Fall Classic…who are you rooting for?

I know, seems like a crazy question to ask given that our rivals are representing the National League, but perhaps some of you are NL fans through and through. Here’s hoping for an awesome seven-game series that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats…

Among those with Dodger ties who are in the hunt for a ring are Cody Ross, Guillermo Mota, Roberto Kelly Ron Washington, Dave Anderson, Mike Maddux and Wayne Kirby. In the front offices, good wishes go out to Texas’ Thad Levine, A.J. Preller, Nick English and Bill McLaughlin, as well as the Giants’ Ed Creech and Joey Amalfitano.

It’s never fun to be watching the World Series at home instead of your own ballpark, but I hope everyone enjoys it. Any predictions? Who wins in how many games?


The Rangers, obviously.

Good morning ITD.
Yes Josh. that is a crazy question.

I’d never root for the Jints. GO RANGERS!

Its painfully obvious then that we won’t be having any fun for many many years.


No self-respecting Dodger fan would ever root for the Giants. Right?!

Go Rangers.

It’s not in my blue blood to root for the hated ones. No can do. Go Rangers!

For this series, I will not be rooting for the N.L.
Run Maury Run
American League > Giants
Not since 1954
Koufax 32
Serenity Now
Every day in blue is better than one minute in orange/black
Land grab
Love the Dodgers
This is Our Town
Hit the road Jack
Eric has your ownership fund matured yet?
Tequila doesn’t help these days
Everclear is the new Kool- Aid
A is for all rise,
My judgement is in favor of the faithful!!!

Josh, need you ask? I?m with jencounter; no self-respecting Dodger fan would ever root for the Giants. Jen, I?m one that will NEVER root for the gnats. I want a sweep, but as long as the gnats lose the series, I?ll be happy.

Swat the Gnats.

If the World Series was Giants v. Yankees, I would root against both teams. Otherwise, I will always root for the American League team in those unfortunate years the Giants make it to the Series.

Lny4loney, I?m just glad that the yanks didn?t make it to the WS this year. If they did, the 2010 WS very well might?ve been the one series I didn?t watch. No matter who the teams are, I ALWAYS watch the WS. I?m REALLY not a happy Dodger fan knowing the gnats did get past the Phillies. Oh, and btw, the 2010 Phillies were NOTHING like the Phillies we saw in the playoffs in 08 and 09.

The giants will win in 4.
The in-laws (giants fan) have shown up again. Christ, those people show up twice a year for TWO WEEKS!!! Don’t stay with us,though. Said he’d been waiting a month to let me have it. I was at their place the year Finley hit the grand slam to sink them, so I guess things even out. He did not think it funny I picked the giants so they would lose.

That?s a good one knouff!

Josh,Josh,Josh!! Have we not taught you anything about this group? You can’t possibly think any of us would actually want the Giants to win. I can actually say I hate them more now than I did before this whole playoff thing started (and no, I will never admit that to my family). Maybe it’s because those of us living up here in Gnat Country are inhaling all these orange and black fumes from the bandwagoners,and it’s making us despise them even more. I was asked by a student why I don’t like the Giants, and I simply smiled and answered “because I am a Dodger fan”. That pretty much says it all :))

knouffbrock – I really do feel for you.


CP – I am with you if it were going to be Yankee/Giants series. I would have to question whether that is what helll would be like for Dodger fans if we had to endure that World Series.

Dodger4life!!! THAT is fabulous sir!!!

Rangers for sure, I mean this is a must be, in 4 I hope.
Halloween ends and so does the orange and black attack.
Must I be reminded again, that the gnats have gone to the WS 3X since the last time the Dodgers did. Yea thats the angle the gnat fans pull now to air their superior sentiment.

I’m rooting for Jamie to take Frank to the cleaners so he has to sell!

This game is excrutiating 😦

The only thing that can make any baseball enjoyable is the absence of the McCourts! It literally hurts being a Dodgers fan right now. Giants, Rangers…what does it matter.
Like Dodger 32 says ” I’m rooting for Jamie to take Frank to the cleaners so that has to sell”

Cliff Lee unbeatable, my _ _ _!
I’ve seen people simultaneously wearing Yankee hats and Dodgers jerseys. Such people should be straitjacketed and institutionalized for their own good
At least I’ve never seen a similar Dodgers-Giants combo. Such a person would have to be considered criminally insane, and would have to be straitjacketed and institutionalized for the good of society.

Good Day Everyone…………
Has everyone read this article from April 2009?
Who is now the new Chief Operating Officer
Who and what exactly was it, that appeared before Frank and bestowed him with the next 50 Years Vision. ( Now having been introduced to the V- Energy guy, I am curious. ) And why did they or it, ( Maybe E.T. told Frank to phone home? ) say that this will protect Dodger Stadium?
[ The improvements are designed to ensure Dodger Stadium’s place as the home of Los Angeles baseball for the next 50 years. ]
Has Bud Selig also been priveledged to the awakenings of this vision, ( Having assured us that the Dodgers are not going anywhere, and that we are in good hands? ) Was this also when Bud prophetically decided that more teams in the play-offs is better, ( Look Frank!! You’ll be a hero, your sure to make the play-offs every year now!! )
Having seen our ticket prices escalate in previous years as well as the coming season, I am also curious as to how much ticket prices would be if Franks and now Buds Vision/hallucenation is realized?
Would the Next 50 Vision be open to all, after the game, or would it be limited or sectioned off, as the seating has been at the stadium? ( Sorry Sir, the Upper Deck section of the ballpark are limited to the parking lot only, on game nights. )
Even if by some miracle or eventual catastrophe ( Such as Franks phone call home actually connected with the Supreme Beings. ) And the above said Vision became a reality, would the dollars achieved in the next 50… go back into the team or, ( Would Frank just spend it all… on more Tarrot Cards and Reece’s Pieces? )
Jamie sure seems to have been enlighted by this candy/chemically coated revelation……as she is asking for future profits in any settlement deal, and proclaiming to [ Love Us Fans ] in the process, ( which eeerily reminds me of the Witch from Hansel and Gretel, revealing all the goodies she has. )
Meanwhile Ned apparently has came to the end of the Yellow Brick Road and talked to the “Wizard ” whom said ” You are talking to a man who has laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom and chuckled at catastrophe. ”
Then revealed that he is the “Great and Powerful ” that payroll will be hightened!! ( Go find the heart you’ve been searching for Ned! )
I don’t know about the rest of y’all………..but I am tired of these characters, the whole bunch of them, The Dodgers belong to the men, women and children of DodgerLand, furthermore baseball belongs to it’s fans!
So Mr Wizard, E.T. and Physic Shielia, not to mention the cannabilistic witch………………… You should consider yourselves lucky if we decide to grant you an audience, and show some appreciation by keeping things real!!!
I’m rooting for Nolans team agian tonight!!!

Thanks D4Life,
So that is his name. I always see him walking around the dugout seats. Someone asked me if I knew who he was but I did not.
And please! No playoff expansion!!
Love the Wizard of Oz post! Ding Dong….

Hi Everybody
I guess the World Series got off on the wrong foot, well as far as I’m concerned.
I’m glad I’m not in Nellyjune’s shoes.
You must be going through hell over there.
The Giants already won more pennants than us (19) to our 18,
since the World Series started in 1903 but dating back to 1876 both teams are tied at 21 each.
We won one more WS than them

Oldbrooklynfan – Thanks for thinking about me. If the Giants win this thing, it will be awful for a few days, but I think because, as a family, we are just as much into football, the gloating won’t last too long. However, when spring training and the season roll around again, I am sure the tormenting will start up again.

It was a good game ’til those two dumboes got in there.

The funny thing is that my family has been a lot nicer about it than my co-workers. My co-workers keep talking about like I really want to keep hearing about it. It is not like they were these huge fans a month ago, with the exception of two. I really just want to say “Shut Up Already!!”

Who would’ve thought Mota would be involved in the post season once again with a possible ring this time around.

Hi CP!!! The boys have been putting up with my Dodger Fanaticism for quite some time, not to mention Ethieraholicism as well. So, I think, no matter the outcome, I will be good and still bleeding Dodger Blue when it is all said and done.

Sorry Nells, but I?d hate to be you right now. But I know you?re strong and you?ll work your way thru this orange and black muck. I just hope the Rangers decide to hit the ball in TX and not have another pitching meltdown. Give credit where credit is due; the gnats are playing good baseball. Yecch! Was that vinegar running down my throat? I just hope the Rangers don?t roll over and play dead. What a dreadful series this is so far?

That?s good to hear Nelly! I guess you?ve been living with that stuff for a while now. If I was thrown into that right now, I don?t think I could handle it. So how are you this fine evening?

Oh, and did you notice you got time warped? Fun times, huh?

I am doing great, and I seem to get time warped a lot these days. How are you?

I?m fine. No job, no clients, but actually, I?m saying busy. I still wonder what I?m going to do. I have a few ideas swimming in my head and, well, I?ve gotta figure out if I?m going to follow-up with those ideas.

I went shopping with my husband on Monday for a new microwave. Did you know that microwave ovens and water don?t mix? Yes, I know that too, but I was being careless and, well, I spilled a bunch of water on the microwave and all the controls went ?kaput!? (Or, however you spell that!) Anyways, back to our shopping trip. That?s just what I did ? I tripped over my husband?s foot and took quite a spill in the parking lot. I got a nice strawberry patch on my knee; it?s still sore. But at least I?ve been feeling better yesterday and today.

I?m fine. No job, no clients, but actually, I?m saying busy. I still wonder what I?m going to do. I have a few ideas swimming in my head and, well, I?ve gotta figure out if I?m going to follow-up with those ideas.

I went shopping with my husband on Monday for a new microwave. Did you know that microwave ovens and water don?t mix? Yes, I know that too, but I was being careless and, well, I spilled a bunch of water on the microwave and all the controls went ?kaput!? (Or, however you spell that!) Anyways, back to our shopping trip. That?s just what I did ? I tripped over my husband?s foot and took quite a spill in the parking lot. I got a nice strawberry patch on my knee; it?s still sore. But at least I?ve been feeling better yesterday and today.

Thanks for sharing. What a plesurae to read!

Aren?t these errors fun? NOT!!! I thought it the first one didn?t take, so I tried a 2nd time and now I get both! Can?t we get this blog fixed?

Just think how much better the Giants and Rangers would be if they had the talent of Ortiz and Ortiz, and Haegar, not to mention the power bats of Garret Anderson and Posednik and Theriot . I guess Ned is just so much Shrewder. He really makes those other GMs look bad.

Ned had no chance really with the McCourt divorce.

I never seen the orginal `Hawaii Five-O’ but RIP James MacArthur


Good Morning. I watched game one until the Giants scored eight runs. I just couldn’t watch last night….way too painful to watch a team I despise so much, on their way to winning the World Series. To make matters worse, the excrutiating voice of McCarver, thinking everybody watching the game knows nothing about baseball, drives me insane. So, I will spend my time watching NBA and football until Spring Training begins.

I don’t know how this happen but it better not happen when the season start again? I wish I could’ve seen the box score on this game.


Thanks god for the Lakers hopefully the Galaxy would follow suit this year and than the Kings lol. If Donovan didn’t miss that PK and they didn’t lose there #1 goalie LA would’ve had 2 titles. I still hate how soccer do there playoff this format is ridiculously. They had 2 East and 6 West teams make it and they used the top 8 with the most points to determine the seeding. Last year RSL were playing for the East and somehow represent the final with LA and now that they seed #2 in the West meaning those 2 teams won?t play the final again.

Shad – Ned’s got no chance PERIOD. He’s about as worthless a GM as there is in any sport. Kansas City doesn’t have any money, but I didn’t see them with the Ortizi, Anderson and Haeger to start the year. In fact, I think out of all the guys that were DFA’d over the course of the season, only one was even picked up by another team. THAT’S how bad they were to 29 other teams, but evidently good enough for Ned. With the guys Ned brings in we’d be better off using single A prospects. There’s NO EXCUSE for the garbage Ned collects and tries to pass off as a team.

Not that I have an opinion or anything.

I’ve watched the two games with my brother-in-law from northern Cal, and he hasn’t been bad to watch with. He’s what you would call a casul fan. He likes the giants and wears their gear, but he does not really know too much about the team. I wound up turning it off and going to bed in the 9th. You can go to the local ballpark and watch 10 yr olds turn in a better performance than the Texas bullpen. What a time to pull that crap.

Signs of things to come?

“Mattingly runs out of hurlers in AFL game”

This World Series is becoming unwatchable. I can only hope Texas pulls a rabbit out of its hat, like the ’81 Dodgers did after losing the first two games at Yankee Stadium.

The Giants got it right – this is the kind of success I respect and what used to be the strong point of the Dodgers. That is certainly a thing of the past under Ned’s leadership, though, as he flounders around ruining team chemistry by his ill-conceived free agent signings, trades, giveaways, excessive contracts for aging players, blocking paths for younger players, etc., etc. That is not the real Dodger way!


Remember Ned traded away McDonald, and a young player Lambo for a month of an old mostly worthless Dotel. How could anyone that calls themselves a GM make a deal like that? Then he trades Dotel for a ptbnl. That has nothing to do with being handcuffed by a low life owner like McCourt. This is not being able to judge or eval talent BTW, the Pirates love McDonald and consider him their best young pitcher.

I know it’s not easy being a GM by any means, especially when you’re handcuffed by an owner that only cares about how much money he can take from the fans, but the only good thing Ned has done since his hiring, was the Dre deal. Meanwhile he has given other teams some of the Dodgers better young players, while getting back garbage. No Gm is 100%, but Nedster is close, he’s almost always wrong.

Hi Ya Everybody
Looks like our natural rivals really mean business here but it’s no place like home for the Rangers.
It’s home home on the Rangers

Hold it there partner
Nice goin’ Tex.

Well, that was much better Rangers – Thank you!!!

Throughout the last few days, it’s been more about pure jealousy on my part. Wednesday, my son got to go hang out in San Francisco and take part in all the World Series festivities with his girlfriend’s family, and then they even got to watch the 4,5 and 6th innings in the archways by McCovey Cove for free. Then the next day, one of my first grade co-workers (a “real” Giants fan) got to actually go the game. Her daughter has had season tickets all year and her law firm let her have tickets for her family for that game. So, yea……..I hate the Giants, but I really hate our owner and GM just as much right about now because what we have found out from Frank through all the divorce crap that he just intends to put teams on the field that can compete. Well, all teams feel they can compete in April. Then you have our GM,and I really don’t need to say more do I? It really sucks the Giants are even playing right now, but it sucks even more that it appears it will be a very long time until we see a Dodgers team competitive enough to get to the Fall Classic.

I do have to share a bandwagon story that Dodge16 shared the other day. He was walking around the mall where he lives in Fairfield (about an hour from SF), and walked up to a so-called Giants fan and said “What did you think of Barry Zito’s performance yesterday?” The bandwagoner said “It’s the best I have ever seen him pitch.”

Let?s the Pirates enjoy him and they should happy they have a good pitcher that could be their ace. Maybe if he didn?t get bounce and keep in the bullpen we would still have him and not wasting spot start with him and since you bring that up don’t forget the trade with Podsednik for us to lose our 2nd top catching prospect after losing Santana. Maybe if McDonald could’ve lock up that 5th spot in ST we would still have him on the team. We would probably still have him and Lambo if Troncoso wasn’t struggling and it really doesn’t help when he has been overused in the first couple of months when the SP?s was kind of a big question mark coming into the season. We didn?t know that Sherrill was going to falling apart so soon from last year, Belisario had all kind of troubles and I don?t know what happen to Wade but I like him when he was first call up and than had one of those sophomore slump but maybe he could?ve had help also.

Can you BELIEVE this?!!!


Sadly, I think we all can, but that’s not the point. And at the same time, that’s EXACTLY the point.

For those that aren’t going to click the link, the Dodgers are filing a trademark suit against a bagel shop in Brooklyn for using a logo “too close” to (or exactly like) the “Brooklyn” logo that the Dodgers used on their road jerseys in Brooklyn.

A.) Frank McCourt once again proves to be a sawed-off spineless bully who has never met a working man or small business he wouldn’t rob stupid.

Devoid of money to spend on the team (while it has been proven he has no problem spending the team’s money), he’s taken on $8 t-shirt-selling Spanish speakers handy with a script font by trademarking “Doyers” so he could sell the shirts for $30. And now, Frank is taking on a bagel shop thousands of miles away from his territory. Great use of money :: puke :: .

While the Giants have become the scrappy darlings of baseball, the Dodgers have become hated villians the baseball world loves villifying every chance they get, from the “Dodgers’ Pocketbook Holding Torre Hostage” mindedness of the media the past 2 years, to knocking down the Dodger-Savior who they spent months making the face of the Dodgers after a failed PED test, to us now holding the Yankees’ beloved Donnie Baseball hostage so he can make two trips to the mound in one visit and runs out of pitchers in the Arizona Fall League.

What a difference 10 years makes.

Somehow, I don’t think the media would be laughing so hard if the City of Los Angeles used O’Malley’s NFL stadium plan (or never asked him to “help” in the first place) and the Estate Tax wasn’t a problem. We might not have won Championships, but at least the team’s image would be safe.

B.) Frank McCourt thinks that the Brooklyn road mark belongs on Home jerseys. Remember this: http://www.dodgersjersey.com/images/brooklyndodgersjersey.jpg ? Check the Hall of Fame’s Dressed to the Nines website up and down ( if you haven’t been to this website, be prepared to lose a day: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/index.htm ), you will NEVER find that jersey. But you’ll find these home jerseys, which would be a lot of fun for a throwback:

1916: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/detail_page.asp?fileName=nl_1916_brooklyn.gif&Entryid=250
1933: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/detail_page.asp?fileName=nl_1933_brooklyn.gif&Entryid=522
1936: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/detail_page.asp?fileName=nl_1936_brooklyn.gif&Entryid=570
And the green 1937, if you’re feeling lucky: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/detail_page.asp?fileName=nl_1937_brooklyn.gif&Entryid=586

After the greens, all the home jerseys have been the same, so no point in going past there, but you get the point: Plenty of jerseys with a Brooklyn wordmark that the Dodgers actually used at home in Brooklyn. Of course, we have all those teams wearing their powder blue throwbacks at home and half of baseball looking like they’re going to a sleepover compared to the stirrups and flannel days (or even compared to the days of double-knit pullovers and technicolor color schemes), so maybe that’s a losing battle.

But it still proves that Frank McCourt is divorced from the capacity to make a rational decision concerning the history of the team, choosing to revise history rather than embracing it (heavens forbid we might remember the days when we were oblivious to how much our owner spent foo-foo’ing his pampered hair).

Which brings me to my MAIN POINT: I hate the fact that said sawed-off spineless owner has got me so incensed that I consider for fleeting moments what life would be like without rooting for the Dodgers.

Can’t let him hold that power over us.

And yet, his pocketbook depends on exactly that.

It doesn’t matter to him.

Frank McCourt knows if Dodger fans won’t spend money at Dodger Stadium, somebody will.

Unfortunately for him, the number of “somebodys” is substantially smaller than the number of die-hard and interested fans that will fill the stadium of a team that has been maintained to the point of consistent contention.

But you know, making a big deal about 4 playoff “appearances” in 6 years is a big deal to a Red Sox fan who never saw his team win anything beyond a couple of pennants. Wonder if he would’ve been happier if he fought the urge to buy the Dodgers in early ’04, and just enjoyed watching his team break through the binds of history.

Or maybe he was part of the curse. Who knows? I don’t put stock in sports “curses” not appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated or Madden NFL games.

I saw that too, North. All I can say is frank is a fishing piece of soap!

Hi Everybody
It’s good to see that the Rangers have come back into this series.
Tonight’s game will be another exciting night with the Rangers trying to tie this series up and the Giants looking to bring it closer to the end.

Northstateblues – fabulous post!!!!

THEY are going to win this whole fishing thing you know, and it is not going to be fun to watch at all :((


We definitely don’t have a Buster Posey-type, or will have due to selling off (more like giving away) the farm. Thanks Frank and Ned!!

At this point I rather they just win it tomorrow and put us out of our misery now. Why make us wait until game 6?

I’m not even watching the game.

Good Day to all………………..
Happy Birthday Fernando :0)

On what (may/may not) be the ending to a truly disappointing baseball season, I share with you some of my (rants/thoughts.)
First of all (win or lose,) I commend both ball clubs playing tonight, for the achievements they have attained, there is plenty for both to be proud of.
Looking back on the past several seasons, and having had the ability to follow the Dodgers closer than ever before. I find myself coming to a fork in the road so to speak. Don’t get me wrong in my soon to be rant, I have enjoyed the overall time, I have spent consuming my heart, mind and soul in our beloved Dodgers.
The dilemma (at least for me) is where do I go from this point, and why? My happiness doesn’t come from trying to play GM ( although, I enjoy when others do it, and admire their ability to make sense of the predictions/plans.) It’s just that my enjoyment came on the field, (give me some comrades a good day, some equipment and some space to roam, and I was good .) Although after high school these days diminished fast. I suppose being positive toward my team is what I enjoy these days. I call myself a Dodger4life due to the fact, that I was born a in a blue household. My days as a youngster throwing the ball against a pitch back/pops garage door always had Garvey, Russell, Cey, or Lopes or in the event that a ball got past the infield, Jimmy Wynn, Dusty Baker or even Joe Ferguson making a great play usually at the plate to Yeager in the nick of time. In later years, I would watch on TV and Tommy would have me believing year after year. My dad would reminisce about the likes of Alston, Robinson, Campanella, Wills, Drysdale and Koufax. I can remember Campy being wheeled out on the field before a game and my father getting excited and wanting me to share this with him. It wasn’t until later in life, I understood why.
So wanting to see the Boys in Blue succeed, and wanting to show them my support means a great deal to me. It’s just that after listening to Frank and Jamie, portray themselves in the light, of what was always instilled in me, as the Greatest Owners a fan/player/employee could ever ask for, in the O’Malley’s ( for more reasons than I have time to explain. ) I find them to be self absorbing and akin to someone hi-jacking not only my memories, but all all the hard work, and loyalty of people who have come before and still stand beside them today. And this is the motivation behind my passion and love for this storied organization, it was what I was taught to do, not only from the likes of family, but so many wonderful leaders of (their/my), (childhood/adult) life.
It’s more than just putting players on a ball field, it’s giving them good solid direction and assuring them that their belief is not going to go unmatched. Giving the community a sense of fulfillment in knowing, win or lose, we can be proud of the effort we witnessed.
Many of the faithful are hoping that Judge Gordon (who I am sure is wise beyond his years, and I am sure has so many better and worthwhile things he himself could be doing) will do what they themselves can’t get a grasp on and bring the McCourt era to an end. I say this due to the fact, I do not believe in what they are selling, now or for the future. It’s gone beyond believing in the Boys in Blue for me, there is too much at stake in the long run. It’s gone to believing in the organization again, believing in the community as a unified and proud group. It’s gone into salvaging what we have and building on what we don’t. You can take players away, you can take seats away, what you cannot take away is one more shred of dignity, from anyone who truly believes in the Dodger Way……It’s supposed to be bigger than all of us!!!
It’s supposed to not only fun but rewarding and cherished for years to come!!
It’s supposed to be forever worthy of handing down!!!
Enjoy the game tonight everyone…………

When I come to the Dodgers website, I see our pitchers are developing in the instructional league.
Where are the giants pitchers tonight?
An oversimplification, to be sure, and probably more than a little unfair, but that keeps coming back to me.
Lilly is back on board, and the two kids getting instruction should be a help in the future, but several BIG questions need to be answered before spring.

Hi Everybody
Just want to say, whether you see this as the first World Series victory for San Francisco or the 6th World Series victory for the Giants tying them with the Dodgers, like I do, it really doesn’t make much difference.
Congratulations to the Giants.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfishingbelieveable!!!! I wasn’t a Dodger fanatic the last time the Giants came close and lost, but this is just excruciating to watch, and not only that, the gnat half of my family is going to the parade so nothing like salt into the wounds at this point 😦 Thank goodness for NASCAR, football, hockey and basketball. However, they don’t have the same pull that baseball does. Well, NASCAR does at the moment because my driver is doing pretty well with only three weeks to go.

104 days until pitchers and catchers report :))

Nelly,Tru…How are you both….Yes Nelly thank god for Lakers,Stars,Seahawks and NHRA for me at least….Well i’m going to a game at Dodger stadium on April 2nd…My first time ever there…Well Ned you better sign Uribe,Burrell and Renteria…You know he will sign one of them…We all know he like’s ex-gnats….Let the hot stove begin….Hate the gnats even more now…………Sell the team Frank

Hey Dodgerzona!!! Wow!!! Your first game at Dodger Stadium. That will be an experience for sure. I watch the highlights of the NHRA series only because I am just as addicted to the Speed Channel as I am MLBTV. MLBTV I have stayed away from since it has been nothing but Giants on anytime I tune in to watch. I am sure once all the hoopla is over, I will go back and have fun watch all the hot stove talk. As far as the other sports, I know I am weird, but I kind of like the Lakers and the Kings, in hockey (which is a new one for me) I like both the Sharks and the Kings, and in football, it’s Redskins and Chargers. In NASCAR, Denny is hands down my favorite, but I like a bunch of them as far the rest of the field goes.

Other than living through this Gnat nightmare, all is very well – thanks!!……………and how are you?

Good here….Friend i work with is from LA so we are going to drive out there….I can only hope we have a new owner by then but i doubt it…Chargers are cool…Glad this world series is over….Let the hot stove begin…Let’s see how many Gnats Ned will sign in the off season….Have a goodnight….I’ll post when i get another chance….Take Care

Good Night Dodgerzona!!! Glad this season is over too 🙂

Congratulations to the Giants for their first WS win in 56 years.
I’ll be long dead before Frank’s organization ever wins another.

And while I’m on the subject, suing that burger joint in Brooklyn is just another classless act by a classless owner. Even if he wins the suit, what does he gain? $50K tops and running someone out of their livelihood and life savings along with putting a bunch of employees out of work? That’s nice publicity and public relations. Of course we shouldn’t expect any less from someone who would trademark Los Doyers? because he might miss out on a few T-Shirt sales.
BTW, Los Doyers? is a registered trademark of the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Club ? wouldn?t want to be sued.
What?s next, charging fans in attendance a pro-rated exit fee for bonus baseball when the game goes extra innings?

Move along folks, move along. Nothing to see here. Give the Gnats their due. Now, to repeat, let’s all move along……….

I am ready to move along!! I sure am!!! Bring on the Hot Stove League!!!!!

Honestly, my family has been pretty cool through the whole thing. I hear worse when we are playing each other. It’s the co-workers and the bandwagoners that are the hard ones to deal with because they think they know more about their team (or basebal) than I do. They will be over it once the gnats have left the city to enjoy their off-season. They weren’t real fans to begin with so they will not be fans once spring training rolls around again.

I put on my 1981 dodgers cap, inscribed “after losing 4 WS appearances, 81 was the year the dodgers turned their luck around, 81 was the year they defeated the yankees in 6 games”, then I walked around my bay area hood!! HA! LA-5 SF-1 ouch!

The Giants put a complete season together!!!
Can’t say I like it, but nonetheless, it be history!!

Good for you Koufax!!!!

Somebody decided to write the LA symbol on my son’s car today. That was kind of fun to see, and no……………………it wasn’t me 🙂

LOL!!! Spoken in true enchanted form. Seriously, You and I both now what it takes to get a business up and running, and Frank should be ashamed of himself for what he is doing to that business. What a heartless ******* he is!!!

Its possible I may be a little peeved there Nells. How are you?

While Giants fans are celebrating victory for their ballclub, why don’t we hold a wake for ours? Oh wait, we’ll call that the 2011 season.

SEH ~ Submission Error Hell for those of you new readers……

Other than listening to the off and on sounds of the Giants clubhouse party mixed in with the sounds of “South Park” and/or “Family Guy” I am doing okay – LOL!!!

….and you? How are the neighbors? Any Lilly sightings?

Surprisingly, I’m only in Oakhurst about once a week so I probably have a better chance of seeing bigfoot than Lilly. Which not so coincidentally I have a better chance of seeing than Frank ever fielding a championship team.

LOL!!!!! You certainly bring the humor to a pretty much sickening situation.

Hey Nells – Did you hear that JPL down there in Pasadena is studying Frank? They can’t prove he exists but for observation that things spiral chaotically downward in his presence to a singularity, and no light of hope can escape his pull. Astronomers are terming him a supermassiveasshole.

Well, it may be hard to swallow, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Giant management put together the right pieces to bring this about. They made a big mistake on the Zito contract a few years ago, but they apparently learned a lesson from it. Dodger management doesn’t seem to learn anything from a multitude of mistakes. So congratulations are in order to Giant management and the players, including the two Dodger castoffs, Ross and Mota. What may have seemed bad for them at the time was their key to a WS ring! Dodger players will have to wait a long time for that.

LOL enchanted!!!!

The good news Dodgers Fans. The Election tomorrow will make the World Series news old news by tomorrow at noon, in the terms of the major media anyway.

After the game, I spoke to my daughter, who moved back to the bay area this week. She’s staying in the Mission district until tomorrow. She said the scene was thoroughly chaotic. I asked her if anyone was turning handsprings or cartwheels; nobody was but people were running around the middle of the street amid traffic and lighting fireworks. I shake my head in wonder.
So the Series is over. I hope that Ned took notes on what it takes to build a championship team.
It’s a shame that the Rangers caught Dodgeritis, a very strange disease that disables hitters, especially when there are potential runners on base. I’m hoping that our esteemed scientists find a cure for this horrible disease, but unfortunately Frank won’t be contributing to the cure. He’s too busy paying his personal piper with the Dodgers’ earnings.

Good morning ITD,
Sparkle, haha that is funny “Dodgeritis”
I was in the hotel room (I am working in NH this week) watching the game but when Renteria hit that HR, I could not watch anymore. I went downstairs to get something to drink and noticed the crowd there watching the football game instead.

I love how Molina got a 2nd rings to for losing.

If the Cubs manage to win the WS in 2012 than I know the world about to end.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm starting fire in SF after the Giants win.

The only credit the Giants should get is how lucky that Broxton blown 3 games against them and got credited for 3 losses and the Padres choking a big lead away and losing 10 in a rows and without those 2 the Giants don’t make the playoff.

Since the Giants finally won in SF and I’m a huge soccer fan so I’m hoping the LA Kings get there 1st titles to snap the drought of not winning 1 and they have a better future than the Dodgers. That’s so hard to say that and the Galaxy get there 3rd titles but should’ve had one last year, and of course the Lakers 3-peat and tied the Celtics with 17.

I hate the Giants, hated them ever since that Marichal, Roseboro thing, but I hate McCourt more for what he’s done to this team. Dodger fans can no longer chant Giants suck when they visit the stadium. If they want to chant anything they should chant McCourt or Ned suck, at least that would be truthful.

The last thing I ever wanted to see was the first thing that was on the tv when I walked in the door from work.


I’ll congratulate some fans… the ones who would’ve truly been down if they died without seeing their team win a championship.

Shad’s right, this is partially the Dodgers fault. One more win against the Giants this season, one more hit where they weren’t, and the Giants’ chances would’ve been up in smoke. That essentially makes this result one of the most horrible consequences of the Dodgers’ 2010 season, even in the wake of the equally putrefying divorce situation.

I’ll give credit to the team for persevering through the playoffs. I don’t like it. I tried to prepare for it. But when it happened (and I knew ’cause leaving with the game still on, I heard We Are The Champions interrupt programing on the classic rock station), I felt sick.

Took them one try to succeed where we failed.

Wonder if they won the world series because they got rid of the one front office employee content to flash his Sister-kissing ’02 ring and flood the team with geezers instead of trusting young talent to rise through the ranks (Buster Pan… uh, Posey anyone?).

See, Frank McCourt? 4 “appearences” in 6 years doesn’t hold nearly as much water as one championship in one year.

You gotta spend money to make money, “champ”.

LOL – Northstateblues 🙂

Well, so far so good here at work. I am still bleeding Dodger blue and the world hasn’t come to an end. I congratulated Gilbert, our custodian, and the one gnat fan here at work I do talk about baseball with almost everyday. He had a similar issue with a bandwagoner that Dodge16 had. He was talking to some bandwagon fan who had the nerve to say to him “How about that Bumgarner?, He sucks! He will never last!”. Gilbert looked at him and asked him to name 10 players on the roster. He could name 5.

Some interesting news about Lopes’ possible return as the first base coach:

Couldn’t help but improve some of the teams bonehead baserunning.

Too bad they didn’t hire a decent pitchinbg coach.

Or, a manager with some experience…would have been nice too 🙂

But, most of all, an owner and GM who cares about the team!

And don’t forget, Dodger fans:

It took the Giants 56 years to win a championship.

First, they lost in 7 (’62) to a Yankees team we would sweep the following year.

Then, they were swept by an Oakland team (’89) we had beaten in 5 the previous year.

After that, they lost to… :: snicker snicker :: Anaheim (’02), after being 5 outs away from winning it all.

Finally, it took the fatted calf of the second coming of the hapless Washington Senators for the Giants to win that elusive championship.

There is a island in Thailand by the name of Phuket. That is my answer.

The hardest part of my day so far is writing the words “World Series Champs” on the Giants side of the chart 😦

Hey Ned! Why not rebuild some credibility for the organization by welcoming home Davey Lopes. He always looked funny in those other uniforms.
My in-law took the win with some class last night and I have a couple of other friends who I’m glad for, but I do not really say it out loud.
So. Ned…just how much can you increase the payroll, and who do you target to become Dodgers. Besides Davey Lopes.

Hey Ned (and frank if listen)

The rockies, red sox, phillies, rangers and giants have all shown a method to build a top flight organization, certainly in the time you have been GM of the Dodgers.
Let me spell out: Pitching. Do it Ned. The halladay, Lee, oswalt types you “couldn’t afford”. Let me add player evaluation for a versatile bench and starters. (scouting) and performance of the team in the field (coaching/ manager).
It did not happen over the Spring, it took years, start now, because being dominated by the Giants in the division sucks, but Ned perhaps that is why Frank hired you??.
Frank sell the team. You don’t have the back of the players and management, you don’t gain the confidence of them or the fans. The Dodgers fans want a championship team that wears gold rings, money can’t buy that alone. You tarnished the gold ring given to you and it seems you just want to use the Dodgers so you can have more gold. Frank sell the team for good of the dodgers Fans, , the Dodgers organization, their City and the love of babeball as an institution. My 2011 warcry “SELL THE TEAM” or put your money where it counts to bring the ring to the Dodgers. Thats is all you are good for, or go away.

Very well said Koufax!!!

Here’s some news I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for:

Un-Fishing-Believable, yet didn’t we all know Pierre Light was a shoe-in?

This has been the worst possible year in baseball for any Dodger fan. Thank the good Lord this season is over!
Thank you Frank McCourt…can i pass you the Grey Poupon?

Frank puts his poupon the field and calls them the Dodgers.


I was out of town for a few days on the east coast. Did I miss anything? Does anyone know when the World Series starts? What is that you say, it was played and the Giants won? If the Giants win a World Series and no one watched, did it really happen?

All kidding aside, this had to be one of most boring World Series in a long time unless you are a (long suffering) Giants fan. To be fair, the Giants earned it by beating Cliff Lee twice and outpitching every team they faced in the playoffs. In a way, this team reminded me of the 1988 Dodgers, a team with one dominent pitcher and an ability to find a way to win even though no one thought they were the best team. Sometimes things just fall into place. So congrats to the Gints who now can join the ranks of former long suffering teams because they finally won something. And that is all I am going to say about that.

Is it this decade, that teams that have been long suffering or never won finally get the WS ring? Dbacks in 01, angels in 02, redsox in 04, chisox in 05, phillies in 08, SF in 10.
Cosmic or not. Lilly and podsednic are not our heaven sent.
Keep trying Ned, Frank you know the chant!

lbirken – I hope you enjoyed your time on the East Coast. Always love reading your two cents 🙂

lbirken – I hope you enjoyed your time on the East Coast. Always love reading your two cents 🙂

These blog issues are just ridiculous. Submission errors, double posts and time warping………..it kind of reminds me of our Dodgers right now……………both of them are run by idiots.


Nelly, I was there on business so I kept pretty busy. But being in the eastern time zone was a bit of adjustment. One day at a little after 5 PM east coast time I turned on the TV looking for the World Series because that is the time it would have been on back home. I had to laugh at myself when I realized my mistake. Not sure how Old Brooklyn Fan does it staying up so late to follow west coast Dodger games.

lbirken – I would think that time change would be quite an adjustment, and you are right, I don’t know how our east coast ITDers manage to get through the west coast game sometimes. I am guessing it’s the Dodger blue blood running through them that keeps them going on those late nights/early mornings.

I think it must be the heavy drinking that gets them through the games 🙂

Maybe he will turn the offer down….I’m hearing he thinks he can do better somewhere else.

I doubt that Colletti will ever get it. What the Dodgers need, besides pitching is a guy that can hit homeruns and drive in runs in left field, not another Pierrenik.

How about Dave Hansen as a hitting coach. That is what is circulating around the rumor mill. He would be an assistant to Pentland. Thoughts?

I think it begs the question Nells – what good is a hitting coach when all you go out and do is bring in crap like Pathednik?

That is very true enchanted.


Collie – I am not sure what that means, but I agree – lol!!!

sigh – my son is going to the parade today with his girlfriend’s family, and I have had to listen to highlights over and over and over and over. The Election and NCIS broke up the broken record of the sounds of their championship run, but in these highlights, I am hearing Kruk, Kuip, and Jon Miller voices on top of the Fox people. I keep telling myself a few more days of torment, and hopefully that will be the end until for them until spring training.

I’ve read that Ned was impressed by Pierrenik the time he was here. Well I’d like to know what did he do to impress you Ned, bring you coffee, or bring you glue for your rug? Either way this Colletti keeps making the same mistakes over and over. I really do think he was keeping the Giants back until us lucky Dodger fans were saddled with him and that low life owner we have.

Must have been his terrific .313 OBP Dodger 32.
Ned was impressed by Pierre. Pierre and Pathednik – same player.

Lilly and Wolf – same pitcher. Dotel and Mota – same pitcher. Theriot and DeWitt – same player.

Notice a pattern?

Ned CANNOT judge talent and has no business being a GM of anything, let alone a ballclub. For those that give Ned the benefit of the doubt because of Frank’s unwillingness to spend, just look at guys like the Ortizi, Anderson, and Sweeney who cost more than comparable minor leaguers and performed worse than roadkill. If money kept Ned from getting top ballplayers, money had nothing to do with bringing in stiffs like those when you had comparable guys in the minors who were better and cheaper. That’s just a total lack of brain matter. Then look at the FAs Ned brought in when Frank gave him the money. How the man could still have a job after 5 years of ongoing ineptitude is beyond comprehension.

Oh save me! My giant fan friends are calling me up to go see the Giants championship parade, the virus is spreading throughout households in the Bay Area that previously thought lincecum was a protective covering for linoleum floors. They want to take me to Dodgers games at ATT, they want to buy me a giants cap, theyre asking me to at least watch the parade on TV or my computer. I tell them do you know who you are speaking to? Jump on the SF Bandwagon? I tell them to enjoy their first, while I cherish the Dodgers WS victories, I just need some more to cherish and really soon!! Frank!! You know the chant!!!
Ned: Did my friends really see you at the SF civic center?

Just a hunch here?
Frank can’t afford a real GM, let alone a real GM and Ned!!!

Repko was speedy, could play the outfield was inexpensive. He played all out, all the time…. well some say, too all out.
Matt Kemp shakes his head…..Too all out!!! Beaver Wood, that’s messed up Y’all!!

enchanted, you’re a cruel, inhuman beast, taking a cheap shot at DeWitt like that. NO major league ball player worth his salt would EVER want to be compared to Theriot! DeWitt has feelings, you know… As for Ned, that’s a trade I’ll NEVER understand…along with Garland (a one-month rental for a YOUNG player) and Dotel (another one-month rental for a YOUNG pitcher). You’d think as “questionable” a GM as Ned is he’d at least strive to nurture for a more likable personality, for PR purposes if nothing else. But he strikes me as a humorless, defensive lout.

Dodger4life, put me in Repko’s corner. As for Kemp, I think he’ll be fine, now that Grandpa’s gone…

Kahli – let’s just say that Theriot & DeWitt were the same stats when they were swapped. Average field. No power. I would much rather have DeWitt at second than Theriot though.

Of course, I’d rather have a ham sandwich at second than Theriot.

Khali…put me in Kemps corner, I think he will be more than just fine…….

enchanted, I work with a Cubs fan who told me at the time of the trade that Dodgers fans were going to love Theriot. I could only flash back to the 2008 NLDS and how UNIMPRESSED I was with ANY Cub. I think DeWitt and Theriot are cut from the same “scrappy” cloth, but at the end of the day, you’re right…I’d rather have a ham sandwich, or perhaps a pastrami on rye.

lbirkin, those Davey Lopes/Dave Hansen rumors really are hot stove must-reads, huh???????!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

I am still upset about the Garland deal. What a waste to not only give up young talent, but then to not use Garland in the post season last year and then just let him walk away. He did great for the Padres (for the most part), and to think how he could have helped us, especially in the early part of the season when the starting rotation was in question.

I would have rather kept DeWitt instead of Theriot, but Posednik – blah!! You guys are right……………”Pierre ~ The Sequel” at Dodger Stadium will begin April 1, 2011.

Oh, the irony. While the hated ones from up the 101 freeway celebrate a World Series victory, Dodger fans get to read really exciting stuff about who might be on the coaching staff, including the idea that the team needs multiple hitting instructors.

And while I usually can find humor in just about anything, there is nothing funny at all about “Pierre, The Sequel” coming anytime soon to Dodger Stadium, except of course the title which is funny.

Looked at the article about the top free agents and speculation on their new teams and not one mention of the Dodgers. Maybe Ned will surprise us.
The above statement had two undercurrents at play. The first was sarcasm followed by a glimmer of hope.

Some Ethieraholic news………………Andre and Maggie are selling their house in Chandler, AZ. Not sure why or that I care to know why, but it just popped up last night on one of my google alerts. What will be interesting to know is where they buy a house.

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