get their option picked up.
    (B) DeJesus should by this time be ready for fulltime 2B.
    Year 3
    (A) You’ve got an all-around back-up IFer (a Carroll with some pop if you will.)
    (B) Gordon may be ready to take over SS by now.

    The bad:
    (A) Terrible OBP
    (B) Another free swinger
    (C) Not a middle of the order bat that we need
    (D) Vastly overpaid (one of Ned’s traits)
    (E) Another ex-Gnat (yet another Ned trait)
    (F) Probably another FA out there that could do the same for less money, but Frank wants to look like he’s doing something to spur on season ticket sales.

  11. lbirken@aol.com

    Happy birthday, Vinny, Ross and anyone else who has a birthday today. Vinny, you have been an important part of my life since 1958 and I am glad this will continue for at least another season.

    I will reserve any judgement on the signing of Uribe for the time being. I will say I hope this is not like the Juan Pierre signing that smacked of desperation with the amount of money and length of that contract.

  12. nellyjune

    Yawn Uribe – funny! It is not only funny because of the play on words/names, but it’s even funnier that I just got it.

    Good points enchanted!

  13. nellyjune

    Oh, and one more thing……………I know you may want to be a nice guy, but Andre, don’t give up your #16. Andre Ethier and #16 kind of are synonomous now.

  14. kpookiemon

    I like the Uribe signing a lot. He’s only 31, three years older than Ethier. And the guy plays with fire and nad, something few Dodgers EVER do these days. I don’t see him being a bench back-up. Pencil him in at 2nd base…or 3rd base, if they can get Blake to accept Father Time ‘a knockin’. This is not a Pierre fiasco or anything remotely close. Pierre took ABs away from Ethier and Kemp. Uribe will be taking them away from the likes of Blake and Theriot (if he’s even tendered). Ned is somehow doing OK so far.

  15. jhallwally

    Uribe is a heck of alot better option than Theriot!!! Geez!!! At least we can go into Spring this year with 5 real starters. Thank god we won’t have to endure the Haegars and other pieces of crap Ned has usually assembled.

  16. nellyjune

    How long has it been since we have had a week like this where we have generally been happy with what Ned has done? I am knocking on wood as I write – lol!!

  17. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Nelly!!! How’ve you been? Hope you and yours had a nice Thanksgiving. I too am knocking on wood. So far, Ned has done pretty good. Just get rid of Sherrill and don’t bring back Pathednik. LOL!!!!

  18. nellyjune

    It was great Jhall!! I hope yours was as well! My only thinking through this is why couldn’t the Dodgers have made these moves last year?

  19. kscnfv@yahoo.com

    Happy Birthday, Vinny! I have an 8 x 10 picture of you on my entry wall wishing me a Happy Birthday, and it is something that puts me in a good mood everytome I see it. I can’t wait to hear your voice when the season starts. You are such a huge positive aspect to Baseball! It goes without saying that there aren’t too many positive things going for the Dodgers right now. WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU! I am so glad you are staying for another year! Karen in Fountain Valley

  20. jhallwally

    It was a nice Thanksgiving here Nelly. Thanks!! Well, I wonder why we couldn’t do it the last few years also. LOL!!! Oh well, better late than never. Maybe, we are at least learning from our mistakes!!! Much better than continuing to do the same dumb things and expecting a different result.

  21. nellyjune

    That may be the case Jhall!! I hope so. Yea, you are right. At least it is better than repeating the same pattern over and over again.

  22. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Trumom!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays to you my friend!!! Let’s hope they are listening to us. At least we have some common sense. LOL!!!! I think the biggest thing to learn is:
    Sometimes no deal is the best deal and,
    Don’t make deals out of fear and/or panic.

  23. trublu4ever

    Great to see you Jhall. I’m wondering what we are going to do about the catchibg position? I don’t think Russell will be wearing Dodger Blue next year.

  24. selltheteam

    I’m wondering if the reason that Ned is doing better this off-season is because he is no longer being influenced and/or overridden by Old Man Joe.

  25. nellyjune

    Whatever it is it sure does seem like somebody is giving Mattingly all the tools he seems to need. It sure does make you wonder if Joe was the reason they didn’t make any of these moves last season, especially in pitching.

  26. enchantedbeaver

    Not that I’m going to cry for Theriot Argentina, but isn’t an everday player a little excessive a price for a poor reliever/spot starter?

    Still, Ned gets a * by his name today for getting something a day before they non-tendered him and got nothing.

    I think a lot can be said for that selltheteam, though Ned still sucks. 😉

  27. lbirken@aol.com

    Nice to see some (mostly) positive comments here. I do have a question: Some of you are suggesting the Dodgers are making moves giving Mattingly tools that they were not willing to give Torre as if management wanted Torre to fail. Why would they do such a thing? In a way I understand the thinking with all the bargain basement, garage sale dumpster diving Ned did last year, especially with regard to pitching. I just cannot buy the notion this was all done to insure failure. Ned did not know Andre would hurt himself, Kemp would regress, Broxton would implode, Furcal would get hurt after getting off to a torrid start, Martin would continue to slide and that Manny would become a singles hitter. I am not defending either Ned or Joe; both of them probably would admit they were not able to do enough to turn things around. I still believe everything Ned did last season had to do with money. Maybe that is not as much of an issue this season.

  28. nedajerk

    I’d rather bring back the 42 years old Kent than signing Uribe for 3 years. That is just a waste trade for Theriot and Hawksworth. I hope that signing doesn’t block DeJesus from 2nd bases and this would definitely be Blake last year at 3rd. I’m still hoping for the weird platoon at 1st bases from Loney against RH and Blake vs LH.

  29. enchantedbeaver

    As I mentioned to Nells last night, I don’t think its a coincidence either that all the young guys started regressing when Joe came on the scene.

  30. dodgerzona

    Got to be Tru…Got to be the reason why they weren’t this active….I don’t know much about Hawksworth…Glad Theriot is gone….Not to sure about Damon or Varitek? Damon can’t play the OF….Varitek is 39 lol…..Could this mean there trying to bring Martin back

  31. dodgerzona

    Joe T is an idiot….Sorry folks but never thought he was that good of a manager…..I like the Garland and Uribe signings….We will see how Hawksworth shakes out….We need a big bat tough? Don’t you all think? Dunn? Or someone else

  32. Dodger4life

    Just a hunch here…..and I am probably wrong but I do remember it being said that any transaction by Frank previously, could be contested by Jamie. In such an event Frank would have had to make up the difference monetarily, if it was decided that Jamie has equal say in team matters. With Neds sudden about face, to his approach to the off-season, meaning his sporadic spending early as opposed to his wait and see, take on things, of the past few years and with the divorce being official, pro-active to the filing, Could it be that Frank, has free reign at the moment. If the Judge rules unfavorably in his favor would the Judge then impose restrictions to all this? Just wondering??
    And won’t the Giants have to cough up, either money, players, and or production to replace Uribe??

  33. enchantedbeaver

    Shad – that would be the wonderous Anthony Jackson:
    Jackson, 26, is a career .252/.331/.340 hitter in 2,290 minor league plate appearances.

    So basically we got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for McDonald and Lambo.

  34. kpookiemon

    Theriot and Podsednik just never clicked at the top of the order, though they only had a short while to make it happen. I wish both of them well; they’re good guys. Uribe is great insurance–looking forward–as Blake enters his final year in L.A.

  35. yunghitterz89

    Sorry for being so late, but HAPPY BDAY GREAT SIR, MR. VIN SCULLY. You’re an amazing person, the best announcer in baseball for the last 50 years plus. Even though I’m not old enough to of heard you prior to 1988, ever since I could remember baseball, or Dodgers, I remember hearing your voice. Because of you, I actually started a career as a journalist an hopefully, someday, an announcer. Your voice is serene and your words of wisdom will never be imitated nor duplicated. I still remember the night I met you, it was around the 7th inning, people we’re walking down the stairs, and I happened to go out the way of TD down the stairs, and I ran into you great sir, heading off to you’re car. I said, “Thank You and Goodnight Mr. Scully”, and you said, “Goodnight To You As Well.” If and when I get married, I’d love to have you there. Ever since I could remember, you’ve been a part of my family, and I hope and pray that you have the best birthday ever, because your young, and still got lots of joys to encounter in your legacy. Thank You Sir. The Immortal Vin Scully.

  36. soumib925@aol.com

    Thank you, vinny. you and jerry dogget filled so many of my days, when I would listen to you broadcasting the ’55 world seriers.You are the only announcer I’ve ever known. It made my heart beat when I found out you were coming back. Thank you Vin, for all the memories. I hope you have a wonder year,and a really fabulous birthday.Thank you and I love you.

  37. soumib925@aol.com

    Thank you, vinny. you and jerry dogget filled so many of my days, when I would listen to you broadcasting the ’55 world seriers.You are the only announcer I’ve ever known. It made my heart beat when I found out you were coming back. Thank you Vin, for all the memories. I hope you have a wonder year,and a really fabulous birthday.Thank you and I love you.

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