Welcome back Brad Ausmus

With Brad Ausmus starting today’s game, he will surpass Al Lopez for seventh-place all-time on the games caught list in Major League history (1919) and is only a few games shy of catching Jim Sundberg (1927) for sixth place.

And for those who track such things, today’s game also is Ausmus’ 1952nd of his career, and he will pass Shawn Green for the all-time Jewish record for games played according to JewishMajorLeaguers.org, a not-for-profit organization that documents American Jews in America’s Game.

Brad has worked incredibly hard to come back much faster than most expected from his back surgery and hopefully he’ll play a big role in today’s game on FOX.



Glad to see you back, Brad.

Good luck, Brad. The Dodgers need all the help they can get.

PObear ~ the way Ned does business, they’d probably get rid of May and keep Russell.

Howzit Going Everybody?
Well chalk one up against Torre after last nights Goof.
Enough to turn me against him.
Bad move last night, taking out Padilla.
We stood a much better chance of winning with him in there.
What the heck was he thinking?

OBF, of course there is no way of knowing what would have happened if Torre did leave Padilla in last night but the Dodgers were down 2-1 when the change was made and the final score was 6-1. So instead of a one run loss it was a 5 run loss.

Nice to see Anderson’s .186 in there today. Great vote of confidence and confidence booster to Paul.

Great articles on Ned too. In one he’s not doing anything (which is fine by me), in another he’s got all kinds of things in the works. In one he says he won’t trade the farm, in another he’s “more open” to trading prospects. Is it any wonder this team is in the state its in when you have Ned talking out of both sides of his mouth? What, is he running for office?

Sorry, didn’t see Paul was in right for Dre today. Still a treat to see Anderson…

oldbrooklynfan ~ I was very tired last night fell asleep before the game started and missed the whole game. When I saw what happened in the eight I was glad I was sleeping. When you have a chance you can tell me what big goof Torre made?

Since we didn’t score any more runs than 1 it probably would’ve made a different but than again it probably should’ve been 1-1 and Padilla still in. I can see Torre getting a PH if the other 2 guys was on base but still I hate that he did it. That error that Dewitt had in the 1st don’t know what happen there? Handsight is always 50/50 but would hate to have Krod come in a 2-1 games. This year he’s having a tough season than last year but he always owned the Dodgers.

Time we start looking for a third baseman too. Blake’s done. So glad Ned signed him for 3 years.

GA vs. Pelfrey (Car.) 9 0 4 1 0 0 3 1 0 1 0 0 .444 .417 .556 .972

lol Torre you really think they going to help him.

Shouldas and wouldas are fun to discuss but the final score is all that counts in the standings. Another example today of the team’s struggles in the first inning. They had three hits but only one run and it took an out to score that run.

You’re right, lbirken….had him on the ropes but couldn’t tighten the noose!

Wow Ethier really is 1/24 last 7 days?

Better hope the top 4 of the order can get it done. From DeWitt down its a black hole.

Well have no fear your 3rd baseman Russ Mitchell is in triple A tearing it up. I heard Carlos was on a PC. Well no need to burn the bullpen last night.
July .357 21 84 19 30 4 0 7 14 9 12 0 0 .419 .655 1.074


Lead off walk and then Paul grounds into DP. We can’t get anything going. Now Kemp doubles with no one on base. ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Is it too early in the day to start drinking?

Dang it Carlos easy play was at home. I would’ve been piss if that ball goes over Loney head.

Nice work Carlos.

Nope tru nice triple Dewitt.

How many runs will we score this inning? I say one.

TBW…Padilla had thrown 77 pitches, correct me if I’m wrong, anybody.
Santana might’ve continued if it weren’t for the 5 run lead but if Padilla would’ve pitched through the 8th there’s a good chance it would’ve still been 2-1, putting more pressure on the Mets’s pitching.
The Dodger offense is in a funk but you never know because it would’ve been a different game.

lol @ ibb GA funny

You are right, OBF….Joe even admitted he screwed up!

Go Blake Go!!!!! Triple!!!

Yeah that work WB Ausmus.

Welcome back Brad, indeed. Way to make them pay for walking GA.

He did glad he man up his mistake.

I’ll take the one run all things considered. Too bad Furcal can’t get a hit with two runners in scoring position.

Phillies up 7-0 look like Jimenez got rock again.

Torre will tell you that as a professional hitter and veteran, Casey Blake knows what he wants to do every time at bat.
There is a big difference however in knowing what you want to do and being able to do it.
Stick a fork in Blake, he’s done.

MONASTERIOS pitched very well. A great outing.

Now it’s up to Big MAC!

He should take Mack out of there.

Uh, oh….here we go again! This is getting revolting!!!!

Well –another move that didn’t work.

I’m getting a Big Mac attack. I want to vomit!

Such a jinx the guy was like 1 for 26 to.

lol 5 for his last 40 another jinx.

Oh boy! Taschner’s Dodger’s ERA is infinity!

Urgh wtf that was some luck there.

What makes it worse, our offense is still MIA.

And Taschner leaves the game with an Dodger ERA still of infinity. Where do we get these guys from?

I dare say that JMac has reached the zenith of his career in AAA.

Yet another reason why Ned should be selling and not buying – this team just has too many missing pieces to think it can compete into September.

Weird numbers #74 Kenley Jensen.

You have to feel bad for James McDonald. No matter what the Dodgers have asked him to do he just can’t seem to get the job done.

I feel bad for Monasterios. He gave us a gutsy game and will have nothing to show for it.

Ned gets all his pitching off the crap pile – the Ortizi, Miller, Trashner, Haeger, Vargas… and that’s just this year. Any wonder the pitching sucks?

At least we get a chance to see some of our bullpen.

BPB, what makes you think anyone wants any of these guys?

High and outside pitch and wily veteran Anderson pulls it to 2B…

You just have to shake your head at this point. Ned may be handicapped by payroll, but you should almost be able to throw a stone and hit better players than Ned comes up with.

MONASTERIOS will sleep good tonight.
He did his job.

Welcome Kenley Jansen! We can use a shot in the arm from you!

That’s the whole point Birk – only Ned comes up with crap like that. When you’re released by the Pittsburgh Pirates, you would think that’s pretty much the end of your career, but then there’s Ned waiting with the slop jar.


That’s what I’m talking about Kenley! 3 up 3 down and 2 Ks!

Torre should let Jansen hit.

I was thinking the same thing but wow I miss those Expos uniform.

Nice job by Jansen but I will reserve and judgement or excitement about him for the time being. As for letting him hit, if he could hit he wouldn’t be pitching for the Dodgers right now.

Nice AB for Beli. Jansen could’ve done that and stayed in the game.

I just wanted him to stay in the game. IBIRKEN

I felt another jinx happening again.

What may be telling about Jansen – 94-97mph fastball, 79mph curve.


Does it look like Jansen arm delievery is the same as McDonald?

Good spot for Kemp.

Shad, I was going to ask how he looked as I am not watching the game.

Good spot for Kemp……………. to strikeout.

Yeah …you’re right. TBW Ha Ha!!

There goes Joe, blowing through the bullpen as usual.

Not to mention I doubt this “offense” could score off a batting practice pitcher.

Martin and Ethier failed miserably!!!! Unacceptable!!!

Wow, what 9th inning magic.


Honestly Ned, what do you see in this team that I don’t that’s worth buying rather than selling? I’d really like to know.

If the Dodgers picked up a starter, who would be the 5th starter?

If the Dodgers don’t score I’ll be at the edge ……………………………………….of my score sheet.

Gosh 4 staight back and back to back swinging from Loney and Dewitt 1 pitch.

Gosh 4 staight ball and back to back swinging from Loney and Dewitt 1 pitch.

Well he looks good out there but I swear his delivery is similar to McDonald.

What an offense!!

Most Met fans probably don’t realize it only 4:56PM in LA.

If the Dodgers don’t score, I turn the page and start writing on the inside..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this team couldn’t score in a women’s prison holding a fistful of pardons.

Dessens must still think he’s on the Dodgers…

That’s our Tommy Boy.

Somebody hit a DAMN FLYBALL!!

It’s good to see Ollie before George gets a shot.

Sell Ned. Sell.


It’s time for me to turn the sheet and use the inside of the scoresheet.

Oh boy underbelievable

When both Oliver Perez AND George Sherrill look that good, it has to say something about these offenses.

Martin and Ethier owe Loney a steak dinner!!!! Way to go James!!!!


They sure do, Jhall!

How’d that happen? I figured I had ample time to play with the dogs and not miss anything and here Sherrill pitches a 1-2-3 inning and Loney goes yard.

Did hell freeze over too?

(BOOoooooo!!!! Ya Bums)
Ausmus was always a very solid backstop….old school catcher.
I’ll trade anyone Oliver Perez for a Dodger Dog.

Jansen credited Minor League pitching coach Charlie Hough in particular for his rapid conversion.
“Everything he told me just clicked,” he said.

Don’t know who this Hough guy is 😉 but maybe he might make a good pitching coach at, ahem, the major league level.

I did a double take the other day when I was playing mlb 2k10 the other day. I was facing the Dodgers and noticed Brad Asmus was in the game. I was surprised he was still kicking around.

Well, peel my scalp and call me baldy. I begged TJ Simers twice to start harrassing the McCourts, and here is Bill Plaschke joining the ITD chorale:

I was glad to come home to a Dodger win. I was up in Mariposa today helping one of my colleagues look through some teaching materials from one of our now retired teachers. Enchanted – I thought of you today living up there. Marilyn’s has corgis, and they were adorable. She has three (Lady Di, Queeny and Kingston). She has two Border Collies too, but they spent most of their time out with the horses. Since I was just consulting on what Jill should keep, I got to spend quality time with the three, and they were a lot of fun. Their expressions are priceless!! It would definitely be a dog I would look into getting if the occasion should arise again (not that I need any for the time being because I have my hands full with the two we have). Oh and just so you know, she has crazy neighbors too which entail similar 911 calls.


Bill Plaschke Learns To Write Complete Paragraphs
By Pill Blaschke

Imagine that.

It’s the kind of Hollywood magic Dodger Fans have come to expect.

The kind of miracle that you’d find on 34th Street, the same number as Fernando Valenzuela’s jersey, believe it or not.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dodger fans can celebrate a victory almost as sweet as an October night of playoff baseball.

Yes, Virginia, Bill Plaschke has learned to write.

A nationwide city of blue-clad Angelinos celebrate the fact that Plaschke has chosen the topic of a McCourt sale of the Dodgers to use his newfound skill of journalistic Superman-ery.

In doing so, Plaschke has stood up to an ownership nearly as self-absorbed, narcissitic and attention-deficient as his usual writing style, and this time it paid off in cash-money boatloads of legal tender minted in the Bank of Hollywood Hope.

It now becomes difficult to spoof you, Mr. Plashcke, because, as you now write in paragraphs, I fear I will have to actually put effort into spoofing you, instead of the usual one-note monotony of the Plaschke brand of journalistic newspaper writing.

Especially when you’ve potentially provided the common sense argument that can likely shame the carpetbagging Boston yankees into potentiallly selling the team, likely saving some shreds of dignity for the fanbase of their storied franchise with credible potential.

Hats off to you, Mr. Plashcke.

Enjoy the rest of the season at your beloved Rat House of Angela Stadium.

You’ve earned it.

[Pill Blaschke is a figment of a blogger’s imagination. The imaginary Blaschke names Ron Burgandy, Bill Plaschke and Obvious Guy as his journalistic idols.]

Sixteen months ago, Kenley Jansen was a laser-beam throwing catcher for the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic.

On Friday, he was promoted from Class AA Chattanooga to the majors, and all he?s being asked is to do is stabilize an overworked and under-performing Dodgers bullpen.

Jansen was a career .229 hitter in five minor-league seasons, prompting De Jon Watson, the Dodgers director of player development, to suggest a conversion to pitcher last year. Jansen initially resisted, admitting he was scared to switch positions, before agreeing to the switch in early July.

?They told me I had a God-gifted arm,? Jansen said. ?I had the size and leverage and arm. They thought I could do a lot of special stuff. I trusted them and believed in it, so I went with it.?

Jansen made his pitching debut July 31 last year for high-A Inland Empire, pitched a scoreless first inning in 10 pitches, and knew right away he would be fine. He struck out 19 in 11 2/3 innings, but walked 11, so the Dodgers re-started him in A-ball. At two levels this year, Jansen lowered the walks enough (4.6 per nine innings), increased the strikeouts (an absurd 15.6 per nine innings), limited opponents to a .184 average, and compiled a 1.60 ERA.

?This doesn?t happen all the time,? said general manager Ned Colletti, who?d discussed promoting Jansen with manager Joe Torre since late May.

Jansen will be thrown into the bullpen fire, especially with Ronald Belisario reportedly in a substance-abuse treatment center and George Sherrill?s season-long struggles. In fact, in his first day in the majors, Jansen was the possible closer because usual closer Jonathan Broxton was still recovering from food poisoning, and backup closer Hong-Chih Kuo pitched the day before.

Wow Jansen is 6’5 257 lbs.

What may be telling about Jansen – 94-97mph fastball, 79mph curve.

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