90s Night

It’s 90s night tonight and I just got my hands on a partial playlist for the game…what’s your favorite 90s song? Can’t make any promises, but among the tunes we’ll hear tonight are:

No Scrubs – TLC

Motownphilly – Boyz II Men

Give it Away Now – Red Hot Chili Peppers

My Prerogative – Bobby Brown

One Week – Barenaked Ladies

Enter Sandman – Metallica

All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crows

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Tennessee – Arrested Development

Ironic – Alanis Morrisette

Plush – Stone Temple Pilots

Regulate – Warren G

Jump Around – House of Pain

Jump – Kris Kross

Humpty Dance – Digital Underground

Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

Good Vibrations – Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch

And lots more…personally I’m bummed not to see Dave Matthews Band on there, but three of the band members were down on the field yesterday for BP (Carter Beauford, Rashawn Ross and Jeff Coffin).

I hope those of you here tonight will celebrate a great decade that rarely gets its due when stacked up against the 60s, 70s and 80s!

And please forgive the delay in posting…have had some computer issues and just been jammed up with other projects.



Sorry I won’t be there tonight to hear Nancy Bea play all these tunes. Sorry, I forgot about all she gets to play these days is the National Anthem and Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Free Nancy Bea!

One year ago today!!!!

Martin it seems is his own worst enemy. Basically he’s a head case suffering from RCI for the last two seasons. He’s got it in his head that since he’s the unofficial captain, he somehow has to be superhuman and carry the team. This puts undue self-inflicted pressure on himself to over achieve, which in fact has the opposite effect in reality. All this is of course accentuated by his already heightened superstitious nature, thus for every step he takes forward, he takes one sideways and another backward (which explains how he’s waltzing through this season as Torre’s catcherbitch.)
That is the long answer. The short answer is that Martin sucks.


By brownpaperbag1 on August 20, 2009 5:52 PM

Hello Gang!!! Hope you are all having a great afternoon/evening!!! I just went back to see what we were saying a year ago today!!! This one by Beav made me laugh!!! You’re a prophet my brother!!! LOL!!!!

I guess the 90s just have wait their turn but they have good vibrations.

Unfortunately Wally, with this team my prophet margin is nearly 100%.

Hello there again You Buncha Bums.
Yesterday if you remember I was over by Ebbets Field. What I didn’t tell you is I also went to Holy Cross Cemetery where Gil Hodges rests. I was just taking advantage of where I was yesterday. When my team (NYM) starts to disappear in the latter part of baseball seasons I usually compensate by hanging out in the past. BTW…Edward McKeever is burried there also. So if you want to check out what this Brooklynite thinks of Gil Hodges and see the rest of the pictures I took yesterday, my door is always open for you guys.
“Remembering Gil Hodges”

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

lbirken – great post from earlier in the previous thread.

Once again, I am stuck in the fishing time warp :((

enchanted – any Popeye jingles tonight?

Wally – great find from a year ago today. Amazing how many have seen their predictions of this team come to be.

The fans they all twitter
That I’m in the soaper
I’m Poopeye the Failure Man

LOL Beav!!! Now we have Poopsednik failing to get the run in from 3rd with 1 out!!! Unacceptable!!!!

Way to go Theriot!!! Poopsednik owes you dinner!!!


Plop, plop, fizz, fizz
Oh what a relief it is!!!!

Yeah Ned buy. This team’s got playoffs written all over it.

Yeah Ned buy. This team has playoffs written all over it.

Hi’Ya Trumom!! LOL!!!

Monasterios can’t complain about the strike zone he’s being given.

Come on Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew!!! Back in ITDFST, but I will be in SEH before too long. It’s how it seems to work these days.

Poosednik with a poop fly!!! Geez!!!

Hi’Ya Nelly!!! Good thing this team isn’t a horse. They would shoot it and put it out of its misery!!! Pathetic!!!

GIBBY had a nice AB.

Just wondering if there is any player on this team that Charlie Stinker likes? He is the first person I’d relieve of his duties if I were in charge.

LOL Trumom!! Yep, we stink all the way from the head to the tail. Even in the broadcast booth!!!

We’re really putting up a fight against the dreaded Homer Bailey.

Ned’s probably cruising the waiver wire looking for that one reject that’ll carry us back to contention on a 30-game winning streak.

Trumom, these guys have mailed it in. Except Carroll. He looks like he still has fire. Its obvious there’s no spark or fire left in most of them. I really can’t blame them.

Hey Jhall!!!!!!! Yea – everything these days just seems to be a struggle for them, and it seems like when they start to get things going again, another player goes on the DL, which can’t be helping with all the other crap going on in the Dodger Organization. Add the upcoming court proceedings during the last month of the season and it just hasn’t gone their way this season…………..for the players anyhow.

Maybe they’ll find their nuts against the G’nats and derail them!!! That’s about all I’m hopeful for this season.

There used to be pride wearing a Dodger uniform. Win or lose, they would always give it their all….I’m getting tired of all this soap!

I’m afraid we’re all stuck on the good ship Lollipoop Tru.

The fishing ship Lollipop, BPB!

Was there ever a doubt when Blake got to third with one out that we wouldn’t score?

Kemp of course would catch all kinds of soap from the coaches if he K’d, but somehow I don’t think Ausmus or Belliard will.

I told my Hubby when Blake led off the inning, that we wouldn’t bring him home, BPB1…..and, unfortunately, I was right!

This is one of the biggest slumps, that I can remember.

Why in hell haven’t coaches been fired? Its obvious that its a team-wide affliction that they can’t hit nor pitch (at least the bully.)

Nice JP-esque performance by Pathednik tonight.

Good question, BPB1….It sure is a mystery to me.

Our opposition was just simply regress.

Not a whimper, not a nothing. That has to fall on the coaches too that these guys have no will. They’re just playing out the string and grabbing a paycheck. I could understand some of it if they were playing Pittsburgh, but they should at least be trying to derail a contending team.

I think a team takes on the demeaner of the manager…just look what old Bucky did with the Orioles. Not that they are going to win the division but, they do have winning attitude now and are performing well for him.

I’m Poopeye the Failure Man? (a-k-k-k-k)
Only thing I can hits the can (a-k-k-k-k)
A beard on my kisser
Career’s in the pisser
I’m Poopeye the Failure Man?

Our offense has simply regressed.
I don’t know why, but it has.

On any given night its like one or two guys are giving it their all, and the rest just mail it in. They have all the enthusiasm of their fishing manager. When was the last time this team won a come-from-behind game in the ninth?

Told ya I would be placed in SEH next. THIS IS JUST FISHING RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

I can’t blame the players either Jhall. I feel as if they are pawns in a game for the McCourt divorce and/or Ned’s dealings. Too many injuries (or time spent on the DL), too many things said in the media that shouldn’t have been, and the soapy ownership as a whole have just been too much for this team to handle.

I agree enchanted – some of the coaching staff should have been fired a long time ago. However, isn’t that indicative of how this team has been viewed by our owner though……………….just a way to make money regardless of how they team is developing. There has not been one mention of a coach perhaps not doing their job. It’s always about the players sudden inabilities. Once again, how can a young pitcher go so sour so quickly between AAA/AA and up here? There is just something missing in both hitting and pitching (bullpen) these days, and it can’t just be all the players slumping at the same time. The gnats had issues with their hitting last season, and thier hitting coach was let go and they moved onto a new approach. It may or may not work, but at least they tried to change something. You would think it would be easier to make one change in a coach than 25 changes and make it all about the players.

And all you ever get from JoJo the Clown is another cliche.

We need a new batting coach, or somebody has to figure this out.
It’s just outs, outs, outs, ground ball outs, fly outs, nothing but outs.
It’s hard to stop the frustration.
The hitters have to be frustrated by now.

I can take losing as long as I feel that they’re leaving it all out on the field. Most of these guys though leave it in the clubhouse before the game even starts, and those that don’t leave it in the dugout once they’re down a run or two.

I agree Nells, its easier to fire one coach than 25 players, but in keeping with the parallels drawn between this ownership and the federal government, they’ll fire the 25 players.

I don’t believe the ownership problem could have anything to do with this awful slump.
It’s incredible, the opposing pitching can’t be that good, night after night.
What the Heck is going on here?.

Hell, what am I saying? Ned routinely turns over half the team every year already.

Now that I think about it, that is true enchanted.

The Reds had lost their previous 12 games at Dodger Stadium since winning on July 28, 2005.

Go figure

Why couldn’t Dotel do this the last game?

Same with Belisario the last 2 games.

I don’t get this either. How could this group get this bad? I made the comment to my wife a couple of days ago how this team finds ways to lose. Her remark was they certainly are creative. And then some.
I’ll never jump ship or cease being a Dodger fan, but this year had a different feel to me from the beginning. Starting with the ticket plans, the news about holding the payroll down, and starting the season with a lack of pitching just never seemed right to me. I never did sign up for the radio feed and I don’t check the scores until morning now, seeing as how you have a pretty good idea what the outcome will be. I still keep track of what’s going on, but I do not look as often now.
I still agree with Bowa, we need players that will play with a bit more urgency. All season.

I don’t understand the very negative outlook here, guys.
We’re only a game out of third place, which is where I felt we belong from the outset. We could very well make that achievement yet.

Not only are they bad, but they’re boring also! This team just quit on Joe, and now if management cared, they’d quit on Joe and Don, and Rick also! The problem is management could care less as long as people go to the ball park and give Frank money to pay his lawyers.

I agree, VPObear. Cleaning house is definitely the top priority.

You have to do first things first:
Get rid of the owner. Without that anything else is meaningless at this point. Hopefully Family Court will take care of that issue.
Next: all the coaching staff needs to GO.
All the front office staffing at an executive level needs to GO, except for Logan White and Ng, unless the latter has been too long influenced by Ned, in which case she needs to GO too.

Then we need to start a rebuilding, and that won’t be easy because we have very little major league worthy talent in the minors. We will need a new CATCHER, pretty much all the infield except 1st base, a LEFT FIELDER, and two starting pitchers, assuming that we can keep Kersh and Billz in place. We will need other teams’ top level prospects, and they will have to be obtained through trade. That’s because this ownership and Ned have totally depleted our farm system, which may take years to replenish to a normal level.

I don’t see what the big fuss is, Mattingly has most of the hallmarks of a McCourt-chosen manager:

– No ties to Dodger Tradition? Check.
– Icon of Giants, Red Sox or Yankees? Check.
– Keeps Dodger offense hitting at a middling to mediocre pace? Check.
– Ability to nod head yes? Check. (also an important trait for Raiders coaching staff)

We WOULD end up with one of the only Yankee Icons never to win a championship for a manager. Sounds like the McCourt way to me.

Meanwhile, while Joe Torre dawdles on revealing his “decision” to manage the Dodgers beyond this year, for fear that he might throw a lit match on a sinking ship that has transcended beyond “HMS Titanic” status into the current position of “Viking Funeral Inferno”, qualified managers who REALLY want to be Dodgers, like Bobby Valentine, are going to instead man the benches of Seattle and other locations.

Wallach, White and Ng could not be blamed if they are making updates to their resumes, proof-reading them twice. It’s like Kemp and Ethier being blocked by Luis Gonzalez.

I’d rather not know or care what goes on in the Dodgers’ Front Office, but they’re all too happy to air their dirty laundry for all to see. It’s impossible to pretend the ownership problems don’t exist when they’ve spent the better part of five years flagging down the media and paparazzi too inexperienced or old to keep up with the Brangelinas and Bennifers of the world.

“Take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can’t see you every night free…”
– Nirvana, “About a Girl”


3rd J Bell homered to right center, F Pie scored. 0 2
4th J Bell homered to center, F Pie and C Tatum scored.

Yeah I know he still young but we didn’t need Sherrill last year.

Dejesus at 2nd, Gordon at SS, Mitchell at 3rd

Those 3 need to hurry up but I would love to give Mitchell a shot and I don’t know who in front of him but I’m assume it isn’t Austin Gallagher and Pedro Baez.

I usually do not engage in this sort of topic but since it was brought up in the paper today, would anyone like to see Dusty Baker manage the Dodgers? I recall there was a lot of sentiment for Baker when he was with the Giants but has his allure been tarnished at all? He has had some success and he has also had some detractors. So if Joe does decide he does not want to come back, should the Dodgers look at Baker if he is available and wants the job? Before I read the article I felt Baker had worn out his welcome but according to the article, players like very much playing for him. He seems to get a lot out of his players. He is an ex-Dodger and was really popular as a player.

Shad, are you really ready for 3 Triple A players in the infield at the same time, none of which have any major league experience?

2012 lineup
Santana (I wish)
Gordon (sorry Furcal maybe we can get something for him)
Mitchell (try to get rid of Blake this season or next season)
Russell/Paul/Johnson (you’ve gotta to bring him back.)
Kemp (I’m hoping just a fluke year this season and would rebound next season.)

Who care about double A and triple A lol? I bet this lineup would kick butt.

Maybe J. T. Wise as catcher and who care if he playing in class A? Anyone who win a Johnny Bench Award last year and Posey won it in 2008 it mean something lol.

Nope but I’m seeing us getting worst next year if thngs doesn’t chance but I did say 2012?

This is the first picture, I’ve ever tried to post on ITD, I hope it came out, so bare with me.
As I mentioned a few nights ago, I purchase a Dodger home jersey.

Dusty Baker was a Giants manager, so he’ll get Ned and Frank’s vote.

Seriously, though, I think he’s a good manager, maybe he’d do better with the Dodgers than he had been in Cincy.

He’d be on my list of potential managers, and not just for MLB mandated reasons, either.

My coaching wishlist includes: Tim Wallach, Bobby Valentine, Dusty Baker, Orel Hershiser (in some capacity, be it coaching or front office), Steve Yeager, and perhaps Brett Butler, if he’s up to it. We probably already lost out on Gibson.

Looking past the current situation/fiasco surrounding the organization, if McCourt gets to keep the team, and if he REALLY wants to own the Dodgers for the rest of his life, and REALLY wants to do what’s good for this team, He’ll need to cut the crap, dispense with the Giants/RedSox/Yankees castoffs mentatlity, and take Dodger Tradition back from Anaheim (got a little sick typing that sentence).

If these are just the lean times, and McCourt intends on spending money on the players’ payrolls once that TV money comes in, he’ll need to own up to his failings to this point, and let us in on his plan. Even though nobody believed FOX when they would predict Dodgers-Yankees World Series every year, at least their goals were lofty, not just trying to maintain an average good-enough-ness to keep fans in the seats.

A future with McCourt doesn’t have to be a hellish one, though we only have the past to go on. The past HAD to be hellish, because McCourt didn’t have any money to buy the team.

Frank could honor Ned Colletti for his thrifty skills during these lean years (and the team making so many playoff runs under McCourt ownership) by putting him in the front office in a role “higher” than the GM chair, and let Ned sweat it out when the next GM takes multi-million dollar chances adding players in their primes who are worth a bar of soap or two.

AND he would have to lower his profile for a few years, quiet philanthropy being the way into the hearts of a once-scorned fanbase and community. Taking a route similar to the one he took this year (though better executed), have a high-ranking exec who knows as much about baseball as Frank does about litigation, and let him be the mouthpiece of the ownership, and the brains of baseball operations.

Paying taxes and a little transparency on stadium issues wouldn’t hurt, either.

Of course, I’m probably giving him a LOT more credit than he’s due. But usually, people can’t do a good job predicting the future based on the feelings of the present.

I’d rather have an owner who has more of a sense of how to run a sports franchise, though. And wouldn’t be too sad if he was forced to sell the team. Sure, it’d be sad that some of the visions he spoke of never came to fruition (except for that dropping-payroll-while-increasing-ticket-prices thing… he’s now learning that 45,000 – 56,000 won’t come out to see a team run like the Pittsburgh Pirates, good time to start changing plans), but if Frank’s detractors are correct, he never intended them to come to fruition anyway.

Another one for good measure.
Ah there’s a nice Asian lady who lives next door who likes to sit on her porch at night. LOL.http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii148/Joepierrephotos/008-6.jpg?t=1282429675

The jersey looks awesome, OldBrooklynFan. Tough to look bad in those colors, eh?

Sorry I always screw up after the first one.

Sorry beginner luck I guess.


Oh there it is.

I think the only one that ready is Mitchell and he’s 25 yrs old but I really don’t know how his defense is at 3rd. Gordon need to cut down on his errors at SS and seeing that DeJesus miss the rest of the season last year that why I said 2012.

Here another one that TBW and I took with some friends in front of Citi Field.
I hope this comes out.
It’s a fan photo that I took a picture of with my camera.

That’s why when roster is expanded and we get eliminated I wouldn’t mind seeing them get some playing time for some experience and you do notice I said 2012?

I guess you miss my other message since you comment so fast on DeJesus, Gordon and Mitchell.

lol what’s you want Dusty Baker?

Nice picture wow that’s a lot of pictures on your refrigerator

Here’s another of TBW and I, taken at Yankee Stadium this summer with Ron aka Fansince53, and his daughter Fansince85, who recently moved from the Big Apple.

I’m real nut for those magnets.

Fantastic photos, Oldbrooklynfan!

Is that your daughter and how come she has the word Rockies on her sleeve?

Wow I see a Yankees/Dodgers WS ticket.

Ok old but wow she’s a hottie. I’m already getting real when I said 2012 lineup lol.

Nice job Brooklyn!!! Thanks for the photos!!! I enjoyed them!!!

You wear 47 well!!!

Heeee’s back! Wonder who will sit?

Hi’Ya Trumom!!! LOL!!! Hey Bear!!! Keep throwing fastballs my friend!!!!

Bear doesn’t have a change-up!!! Just good high hard cheese!!!

I’ll bet Bear will be in front of the line at the protest during the divorce hearing 🙂

No that’s not my daughter~ Nedajerk.
Just some Rockie fan who took a picture with us.

I wish some of our pitchers had good hard cheese, Jhall!

Frank and Ned can’t handle it up and in!!! Jamie, however, can handle it, low and in!!!

Apparently so, Jhall 🙂 Down and dirty!

Another one.

LOL Trumom!!! If Frank had good hard cheese, Jamie might not have been a sucker for the low slider!!!!

And, in honor of ’90’s night…..good vibrations!

Jamie took the low slider down and in, then threw Frank a mean screwball!!!! LOL!!!

On a brighter note…Juan Castro has been DFA’d.

LMAO, Jhall! I see we’re gearing up for game time 🙂

You too Bear, thanks!!! LOL!!!!

Jamie is definately going to *** out on top of this mess. Regardless of what the settlement is. Win or lose, she’s going to do OK!!!

Well, like Trumom and Nelly alluded to in earlier posts, we are now relegated to playing for our pride. This season is lost!!! It’s time for you to get back to fundamentals and play to make your moms’ proud of you!!! Let’s go out with some class!!! And, hopefully, crash the G’nat party!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sincerely hope I don’t offend anyone who thinks we still have a shot at the playoffs!!! If so, I apologize!!! However, it is time to GET REAL!!!

I have a typo up above, Fansince85, recently moved TO N.Y.C.

These photo only come out when they want to, if it comes out here, I should mention that it was taken in front of the Jackie Robinson/Peehttp://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii148/Joepierrephotos/062709JW170.jpg?1282435247Wee Reese statue

Sorry maybe next time.

How ya doing everybody.
I hope you all like the pictures I posted on this thread, I hope to get that picture of my daughter Claudine out to you as soon as my PC stops being so fickle.
Well our line up features 48 HRs and 251 RBI with Manny in it.
Loney would’ve brought it up another 7 and 68, but I guess we have to get a look at Gibbons at first tonight.
Let’s hope the offense can get something going tonight and break out of this horrible slump.

There she is, a true Met fan. This year we have a lot in common. I repeat that is the Jackie Robinson/ PeeWee Reese statue, outside MCU park in Coney Island, B’klyn.

I hope you all liked the picture of McCourt begging me to take the team back to Brooklyn.

Oldbrooklynfan – my friend and her family got to go a Mets game a few weeks ago, and she loved Citi Field. She said it was spectacular.

Yes, ~Nelly~ it is a very good looking ballpark. Especially the the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.
It’s a great place for a Dodger fan to see.
The Met fans complained about it but now they have their Hall of Fame, to go with it.

lol Miller think the Mannywood sign is still there because he mention it on the pregame show.

My other post got time warp at 5:33 pm.

Lincecum got his 1st career lost vs the Cards and he was 5-0 coming into that game.

I never know if these images are going to be sent out but this is for you ~Nelly~

It’s on the next command.
Boy teach an old dog new tricks (lol)

hmmmmmmm White Sox/Tigers have a DH and the game is in the 11th innings of the 1st game.

This picture was taken outside Shea Stadium in ’08.

Wow the Rockies are losing 3-1.

Good Eye BLAKE.

Nice for THERIOT to close up the HR column for us.


ANDRE’ It feels so good to see him hit one.

Give Gibbons an extension now.

JAY, TOO!!!!

GIBBY’S 2nd for us.

Can Gibbons played 3rd bases?



Maybe it’s Cueto but it’s good to see they’re not doggin’ it.

Dang I wish Gibbons was right handed than it would be no problem.

I wonder how late that 2nd games going to finish? Dang why was Theriot so far off his position? That was an easy ground ball.

Four HRs are nice. Just think of where we could be if the Dodgers would have hit some more HRs in some critical spots since the All-Star break.

Urgh I could understand that but that was totally unacceptable that was an infield hit.

It surely would be nice to hit those with risp even better.

They would’ve been doing better than they are now TBW.
Did you check out my pictures that I posted on this blog and TBLA.?

It was the booed for Bills for jogging to 1st.

Shad ~ I agree. I know it’s the pitcher and you don’t want him to get tired, but that’s been the Dodgers problem lately. They haven’t shown any fire.

I really don’t think anybody jugged to first, like that TBW, now come on.

Nice curveball there to strikeout Stubbs! WTG Bills to get out of that jamb!
oldbrooklynfan ~ Yes I did. Nice jersey & great shots.

That’s CASEY’s 50th RBI.


Funny I never did and I haven’t missed much.
They have been playing as hard as they could from what I’ve seen. It’s only the results that have been bad,

Dang Gomes was like 1 for something before that hit.

I’d say BILLS was average tonight.

Anyone seen the Twins Stadium? It look very nice to bad they don’t have the dome no more.

Vinny you forgot Johnson is in LF.

oldbrooklynfan ~ IMO Billingsley didn’t run as hard as he could have. I know he’s a large butt pitcher, but when he’s that close to getting a hit you like to see him bust it a little. Even Vin mentioned he thought and the crowd was booing Billingsley because he jogged to first.

lol Baker=Torre with the bullpen.

I miss the 0 for something hate that Kuo is 4/49 now against lhb

Gosh freaking IR.

That was an easy bark.

hahaha Vinny said the dogs been behaving and that no dogs got ejected.

What a rare thing Broxton got the lead off guy out.

The worse record the Dodgers could have now is 63-99.
18 more wins to be assured at ending at at least .500.

I know Bills didn’t run hard TBW but that lack of hustle was way out of the ordinary.

Good Morning ITDland ~ Vinny is going to make his announcement before today’s game, as to his plans. Since he already knows what he is going to do, and is holding a press confernce, I believe, unfortunately, he will be leaving us. If he does indeed retire, I will be one very unhappy Dodger fan. He makes many ugly games bearable. A true class act. To replace him will be impossible. Maybe, adequate, but, nothing like the original.

YAY….VINNY IS COMING BACK! That is a very good thing!

And, got him for cash, VPObear!

There is at least one thing right in Dodger baseball this morning and that is that Vinny’s coming back next year – and we’re blessed and honored to have him. And we know it!

I got chocked up reading the news that Vin Scully will be back in 2011! Best news of the season!! Woohoo!!!!!

Good afternoon all! New thread…….

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