Ask and ye shall receive…

In the last post, I mentioned how much I would have loved to have witnessed the conversation between Tim Wallach and John Lindsey, telling him he’s reached the big leagues. Well, as it turns out, you can!

Apparently Ned Colletti gave a heads up to the Dodgers Media Network and they filmed the conversation. It’s cool behind-the-scenes stuff you just can’t get anywhere else.

So check it out…and keep rooting for Big John. Hopefully he’ll get to debut in front of his family in Houston, have a big month, and earn himself a big league gig somewhere in 2011.


  1. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD,
    I can’t watch videos at work but I’ll make sure I watch it when I get home. I supposed I can view it on my phone but I rather see it at home on a bigger screen, besides I got a meeting in 5 minutes and another at 2:p.m. sigh..
    So who is that Brooklyn dodger knitting in the black an white picture in the dining room? Maybe later on I’ll research it or post the picture in the Brooklyn forum where I go sometimes or maybe OBF knows.

  2. enchantedbeaver

    Don’t think we can expect too much passion when the team is being led by none other than Eeyore himself. Evidently he’s just as enamored with Juan Light as he was with Juan at the top of the order. Hate to say it but the only person that invigorated the line-up was Manny. Take him out of the equation and this team plays exactly like it did for grandpa in 2008 before Manny arrived. I don’t think JoJo EVER connected with this team, and with his double standard and favoritism he’s always had for vets no matter how bad they play, who could blame them for tuning JoJo (and his crew) out. Hell, they probably get just as tired of hearing everything getting compared to the Yankees as we do.

  3. kpookiemon

    I want to see the video where Joe is telling the team they’ve folded like a cheap tent and perhaps, for a change, they could go out there with a bit of passion and beat someone…anyone. If I went about my job as listless and beaten as these guys, I’d be lucky to be employed.


    Looks like a good time was had by all on the tour the other day. Sorry I couldn’t make it this year. It is good to see that even in a down year the stadium itself still holds a lot of charm and interest even if the team playing there has been a big disappointment.

    Speaking of which, it has been a long time (or at least seems to be a long time) since a Dodger team was for all intents and purposes out of the playoff picture by the end of August. Yes, the team still is in it mathematically but even for someone like me who traditionally believes there is a chance until the magic number says otherwise, I doubt even the players still believe. At least that is what their play looks like on the field. How can an entire team go so cold offensively for so long? How can one player after another look so bad at the plate, not only against the good pitchers but against the rest of the pack? What happened to Broxton? What has happened to the rising stars, Kemp, Ethier and Loney? What has happened to Martin? Folks, this is the core group of players that go us so excited not all that long ago. Is this all Joe’s fault? Honeycutt’s? I do think the staff does have to take a load of the responsibility but don’t the player’s have a stake in what happens?

    Of course, none of us really knows for sure. I said at the beginning of the season I was not going to let the ownership squabbles get in the way of enjoying the season but even that has not worked out the way I wanted. I still want to believe the players rise above all this stuff and focus only on the job at hand. How will any of us ever know for sure if this is the case?

    I do know one thing. I am convinced as everyone else that current ownership has to be replaced. I am starting to believe that in time that will happen. I cannot see how Frank or Jamie can be a good leader now that we know so much more about each one’s moral and ethical character. They both have violated the public trust that comes with owning a major sports team. Hopefully, they will realize that the only way to preserve what is left of the proud Dodger legacy and heritage will be to sell to someone that has the financial and business sense to get this organization back to the top. I believe that is what the McCourts wanted to do but clearly, they have failed. I just hope it is not too late.

  5. trublu4ever

    Ask and Ye shall receive……Please, Mr. Torre, Mr. Honeycutt and the rest of this staff, let me be the one to help you pack your bags when you leave. And, the greatest gift of all would be for Ned to join them and, for mccourt to be forced to sell the team.

  6. kpookiemon

    Ned, Joe, Larry, Honey…it’s just not working anymore. You’ve beaten down the kids into puddles of goo. Joe, make the announcement today.

  7. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi ALL
    Well another game with the NL West leader, trying to keep pace with the Giants.
    I hope to heck the D’Backs can salvage a game, so I can root more easily for my own team.
    It’s amazing, I want our boys to do well but I hate the Giants.
    I’m glad to see the Cardinals are 5 1/2 & 6 back.
    Well it’s time to get back to Petco(on T.V. of course).
    Comon D’Backs.

  8. jhallwally

    Let’s go Dodgers!!! We can still finish .500!!! It isn’t much, but its better than having losing season. Go Billz!!!

  9. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t know if I come here out of habit, I’m masochistic when it comes to the Dodgers, or I just miss all your sorry assses. 😉

    I see we have the gruesome twosome back at the top tonight – Pierre Light and DeWitt Light.

    So how is everyone’s sorry asss anyway?

  10. jhallwally

    LOL!!! Hi’Ya Beav!!! My bass is just sorry the McCourts still own the team!!! Hey Trumom!!! Win or lose, I can’t resist you, Beav, Nelly, and the ITD gang!!!

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Uh-oh. They got a run. Now what are we going to do?

    Oh well, like the proctologist said to his nurse, “I’m sorry. I wanted a Butt Light.”

  12. enchantedbeaver

    Looks like Billz is having a brain fart. Good thing we’ve got Torre and Bunny rushing right out there to calm him down.

  13. enchantedbeaver

    Thank you. Thank you. I’ll be here the rest of this week. Please be sure to tip your server…

    And drive safely going home.

  14. nellyjune

    Here is a question from Dylan Hernandez’s twitter page..

    So, do Dodger fans win in a sale? Fourth ownership group in 15 years?

  15. kpookiemon

    What the hell is going on with this team behind closed doors? the Dodgers have had bad teams before, but I swear, I can’t remember in all my 41 years a s fan being this embarrassed and livid at a Dodger club. This “leadership” group should be horse-whipped for allowing the Dodgers to play this gutless against a Division rival in the midst of a pennant race.

  16. enchantedbeaver

    Ned better be a terrific salesman this offseason, because I can’t think of a reason that anyone would want to be on this team.

  17. enchantedbeaver

    Looks like shutout #16 tonight.
    I really did think that major leaguers had more pride than this, but I obviously was wrong. Watching this really does make you sit back and think that maybe your energy could be better spent supporting another team.

  18. kpookiemon

    Dear Joe,
    I have suffered and applauded Alston, Lasorda, Russell, Hoffman, Johnson, Tracy and Little, but you, my friend, have taken the Dodgers to an all-time low–and I don’t care who your owner is, who your GM is, or who your players are. You are captain of this ship and you, sir, and you alone, should be held accountable for piloting this vessel into the worst hazard of all–apathy. Disgraceful.

  19. kpookiemon

    Where is the Dodgers’ Torri Hunter?
    ?We did not come ready to to play today,? Hunter said of the Angels. ?It seemed like we didn?t come with it today at all…I apologize for me and for us as a team…We need to play better…This is what we get paid to do.”

  20. enchantedbeaver

    Really Nells!! At this point there really isn’t anything left to micro manage is there? That’s something only Joe would do, and in the process deprive Lindsey of his first ML AB.

  21. nellyjune

    Maybe he just wants to take some of the heat off of our equally idiot of an owner. If that was Joe’s intention, he did a mighty fine job because the media is going to be all over that dispicable display of being just plain classless. The Dodger fans thank you Joe for having to explain that one all day tomorrow.

  22. nellyjune

    BPB1 – not only did he take Lindsay out of a chance to bat, you put Andre in there (who I am sure would have wanted Lindsay to have his first major league at bat). Andre hasn’t been hitting well, and even if he had hit the ball, who cares at this point. Even Andre would have rather seen Lindsay get his shot at his first at-bat than to bat himself. I am just so floored by that decision, but why should I be surprised. It is just par for the course with the decisions made by our three clowns running this team.

  23. nellyjune

    This was a comment made on facebook…………..see, it’s not just us!!!

    You know, a thought just crossed my mind. Think mebbe Torre is wearing his new glasses because he has eyeballs painted on the outside glass and is really asleep?


  24. oldbrooklynfan

    I know most people think I’m crazy but I’m elated that the Giants are 1.5 games out, even though it came at the expense of the Dodgers.

  25. enchantedbeaver

    Its inexcusable Nells plain and simple. In a tenure full of bizarre decisions, that one just topped the list.

    I’m sorry folks, but why would any of you want to spend your hard earned money for tickets to see this shameful mess? Its obvious that both management and the players could care less about the fans. It’s about time the fans care less towards the club. Maybe the last few games with a “real” attendance of 10,000 or under would prove a point.

  26. enchantedbeaver

    Any another thing…

    If either of the two morons that pretend to be owners really WERE owners, they’d not only be mortified and embarrassed, they’d start chopping heads. But you don’t hear one word from either, and THAT says all you need to know about the McCourts.

  27. nellyjune

    It doesn’t matter that Lindsay is set to start Friday or Saturday, that was an embarrassing and terrible decision to pull him from his first ML at-bat.

  28. northstateblues

    Everything about the Dodgers is embarrassing now.

    The team has finally checked out in full, Chad Billingsley handing the ball to Joe in a mound visit where Joe just intended to chat.

    There was no fire of any kind, the Padres looking like a team of 8 year olds rolling by their parents, who slowly trod in an effort to pretend to be trying to beat them.

    The Padres, mind you, are one year removed from an ownership divorce. The Padres owner wasn’t a wet-behind-the-ears moron, though, knowing when to fold ’em.

    Frank McCourt doesn’t care about the team. He doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about me. He doesn’t even give a s–t about his own family.

    All who are cursed to be within his grasp are charged with being dragged through the mud… and as we hit our, what? tenth sewer patch, we’re not even fazed if the brown stuff is even mud anymore.

    The most shining examples of Dodger Optimists are even in the doldrums now, multiple times worse than 1989, 1992, or 2005. Because in those seasons, there was hope for next year. This year, Frank McCourt, the Caretaker of Dodger Tradition, happy plays fiddle in the eighth circle of Blue Hell on Earth.

    The Dodgers, to their fans, used to be an escape from the ills of the world. A pristine font from which we could draw, and remember all that is good about life.

    Now, in the worst way possible, they’re an exhibit of all that is wrong with the self-absorbed, self-inadequate owner who sees the Dodgers as a silver-medal (wait, he tried to buy the Angels too, that might make us bronze) albatross around his leveraged-into-quicksand neck, not as the Storied Treasure many, such as O’Malley and should-be-owner Eli Broad, see in Blue Heaven on Earth.

    This is NOT your town, Frank, it’s OUR town, and it’s time for you to put on your big-boy pants, for once, and GET OUT, while you still have a few shreds of dignity to clutch onto.

    I love my Dodgers, and you, Frank McCourt, no matter how many responsibilities you attempt to slime your way out of, will NEVER be a Dodger.

    And as the ashes of this whole debacle, your own doing, rain upon you some day in the hopefully-not-too-distant future, and you’re wondering where it all went wrong, why Angelinos won’t happily pay you twice what they’re accustomed to (or can afford) to watch a team you’ve spent 33% less on than when you “purchased” (HA HA HA!!! “Purchased”?!!! HA HA HA HA!) the club, why people won’t believe your slick words and pat-on-the-head charm, here’s a clue as to why…


  29. northstateblues

    I like seeing the Gnats 2 back. Wouldn’t mind seeing that number get bigger and bigger. maybe this sweep will help the Padres gain enough steam to hold on.

    Thanks Nelly. I hate writing stuff like that, but when I do, I feel like it’s my little way of taking the Dodger Experience back.

    We’re not the Yankees, it’d probably take us 100 years to win 27. But the key to the Dodgers philosophy is in trying to be the best. I wish the owner shared that view.

  30. nedajerk

    Is always the freaking matchup which is freaking dumb but Gregerson own rhb than lhb. When Pods got PH for Lindsey I know damn well Gregerson was going to come in and Ethier to PH.

  31. nedajerk

    Stadium Petco Park, San Diego, CA 20,851 (48.8% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

    What’s the problem with the Padres even getting around 90% in the stadium? Is not like the game started late for them and of course school is back in and even when it not they still have trouble with attendance. They had 20,071 (47% full) Tuesday night and on Monday was 23,574 (55.2% full). I just went back to the May and July games in SD and the attendance was pretty decent over 90% so I guess we do own that stadium with our fans visiting there but there no point this time.

  32. trublu4ever

    Just got through reading the posts I missed last night. North, yours was amazing. I wish Josh would make copies and hand it to the powers-that-be!

  33. koufax1963

    After watching last night’s game, I have to hope that the dodgers are laying down, so the giants don’t win the west, if not then they are as pathetic as the standings and stats show for them. That 3 run inning of the padres was a joke. Yea I can understand JT letting Bilz pitch to Adrian G, but to pull John Lindsey in his first MLB AB, for Ethier who hits the first pitch for a DP, was almost cruel, I guess the thing that didnt work, if the dodgers are quiting is the invisible tag theriot put on venable for the inning ending DP.
    Ryan you are not a magician, but you did fool the ump on that one.

  34. crzblue2

    Hello ITD!
    I am in downtown LA Jury Duty waiting room. They have computers for jurors to sue and this one became available! woohoo!
    Ok, they are about to call names again. Just wanted to say Hola!

    oh oh, they just called my name as part of this group.

  35. nedajerk

    RHP Armando Galarraga will see a familiar face behind the plate if he starts as scheduled Friday night?umpire Jim Joyce. The umpire schedule has Joyce’s crew at Comerica Park for Detroit’s series with Baltimore this weekend, and unless the rotation is disturbed Joyce would be behind home plate. It will be his first game at Comerica Park since the Cleveland series three months ago when Joyce, then working first base, missed the final-out call and cost Galarraga a perfect game. “I would probably rather be behind the plate than stand there at first base and have to relive that visualization of being at first base with him pitching,” Joyce said of his Friday assignment. “It’s better for me and my psyche to be behind the plate that night. As a matter of fact, I’m actually looking forward to it.” Joyce worked home plate the day after Galarraga’s imperfect game but has not worked a Detroit game since. Galarraga had right elbow soreness in his last start Sunday, but he is scheduled to start Friday.

  36. nedajerk

    Quote To Note:

    “It felt even better (than imagined). When the crowd stood up, I had to tell myself not to cry. I said I can’t cry out here. People will think I’m a baby.”

    ?Rookie C Max St-Pierre, who got a standing ovation from Kansas City fans Sept. 4 when he made his major league debut and singled in his fourth at-bat. St. Pierre played 14 seasons in the minors before getting his shot, a fact duly noted on the Royals scoreboard.

  37. nedajerk

    Quote To Note:

    “It felt even better (than imagined). When the crowd stood up, I had to tell myself not to cry. I said I can’t cry out here. People will think I’m a baby.”

    ?Rookie C Max St-Pierre, who got a standing ovation from Kansas City fans Sept. 4 when he made his major league debut and singled in his fourth at-bat. St. Pierre played 14 seasons in the minors before getting his shot, a fact duly noted on the Royals scoreboard.

  38. nedajerk

    This is very weird because that person play for the Tigers and got the standing ovation maybe Lindsey would get the same treatment from the Astros crowd.

  39. nedajerk

    I think league should change that game played and is just not right to see 1 games played on Lindsey yahoo/espn sport profile.

  40. nedajerk

    1B John Lindsey became the oldest non-Asian player to make his debut since 2002, even though he never got an at-bat. He was brought into Wednesday’s game as a pinch hitter, with two runners on base and one out in the eighth inning to face San Diego LHP Joe Thatcher. When the Padres countered with RHP Luke Gregerson, Dodgers manager Joe Torre came back with left-handed-hitting Andre Ethier. Torre gave the lineup card to Lindsey, who was all smiles afterward and cherished the souvenir. Lindsey will start either Friday or Saturday, perhaps both games, and Lindsey loved hearing that news because his entire family will be there in Houston to witness it.

  41. crzblue2

    red mark “they have computers to use” instead of “they have computers to sue” LOL.
    Ciao! I am off for lunch and then we are being sent to the 9th floor where they have additional security check. Only floor where they have that and I wonder why.

  42. selltheteam

    The Dodgers have found a new method of keeping the Giants out of the playoffs ? by getting swept by the Pods!! But all those gains will likely be erased next week when we get swept in the Phone Booth Park. Oh, the humanity!
    I?m looking forward to the Oregon/Tennessee game on Saturday, since there?s nothing to look forward to in Dodger-town. Not this year. Not next year. Not until Frank takes the long awaited action:

  43. northstateblues

    The fact that Frank McCourt doesn’t care about the fans doesn’t surprise me.

    The fact that Frank McCourt creates a delusional fantasy world in the press in which Dodger fans are behind him doesn’t surprise me.

    The fact that Frank McCourt doesn’t care about spending money on the team on the field, passing up EVERY big name pitcher until trading for Ted Lilly at the 11th hour is baffling, but it doesn’t surprise me.

    The fact that Frank McCourt spent practically no real, tangible, existing money to buy the Dodgers is even more baffling, but with Bud Selig, the Owners’ Commish, in charge, it doesn’t surprise me.

    The fact that Frank McCourt talked about upholding Dodger Tradition, while pulling the Dodgers’ roots from any tradition they’ve had not only in Vero Beach, but Worldwide and in Player Development as well, is troubling, revolting, and sickening, but it doesn’t surprise me.

    The fact that Frank McCourt, along with his soon-to-be ex-wife, are emptying their skeletons of all their closets in an effort to cling to their precious fake-and-leveraged money, is vomit-inducing, but it doesn’t surprise me.

    The fact that Frank McCourt is willing to drag this embarrassment of a court case for years, should the Big Baby not get his bottle, in a pathetically transparent effort to use the 2013 TV money to buttress his case and get a permanent foothold in the owners’ box, doesn’t surprise me.

    What DOES surprise me about Frank McCourt is that he (and Jamie, for that matter) is willing to tie his family, offspring and all, to the caboose of this final run of the Frank and Jamie Ego Express, and drag them behind the train for miles upon miles until one of their parents throws in the towel.

    The fact that this man (and Jamie, for that matter) would sacrifice his own flesh and blood for this is infinitely more sickening than the fact that he’s sacrificing a ballclub’s hopes as well.

    He could have made an effort to keep this swept under the rug, and let the media dig up the skeletons. With these two divorcing, though, the media doesn’t even have to work to find the dirt, the McCourts are doing all the shoveling for them.

    No, the dignity of keeping family issues sacred would be an act of a classy man, and Frank McCourt, all can agree, is devoid of the capacity to even FATHOM the concept of “class”.

    Frank McCourt: The Shame of Los Angeles.

    *!*!*JOSH*!*!*: I admire the job you’ve done over the years here with the creation and upkeep for a window into the inner workings of the Dodgers franchise. This blog has created many friendships and connections that might never had happened had you not given the fans an outlet to give feedback about the ballclub.

    I apologize for the personal attacks against your big boss, and I shame myself any time I speak ill of the man in charge, as even though I don’t see anywhere near eye-to-eye with him, I understand and respect the fact that he’s the leader of our ballclub. I don’t have the tact or class that, say, Vin Scully does when mentioning unfavorable situations with the utmost journalistic neutrality. Oftentimes, I feel that what I write is akin to lighting bags of dog droppings and knocking on the Dodger Stadium offices before running off.

    I’m just trying to give feedback to the organization about how they are perceived to the outer world, despite the best efforts of the Dodgers PR machine, although I understand that none of this will help the owner to make the decision to hand the team off to someone who, at the very least, would keep their private dealings private.

    When you said, a few weeks ago, not to lose interest in the team, I wanted to reply that I haven’t. I could never lose interest in the team. It means too much to me, always has, likely always will.

    But the owner doesn’t have any interest in the team I fell in love with, beyond how he could squeeze every red cent out of their fans, now even the Spanish speaking ones with the trademarking of “los Doyers”.

    If only he understood that the way to LA’s hearts and wallets is spending on a Champion, he’d be held up high upon the shoulders of Angelinos along with Dr. Buss.

    Every Dodger fan is miserable for Frank McCourt having purchased the ball club. Even the remaining Optomists are miserable at having to be embarrassed any time the team is mentioned in the media, as well as having to defend their team from sentiments of their own fellow fans.

    I know the Dodgers’ image means the world to you, and likely most if not all of your colleagues.

    But if the Dodgers’ image means anything to Frank McCourt, he has a funny way of showing it.

  44. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Guys and Girls
    Boy am I glad that series is over.
    Now playing the Astros, there is no way we can effect the Giants one way or the other.
    This will make it much easier to sit back and root for my favorite team.
    GO DODGERS~~~~~~~

  45. enchantedbeaver

    Let’s see if can get any runs off the feared Bud [turns to colleague – what was his name again?] Yes, Bud Norris.

  46. colliethec

    ***Josh*** I also wanted to thank you for offering & following through on the tour for us. I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to go. I had hoped to but due to losing a couple of my crew at work to school I wasn’t able to get out of town. I had worked 15 out of 16 days and to drive 6 hours on Friday, do the tour & game on Saturday and drive 6 hours home on Sunday when I had to then work the next week wasn’t looking like a good idea for us.
    I do hope you have it again next year and maybe a little earlier in the year like in April or May. It gives us the ability to meet up and spend time with one another in person which I would love to do.
    I also echo NSB’s statement in regard to your job and having to deal with us. I know we can be a pain but that’s because we love our Dodgers. This is why there is so much passion that comes out at times in a negative way.
    So sorry if we have been tough on you. When I’ve seen you up here in SF I’ve wanted to say hello and introduce myself but you looked busy. Maybe if I make it next week I’ll say hello.
    As I typed this we had runners on the corners with 1 out and didn’t score and then Brox comes out and walks the 1st batter. Same thing over & over again. Torre & company needs to go…

  47. colliethec

    For me at times being negative is therapeutic. This season has been so maddening starting from the NLCS last year. If I don’t laugh then I’ll cry and we all know that there’s no crying in baseball.
    I for one am fine with losing. But being embarrassed and seeing some very classless things happen with our owners is really tough to not say anything negative and be really hacked off.
    To repeat what was said… the divorce won’t have any affect on the team on the field… was and is total crap.
    Sell the team and clean house. The 1st one to go for me would be Conte.

  48. enchantedbeaver

    Decided to watch TV for awhile. Guess I’m not surprised to come back and see (A) we’re losing, and (B) we have only three hits against anothet no name pitcher.

  49. enchantedbeaver

    Gotta know things are bad on the farm when the best you’ve got to bring up are Oeltjen, Mitchell and a 33 year old.

    Thanks Ned. Job well done.

  50. kpookiemon

    Now that the Dodgers’ three-day Christmas gift is over, the Padres are back to losing baseball games…

    And it sure is refreshing to see how the Dodger players will run through a brick wall for Torre, Bowa, Colletti, and McCourt.

  51. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Collie!!! Well said!!! First one to go for me is Ned the Catfish!!! I’m ready for a clean sweep. The owner, GM, manager and all the coaches. Give Ng or White a shot at GM and see if Hershiser wants to manage or be the pitching coach.

  52. northstateblues

    To be a Dodger fan is to be a glutton for punishment 🙂

    Sad the team didn’t win today. There’s always tomorrow.

    Watching the NFL game tonight, I realized that the game was boring, but with their position in CBA limbo, they might not be playing next year.

    I’m going to try to enjoy the rest of the season, however fruitless of an attempt it might be. Even from the pessimistic point of view, if they’re right, it won’t be this good again for a while.

    Personally, I think once we flush, the water will come out clear. The only problem is waiting.

    And we have a bunch of once-youngsters on this team that are gonna be PO’d next season.

  53. jhallwally

    This boats got so many leaks, its not surprising that it is rapidly sinking!!! If the McCourts are still around with Ned and our current manager and coaches, next year promises to get even worse!!!!

  54. nedajerk

    Actually Norris is a good pitcher and could be a CY canidate in the near future and he’s a Cards killer. That bs inference called was a joke.

  55. colliethec

    Mr. Soap — agreed!!
    On a somber note my neighbor got home about an hour ago and was telling me about a huge explosion in San Bruno. She had passed the area on her way home from San Jose and about 10 minutes later reports came in about the explosion.
    I’ve been watching and it looks as if it’s a natural gas explosion. If any you are the praying type please do as it doesn’t look good. Many houses are leveled.

  56. enchantedbeaver

    Does anyone remember when we ever scored a run in the 9th, let alone tied or won the game?

    Another truely pathetic effort. Shutout for the last 8 2/3 innings of the game. There for the grace of one pitch being shutout for the 17th time.

    At this point, I really don’t care if they trade the entire team. The only one even semi-interesting to watch anymore is Jansen.

  57. jhallwally

    I hope no one is hurt or killed Collie!!! As for our Dodgers, more Fishing Soap!!! Loney and Mitchell really killed us!!! Pathednik and NoHiTheriot were sure shrewd acquisitions!!! Very sad and totally unacceptable©!!!!

  58. nedajerk

    Broxton need to be shut down I hate when he did that a 4 pitches walk to the lead off guys and a 3-1 count to Pence seriously. Also shut down Kuo no need to risk him in those meanless game and were the hell is Weaver?

  59. nedajerk

    Broxton need to be shut down I hate when he did that a 4 pitches walk to the lead off guys and a 3-1 count to Pence seriously. Also shut down Kuo no need to risk him in those meanless game and where the hell is Weaver?

  60. oldbrooklynfan

    I don’t think the best players and the best coaches and managers could help this team, they were just meant to lose this year.

  61. trublu4ever

    Wow, Collie…how frightening! I will say a prayer. I’ve spent some time in San Bruno. We used to stay there when we went to the gift show in S.F. Much cheaper and we liked it a lot.

  62. enchantedbeaver

    We’ll never know Brooklyn because Frank sure as hell will never go out and get the best players, coaches and manager.

  63. sparkleplenty_1

    They’re showing pictures of the explosion/fire in San Bruno. Looks pretty bad. One witness said it felt like an earthquake and explosion. It looks like it’s in a residential area. Let’s keep those prayers going, gang.

  64. nellyjune

    Collie – prayers for sure. That is really scary looking. Stories like that make me appreciate as well as worry about Dodgereric since he deals with that stuff everyday.

    As for the Dodgers, there isn’t much to say is there?………. but we are all still here so at this point we are just gluttens for punishment I suppose.

  65. nedajerk

    Wow Bautista hit his 44th HR’s this year I remember he suck with the Pirates. He really must be on something the most he had was like 19th HR.

  66. nellyjune

    This is a very intriguing article, and the writer of the article (Dennis Schlossman) is on facebook with some of us as well. Below the article link is a very intriguing comment he made about our team. Many of us have wondered, and I guess we just might be correct in our thinking.

    Remember how we were talkin about stuff in the clubhouse? Was just chattin with my scout buddy, and he told me that three players have no desire to play for Torre whatsoever, and they won’t even look at the other coaches when being offered advice. Also said the three were completely disgusted with all aspects of manage…ment. I was very surprised with two of the three names…

    Any guesses on the names? Well, here are some of the comments that were made in regards to this………

    ?…Kemp, Loney and Ethier. He said that the three have developed horrible attitudes towards all the coaches over the past two weeks. Can’t say that I blame ’em.

    Which came first, the attitudes or the benching?

    I think Loney being involved adds a lot of credibiliy to the story.

    I was very surprised to hear Loney and Ethier’s names. Also, said that one of the pitchers called Honeycutt “*********”, but no name was shared. I thought of one name off the top of my head, but it woulda have needed to been spoken in Spanish

    I am not real surprised for Ethier to have been in that group to be honest. He’s more passionate about the game; Loney is level headed and calm. We figured out there was a house divided, we just didn’t know how many were involved. So sad.

    Padilla was the first guy I thought of… Disrespect is a very, very ugly virtue, and from what I’m hearing, pretty much have it for everybody of their heads. Can’t say I blame em one bit. You mentioned Blake, when I see his facial expression on the field, it looks like he’s just overflowing with total disgust.

    I’m thinkin there’s much more to the story. I’m gonna float more questions his way tonite. I think Manny had a huge role in whatever went down. I was thinkin’ too, wouldn’t it be awesome to get an interview with Belliard? Most of the other guys can’t speak their minds because they are bounded by contracts…

    Oh, also said that Ausmus was doing his best to keep the clubhouse together. Said he sees him as bench coach or maybe even bullpen coach next year regardless of ownership or management. Said Ausmus really wants to be a part of the Dodgers moving forward.

    It’s what we have been thinking, but it’s always nice to see that it’s not just us feeling this obviously frustration for what the management is doing to this team, and now to have some indication that the team itself is not happy, makes our thoughts even more valid.

  67. koufax1963

    My Theme for this season:
    They got a name for the winners in the world, I want a name when I lose , Call me Dodgers Blues
    Steely Dan

  68. colliethec

    Wow — telling article Nelly. I think it’s been obvious to all of us watching. My question is if Joe is waiting for them to be out of contention before talking about his future then he should of done it during spring training.
    Having a couple of Ortiz in the running for a starters job was telling enough. Throw in regressions in Matty, Brox, & Russ as well as injuries to Dre, Manny, Russ, and Ferk it was obvious the writing was on the wall. Hopefully this will cause some change for the better.

  69. nellyjune

    So, if it is obvious to all of us watching, why doesn’t it seem to be obvious to the one that can actually change things and begin by selling the team? That would be a very good first step in moving back in the right direction.

  70. nedajerk

    I’m only asking this because I played alot of fantasy baseball and on yahoo sport a lot and they have him eligible at 2nd/3rd bases.


    nelly-very interesting, to say the least. We could have won with the add on players, but if the heart of the batting order goes in the tank, no way are you going to win anything. You’d think they would at least play for personal pride. Assuming this is true, the details would make for some eye opening reading.

  72. enchantedbeaver

    WOW – Awesome info Nells. It would explain a lot about the regression of all the young guys, both hitters and pitchers.

    With that in mind, here’s a question…
    Is Martin as bad as he’s been, or being a catcher, did Torre just get in his head first? Martin’s been going down ever since JoJo & Co. arrived.

  73. enchantedbeaver

    Here’s another question…
    If JoJo announces he’s staying (or they anoint Mattingly), will the players’ agents start demanding a mass exodus so they don’t have to play under him again?

  74. enchantedbeaver

    There’s a definite pall hanging over the team. I have to think that Joe announcing his retirement would be a relief and they’d immediately start to perk up a bit.
    OK, last question: If we assume Joe’s going to leave, why isn’t Mattingly managing the last 20 games to gain some experience?

  75. kpookiemon

    When you think about it, the only time these kids have performed WELL is when Manny showed up and was present in the clubhouse. Everyone assumed it was because he protected them in the line-up. I feel it was because he taught them how to have fun. Does anyone associate fun with Torre, Bowa or Honeycutt? I’ll bet this team will do back flips the day Joe announces adios. Joe is not a bad guy…he’s just a bad fit for young players. Bowa, too. Manny took them to the post season, not Joe. That’s why I’ll always love Manny as a Dodger.


    NSB, kahli, great posts and thought provoking comments. And Nelly, your “inside” information is quite disturbing. As a long time Dodger fan I have endured many a sour season but as NSB and others have pointed out, I cannot ever recall feeling as if the players have lost interest. Even those teams of the early 90’s, one of which lost 99 games, did not have the downtrodden feel of this year’s team. As I asked in an earlier post, how can so many players tank all at once? Is there not one player (or coach) who will stand up to the others and just tell them to suck it up and play their best no matter what? Shouldn’t they already know that without being told? Didn’t your Little League coaches tell you that? Are these players that selfish that they would cheat the fans? The problem is, even if they are not “dogging” it, the perception is certainly there.

    By the way, I read the Sports Illustrated article yesterday and the only thing in that article of any interest is the grief Peter O’Malley supposedly gets when he is in public buying coffee like every other slob out there. I respect Mr. O’Malley, but I would give him grief too if I had the opportunity for selling to Fox in the first place. I understand why, I just cannot forgive him for beginning this downward spiral in the first place. Of course, it should be duly noted that at the time of the sale, the Dodgers had not won a playoff game since 1988 and Peter clearly did not feel he had the resources to take the organization in the direction necessary to stay competitive financially. Too bad. The fans have been paying for this ever since.

  77. crzblue2

    Good evening ITD.
    I am with you VPDB, my hat off to Jamie Carroll. He has been a breath of fresh air. I know I questioned it when he came to the Dodges.
    “On the other hand it is disconcerting to me that a bunch of highly paid so-called professionals would disregard people who are there to guide and supervise them, much as they might dislike them or even disrespect them. I think we all have at one time or another worked for somebody we did not like or worse. Andre, Loney and Matt have enough major league experience, and hopefully pride, to set those kind of puny considerations aside and play for their careers and for their teammates.
    By verypissedoffbear on September 10, 2010 1:42 PM ”
    Well said VPOB!

  78. nellyjune

    VPOB – I agree with you about Jamey Carroll. He did a great job for the Rox when he played with them. He was just a victim of no room to play.

    As far as my post last night, only the people in the clubhouse really know what is happening. I find it really hard to believe Andre and James have an attitude problem. If anything, maybe it is just frustration being misread as a bad attitude. Whether we believe what is written or not, it is the view that is being percieved by some, whether it is intended or not.

  79. nellyjune

    Thanks Dodgers for winning tonight. It makes sitting here watching the gnat/padres games a little more bearable, especially with the gnats fishing announcers. Go Padres!!!!

  80. crzblue2

    LOL I guess I had the same name on my mind but maybe because I was looking at the great cartoons about Jamie and Frank I found in the Downtown News when I went to Jury Duty. I posted the cartoons and link in my blog if anyone wants to look at them.

  81. nellyjune

    Well, the photo of the boys doing their celebration in the outfield always makes me smile. At least for tonight they are happy to have that losing streak end.

  82. nellyjune

    Gawwwwd Padres!!!!!!!!! Don’t you know what us Dodger fans living in gnat country have to put up with now that you let them into first place with you? No fun!!!!

  83. nedajerk

    Gosh I just read that play by play and Bochy really mismanaging his bullpen and had to keep Wilson in the game with the bases loaded with 1 out and shocking how they didn’t PH for Whiteside with Posey?

  84. crzblue2

    Woohoo! Dodgers win! Congrats Dodgers! Congrats Gibbons!
    Let’s hope Ely has a good game tomorrow.
    I forget who said here that Jeff Weaver has been the forgotten man. I can’t help to think that if Weaver would have started those starts given to Monasterios that the Dodgers would not have been put against the 8th ball so early in those games.
    Without Vin on the air, I just listened to the game in Spanish and work on the computer.
    Kuroda-san deserved the win but what else is new.

  85. nedajerk

    Well I didn’t say it but what if Weaver has started from the start? What could’ve happen and the bullpen probably would’ve had 50 to 75 less innings combined from there relievers. Monasterios could’ve stay in the bullpen all seaosn long. If you added up Monasterious/Ely/McDonald combined starting IP they should be around 20 to 30 innings less than Weaver.

  86. oldbrooklynfan

    On Labor Day I purchased a note pad lap top and this is my first entry. No big deal yet, since I’m home.
    Hope everyone is remembering 9/11 today. If not make this a reminder.
    Hope the Dodgers can extend this one game winning streak.

  87. oldbrooklynfan

    2nd attempt.
    Remembering 9/11.
    I purchased a note pad lap top on labor day and this is my first entry.
    So far after one attempt all I’ve gotten are page loading problems.
    So I’m trying again.

  88. oldbrooklynfan

    That’s odd after a 2nd attempt, I see the first one made it through even though I canceled it.
    Paging down takes a while, since this thread is so long, because the key that says “end” is for moving to the end of the line that I’m typing.
    Any help?

  89. nedajerk

    Comebacks dominate the night, Loons advance, Raptors win on Landry 9th inning heroics
    by Phil Gurnee on Sep 10, 2010 8:57 PM PDT 0 comments

    The Raptors did it the hard way scoring two runs in the 9th to overcome a 1 – 0 lead, and come away with a victory in the 1st game of their playoff series. Leon Landry hit a two run double to provide the game winning run, which backed the superlative pitching from Patterson, Bawcom, and Tolleson.

    Matt Magill went on a K tear striking out 10 batter in 5 innings but by the time he left in the sixth the Loons were down 3 – 2 just like Thursday Night. Instead of waiting until the 8th, the Loons took the lead for good in the bottom of sixth on single by Galvez, double by Songco, and SF by Becker. Ynoa slugged a home run in the 7th to put the game away for good. Steve Smith got the win with Luis Vasquez nailing down the save. Here is Hugh’s Report.

    The Loons get no rest as they head into the 2nd round, starting Saturday Night. Hugh will be doing another live blog on Sunday. These playoffs don’t mess around, they started on Wednesday and they could play every game from Wed – Mon unless someone wins two straight, so the rotation will get a workout.

  90. nellyjune

    Jhall – as an honorary Buckeye, what a wonderfully, simple tribute they did at the beginning of the game for the rememberance of 9/11.

  91. nellyjune

    Jhall – I was worried about the Buckeyes in the first half, and then the second half they showed their strength pretty well. I was going back and forth between that game and the Cal game where they just stomped all over Colorado.

  92. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Well, it sure is nice to see our Boys in Blue win again. I?ve been in the mindset for about a month that if we won?t be in the playoffs our Boys better make sure that the gnats don?t get in the playoffs either. So, GO PADRES, GO PHILLIES, GO BRAVES!!! And the question from KCAL today was which division was going to contribute the wild card entry. And 84% said that it was the NL West? I don?t think so. Between the Phillies and the Braves, one is going to win the NL East and the other will be the Wild Card winner.

    Oh yeah, and the other day (Tuesday to be exact) about that game in Milwaukee and Trevor Hoffman? I was there watching that game! What an electric evening! Yeah, I was at that game with my husband and his brother and sister-in-law. What an evening. We got the tickets along with passes to the Stadium Club. Wow, the food at that buffet was great! And then to see history in the making made the evening even more special. When we were eating dinner, we were sitting over the left field seats, right next to the window looking out over Miller Park. I saw the big picture of Trevor Hoffman and the number ?599? right below it. I told my husband, ?Hey, Hoffman is still sitting at 599 saves.? And then to see Trevor earn his 600th save and see that number change from 599 to 600 was incredible! I?ll never forget it for as long as I live. Yes, I still have our tickets and I plan to do something to commemorate THE EVENT!

    So how are my ITD friends this fine evening?

  93. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!! I had to make a choice between watching the Dodgers and watching the NASCAR race. Well, the game wasn’t on here unless I wanted to watch the Astros feed so my decision was easier in watching the race and just checking in on the Dodgers game. Well, both events had great endings. Glad the Dodgers got their second win in a row, and very happy about Denny winning the race today after his engine failure last week. To think of it everything sports related I watched today had a good result. Tomorrow starts the first week of fantasy football. Well technically, I started on Thursday :)))

    Hey CP!!! Sorry I missed you!! It looks like you had a great time in Iowa and at the ballgames – that’s fantastic!!!!

  94. nellyjune

    Here’s is Sarah’s Take, which I normally don’t read, but it came in as a google alert because Andre being mentioned in her article. The google alert had the headline, and then this line from here article………………..

    “Andre Ethier’s broken pinkie ruined the Dodgers’ season.”

    Ummmmmm……………….there is a team of 25 players, 9 of which, start each and every game. Andre doesn’t pitch and he only plays one position (well, he did play first and center field this season), and he is only 1 of 9 batters. I agree that it was a major factor in Andre’s season, but to say he is the reason the Dodgers season was ruined is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t care who Sarah is or who she thinks her audience is, but I am a very pissssed off Ethieraholic right now for that statement.

    The rest of the paragraph goes on to say this…………………..

    Although Ethier quickly returned to the lineup from the broken pinkie, he hasn’t been the same offensive force. Last week, Joe Torre said that if he were the Dodgers’ manager next season, he would work on the mental approach to baseball with Ethier, Matt Kemp and James Loney during the offseason. I am not sure Ethier has the wrong mental approach to the game. I am not confident that his broken pinkie is healed fully. With a finger problem, no hitter can be an offensive force in any lineup, and Ethier doesn’t have a good power hitter to protect him in the lineup.

    ummmmm………………..once again, why does Joe have to work on just Matt, Andre and James’ mental approach to the game? Other than Jamey Carroll, it wasn’t the greatest offensive season for anybody. Doesn’t this just go to prove even more that unless Joe is handed a team that is already developed and he can buy any remaining parts, he has no clue on how to manage a young team…………which Ned has managed to take away all the youngness this team did have and replace them with pvls. So, Joe is left with Andre, Matt and James who are the young players, and he has no clue on how to handle them.

    I am just so fed up with reading how these three players are the reason the season was not so good. Why don’t you (Frank, Ned, Joe and Jamie and the ENTIRE coaching staff) take a look in a mirror and think of what you could have done differently to make this team better or at least make them think they had a chance because from my viewpoint, you never gave them a chance to just be who they are and let them play the game like they know how to play it. ****sigh****

  95. nedajerk

    Wow Rivera blown a rare save and his last one was July 4. I guess he human at all but he probably should’ve been in the game after going 2 innings last night.

  96. sparkleplenty_1

    A very early good morning, ITD!!!
    I just read Sarah?s Take. She does make some interesting points but I think they?re quite misguided and her aspirin needs to be straightened out. Pretty much the entire team imploded this season and it wasn?t at all fair that she singled out Ethier, Kemp and Loney. For that matter, it wasn?t right that Joe pointed his finger at them, either!
    Injuries are part of the game and all teams experience them, but if Ned hadn?t traded away the farm for raggedy old PVL rentals and injured former stars the past number of years, we?d have had adequate coverage without having to rely on Ned?s inevitable one-sided trades. Slumps are part of the game, too; unfortunately when two or three players experience them at the same time, bad stuff happens and all the coaching staff can do is work with the players to help them adjust and fix the problems.
    Guidance and mentoring are a huge part of this game and the managers and coaches are responsible for providing that. Unfortunately our coaching staff is deficient in their teaching skills. Our older coaches have no idea how to approach the younger generation. Otherwise, why the mass mutiny? Before Jojo and Company point their fingers at the players, they need to realize when you point your finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. That?s something Sarah should realize as well.

  97. trublu4ever

    I agree….it is NOT Andre’s fault. I don’t know who this Sarah chick is but, she is way off base and, I think she should be called out on her ridiculous assessment. MANNY, didn’t play much….RAFFY got hurt just when he was heating it up,the ENTIRE BP IMPLODED, and, most importantly of all……NED, JOE and the entire coaching staff should be removed immediately BECAUSE THEY ARE THE REASON WE ARE IN THIS MESS!


    Ms. Morris used a bad choice of words saying Ethier’s pinky was the reason the season went bad, but she did go on to talk about the numerous other problems the Dodgers have this season. We should have STARTED the season with a real #1, the injuries and BP let down have been talked about. The most interesting part is about Ethier, Kemp, and Loney’s approach to the game. Something went wrong there and they are the ones with the bats in their hands. I do not think we should be so eager to give them a free pass on this issue. Joe and staff could not reach them? That answer is obvious enough. Maybe it is time for Wallach. I wouldn’t complain. To me, there is blame enough for everyone, top to bottom.

  99. nellyjune

    Great posts this morning Sparkleplenty, Knouffbrock and Tru!!!

    I agree, she made a lot of points that many of us on here have made numerous times, but when you are writing for columns for the Dodger homepage, you would think their would be some editing skills involved, especially if that wasn’t the intent of the comment about Andre and his injury. I probably wouldn’t have even read the article because most of the time she irritates me anyway so I usually don’t even click on it to read it, but it was sent to me through my google account and that line about Andre just happened to be the line that was highlighted as the main point of the article.

    When things go bad on a team that had all the potential to do great things, everything needs to be looked into, not just the players (and not just a select few players either), but it seems like all the blame is being placed on them and none of it is being directed at coaching or management or, in our case, even the owner. The players certainly do own part of the problem, but it hasn’t been just one or two players this season. If it were just Andre and Matt or just Russell and Matt, or just James and Russell or James and Andre or a pitcher or two, then by all means, have at it,but in the case this year, it is more than just a two/three player problem.

    Like many have said, the Dodgers have issues from the top down that really need some major revamping in this coming off-season in order to have some sort of team left to play next season, and it needs to start at the very top with our current owners. They need to do what is best for the team, but obviously that isn’t happening or the team would have been sold already.

    My hope is that the Dodgers finish this season as strong as they can, and if that means just making the Giants miserable for three days then so be it. Then hopefully during this off-season we can see a new owner, GM and manager (who’s name is not Mattingly) who can get them back on track by doing things the Dodger Way.

  100. nedajerk

    Monsterious should say in the bullpen and Weaver should’ve start. What took so long for Weaver to even be in this game? His last game was back vs Philly on Aug 31.

  101. oldbrooklynfan

    This is the biggest series of the year coming up, we have to sweep the Giants in order to put a stop to their climb.
    Keep them out of the postseason.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!

  102. nellyjune

    It was a great weekend for my other sports. Denny Hamlin wins in Richmond and the Redskins beat the Cowboys (Sorry Boblee!! It was more a matter of your Boys sucking than my Skins playing well) Now, if the Chargers could win tonight and the Dodgers beat the Giants tomorrow, that would be fabulous!!!!


    With the addition of John Lindsey the discussion
    went to other long suffering minor leaguers.

    One friend said Maury Wills and I said Sweet
    Lou Johnson. Looking it up it seems Wills spent
    eight yrs. and Lou spent nine yrs. in the minors.
    Long but not exorbitant.

    Wasn’t there a Dodger in the 60’s/70’s that came up
    after double figure yrs. in the minors?


    Both Wills and Sweet Lou made significant contributions to the Dodgers when they finally made it, with Wills becoming one of most exciting players to ever wear a Dodger uniform. Sweet Lou stepped in for the injured Tommy Davis and helped the Dodgers to the 1965 pennant. Neither player came into the league with any great expectations but both made the most of their opportunities and both are currently employed by the Dodgers.

    Lindsey is a good story. Most guys would have given up a long time ago when they realized they were not going to make it. The money in the minors is not all that good but compared to what someone might earn in the real world, playing minor league ball may not be so bad. Lindsey must be a good enough player and person to be of value to a minor league team for all these years and he is doing what he wants to do. But I have to agree with VPOB that it will be difficult for Lindsey to stay in the majors unless he really proves he belongs. It was good to see how his teammates and even the opposition treated him when he got the hit. They know what he has endured.


    And Nelly, those Giants fans in your house better not take their eyes off the Rockies. I must say it is a bit annoying to be playing the role of spoiler rather than being in the hunt for a playoff spot. Spoiler seems to satisfy Giants fans since they have not really won anything since, what, 1954? I expect more from the Dodgers than being spoilers.

  106. crzblue2

    Good afternoon ITD.
    I can only dream of how exciting it would have been to have the Jints, Padres and the Dodgers in the race. Heck, even the Rockies….Oh well..
    I would ahve thought that by now, Josh would have had a new thread.
    Oh, and contratulations to Eric for his letter making it to the Saturday letters. It was his suggestion to all Dodger Stadium Vin Scully Stadium.
    I was reading that back in New York when they had three MLB teams, there was “an unwritten rule for fans” that you could have ONE favorite player from the other two teams. Did you? If so who were they? Just curious.

  107. colliethec

    Good evening all! I’m going to the game tomorrow night and possibly on Wednesday night as well. Is anybody else going?
    Hopefully they can at least win a couple and not just roll over, but maybe give them an LA version of Joe Morgan.
    Giant fans are always cocky and this year they’ve been out of the woodwork so I would love to see them have to not make it. Either way the Dodgers have had a DUD of a season so I can’t be all that excited but for some reason this year I will feel just a bit better if the Giants don’t either.
    Nelly — I got your FB message & I was thinking about Michael. I will love it when he’s drafted by the Dodgers. You know that’s going to happen. That is how things go down! I wonder what he’ll say in his press conference??? Maybe something like he didn’t grow up a Dodger fan but his wonderful Mom and Grandmother were so he knows how special they are & that he’s so glad he gets to play for a winning team that has won 7 championships since coming west! That he appreciates what the Dodgers GM – Mr. Logan White did by selecting him and he looks forward to continuing the winning for his awesome owner Mr. Cuban. 8)!!!
    By then Dre will be playing for Arizona and they will face each other.
    Or he’ll go to the Giants and Dre will still be with the Blue and they’ll face off. Hmmmm…. the possibilities are endless! Fun to think about!!

  108. nellyjune

    Collie – Everytime I mention that he says “hell no!!”. What would be fun is for Andre and Michael to be playing on the same team, preferrably the Dodgers, but definitely not the Giants. However, I see your point. A face off between the two would be good, but it would also kind of suck. It would be the only time that I would have to say “Sorry Andre………… first!” However, if Andre hits one into the bay off of him or crushes one into center field at the Ravine, I just might have to say “yeah Andre” in a much quieter tone than I do now 🙂 That being said, I really, really don’t want him anywhere near the gnats organization. I am hoping after this school year, I don’t have to even think about the colors orange and black anymore, as they are MHS’s school colors.

    Dodgereric – great job in getting your letter in the paper!!!

  109. nellyjune

    That video on the homepage pulls on the heart strings just a tad, and it hits very close to home to my family. It’s things like that which put the human back into the players, and I just adore them all when they are involved like that. BTW – Andre has some major martial arts skills. Maybe he can come and do a demo for my brother’s TaeKwonDo school, and then just stop by my classroom for a chat :)))

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