Searching for a pumpkin patch this weekend?


Free Pumpkins to First 300 Children with Special Needs


October 23 – Pasadena – Local families can celebrate the incoming of fall with a trip to Danny’s Farm Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, October 23, 1-4 p.m. to enjoy old-time farm activities for children of all ages.


The day will provide families with entrance into a very unique petting zoo designed for children affected with autism and special needs. While Danny’s Farm was founded to be a special place for special children, it is open to children with or without disabilities.  Pony rides and other activities are planned for families and children of all ages.  For the first 300 guests, a free pumpkin will be given to children with special needs.  Former LA Dodger pitcher and Danny’s Farm founder, Jim Gott, will be present to meet families.


Located in a rustic barn in Altadena Stables, is wheelchair friendly. Members of our staff are fluent in American Sign Language, and we welcome persons with or without disabilities to enjoy Danny’s Farm. Danny’s Farm is located at 3064 1/2 Ridgeview Drive in Altadena.

Danny’s Farm was created to provide meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities for adults and teenagers with disabilities. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Altadena, California, Danny’s Farm is a safe, nurturing environment that promotes independence and provides vocational training. Skilled job coaches work alongside our employees, supervising our special needs staff, while promoting self-reliance.

For more information, visit or call (626) 797-FARM.


  1. enchantedbeaver

    Hats off to Jim Gott and his continued work with autism and other children and adults with special needs.

  2. northstateblues

    I’m happy to hear about Jim Gott’s involvement with Danny’s Farm. It’s good to see ballplayers, like many in our organization, who realize that there’s worse things in the world than what happens on the field, or the contract negotiation that didn’t go the way you wanted it to.

    I’d feel remiss if I didn’t repost my memories of October 15th, as they are a small insight into my devotion to the Dodgers. But due to the serious nature of this post from Josh, I wouldn’t want to tarnish this post with things smaller in scope than the issues the beneficiaries of Danny’s Farm have to deal with everyday.

    But if anyone is curious to read my memories of October 15th’s, here’s the link:

    (And a sidenote, Just figured this out after 4 years: If you click on the date after a post, it’ll make a URL address for you up top that you can copy, and will send you directly to that comment. That’s what the “#comment-5972231” part is on the end of that URL link).

  3. nellyjune

    Great reading Josh!!! Thank you for sharing, as this is an issue that hits close to home, both at school (work) and home. Thank you to Jim Gott and all the other people that make events like this happen.

  4. trublu4ever

    Thank-you Jim Gott.
    Also, thank-you, North, for your post on the previous thread. I’m glad you reposted it here.

  5. kpookiemon

    Giants are a real team…no backstabbing…no showboating…tell me who on the Dodgers has the stud of Juan Uribe? Watching the Phils and Gnats play is painful. But somehow I hate the Phillies more. I’ll let Texas break the hearts of the Orange by the Bay.

  6. nedajerk

    RHP Hiroki Kuroda(notes) isn?t leaving for Japan instantly. Since his daughters attend American schools, he?s staying in the United States for the time being. Kuroda will decide in October or November if he?ll remain in the United States or return to Japan to pitch. Coming off his best year and with a thin free-agent pitching market, Kuroda, 35, is likely to get another two- to three-year contract.

    ? OF Jerry Sands played some first base this year, and he?ll be tried at third base in the Arizona Fall League. He hit 35 home runs between low Class A Great Lakes and Class AA Chattanooga. It?s no coincidence he?ll be tested at the corner-infield positions, as the Dodgers are lacking power there. Sands probably won?t be ready for major league pitching on Opening Day, but he could be a midseason arrival.

  7. nedajerk

    I would think his daughter would’ve taught him some English if they going to an American School. Maybe Sands would be playing 3rd for us when he get the calls up by midseason and I hope that work out and Blake could bat against LHP and playing 1st for Loney.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    Hooray!! Trey Hillman, former manager of the illustrious Kansas City Royals, not to mention the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters (but his real qualifier is having managed in the YANKEE farm system for 12 years) is the front runner for bench coach.
    Shouldn’t the bench coach be someone with NATIONAL LEAGUE experience? The AL managers we’ve had have worked out so well waiting for that big inning, and switching pitchers but oops, they actually have a spot in the batting order to take into consideration. Best use 4-5 to close out 3 innings.
    Maybe Frank can petition to get us into the AL.


    Like it or not (not me!), the giants and phillies are the class of the Nat’l League this year. It hurt to write that and I hope Nelly doesn’t have to kill anybody. But all the same, I’m watching and trying to enjoy some good baseball.
    Looks like Bowa is out, which sucks. Maybe management should have the team start selling girl scout cookies since they are not required to give it a major league effort.

  10. enchantedbeaver

    Well I guess we know where bear stands! LMAO my friend!!
    I understand that LittleJoe Two-Trips wanted Bowa for his bench coach, but obviously Ned didn’t. Far be it that a manager, even a novice, get to choose his own coaching staff.
    But at least Bunnynutts is coming back so we got that going for us – which is nice.

  11. nellyjune

    knouffbrock – that made me laugh, and no, I haven’t had to kill anybody………………not yet anyway- LOL!!!!

    I was at the Pumpkin Patch with my class, and I was talking to many parents about this whole thing (not all Giants fans either). It’s interesting all the different points of view. Many are thinking that even though it’s the Giants, they are representing the NL West and maybe it’s time we show the east coast that the NL West can compete. Others are saying it’s all about the Rangers winning, and then you have the Giants fans who think…………….”nobody believed in us” and look where we are now. All I keep thinking is the Rangers better be in there because I think a true Dodger nightmare is having a Giants/Yankees World Series. I agree with those that are saying the baseball is exciting, regardless of which team you are cheering for, but everytime the Giants to something good, I cringe 🙂

  12. crzblue2

    I just checked this post on FB and WOW the stuff they can gt away with saying there.
    I actually used to feel sorry for Bruce Bochy when he left San Diego for SF. Imagine that.
    Josh must be on vaca since the last two posts look to be copied/pasted. If you are Josh, have a nice one.
    This festival at Dannysfarms sound wonderful for kids. Jim Gott is ALWAYS willing to sign autographs at Dodger Stadium. Fans bring him all kinds of baseball cards. I was working one giveaway at Dodger stadium when I saw Jim ask a celebrity for an autograph. thought it was funny.
    I am finishing off reading “A Day in the Bleachers” by Arnold Hano. I did not want to read it before because is about the Giants but is more than that, Is about Baseball history. Mr. Hano does a wonderful job recalling that first game of the 1954 World Series. I am enjoying it and the references Mr. Hano makes about the Dodgers (I don’t agree with some). I would love an opportunity to ask him some questions about the book.

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