Congrats to SooHoo!

Tonight, the Dodgers honored Jon SooHoo on his 25th anniversary with the team and it’s been a great night for those who know him. Usually the guy behind the lens, he had 50 photographers shooting his every move and his entire family and tons of friends on hand to celebrate. Well deserved and here’s hoping he’ll be here for another quarter century.

For those of you joining the Inside the Dodgers tour tomorrow, we’ll see you at noon at the top of the park gift shop.


Thanks for the info on John Soo Hoo! I saw the replay on Prime showing his pitch(es). Congratulations to him! Well deserved! See you tomorrow Josh!

Jon does a wonderful job.
Now, let’s kill those Giants…..GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Furcal give those 2 runs back with his error and Posey 2 out 2 runs hit.

Woo-Hoo, Billz!


Congratulations John SooHoo.

WTG Bills

Did Gullen mess up on that hit by Bills?

The Rangers just signed Mark Prior so I guess that would be prefect for the Rangers if he’s healthy and Ryan want his starters to go deep into game.

Guillen must’ve got a late start or just miss judged the ball that Bills hit, but all’s well that ends well.
It got the 2 runs back that we gave to them.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Okay, I know I was a bit upset when I posted before, and when I?m upset, my words don?t come out very clear. To verypissedoffbear, I, like you, cheer empty seats at the stadium too as I too see it as the message we want to send to Frank. And I don?t believe that you are casting aspersions on those like Emma and I for wanting to go and enjoy the game. No, what I get upset at, and do take personally, is when someone comes on here and says, using his/her words, ?Anyone that attends anything at the stadium is helping McCourt maintain ownership.? And, in his/her words, the only acceptable way for us fans to protest is to ??stay away?? Believe me I would love nothing better than to have so many empty seats ?stick it to? Frank. But the last thing I want to do is to feel like I have to ?justify? to anyone other than myself why I do choose to pay money, money I know is going into Frank?s pockets, and enjoy Dodger activities. Like I said a while ago, I come onto ITD to hear lively banter about the Dodger team, Dodger ownership, etc. I don?t come onto ITD to feel like I (and others like me) are being personally attacked. Hope that clears things up a little bit

Oh, and congrats to Jon Soo Hoo!!! You do a great job!!!

Here we go again with the Giants pitchers hitting are guy and you just know if Bills hit someone next inning he probably would be toss.

I just noticed this question at the end of the last thread (I advised enchanted of the new thread)
Y’all think its too soon to tell, or might Mr. Billingsley be starting to turn the corner?
By brownpaperbag1 on September 3, 2010 10:22 PM

Hey enchanted! I saw your question on the last thread. I?ve been thinking for a long time that Billz has turned the corner. If he only got more run support, or more timely run support, I firmly believe that his win total would be approaching 15 games right now!

Hey CP!!! Have a great time at the tour! I will be there in spirit!!!

I was going to say another game when a opponent have 1 hit but the Indians got there 2nd hits of the game.

CP ~ I know how you are feeling. I hate the idea of putting money in Frank’s pocket. But, I still love the players and would want to support them. I feel I could come to a game but not spend money in the team store or concessions. Hey, every little bit helps. I would have loved to come on the ITD tour this year to see you all again but, the timing wasn’t right for us this year.

My Nellygirl!
I?ll miss that you won?t be there; I would?ve loved to see you again and to meet your son Michael! Even if his is a gnat fan, hope all goes well with him and his playing days! Might we hear his name soon as a possible high school draft pick???

It is hard to just ask Torre not to used the pen tonight? He did have a 125 pitches with a 2-0 cg/shutout against the the same Giants team back in LA on July 21.

Oh, I know you would?ve come on the tour again Trumom, and I can certainly understand stuff about timing. I mean, it?s not exactly a hop, skip and a jump from where you live to come to Dodger Stadium. But yeah, I hear ya about not spending in the team store or concessions. I don?t do that either. And most anything that I wear that is purchased in the team store are actually presents from my mom. First of all, they?re too expensive to purchase, anyways. And even if I was working, I don?t know if I would spend money in the team store. I mean, we all have our ways of not spending to line Frank?s pockets anymore than he already rakes in. I mean, if one goes to the game, one usually does eat. But outside of food, I don?t spend much at Dodger Stadium. We all have our different ways. That?s the point I was trying to make earlier.

Oh god 1st and 3rd don’t tell me we won’t score.

Well I guess it was to much to ask Torre to let Bills finish it off even if the PC is 116.

Shad ? I didn?t see the end of the game, but I really would like it if Torre let more starting pitchers pitch a complete game. Maybe Billz was tiring, but one never knows. I?m just glad that our Boys in Blue just hammered another nail in the gnat?s postseason hopes?

CP – Michael definitely has the talent, and if he could control his head game just a tad more (he has come along just in the last two years), he probably could be part of draft talk. Michael hates when I compare them, but he acts like Andre when Andre is not happy with some of his at bats, but with Michael, it is pitching and hitting. With the exception of his highschool coach (who is a total aspirin), he’s got the right coaches around him right now, with the connections as well (both college and MLB). So, right now, it is fall ball where he tends to shut down for a period of time, and then we will see what the future holds for him in the months ahead. In the meantime, he is applying for colleges just to apply to colleges.



Oldbrooklynfan – If the Dodgers can’t be there in the end, beating the Giants is one of the next best things.

It always been a problem with Torre burning a bullpen out everyday but I think Torre does it to keep everyone fresh. I wonder who was the last manager for us to not burn a bullpen out and I surely hope Tommy wasn’t the last manager to do that.

Come on Padres that’s 8 losses in a row.

Bills 31-18 at home with a 3.89 ERA going down on the road he’s barely 27-20 with a 3.31 for his career. I wonder why Bills ERA at home is 4.63 and on the road 2.93? That’s doesn’t seem right for him to struggle at home this year.

Yes CP he should’ve let him start the 9th and remove him if one guy get on base.

Wow they just shown that play we did get lucky Gullen drop it.

I got into another letter-writing mood tonight after reading The Times letter section. And although my success rate has been less than the Dodgers lately, I don’t give up easily. Here it is:

In the last couple of weeks in this Letters section, there have been a couple of suggestions on how the Dodgers can honor Vin Scully. One reader (Deneal Blouin) would have them rename Mannywood as Vinnywood. The other (Bernard Baima) wants them to rename the streets around the ballpark after Vin so that everyone on the freeways would see his name every day. Excellent suggestions, both of them. I?d like to submit a third option.

Name the ballpark after him.

Now, I realize that it?s probably the last thing Vin himself would want. However, Vin needs a bigger monument than the press box. There is a precedent. While most of the major league ballparks named after people were owners of the teams, not all of them were. Jack Murphy was a sportswriter who led the fight to get an expansion team in San Diego. William Shea was a lawyer who did the same in New York after the Dodgers and Giants left for the west coast. John Forbes died before baseball was even invented. He was a general who captured Fort Duquesne from the French in 1758 and renamed it Fort Pitt.

?Hey, let?s roll on over to Vinny?s to catch the Dodger game today.?

Vin Scully Stadium. If nothing else, it would bring some real class back to a ballpark that has been truly depleted of it lately.

now the SP also has be the RBI machine. Thanks Chad!

Vin Scully would never allow them to do that, but I love the idea. He won’t even let them do a Bobblehead night for him. According to Ken Levine and Josh Suison, they ask him every year and every year, he declines. They certainly need to find some way to immortalize him after he is retired, and you are right. It needs to be more than just his pressbox. He is Dodger baseball! I listen to these dimwits that announce the gnat games, and I just roll my eyes thinking Vin Scully is just too classy to say something like that. Charlie Steiner, maybe, but never Vin Scully.

I though Eric would’ve been nice to answer my question and I guess Lucas May has been called up by the Royals.

The Vin Scully stadium. I love it. We do have a Pico/Chick Hearn blue line station in downtown LA.

That is great for Lucas May! I hope we get to see another one of our prospects do well with another team. He sure as hell wasn’t going to get a chance for the Dodgers.

Well Bills ERA at home before the game was is 4.63 it does down to 4.16.

I really didn’t think May had a chance at all and considering that he was drafted in 2003 in the 8th round and hasn’t gotten 1 AB’s for us in the major. Well look like May would be wearing Podsednik old number #22 when he was still a Royals.

Let me try that again. Bills ERA at home and before the game was 4.63 and it goes down to 4.16.

Good morning ITD.
Even as busy as Jon SooHoo was yesterday with everyone congratulating him and taking pictures with him and of him, I yelled “Jon SooHoo” and he came over. I took a picture of Deuce with him and then Jon said “Emma, clean your lense.” I then wiped it with my finger and he said “Not with that, with this” He pointed to my shirt. LOL.
See you Mike and Carol and Carol’s mom at the tour! My batteries are charged, now on to take a shower and head to Blue Heaven on Earth or like Eric said to Vinny’s. Is the only time I can go into Vin’s Press Box.
See you Josh!

Rock on SooHoo! Twenty-five freaking years behind the good lass and camera well viewfinder – you deserve every bit of the recognition Jon!!!

Hello Everybody.
Great job by Bills last night I’m looking forward to some more of the same from Lilly tonight.

Dre’s catches were awesome!!!

Tru, Kruk and Kuip are the #1 fans of pine meat.

That’s why I’m opting out of the towel-slapping fun by muting the TV and listening to Vin (Gameday at home, 1560AM Bakersfield on the radio at night).

I miss when Comcast would be asleep at the wheel with their SAP audio, and would put out a feed of announcerless ballpark noise. That sound was awesome… after the first 3 innings, of course.

One note: Both Vin Scully and the pinemeats mentioned Cowboy Joe West’s idiosyncracies. Vin Scully mentioned it in the third person, recalling the Casey Blake bat-grabbing incident a few months ago. Pinemeats mentioned it by complaining that a pitch Lilly was consistently throwing for a ball at the same location would soon be called a strike by Cowboy Joe because he rewards consistency.

Scully gives it a classy, semi-detatched journalist treatment. Pinemeats, on the other hand, thrive on ad hominem attacks.

We’re lucky to have Vin, now more than ever.

Hey all, great tour today, thank you Josh! I’ll post more on the tour when I get on the computer. Right now I’m at Blue Heaven, Loge 137, Row S, Seats 7 and 8. Enjoy the game!!!

Glad to hear it PMike!!! Let’s go Dodgers!! Beat the G’nats!!! Let’s wreck their playoff hopes.. If we aren’t going, dammit, neither are you!!!!!

Nice pitch there by Lilly to get call 3rd strike to get Guillen.

I agree, fishingsoap! I want to put the Kruk and Kuip out of their misery…ha-ha……grab some pine meat!!!!!!

By the way, Joe West has to be the worst umpire in the bigs!

Just watched Ken Howell have a heated argument with the 3rd base ump! Wonder what that was about?

Great, now I get to listen to the windbag, Jon Miller.

GIBBY really got a hold of that one.

Tb4 ~ What’s the windbag saying now that the Giants are losing 4 zip?

If only we had Gibbons to start the season for us and he might have around 12 HR for us.

TBW ~ We need to get some offense going! lol

What the heck did Loney do? lol the Kemp baserunning disease is back.

Damn it Posey

Come on Lilly get the last one with them only scoring 1 run.

I hope Loney’s trip doesn’t cost us. If he doesn’t fall we probably get another run there.

Another nice Gem for Lilly.

Glad to see him bounce back with a good outing. Now the bullpen needs to hold this lead and get him a win.

Dumb Giants fan really wanted Renteria to get PH and he hit a leadoff HR.

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