Gibbons re-signs with Dodgers

Just got word that we’ve signed Jay Gibbons to a one-year deal for this season…he was a pleasant surprise throughout the minor league season and when he was recalled to the big leagues for the first time since 2007, he came up with five homers in just 75 at-bats. Tack on the 19 he hit for Triple-A Albuquerque and he’s obviously got some good power potential.

The news comes just shortly after the team was informed that Scott Podsednik has opted for free agency (we had a mutual option and had exercised our side to bring him back for $2 million, had he agreed).

And to answer the question that was posed in the comments about Facebook, the best thing I can tell you is that we don’t really have any sort of technical control over that website’s comment functions. While we continue to ask those who post here to be professional in their criticism and to remember that kids read this site, too, we do have the ability to block those who violate that request on a regular basis. When it comes to Facebook, that’s not a website we control but we certainly feel it’s important that the nearly 400,000 fans we have on that site are able to get the same information we post here at Inside the Dodgers.

I’m all for being frustrated when the Dodgers lose and things don’t turn out the way we’d like…I’d just like to think that Dodger fans have enough respect to be able to convey those thoughts without profanity…and we thank you for your cooperation.



  1. enchantedbeaver

    At least Pods has some sense where Ned doesn’t. A thousand “thank you”s for turning down the option.

    Right now Ned’s in his office busily tracking down another banjo hitting, poor fielding, speedy LFer.

  2. nedajerk

    I’m glad Gibbons is back. I surely hope Lopez come back to LA as our coach and what about Hansen as our batting coach?

  3. dodger 32

    Two things to say. Gibbons is a good sign, a good bench guy with some pop, and he likes being here. And thank you very much Scott Posednik!

  4. enchantedbeaver

    Ahhh, so now I get done reading that Ned and Pathednik’s agent are still talking. So my guess is come about January we’ll be signing a banjo hitting, poor fielding, former speedster to a 2-year guaranteed contract for $5 mil.

  5. nellyjune

    Collie – I am glad my torment made you and wifey laugh – lol!!! I was asked this morning if I wanted to take it to school and put it on my baseball wall. I kindly said, “No, writing it on the chart was hard enough”. I was glad to see that MLBTV quickly moved into their hotstove topics. That will help move things along pretty good in getting ready for next season.

  6. colliethec

    The below is from the last thread. And Shad thanks for the proofreading!! Yes I meant RF for Kemp.
    Also…. Thanks Thinking, True, and Nelly.
    Nelly I read your post about the banner last night while I was going to sleep and I started laughing. Sort of woke Wifey up and she asked what was so funny. She enjoyed it as well. I could just visualize that. Tell the family congrats for me. Not that I’m happy about it though but I do give credit where credit is due.
    Glad Pathednick did what Ned wouldn’t do. That’s good news.

  7. colliethec

    Well I haven’t looked at all the free agents yet but my wish list other than the obvious of ridding the Dodgers of Framie, Ned, Honeycutt, and Conte… would be…
    #1 is pitching. All the teams that made the playoffs did so because of pitching. The times have changed for the most part with PED testing & seeing the Giants win the way they did is an example. Great starting pitching and a great pen to shut people out. If they got to the 7th inning with a lead it was pretty much over. It would be nice if our pen could do that.
    Rafael Soriano would be the 1st one I would target. We all know the bully cost us many games last year and I would rebuild the pen backwards. Soriano would close with Brox setting up. Jensen along with Kuo could be the 7th inning guys when needed. All 3 of those guys could close if one was used a few days in a row. That to me would be a huge pickup that would really stabilize the pen. If it didn’t happen then my backup plan would be Joaquin Benoit as another arm for then pen. Then I would do the following… Texas made it to the Series with a rookie closer. Brox I think is great as a set up guy. So I would have Brox and Benoit set up and Jensen close.
    Next I would sign both Ortiz again. Sorry… I’m just making sure your paying attention!! Of course I would check in with Lee and make a run at him and try to sell him on other things other than $$$ from the team. Endorsement $$$ nice place to live, etc… That probably wouldn’t work but I would at least try. So the other pitcher I would look at is Andy Pettitte. I’ve wanted the Blue to pick him up for a few years but they haven’t. I again would go for him. I think he would be good for the young guns. Then I would also go after Kuroda as well as Chris Young. Young has been injured but I’d give him an incentive laden contract. Which ever 2 of those 4 I could get would fill the rotation with Kersh, Bills, and Lilly.
    Next would be LF, C, 2B,3B.
    Obviously I’d love Crawford. Put him in Center, Dre to LF and Kemp to CF. would be awesome but I doubt that will happen. Werth I also like but I think playing in Philly really helped him and I think he is at the top of his career and will take too much money. So I think if I couldn’t get Crawford then I would go from inside the organization like Jay Gibbons or look for a lower FA such as Ty Wigginton and sign them and spend my money elsewhere such as pitching.
    Then go after Uribe. He could take care of 2B, 3B, and SS. He has some pop and 2 rings in the last 5 years. I would have him at 2nd and then he could spell Raffy and Blake.
    I would also go after V-Mart or John Buck and have Russ back up. Or bye to Russ and have Blanco back up.
    Now I know we couldn’t get all these players but I would have this as a plan with the 1st being pitching and working my way down this list.
    By colliethec on November 4, 2010 1:46 PM
    I would also add Lopes to the staff.

  8. nedajerk

    I guess Vizquel is upset that he didn’t stay with the Giants much longer and I see that he signed with the White Sox for 1 more year. lol bring up Gonzalez what the heck are you tripping?

  9. nedajerk

    YW Collie but you can also leave Crawford in LF but I’d rather have him in CF like you had him and moved Kemp to RF and Ethier to LF. You can also have a lineup with Furcal, Crawford, Kemp, Ethier and so on but I would hate to sign Crawford (if we really did have a chance which is not possible) to a long term deal and block our #1 OF prospect. I would hate to lose Loney but if Sands is the real deal trade to package him with Broxton for a good SP and for the love of gosh don’t get another 35+ years old wash up pitcher. I really want to see what Russ Mitchell could’ve done for us with at least 200+ AB’s and I was very impressive when he got called up but he did have 6 hits which 2 were HR’s but he could’ve had more then 6 hits and ran into some bad luck. I seriously think Blake could be in a platoon role and since he can hit left handed pitching why not platoon him at 1st with Loney?

  10. dodgerzona

    Hello…Tru or Nelly? Do you know when the Dodgers will put single game tickets on sale…I’m thinking march but i’m not sure…Me and a friend are going to opening day and April 2nd….Then April 3rd we got tickets for the Lakers vs Denver…Can’t wait…Any help would be appreciated…Thank you

  11. Dodger4life

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question, and will respect what you have said. I suppose the fact that it is free and there aren’t any sponsorship dollars involved play’s a factor. Athough if Union 76 or Farmer John’s logo was involved, whom ever monitors your Facebook page, would soon locate the delete button, as I have had to do a few times myself.
    I agree with your statement about being frustrated, when your team loses, rivalry or not. And I think that fans of all teams have lost touch with the fact that these frustrations are better left on the playing field, instead of the parking lot, surrounding area’s or even social media networks.
    Someone once asked me, why MLB players don’t shake hands after every game, as they were taught to in Little League. Is this not a very good aspect of sportsmanship. I thought it was a valid question, even know I didn’t really have any answer, other than MLB is a business, and not a childs game. I personally don’t think it would hurt the game any however.

  12. dodger 32

    Ned the genius is now saying we’ll probably mix and match for left field this season. Translation, I don’t have any money to do anything worth talking about. That is why Mattingly was hired, because he doesn’t care how bad the team will be as long as he gets his shot at managing. How far this once proud franchise has fallen under the low life McCourts. Thanks Bud Selig. I hope the birds use your statue for which it is intended.

  13. enchantedbeaver

    Great to see MESSAGEbear back!!

    We might need to look at that philosophically bear… If Frank gave Ned a BILLION dollars to work with, Ned still wouldn’t get the right people on the field.

  14. northstateblues

    Here is where I am at right now. Feel the lyrics work whatever way you want ’em to, didn’t change them at all, so it’s all Bob Seger. Special thanks to Kenny Powers for putting this song back in my mind.

    Bob Seger, “Still the Same”

    You always won everytime you placed a bet
    You’re still damn good
    No one’s gotten to you yet
    Everytime they were sure they had you caught
    You were quicker than they thought
    You’d just turn your back and walk

    You always said
    The cards would never do you wrong
    The trick you said
    Was never play the game too long
    A gambler’s share
    The only risk that you would take
    The only loss you could forsake
    The only bluff you couldn’t fake

    And you’re still the same
    I caught up with you yesterday
    Moving game to game
    No one standing in your way
    Turning on the charm
    Long enough to get you by
    You’re still the same
    You still aim high

    There you stood
    Everybody watched you play
    I just turned and walked away
    I had nothing left to say
    ‘Cause you’re still the same
    You’re still the same
    Moving game to game
    Some things never change
    You’re still the same


    Boys and girls, Eric had another letter published today in the L.A. Times, a nice tribute to Sparky Anderson. Good job, Eric.

  16. kpookiemon

    A Dallas Cowboys columnist is calling for a boycott of Jerry Jones’ product, including beer, hot dogs, and tickets, until he listens to fans. Sound familiar???????


    I like Gibbons, but we still need more power! Loney is fine at first, but because he’s not hitting many hrs ,we need to suppliment the lineup with more power. Broxton would be much more effective if he could develope a good changeup.

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